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When it comes to making an offer — actually telling your prospects about your product or service and then asking them to give you money for it — there’s a mistake almost everyone makes.

It usually comes from a place of good intentions… but it will hold you back in your business (and ultimately it’s not good for your prospects, either).

Of course, I’m not immune. Here’s how I screwed up, and how you can avoid this mistake.

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45 Replies to “Almost Everyone Makes This Mistake in Their Offers”

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Jeff – as always great content and from the heart! Blessings to you and your team – Happy Fourth! Have a safe a restful weekend!

  2. Thx Jeff for the insights.
    What elements/structure does your offer include? Cause it has to be a transition from whatever content you shared prior to the “offer”.

    Thx Julian

  3. Jeff you are Fantastic! I am just launching a new service /offer and I was all set to blast it out today and this video has made me slow down and consider it more thoroughly.I will also build it out and deliver more value as I go through it , it is so tempting to say Hey here I am now BUY!! Thanks as always and hopefully when Covid has flatlined I will get back to Arizona for anther great PLF few days!

  4. James Basil


    Thanks Jeff. Great words as usual. Really making me think about what I’m doing! For some reason you’re the only marketing guy that I have kept listening to year after year. I normally get bored and come across someone else but you’re so good to listen to its like sitting with an old friend

  5. I have 8 years of experience at sales (the traditional ones: stands, cold door…) and I’m a copywriter (another 3 years of experience). But, ultimately, I made this mistake too. Several times, in fact, ha ha ha. So I appreciate a lot this content, thank you for all Jeff, you’re one of a kind (and sorry for my English).

  6. I like the idea of being unattached to the result, but at the same time putting your heart into it

  7. Ouch! So true!, Jeff! There is a natural tendency for those who want to create value for an audience to teach their hearts out. Many excellent speakers and trainers don’t want to be seen as “salesy,” so they over-teach — give people TOO MUCH to think about or do, eliminating the need for the product in the prospect’s mind. This is a great reminder that when we pull back on the offer, we don’t just short-change ourselves, we short-change the audiences by denying them the transformation they would get from buying and using our products.

  8. Thanks Jeff,
    This has happened to me almost every time. Now, you have helped me gain more awareness and how to fix it. My respects and best of success!

  9. Awesome advice Jeff! Selling definitely is an art form….of course the G.O.A.T of marketing can give the best tips on how to pitch an offer. Thank you for helping me learn through your mistakes.

  10. Jennifer Aderhold


    Great advice, Jeff! If so easy to “fall of the cliff” when you’re asking for the sale. As you said, as long as you have something of value know that it’s your duty to offer this solution to your prospect. And if I mess up to not to beat myself up. It’s just one time and hopefully I learned and the next time will better. Thank you for sharing this information!

  11. Hi Jeff! Love this especially the wisdom you share at the end about not equating any specific offer with your value as a human being. Love when successful entrepreneurs share the metaphysical concepts. No need to apologize for that! More important than the tactical. Peace & Blessings

  12. Louis Di Bianco


    Thanks for this important remainder, Jeff. And, thanks for always showing up as your authentic self.

  13. Justin York


    Great advice Jeff thanks for material, reminder and for the personal insight!

  14. Thank you, Jeff.
    I really enjoy presentations—and conversations—where people are real. Where we can share stories about ourselves with humor and heart.
    I spent most of my career in the nonprofit world, and the same concepts are true there. You make an offer about what you plan do do to help people, and a grant funder decides whether the plan (the offer/pitch) is a good fit for them and their clients/community. And— the grantor gets a ‘feel’ for whether you are the right person/group to provide the services.
    I have a concept I’d love to get your take on.
    Will try responding to the email you sent.
    Thanks again…you have an enjoyable way of presenting ideas. You make me smile.

  15. Lol! Jeff I felt as if you had been watching my webinar as I did the way too long content, then the oh no panic moment came and compressed the content as best I could, got to the offer and rushed it! It was not smooth or easy…I got confused and made mistakes along the way…and then next day I just laughed at myself for all the beginners mistakes I made.

    I look forward to doing it all over again and again …someday I will get it with the help of my coaches and our PLF community.

    Thank you for guiding me to making my life so awesome

  16. Anna McKinlay


    Jeff, thank you – this is such a valuable insight!

    I’ve made that same mistake myself in selling from stage, and seen others do it as well. It is soooo easy to underestimate how much time it takes to deliver our content, and not give the offer the respect and time that it deserves.

    Out of all the value we provide in this step of the process, in the big picture the offer is the most valuable piece. Because this is the piece that gives people the opportunity to really transform.

    Thank you for the great reminder!

  17. Thanks Jeff, I don’t listen to you as much as I should, but every time I do you always leave me with very powerful take aways.

    Bill Q.

  18. I have only recently gotten to know your formula, and I must say it is fantastic. I’m still learning, but I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you. Thank you for creating what in my opinion is the most honest and humane marketing strategy ever made. This video is also fantastic.

  19. Jeff, there’s a kindness, an honesty and a wisdom that just radiates out of you. That’s quite unusual in the ‘selling’ world. I’ve been working through your Launch book, preparing to launch my first course and your insights have been very, very helpful. The wisdom you shared in this video was very applicable.
    I do have one question about the launch sequence. My partner and I have an email list with just over 4k people on it – built over the years selling essential oils. My course is a Mindset Makeover, so although we know it’s going to be helpful for our list, it’s a little different to what they originally signed up to the list for. My question – where in the process should I ask them to sign up for the Mindset Makeover list? Pre-pre-launch? Pre-launch? Where do you think would be the best place so that we’re not sending them material that they don’t specifically want?
    Thanks in advance for your assistance and once again, your book is SO helpful.
    Keep doing what you’re doing – it makes a huge difference to so many people and it’s a breath of fresh air in the sales world.

  20. Michael Morales


    Hey Jeff I was in 85 lb High School freshman. With low self-esteem. And I became a two-time state wrestling champion. How? As you’re saying in the video I didn’t focus on winning I focused on continuous Improvement. That’s what I’m hearing in your video and I love it. And I’ve been coaching for over 40 years and I coach the same philosophy continuous improvement. Thank you thank you thank you.

  21. Consuelo Castañuela


    Timeless advice from beginning to end, Jeff, from start to finish.

  22. Martyn Swain


    Jeff, I agree with everything you’re saying – but the amount of time you spent saying it, made be feel uncomfortable. Maybe that’s the way things work (ie. a long response works) – but doesn’t a reply that long put people off?

    Maybe it’ a personal thing – I’d love to hear your perspective!

  23. Perfect timing as I am about to create my sales video! Thanks so much, Jeff. Always appreciate your help. PLF is a godsend and videos like these are so relatable.

  24. Divine timing! Your words went straight to my consciousness, and I loved your metaphysical reference at the end.
    Thank you for sharing your vulnerable stories.
    I have a new perspective about my sales presentation now.

    Thank you!

  25. I completely agree and have been guilty of this. I actually think it comes across more that it is a pitch when you rush through it so it’s actually worse. Great reminder, thank you.

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