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I live in the beautiful mountains of southwest Colorado, and I absolutely love to ski. 

But with April around the corner, I’m gradually accepting that it’s almost time to say goodbye to another ski season. (You can see the snow melting around me in the video.) 

Each season is almost like a miniature year. Thinking about how quickly it goes got me thinking about how life goes by pretty darn fast, too. 

Are you spending yours the way you want to? 

Here are a few thoughts to help you make your business and life exactly what you want them to be. 

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29 Replies to “You Only Get One Shot”

  1. Lilian Brunstein


    Hi Jeff, although we all know that we should make the most of our lives, the fear of death paradoxically drives most of us to live life as if we were eternal. Thank you for always reminding us that it is worth living a meaningful and balanced life. 😘

    • I’m working at it… thanks for your simple reminder that each day is full of potential! Let’s not waste it. Be present and know that our own discomfort is where the opportunity for growth lies.

  2. Heather Canny


    Now IS the time. I could smell the pine trees as you were describing them. Thank you for reminding me the importance of being present, It’s should be everyone’s goal, everyday.

  3. David Crabill


    Nice analogy. Certainly many people never chase their dreams and ultimately have regrets.

    But wouldn’t you say the opposite is also often true? So many entrepreneurs want to do something meaningful and important, that they jump from one opportunity to the next, never taking the time to take the small, seemingly unimportant steps that are essential for achieving greatness.

      • TY
        Jeff for reminding me of the beautiful mountains. I too am in a beautiful area but it is slowly becoming overpopulated which probably is happening in parts of Colorado too.
        You love skiing and I love the beach.
        Carpe Diem for each and everyday.

  4. I love the message and perspective. I actually keep a spreadsheet of my days remaining, and do my best to rate each day. That way I appreciate each day and do my best to seize that time given to me. With only 14,099 days left for me, I’m aiming to make the most of each one.

  5. Michael O'Brien


    Amen Jeff- 79 days away from starting my ride across the country. Will be in CO the beginning of July

  6. Terri Vincent


    Love this Jeff.
    I believe that everyday is beautiful and it there to be seized.
    I am super grateful for your video.
    Thank you

  7. Candida DeLuise


    Thank you Jeff for this short, powerful reminder – the way you described how you love the ski season
    is so beautiful, like a prose poem. My Italian grandfather had an expression that life is “like a brief glance out the window”. Let’s be fully here!

  8. Living in the present is something I strive for daily. It took a long time to learn how to balance planning ahead and stopping to smell the roses along the way! Great message Jeff!

  9. Heather Brebaugh


    Thanks, Jeff, for sharing the backdrop of Springtime in your mountains. I feel like your message of being in the present is really a gift of kindness to yourself.

    We can get so wrapped up in what we did or what we need to do, but it’s a great kindness to simply be in, and enjoy, the present.

    And to be kind to others (even in our businesses), we first must be kind to ourselves. You can’t give away something that you don’t have.

    I write about kindness in my free weekly newsletter (Kindness Magnet). Would you mind if I shared your video with my readers? I think they would enjoy it.

  10. Tracey Delfs


    I was just listening to your video as I’m getting ready to go downhill skiing at Lake Louise, Alberta. Your video actually made me cry, because I always find it difficult to say goodbye to the ski season. Your beautiful words reminded me to savour every turn on my skis today. To enjoy them moment and to welcome Spring with open arms. Before we know it the snowflakes will be falling once again in the autumn,…. inviting another ski season!

  11. Very cool video, Jeff!
    And so good that life is not eternal. Makes it so easy to appreciate the whole experience : )
    I appreciate you.

  12. Connie Castanuela


    I’ve been thinking about this lately. Love your take on the season. Your love for skiing and life shines through.

    • Jeff, where is that lake? I would like to look it up on Google Earth. I want to live more vicariously through you, because I am stuck here in Los Angeles.

  13. Great message and wonderful setting, Jeff!

    Alan’s comment really got me to thinking. What an interesting concept!

    I should do the same thing. If I run mine out to age 100, I have fewer than 6,000 days left. Left to accomplish goals. Left to help others. Left be a good citizen. Because there is NO guarantee as to how many of those 6,000 I’ll actually be allowed to spend here, I better get a move on!

    Thanks to each of you for great messages.

  14. Morgan Giddings


    Hi Jeff, the message is an important one!

    We (my family and I) were there earlier in the week visiting a relative who lives near you. We went skiing one day at Wolf Creek, then a few days later headed to Salida and spent a day skiing at Monarch Mtn. I was sad to see all the snow melting away so quickly (especially at mid altitudes like Pagosa Springs), and had a similar thought.

    The ski season went by so quickly, as does life… On this trip, I had the realization that I can’t continue to hold back on some bigger things I want to do… like getting some book projects I’ve been holding off on, moving forward again. In my fifth decade, theres not a lot of time to waste!

    Thank you for the reinforcement of this realization.


  15. Jeff, I recall from a college level “Life Fitness” class that engaging in skiing is the most beneficial activity to choose for optimal physical health. I’ve yet to experience it, though I plan to traverse the slopes someday to feel this level of vitality?!

  16. Elaine Danforth


    Jeff, I always enjoy your videos, and especially your ski-themed ones. Great perspective on how the ski season is sort of a microcosm of the year, and how we can connect the quickness and brevity of it with the quickness and brevity of life. Thank you.

  17. Maria Pires


    Hi Jeff,
    Thank you so much to share with us this beautiful message. I will remember this from now on. Thanks.

  18. That’s how I feel about summer. Soaking up the sun and enjoying every moment before the winter comes

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