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Last week I asked what Case Studies you wanted to see as we gear up for my Launch Masterclass™…

And the flood of requests was amazing!

In this video, I’m reading some of your comments.

You asked for everything from starting a business with no experience… to getting into the game when you’re “older” – plus you want to see people launching in all kinds of niches.

Get excited, because I have a bunch of really inspiring launch stories for you to watch soon.

The Launch Masterclass starts on August 21st. This year, my team and I have redesigned the Masterclass to make it even more awesome for everyone – and easier for people around the world to watch.

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3 Replies to “We’ve Gone Case Study Crazy”

  1. Shamshad. Akhtar


    All is well that’s end is well give a chance to every person and and more time relax through the experience process

  2. Hello Jeff,
    You are so inspiring! Have been following you for some time, bought your book, understand the principle of PLF … but I think now I will actually join … my niche is young opera singers, just out of music conservatory and not knowing how the actual business of singing, classical music and opera especially, works. My expertise in this area goes back 35 plus years … yes, I am an oldie at 73, but still going strong. I do seminars for institutions, but I see that there is a great need for this type of coaching, so am thinking of a series of mini-courses at mini prices in order to reach the most people. And yes, I follow Michael Walker, too. I have a small list of about 500, so that should get me going. Looking forward to this journey! Greetings from Berlin, Germany, Zenaida

  3. Thank you, Jeff, for the reminder that we can see ourselves in the case studies, even when they are not an exact match for what we want to do.

    Having gone to some of your previous Launch Masterclasses, I did request something more like, me, but I will focus on the commonalities when listening to the class and particularly to the case studies.

    Like one of the other commenters you quoted in the video, I would like to say that I really appreciated your opening up for requests for case studies. Even working through what to say was a good exercise for me, to articulate what it is I want to do, and start to bring to mind what questions I have.

    So, glad, too for the way your last video comes so far ahead, and got me excited about the Masterclass with plenty of notice. I even told a friend she could check it out, and after doing so, she said, she will come, too!

    I’m a little nervous to hear you are cutting down on the live component, because, as you mention, it does generate great forward moving energy, and in some ways, it’s easier to motivate myself to show up at a specific time, and stay till the end of the session, schedule permitting. But I also see the advantages to be able to watch some of the material on my own time.

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