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This is probably the most chaotic video I've published – trains whistling, buses driving through, and a party gettin' started… it gets a bit crazy. But the real gem in here is knowing the rules… and knowing when to break them…

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When it comes to marketing, know the rules… and know when to break them. (Click to tweet.)

In your marketing, rules were made to be broken… but you have to know them first. (Click to tweet.)

Why it’s important to follow a proven formula in your marketing before you follow your instincts. (Click to tweet.)

Even the best marketers can lose their way. Stay on track by following a proven formula. (Click to tweet.)

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40 Replies to “Knowing The Rules (and Breaking Them)”

  1. Great video this week. Learning the rules before you break them makes total sense – especially because I broke them before I learned them and fell pretty flat on my first launch. Then I followed them and the launch was way better. I am still following the rules for the one coming up. Too new to break them yet!!!! Thanks for the share.

  2. That was a great video! The fact that you had all of the interruptions, have a great guest, and just rolled with it… Was fantastic! I think the best part is knowing that there is predetermined picture of what a launch looks like, and sometimes it’s OK to color outside of the lines Thanks for the inspiration (and the killer video Daniel)!

  3. Interesting and useful to gain the insight of in-the-trenches marketing, knowing how to tweak the rules and be creative is important, but having a solid grounding in the blueprint is essential-cool.

  4. Great video Jeff!!! Love the candid BTS. Seems like a great group of people. And I love Colorado! Look forward to crossing paths one day.

  5. That might have been one of the most fun videos I’ve seen in a while. Great content as usual. Boy did you effectively break the rule with that one: noise, noise, lighting, etc. Thank you. Let’s go get ’em this week!

  6. David Crabill


    The power of a deadline has really been useful to me recently… not for customers in the final stage of a launch, but for myself in publishing a blog weekly. By setting deadlines for content creation, it’s really helped me get creative and learn how to publish something that’s useful but not perfect.

    • Good to hear David, guess its something to try, makes lots of sense in practice

  7. Love the authenticity in this video. Knowing the rules is important and thats why I should finally start PLF and understanding the rules and formula in the first place….then learn ways to bend them.

  8. I always enjoy the videos with John. At a PLF intensive in Scottsdale years ago, I was sitting next to him, ate lunch with him and learned so much from him. I didn’t even know ‘who he was’ until he was up on the stage later on. He never mentioned it. It’s so helpful to have him in his type of biz that relates so well. Thanks to both of you.

  9. I’ve never posted a comment on the blogs before and this is probably my favorite one EVER!! Not only because of the message that you and John share about marketing, but that despite how great your product, your teaching and your mentorship is you don’t take yourself too seriously and you can laugh at what’s happening while still totally on point delivering great content. Simply love being part of your tribe Jeff!!! Namaste.

  10. I look forward to Sunday mornings because I know you will be posting a new video (and supplemental ones as well.) I really enjoy your work and am saving to be ready the next time you open your PLF course. In the meantime, I wonder if you have ever considered putting the information you provide in your videos into an audio only format…a podcast perhaps. I would love to listen to your words as I work and so a podcast would be terrific. At any rate, thanks for all the great information and inspiration.
    Cheers Pat

  11. Loved your noisy video, the honking ot that train made me fell like I was there right on the terrace with you all, seeing Mrs. Levine was also a special thrill. Thank you for the great start of my week in downunder land??

  12. Hey Jeff, really enjoy your simple and down to earth videos and general approach to all this stuff you do… Being a fellow guitarist makes you even more likeable LOL! Didn’t realise you had a bus station outside your place…. 😉 All the best to ya!

  13. What a great real-life video. Despite all of the background activities your message came through loud and clear. I liked how John described each launch as a song. I also look forward to receiving the notice of your new weekly blog so that I can watch and jot down notes. Happy 4th

  14. That was such a fun video! Great teaching points, and I see you and John were not the only ones who had a good time with this – nice one Daniel!

  15. This post is great, the video is just as real as life gets…. it was very nice that you shot it, thank you Jeff. I am hopeful that I will soon have my own Platinum Plus group visiting me to my secret headquarters…

  16. In business, in life, and in this video it’s all about building relationships. So fun to see you and John’s connection in this one. AND made me miss John! (Waving). Still learning the ropes and looking forward to more launches. Thanks for your brilliance and encouragement.

  17. Fun, natural and simply human
    I applaud the flowing ease of the living moment with the environment, complete experience for all senses
    Thank you for daring & inspiring

  18. I love how unscripted and natural this feels.
    It shows a fun side to the work you do… I am glad your team voted to hit PUBLISH 🙂
    Thank you!

  19. What a great example of the fact that your videos do NOT have to be “polished”. Most people get paralyzed, thinking that everything they do has to be perfect, but the fact is that the most successful videos are ones that are “natural” and unpolished. It gives a truly human experience to the viewer. Thanks for sharing, Jeff!

  20. I loved this video…full of polarity, chaos amidst the beauty, with a Plan that is foundation and structure. The symbols were what I loved the most. I’ve been on that narrow-gauge railroad from Durango to Silverton many times. My relationship and LOVE for the Million Dollar Highway going through Ouray goes all the way back to the 1950’s. A friend we used to visit there was swept off that mountain highway in a snow slide, a reminder of the opposites that exist in the beauty. ‘To die before you die’ is a very High Mystical teaching! Your choice of Durango for your secret headquarters speaks of a Vastness that is Higher and Deeper. One of the ‘stems’ in the Love Stages Inventory is “Rules are…” Answers can range all the way from 1 to 12, although 10-12 is very rare! (It is in part research of Stages of Adult Development.) One of the things that attracted me to being part of your Tribe is that I can see all of it in you, in a very honoring way. Thank you, Jeff, for your authenticity.

  21. LOVED this video!! The rawness, the timing, and the topic!! I’ve only done one Launch so far, but I’m getting all of my coaching clients to buy your book and am going to be using it ex-actly as you talked about – as the platform for creating online business success!!

    My first Launch created more money than anything else I’ve done before and I haven’t even yet bought the program yet!!

    Thank you so much for continuing to create – I can’t wait to Mastermind with you one day 😀

  22. I didn’t write at the time, but I will now (illustrating Jeff’s implicit point that sending another e-mail commenting on the comments reengages the tribe). I loved this video! Certainly for the info in it, but above all for the energy, the spirit, the reality of wild, rambunctious life. Yes, each launch is its own song, its own performance (which I relate to as a singer). And I learned more about how to do videos from the iPhone videoing the videoing. I wanted to be part of the folks bopping off of the bus. Fun, fun, and packed with explicit and implicit lessons!

  23. So happy to hear this. I did my 10th launch in April and really broke the rules – and my sales record. So yes, know the rules and break them. Great to hear I won’t lose my PLF membership card 🙂

  24. Thanks for releasing it!
    I made my first video yesterday to give thanks to a friend.
    Now I am going to make the first for my new website that I plan to release next week.. Too cute, this video you two put out made me laugh and relax. It doesn’t have to be perfect!

  25. Awesome video Jeff. Love the rawness of it and the info you guys covered is priceless. Glad you decided to share even with the train, bus, wind, etc. 🙂 Really good stuff man!

  26. Love this video – it shows the fun, gives great information, and shows that nothing has to be perfect. Great job!

  27. Encouraging stuff. Just share one big idea, knowing it’s the people, their voice and story, and the lesson, not the glitzy production, that connects with people. Thanks!

  28. You had me laughing out loud! I loved it!! 😀
    I’m in the midst of my first launch ever, hence not ready to break any rules yet. 😉

    Thanks for everything!

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