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At one time or another, most online entrepreneurs get caught in the comparison trap.

It’s easy to look at other people in your industry and think about how polished their marketing is, how comfortable they seem on camera, or how they just seem to be a natural.

But it’s not that they’ve got some special talent or advantage. Here’s what’s really going on…

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3 Replies to “More Important than Talent”

  1. Stefanie Toise


    Micro actions give birth to more micro-actions–very life-giving and affirming.

  2. I always enjoy your topics. Likee I’ve stated before, I have been teaching beginner guitar lessons for over 50 years now and would like to do a launch for my course. I would love to attend PLF comng up, but I am 74 years old and don’t have a computer that would allow me to attend LIVE. If there is anyway you can offer a reply of this upcomng event, I would be willing to pay for it as I’m sure others like me would also. Mybe even just the highlights?

  3. Deb Newberry Puterbaugh


    Ha Jeff…It was an amazing TIME. Time well spent, I was glued to my screen for the whole 3 days… YOU really brought it. My commitment is HUGE. and I’m off to LAUNCH my first online product for Mothers Day. It will be a SEED LAUNCH for my upcoming PODCAST “Becoming MOM”. I’m building my tribe. My HAND is on the wall!! Peace Brother…and thank you for WALKING the path and showing the way! I’ve been thinking about your last name… I think it was given to you for a reason…WALK ON!!!

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