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When I published my book, Launch, something really cool happened.

It wasn’t that it became a #1 New York Times Bestseller in just two weeks and was a huge commercial success. Don’t get me wrong – that part was awesome. 🙂

But even better? The stories I’ve heard from people who used my book to transform their own lives, their families’ lives, their clients’ lives… 

I can think of at least two highly motivated business owners who created $10 million+ businesses using Launch as their blueprint. Countless more have used it to help them build six- and seven-figure businesses. 

Of course, a lot has changed in the past seven years. So on July 27th, I’m launching the “new and improved” edition of Launch. It includes around 100 new pages of updated information, proven strategies, and wisdom.  

Check out the video for a sneak peek as I unbox the advance copies my publisher sent me… and to hear what I hope readers will get from it. 

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42 Replies to “Updated, Expanded… and Even More Awesome”

  1. Hi Jeff,
    You wonder who will read and use your book to create a multi-million dollar business and whose story you will be telling in seven years? Mine! 🙂

    I’m a fellow Hay House author and I’m so excited that Reid decided to publish your book (and those of Russell Brunson, Brandon Bouchard, etc).

    I wish you all the best with your launch and ican’t wait to read it.

    Yamile Yemoonyah

  2. Jeff, thrilled for you! Congratulations on the upcoming launch of “Launch”! 🙂 It has been such a joy to be part of your PLF and Launch Club communities. Thank you for bringing this important work out into the world.

  3. Very excited about it. Could you please give me the link for order the new book?

  4. Victoria Labalme


    The extent of your reach is incalculable. Congrats on this new edition. xx, V

  5. Chris Karaberis


    The joy of the writer in your eyes!!!


    I am thinking of buing this one.

  6. Just put in my pre-order. So excited for you – and for all who will read it…do it…succeed because of it. Fan and follower of yours since the first Launch was published. Congratulations!

  7. Margaret Brice


    You are TheBest!!, I believe in you. Congratulations!!!
    Looking forward to get it.

  8. Congratulations! Loved the first one, so excited to read the updated edition!

  9. Congratulations Jeff for helping and
    boosting me to keep moving forward. I am looking forward to having your new Launch book soon .
    Thank you.

  10. Congratulations ! As you read the 4th, you sounded quite moved.

    I’ve following you for years now, I’m finally moving towards my first launch. Seeing your joy in this video is an inspiration for the hard work ahead.

  11. Nkiruka Okoye


    You are amazing, thank you for sharing your gift to the world. I can’t wait to have this copy. Well done and congratulations.

  12. Congratulations Jeff!!! Ii have your first version & I can’t wait to receive my copy of this one!. I know it’s going to be full of so much value!!! I hope I will be one of your success stories!!!!! I wish you the very best! LAUUUNCH!!!!😄😄😄

  13. Congrats Jeff on the new book. I bought your firs one and can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

  14. Grabbed the Pre Order! WOohooo! Can’t wait to see it at my doorstep in July. Congratulations!

  15. Hi Jeff,

    just preordered my copy on amazon.

    As an author, I can relate to your exitement very much! Short note: change the pic of you; it is not the real guy 😉

    Best from Germany!
    Achim Mette

    • Sarie Al-Ani


      CONGRATULATIONS, your work will help us to launch even better.. First I have ordered the old one, next days I will order the new one! Yes, I told Amazon (Germany) about the picture, it is not the right one! Hope they change it.. 🙂

  16. Wow, this new edition – I am curious about the new stuff in it. Congratulations!! 🙂

  17. Katie Finazzo


    Congratulations Jeff! I look forward to embracing the content of the newly revised version of “Launch” and improving my life.

    I am not sure what a fabulous bonus would be, but I trust you will deliver in a wonderful way. Enjoy all the wonders that come to you via all the time, energy and expertise you poured into this book.

  18. Bryan Clark


    Congratulations, Jeff! 🎉

    Thanks for sharing your unboxing moment with us.
    I look forward to reading the new edition!

  19. What a happy day! Although this isn’t your first publication, it was cool to see your excitement. I am an author, too, working on my second book. So happy to learn that you have a section in your book for book launches as when I took your course in 2019, authors were not encouraged. Hurray for you! Can’t wait to get the book!

  20. Thank You Jeff for your brilliance and wisdom you have shared with your PLF . is so grateful for opportunity to serve you over the last decade plus .

  21. Jeff, your wonderful speech on SCALE summit took me here.
    Can’t wait to read the new edition.

  22. Congratulations Jeff!

    It must be such a buzz unboxing your own book.
    Great vid.

    Cheers from Australia🍺

  23. I watched the un-boxing seven years ago and read – and listened to on audio – your book many times.

    Will this one also have an audio version? If so, when do you expect it?

  24. I’m glad to hear that you have an audio version of the book (thanks to Rick for asking). I retain concepts differently when I’m listening from when I’m reading, which I will also be doing. I pre-ordered “Launch” on June 2nd, so I’m celebrating with you as you unbox your book. Congratulations, Jeff!

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