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Using Case Studies and testimonials in your marketing is really powerful – but there’s another great reason to track your clients' success: it’s an amazing way to stay on top of your mental game and get pumped up about your business…

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25 Replies to “Celebrating Your Clients’ Success”

  1. Ricardo Teixeira


    Awesome idea!!!!
    I’m Going to create a KiaiLovers 🙂


  2. Yes it is the re fuel to use when we all can slip into a dip at times.

    The feedback from others is the best way to tap into and use to refocus on all the great things we do in helping others.

  3. That’s awesome and so inspiring! Can’t wait to be able to use it as is.
    I don’t have customers (and hence testimonials) but I will try this system record to my daily or weekly achievements towards my final goal. Let’s think in terms of awesomeness, I like that! It’s a side lesson that PLF teaches and it’s a powerful lesson.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve been providing fee-only financial planning since 1986. During that time, I have had some really great stories but never thought about putting them in one place to use as a motivation tool for my team and me.

  5. It’s awesome to celebrate your clients/customers success! It helps inspire you, your team and other customers! Awesome sauce…

  6. Thanks so much for the tips, Jeff! I was *just* working on testimonials last night (having a “love” folder where they’re easier to gather and gush on with the team in future will be really helpful!) and as you shared, seeing them all together totally fired me up with motivation + gratitude!

    And thanks for sharing about Slack ~ I’m curious to research this option for my team today! Have an awesome week and get ’em good! 🙂

  7. Hey Jeff,
    Thanks for the nudge. In my forthcoming book: UN-Market Your Business; 10 Ways for Savvy Entrepreneurs to Stand Out, Stop Struggling, and Start Profiting, I have a case study for each of the strategies to show a real example of how they work. The strategies are actually things that I have done on my marketing journey and now I can help others by sharing them in the book.

    My author coach is the one that suggested using the case studies because she said it makes the strategies real and proves that each is doable. But you have given me another idea here and that is to put the case studies out there into a blog article (for each one) before the book comes out! Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  8. Thanks for this timely video blog, Jeff! Thankfully I heard similar advice about case studies from you and others at LaunchCon in October (which was amazing!) and took action by recording 6 case studies using Zoom in the past few weeks. Because of this, I felt more much confident as I created the scripts and recorded 4 videos on Thursday for my upcoming Launch using PLF. Hearing that I’m changing the lives of children with autism around the world first hand from my current members was incredible and their words will help me spread my message even more during my launch! I’m going to look into Slack now too since I pretty much take all of your advice and it almost always works! Thanks again Jeff!

  9. Jeff: Thanks for sharing this video. I agree with you completely. Knowing that someone has succeeded because of sharing your wisdom and knowledge is the best feeling anyone can have! Keep being awesome, Jeff!

  10. thanks Jeff!
    I love looking thru my testimonials page too. thank you for the reminder this morning. I’m in a big day today.
    My membership site is meeting for their monthly Miracles, Magic, Healing & More . . . Session and later in the day is my Seed Launch product, ENlighten Up and Get What You want training course.

    I’ve used the quick launch when I first went thru PLF this year. I made over $3000 my first try out the door! ANd added 22 new people to my membership site!
    then I went for the Seed Launch and signed up 11 more people for this training course and I hadn’t even fully made it! Ready Fire Aim …..

    And that one made another $2700 +.

    So today is the first module, the first call for that product for the people that bought that.

    Whew! exciting, wild, a little scary but so full of wow!

    Thank you and I can hardly wait to see you and do the PLF live.

    thank you,

    Ralph Havens

  11. Just did it! I can’t tell you how much I LOVE and appreciate your videos each Sunday!!! I actually look forward in eager anticipation to them. My father was a bright business man that I had hoped to model my future after, but he told me how stupid I was on a daily basis and I grew up seeing his violence and rage to myself, my mother and my sister, so I completely ended the relationship and walked away. You’ve demonstrated on the other hand how kind and caring you are while being a brilliant entrepreneur, so I think of you as my online father! Thanks Dad! You’re THE BEST!

    Also, this video is quite timely as I have now shifted 80% of my brick-and-mortar medical practice to my online coaching/training System to help alternative medical providers step up their game to offer better care to their patients while growing their practice 2-10X and I’ve just been getting video and written testimonials in my Mastermind fb group. HUGS!!

