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We had an interesting question pop up at my LaunchCon event. The funny thing is, our expert panel had ten completely different answers. So how do you know which one is right for you?

The big takeaways:

The biggest thing that stops most people from moving forward… and how to get past it
The worst decision you could ever make as an entrepreneur

Leave a comment and tell me if this has held you back. How did you overcome it?

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36 Replies to “How to Make the Right Choices”

  1. Not deciding what to choose is the worst choice we can have – It really is. Thank you for sharing Jeff.

    • That’s the rule. Really. I just wish I could have gotten over my sense of fear of being judged at my first crappy blog or article or video.
      You’re right. Just do it. Momentum gathers and the laws of motion come into play.

    • that very true . so I know what I am going facing. Thank you Jeff very much

    • Not deciding what to choose is the worst choice we can have, I needed this,be blessed.

  2. Thanks Jeff! SO TRUE! In a way as I go through the PLF process I find myself “starting” so many new “educations” in finding new solutions. My path so far has been PLF>CLICKFUNNELS>GODADDY

    Once I get this all streamlined then Im back into the PLF course. So many options, but its fun to learn all along the way!

  3. Hi Jeff,
    I’ve been following you, but haven’t bought any of your products for a few years now.
    I look forward to your videos; I love your humility, honesty and positivity.
    I get a lot from them…
    One of these days I’m sure I’ll buy from you.
    In the meantime, thanks for being you – much appreciated by me😊

  4. Wow…I am in the same situation of deciding which upsell / cross selling software to use for the upcoming Black Friday -Cyber Monday sales in my ecommerce niche. . Thanks for this timely video.

  5. Hi Jeff – just getting started and I’m aware I don’t even know yet what I don’t know about software. Looking forward to starting to go through the program materials this afternoon. Scary when you’re in you mid fifties and a bit of a technophobe but I’m willing and enthusiastic :-). Keep em coming!!

  6. Thanks Jeff! Great advice as always! 🙂 There’s more than one way to do everything. It’s so true that you just have to go for it!

  7. It’s one of the great things I’ve learned from you, Jeff : Doing is better than perfect, or as Susan Garrett said so memorably at LaunchCon “Get s*** done!”

    LaunchCon was -is- fantastic! The year before was incredible. This year was totally new and I learned a great deal. I’ve already scheduled LaunchCon2018 in my book. Grateful for you for putting it on and bringing the best together.

  8. Thanks Jeff,

    I was just struggling with what membership platform to go with…

    What software, what membership plugin, what theme?

    I decided to go with something I could implement quickly.

    You are exactly right… Set a time, then decide and move forward.


    Thanks Jeff.

  9. Thanks Jeff. Truly a message I needed to hear. I have been putting off for several years for the “perfect” IM model. It has cost me thousands of dollars “sticking my feet in the water” not completing anything. Right now I’m commiting to take massive action. Your messages are one of the highlights of my weekend.

  10. Perfect timing as always Jeff thank you! I’m trying to make some big decisions for my business next year and have been procrastinating. I’ve just made one of them thanks to this video!
    Thank you again,

  11. I’ve been struggling with which email automation software to use. I’m with GetResponse, and it’s OK, but not that great. I was going to switch, but then I decided to stay, learn, and move ahead. You’re so right, Jeff! Taking action is key.

  12. Darlene Atkinson


    I just bought your book, not a lot of though, Read your Launch book I got really great ideas but I do things so differently since I gotten involved in 1989 in doing stuff from home, It changes over time.
    I learn more from your videos because I really am an visional type of person so seeing you listening to you I must admit I learn so much more from your videos. Thank You for your ongoing learning and helping us who sign up to your e-mails.

  13. Hi Jeff,
    I have been putting off making decisions about stepping forward into the unknown for I just don’t know how long.However just today I pushed the publish button today on creating a Facebook Community Page. Its terrifying and exciting in equal measure. Its not at this min a business site but I have the web site companion started. So even though I know it to just start is the way forward…
    I have 40 members as of 10.00pm this evening. 5 of them I didn’t have any contact details for before I posted the invite. Ihave no idea whats the best for anything yet…

  14. Oh, so true! This simple little video comes at the right time for me. I have my business cards ready, have given seminars on my topic, have had articles published… and I always have to give an embarrassed little smile – my website will be up shortly. And, of course, I may be losing potential clients. So I have to decide which platform – now!!

  15. Oh my, yes. Thanks for that timely reminder. I just finished reading your book, and was panicking at the thought of picking the “wrong” one.


  16. Vince Schembri


    Thanks for sharing Jeff and I agree, getting started and LAUNCHING your first piece is the key.

  17. I agree! I think you get to a point of no return, which is what helped me overcome this problem. As you’re putting together what you need for your first launch you get to a point where you realize “Hey, I can’t turn back now. I’ve invested too much time, energy, and resources. “ and once this happens it’s full steam ahead!

  18. 2 more aspects:
    – you can’t even see all the requirements/troubles/… you need to consider before actually starting
    – for all things software, consider only really free services (maybe with limits) if the free trial period is obviously too short (2 weeks or so). If you have your framework up and running, then limited trial time for a new component is ok – if it doesn’t mess up your system!

  19. One of my favorite sayings is “Not to decide *is* to decide.” I bring it up up a lot because it is so relevant to my life –decisions are something I struggle with. This is a great reminder, so thanks, Jeff!

  20. Jeff Gunther


    I was there, and that was the biggest – and most encouraging – discovery for me too! PLF is a process. It probably should have been obvious to me that all the best performers are able to produce amazing things with whatever you put in their hands. For me, the solution is to stick with the tools I already have (at least for now), and aggressively build my list.

  21. Jeff –
    I have really liked your videos. They (and you) have encouraged me to start an online business selling my non-pharmaceutical, non-medical-establishment cures for headaches. Many years ago, I worked for the Dept. of the Army at Ft. Ord as a Civil Service civilian psychotherapist. While I was working at the hospital, I usually ate lunch with a group of doctors. They often complained about patients with intractable headaches they simply couldn’t cure, so I decided to start a Headache Clinic. At first, all the docs were dismissive, but were only too happy to be able to dump their “problem patients” on me. But then I started having success with patients who had been their failures, and the doctors’ attitudes changed. So now that I’m retired, I realized that knowledge in my head could still be of value to people, so I’m working on getting it out there, both as audio and video recordings, and then also available as a few hours a week of therapy. And your easy-going, informal style of video has been an example and an inspiration. Keep up the good work!

  22. Can a furniture drop shipper benefit from this style of launch? We have several manufacturers catalogs that we cater to. From the reviews, this program is more helpful for courses and one product launches not business brands etc. Can anyone elaborate?

  23. Thanks Jeff, great stuff. I have been dragging my feet for a couple of months and this is just what I needed. Have made some key decisions on two businesses that I have, one is a new startup and the other is a couple of years old and has never launched. Hang on here we go!

  24. Thanks for this video, Jeff! Trusting my gut and acting from my heart are upper most when making choices.

  25. Thank you Jeff, this is very encouraging, I like most people want to try to make things perfect before I move. I heard from someone that perfection is death! I know when I step out and do it that there are no failures just learning experiences that teach us how to do it or how not to do it! Blessings!

  26. It’s funny how sometimes one can evaluate all the pros and cons of a product or application, and then just buy the one that works a little bit and makes you feel good.

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