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In 1992, I discovered something that would transform my life and help me grow my business 10X in eight years. 

My business has grown even more since then… and it may sound crazy, but 31 years later, this discovery still remains one of my absolute top drivers for growth.

I’m not alone. I’ve seen many entrepreneurs use it to expand their businesses from five- or six-figure ventures into multi-million dollar companies.

What is this powerful tool I’m referring to? A mastermind. 

And since I just hosted MY mastermind in Phoenix this week…

I shot you a quick “behind the scenes” video giving you a peek at what really goes on at a high-level mastermind, how it can help you level up, and the hot topics we’re all talking about.

Hopefully, it’ll lead you to the same discovery I made in 1992…

If you want a successful business, join a mastermind.

Here's the single tool that allowed me to multiply my business tenfold in the first eight years, and then 20 times over from there: masterminds. I've been involved in masterminds, in one form or another, since 1992. The opportunity to collaborate with a group of individuals, sharing knowledge, wisdom, and shining the collective light of their intellect on your business, is unparalleled. It's much harder to achieve alone.

As we speak, I'm with my mastermind. I formed this group more than 13 years ago, and we've been meeting regularly ever since. In fact, I'm now part of two mastermind groups, and we're 42 meetings into our journey. We meet three times a year, and the journey has been extraordinary.

When we started, we were a group of businesses earning around $100,000. Gradually, we started launching products collectively and grew to creating $100,000 launches. Eventually, we built million-dollar businesses, then million-dollar launches, and now some businesses in the group make up to $100 million per year in sales. It's absolutely mind-boggling.

Over the years, I've been part of various types of masterminds. Some were small groups of three or four, centered around a common business, connecting over regular phone calls. Others, like mine, are at a very high level and require quite an investment. We get together three times a year, and I facilitate it. It's quite amazing. There are numerous ways to form or join a mastermind. The key is to find the right one and stick with it. The connections you make over time make all the difference.

In our meetings, we talk about a wide range of topics. For example, everyone's talking about AI right now, so we've recently discussed how to keep up with artificial intelligence. As a group, we've identified the top dangers that AI presents to our businesses, the top opportunities it presents, and the top strategies to stay ahead of it. The collective brain power enables us to delve deeper into these topics than any of us could alone.

This afternoon, we're going to discuss the evolution of paid ads. We're lucky to have an expert on paid ads in our group, so she'll be sharing her knowledge. We'll be doing hot seats, looking in depth at opportunities and threats to our businesses.

When you focus your collective brain power on each other's businesses, the impact is astounding. That's how we've gone from $100,000 businesses 13 years ago to almost everyone having high seven-figure to eight-figure businesses today.

I'll confess, when I started my first mastermind 42 meetings ago, I saw it as a profitable business model. I'm well-compensated for running these groups, but the money pales in comparison to the connections I've made and the creativity they've spurred within my business. Since starting my mastermind back in 2010, my business has evolved continuously, largely due to the creative inspiration these groups provide.

I won't claim to be a naturally creative person, but I've placed myself in environments that spur my creativity. When I started the group, I was somewhat selfish, aiming to curate the perfect group to fuel my creative engine. Fortunately, I had a large audience and could select the ideal participants.

No matter where you are in your business, I would encourage you to find or form a mastermind. The journey is significantly smoother when you have a group of like-minded people working together to grow each other's businesses and lives. So, wherever you're watching this, give me a like, a thumbs up, a follow, share it with your friends, and let's go get 'em this week.

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4 Replies to “You Need to Join a Mastermind (Here’s Why)”

  1. Klaus Gehlhaar


    Hey Jeff,
    I’m sure a mastermind with well-chosen peers can be an awesome tool, but how do you overcome the fear of one stealing another’s ideas or animosities when you have competitors in the same room? Right now challenges are abundant and this could really help but I’m not sure there is something like this in my line of business (pro audio). I once took part in a panel, where one person presented a project for a new product and all participants gave their impressions and feedback, and it was surely very valuable, but the one you speak of sounds more powerful, it’s just hard to gather such a “supergroup” of people. Yours is above my budget right now I’m afraid, but I’ll keep it in mind and will keep my eyes and ears open. Thanks

  2. Nick Arden


    Thanks so much for this, Jeff! I’m in the process of setting up a business which I plan to become a network of virtual masterminds for start-up and early-stage entrepreneurs. Of course, I will be doing a launch of this business soon. Incidentally, I expect to be one of your oldest newbies – at age 79!

    • Hey Jeff. Great Idea about the Mastermind. I am still struggling to put one together. How do you actually go about getting one together and selecting the right kind of people for it.

  3. Rafael Alba


    Hi Jeff
    Thanks for this awesome Video
    you mentioned in your video you got two Mastermind in your PLF Programm
    Do you have more information about this two Mastermind PLF Products?
    how to join? where to join? price? what garantie its included ?
    Wish you an amazing Monday Start and looking forward to hear from you soon.
    Best Regards from Switzerland

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