    • Hi Caroline,

      Your story touched me deeply. Good for you for walking away! Please let me know your website…I have a holistic doctor who I love and I have been telling her she should do something online to reach more patients with her wonderful knowledge.

      Best of luck to you!

  12. Thanks Jeff. Brilliant as Always! Your videos have become part of my Sunday morning ritual 👍Celebration is so good for the soul. 🎉🎉🎉 and reminds us why we’re doing what we do to transform lives!


  14. Donald Theiss


    Always inspirational but I just ahven’t been able to get started even though I have a great book and some great things to share What to do?

  15. The use of Case Studies is very workable and serves a revealing purpose. Now the question that I have is this. What is the core
    value(s) that govern your enterprise so that it keeps its integrity, quality and expansion over the globe? And what protects it from dissolution from destructive forces?? if any.

    F. Clemente
    Sustainable Landscape Design

  16. Awesome tip Jeff… Score that yet another win for team Walker and all of us who benefit because of what you share. Thank you!

  17. Way back when I started my business 35 yrs. ago, when one ran their business sans computer, I opened
    a paper file titled “Accolades” and put in thei all the positive comments I received. The idea was that on a bad
    day, I could refer to the file, but I wasn’t always that disciplined in the face of neg. feedback. Nonetheless, I do look at it from time to time.

  18. Hey Jeff and team
    I have an interesting story about your book, Launch..
    Heres the thing>
    I was about to leave eaton centre in toronto , Canada on January 4th..*i was vacationing with my family,and i always get into libraries to see new books, and new trends in marketing, and reading in general*, Currently am and live in Venezuela, south America…*todays Feb 20th*

    Before that i got a book from another entrepreneur who is canadian and suddenly i found a computer where you can find the book you wanted and search in the halls for rhe book (Indigo in Canada is huge so its smart choice). As i was searching for this other book(Which i had , i just wanted to try the computer, i am such a kid with those kind of things)i saw that this book i was searching was the same category as yours(Business Economics , which i love cause i am an Economist as well), the thing is that in the right side of the screen appeared YOUR BOOK LAUNCH as a suggestion…and i was WHATTHEE.. !!

    I was SHOCKED that it appeared, it felt that i had to go to that computer…
    But then..

    Family came to pick me up..

    I was about to go to eat with my family cause they came to pick me up.. cause we were going to have some food and we had to go..imagine my frustation when you wanted something so badly, *cause ive seen your PLF content and i just couldn’t get it at the time…and suddenly you got to leave ..its like drowning and trying to seek for help and no one sees ya..
    Well, as i was waiting for the food (Fam was really pissed off , which i didnt care) told my people i was going to the bathroom..(i was like exploding cause my mind was like what if i leave and then i cant come back again? Should i go back against my family will ?cause when we leave some place , we leave and there’s no turning back for me to them.. that’s why i just go see my stuff and they just go some other place).. and then i, by myself, went back running, BACK to the mall, it was snowing freaking cold( which im not used to, i live in sunny all the time Venezuela) and i made the line to go pick up your book and then i got it,,It was 18.95 plus tax .I even wrote it..

    Summing was totally against it to buy the book and i couldnt just let it in, cuz in that time and still i am looking for a way to LAUNCH my business and as i know you from that PLF ad and im in your mailing list and stuff, i f i left without it, id be very unhappy and not knowing the impact that i can do through my biz..

    So that’s my story behind the book…even with the snow, family madness, you can go get that trigger that can set you and them FREE for a lifetime, cause i am about to launch next month and i currently on pre/Prelaunch designing the PLC contents #1,2 and 3!

    I am launching on March 1st, 2017!
    THANKS !
    Sometimes being a rebel can work best that going with the flow!

    Thanks for reading!

  19. Love that you’re using this not only for marketing tools and making it ‘real’ for people when you talk about PLF but the MENTAL HEALTH!!! Yes!!! A perfect ‘go to’ when you’re in a bit of a funk and need a pick me up. Will get the joy and gratitude rolling 🙂

  20. Steve Focazio


    Agreed about the mental health factor! I am currently using PLF to create a new business from scratch and am developing my product and list as we speak. Was feeling pretty discouraged the other day and I went and watched all of the bonus testimonials ad it really helped get me back on track and believing that this can work for me too! Definitely a much needed mental health boost!

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