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Are you more worried about having your clients consume all your content, or having them actually get the results? Lots of people have this backwards…

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think…

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48 Replies to “Checking Boxes vs. Moving Forward”

  1. Looking relaxed and ready to head back to CO for some of that powder. Thanks for the reminder to let it just ‘be done’ and get it out there rather than getting it perfect. Dusing off the video camera today.

    • Great Video Jeff,
      I am totally guilty of getting all the boxes checked, and like Kari mentions, getting it perfect.
      Until now always thought that if all the emails (that I write) are read, all the videos (that I have made) watched the most value is created.
      But never thought about it from the side of audience that I serve.
      I havent seen all your videos, but there has been progress towards my goals.
      If I have made progress than the value is received and for that value, both today and in the future, I thank you.

  2. Welcome to Southern California. Thank you for that energizing encouragement. Plan is to put it to good use. Essentially progress over perfection. Love it!
    Enjoy your day.

  3. Elizabeth Thomas


    As a super fan of yours who saw huge success, MY PATH to you was years in this space, not having the success I wanted. It was coming into PLF with an open mind, open heart, and truly listening and trusting. I believe I did go through every video. I knew it was the information in the videos but also that I needed a total shift in how I thought about everything. I was also literally trying to LAUNCH a business and I tell people – you can’t go in half ass. It’s YOU ARE GOING TO CRUSH IT, giving it 120%, or you’re going to wonder if it doesn’t work, whether you could have done more. I went in with the mindset that I’m going to crush it, or FAIL EPICALLY, with great gusto, but never question my effort. If I were to fail, I told myself, then I’d still learn a TON and have to decide where to pivot next.

    That’s now the annoying part of what others perceive PLF is. I had someone the other day give me a diagram of what he intuited PLF was. I was like OH MY GAWD, yes, that is a skeleton of one type of launch but to say that is PLF is like saying a city is just a bunch of roads and buildings. It’s soooooo much more.

    It is pretty amazing you are missing a power snow day! 🙂

    And I’m still so grateful for the time in Durango a few weeks back. Your answer to my question was beyond a “duh” lightbulb and it reshifted everything! You reblended my OLD business ideas (for the business I sold and had so many unmet dreams) and PLF. It was a pivotal moment for me. Worth the terrifying puddle jumper flight where I told your wife at PLF Live, “I didn’t know a butt massage was a perk of the flight.” 😉 My return fight wasn’t nearly so exciting… guess it was a bigger plane.


  4. Great video. I’ve turned my business around and started heading the right direction just by watching your launch videos, along with a few other coaches.

    Thanks for putting the content out for us. I will be attending one of your live events in the future.

  5. Hi,

    I needed to hear this today.

    I did my first launch last week and started my course. It’s not about them doing the program — it’s about results. Move forward. 😉 I really want them to make it their own.

    Thank you!

  6. Thanks Jeff. I LOVE Southern California, so thanks for shooting your video there today. And yes…it’s a powder day here in Colorado (-: Enjoy Cali and thanks for the reminder today.

  7. Very true. Excellent. People need to be nurtured and encouraged. This video helps. Thanks!

  8. Great post, Jeff!

    Being in that zone “out of your comfort zone”, can evoke lots of resistance which blocks growth. I love that I learned the benefits of the potential experiences and personal growth coming forth from stepping outside my comfort zone, so that now I witness this process, observe and let my feelings flow and almost feel comfortable with it knowing the good stuff that comes out of times like that. I love how you mention the importance of keeping an eye on the desired outcome. That’s ultimately what we want our customers to get out of using our program.

    Thank you so much for always hitting the core values and “real stuff” of being an entrepreneur running an online business. It keeps us grounded, real and focused.


  9. Thanks for sharing those tips and insights Jeff. It’s always good to remember there is no “one size fits all” approach to marketing; especially on the Internet. Glad you are getting some sunny warm days in. The powder will be waiting for you when you get home. Have a safe trip back and looking forward to learning more from you.

  10. Audra Carpenter



    Thanks so much for all these little reminders you give us. It’s very helpful and appreciated. But wanted to send a bigger thanks for creating a community where we can all come in and learn…be …share our appreciation for the hussle and experience so many other versions of people’s journey. Always love reading the comments on your blog.

  11. jade Campbell


    Yay – very happy I persevered . . A perfectly brilliant video Jeff – just what i needed to hear – i obsess about learning every video in order – even though I most often know whats there after yrs of IM training . .lol , but I must not miss any tiny minicule detail, of anyones course.

    Thanks for permission to consume any way that comes naturally for me!!

    Love your inspiring videos, refreshing as always.

  12. “Wisdom-based business” – great description! It’s not about whether clients get all of your knowledge – as long as they walk away with more wisdom than they had when they started – and add more awesomeness to their life!

  13. Absolutely, Jeff. Thanks for the reminder. My teacher, Milton Erickson, used to tell me: “If you fall on your face, at least you’re heading in the right direction.” Momentum is crucial. Done is the engine of more.

  14. Thanks for the awesome message Jeff! I am currently enrolled in your course and it’s really rocked my world!!! Thanks to you, I am completely restructuring my entire business as I prepare to deliver my message to the world. Your wisdom has given me the confidence to move forward. I appreciate how your passion in doing what you love to do is helping me to move forward. Keep up the Great Work!

