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Is it possible to build a six- or seven-figure business AND work fewer hours?

For a lot of entrepreneurs, that’s the Holy Grail… and I want to introduce you to someone who may have discovered it.

Denise Duffield-Thomas recently passed $25m in sales – while being a wife and a mom to three young kids. And she didn’t have to hustle, put in 16-hour days, or set her alarm clock to 4:30am to accomplish it.

She’s a perfect example of how it’s possible to live life on your own terms. And in this interview, we unpack how she made it happen, including the simple two-step process behind her successful business.

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9 Replies to “How to Chill… and Prosper (with Denise Duffield-Thomas)”

  1. Fredrick Douglas Bussey


    Love your interviews and insight Jeff! Very inspirational. Just shared this with my wife!

  2. Celia Louise


    What a great conversation between two of my favourite inspiring humans. I love how you both are so honest, caring and sharing. Thank you 😊

  3. Loved this!!! I thought her question was so powerful. “Why not me?” That’s going up on my wall.
    Thank you, Jeff for sharing this!

  4. Thank you for sending this video. I enjoyed every moment of this conversation. Yes, “There’s always more money!” I appreciate her story of how she built her business with everything on her plate.

  5. Steve Morrison


    A GREAT Aussie girl!!
    Inspiring and obtainable.
    Thanks Jeff and Denise.

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