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What happens when you cram a bunch of hungry entrepreneurs and a couple cameras in a bus? How about a free-for-all Q&A session (equal parts serious and silly). Check it out…

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9 Replies to “Badasses on a Bus Getting Burgers”

    • @Connie: each year in my Launch Club coaching program, we have a contest to determine our Launch Club Spokesperson of the Year. It’s an intense competition – and these were the finalists in that competition.

  1. That looks like so much fun. I want to be there next year!…But love all the questions and (as always) your great answers, Jeff…”just get to the next step”, resonates with me…Yes. all those faces are familiar..people I met at PLF Live..and of course, Callie!! Hi Callie, congratulations…on getting to the Spokesperson Club! Your awesome!

  2. Dave Haynes


    Be seeing you’all someday!!
    More haste to see the way through haze.

    Excellent, you have a great feel!


  3. Oh, boy, that was such a fun way to start the day. Loved it. What a wonderful group you are, including the bus driver, Daniel :-). Great intro to the video, Daniel.
    The questions were wonderful as were your answers, Jeff. I’m going to need to watch the video a couple more times. Lots of subtle learnings there.
    I also prefer fruit to vegetables, although I like them too.
    Thanks heaps!

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