  15. Thanks for the reminder to move forward. just last night realized I need more of a plan on posting blogs and FB content rather than just checking the box that i posted. So now starting a rough plan which will get refined along the way

  16. Jeff
    Thank you so much for your video last sentence, “be comfortable being uncomfortable” make me realize,
    of a new part of the whole of being a entrepreneur, it was the right time for me, what a good job you do!

  17. Living in the UZ (uncomfortable zone) is where the transformation takes place!

    Taking action is important but taking RIGHT action is most important.

    Great video once again Jeff! You continue to illuminate my path and inspire me to stay the course taking one step at a time (baby steps).

    Enjoy our beautiful So Cal weather and get back to the pow soon.

  18. Thanks, Jeff!

    Be clear about what the client wants, and then overdeliver.

    You have powder in Colorado already? Still nothing here in Niseko, Japan…

    Cheers, Tim

    • @Tim: I’ve already had a great couple of powder days here… Wolf Creek tends to get great early storms. But I know Niseko gets an amazing amount of snow in January and February – my son was there last season, and his photos were amazing.

  19. Thanks Jeff. This is the message I guess I need to hear and it’s timely. Nice weather in Colorado apparently.


  20. Nikki Merzliakov


    Ah getting outside your comfort zone and making it your new normal 😉 Thanks for the reminder

  21. Great video and thanks for the reminder of getting out of the comfort zone. I needed to be reminded of that.
    Thanks again for everything!

  22. Buks Badenhorst


    Thank you Jeff, this also reminded me that I also need to step outside of my comfort zone when helping others

  23. Your principles work on so many levels. I need to be reminded to be comfortable being uncomfortable! Thanks.

  24. Thanks for the motivation to expand my business into a new avenue. A launch is in the works now. Totally out of my comfort zone, but renewing the passion for my business.

  25. I really like how you end your videos with “Let’s go get ’em this week.” It’s very encouraging and makes me feel like we are all apart of the same team!

  26. I couldn’t agree more!

    When working with clients, I’m always looking for a result for them, however small. I try not to get caught up in an ego around whether they’re done exactly as I’ve outlined in the program. Everyone learns and grows differently.

  27. Your message in this video is never reminded ENOUGH. Most of us should have it on our desktop and see it first thing every morning, or several times a day 🙂 Escaping to certainty through distractions is so normal and so human, stepping on new grounds can be so unconsciously fearful….

    Thank you for making it a video, and for helping us with it, so much, to change Humankind.

  28. So awesome. Love the location, just been there two weeks ago. A big ‘hello’ from London!

  29. Jaime Ellithorpe


    Hi Jeff!

    Great video this week highlighting being “comfortable being uncomfortable”. I’m in the midst of starting a new business along with the PLF class. I am doing things each and every day that scare me but I know it’s what I’ve got to do to shape and grow what I want! Thanks again for all your weekly inspiration. Many of us know what we should be doing, but it’s always great to be reaffirmed!


  30. Thumbs up and thanks for thinking of us in SoCal. Were you in the Hermosa Beach area? Looked like the boardwalk south of LAX. Thanks for all you do and I hope to emulate even a fraction of your success at moving the needle for people. All my best Jeff!

  31. This is exactly what I needed to hear! Your approach is so contrary to the idea I’ve been harboring–incubating, even–which is that I’ve got to set my future customers up with a very specific experience and they have to have a very specific outcome. What a lot of pressure I have been putting myself under! Your advice is such an amazing revelation. I think I’m beginning to see why the expression “amazing ride” keeps being used by successful entrepreneurs as they look back over the trajectory of their journey. There is a crucial element of letting go, isn’t there, where you’re not really sitting in the driver’s seat, or, if you are, the steering wheel is not responding the way you expected.

  32. Thanks for the reminder Jeff. Your words are true for many areas of life improvement, even outside of business. I hope the year-end/ new year goes well for your business AND your family!

  33. Hey Jeff! Honestly, I haven’t gone through the entire course. Maybe because I’m not patient enough, not dedicated enough and therefore distracted by many other things. But I’ve always had a feeling that I bought a brilliant product. Maybe because every time I turn to it again I say to myself, “Wow, where have you been? Just stick to it!” Or maybe just because of you, your personality. As you ingrained this feeling in me like I’m your friend. And it feels great buying stuff from friends, right? Thank you!

  34. Jeff,
    It’s taking me a while to get my product built and launched but thanks to having access to your modules and great information whenever I can get to it, I’m making progress. I look forward to eventually being a case study for you but for now while I’m managing a more than full time job and new baby, I’m making critical steps forward thanks to you. Seed launch will be coming soon.

  35. Morning Jeff

    I love this- it’s aligned with my current thinking ! If I try to get everything done and the boxes ticked it leads to being overwhelmed and then I can procrastinate .so everyday I do at least one thing that moves me forward . Each day is afresh start and small steps take you along way !
    Namaste Alison

  36. Randy Niederer



    Thanks for the comments. It’s sorta like perfection paralysis…if we try to do everything perfectly it more than likely won’t get done.

  37. Jeff such an inspiration. I am so grateful to have found you. Through Brendn Burchard . I run three different businesses and my biggest issue is putting off recording until the universe is a perfect storm and you really have helped me see that this is a big time waster. Thank you again. I love your direct but casual approach.

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