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My daughter just graduated from college … so I was thinking about this crazy plan I had 19 years ago to pay for her college education.

The funny thing is, this has a LOT to do with your business.

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think…

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40 Replies to “The Crazy Plan to Pay For My Kids Education”

    • I’m 62 years young and as a result of your very effective video e-mails I have begun using them also.
      I have been getting great reviews and they definitely are more personal.
      Thank You

  1. Great message, Jeff. Thank you. Reminded me of the importance of how to write to my list and the first impression your website and emails make. Have a great Memorial Day!

  2. Yes, speaking informally is so very important. IF you get them to open your email. The subject line is what gets me to open an email. That is what needs to be really written well – and short. Although I open most of your emails, if I am really busy, and the subject line doesn’t grab me, I hit delete…

    • Do you like a subject line that is the truth or just anything that will get you to click like, you just won the lottery? I HATE DECEPTION!! Evil marketers think that the end justifies the means and will do anything just to make a buck.

      • Only truthful, and actually give more in the email than the subject alludes to. If I feel the least bit tricked by a subject line, I click the back button so fast I break my mouse.

  3. Andrea Scalici


    “Money On Demand.” I love that concept. I’m just starting out but videos like this keep me motivated. Thanks, Jeff!

  4. Carlos Akira Higuti


    Congratulations on graduation of his daughter! And congratulations on your success and thanks for the great tips in this video!

  5. Thank you Jeff for sharing such awesome content! I’ll start 1.. one day..

  6. Jeff. This is one of your best blog videos ever. Your heart is so obviously in it. The content (start a list) leads to a life-change. You were in “your” zone brother. I know this resonated with a lot of folk. Thanks.

  7. Hi Jeff,

    Congratulations for your daughter’s graduation. You certainly are a visionary and that’s why your plan worked.
    Thanks for the amazing tips specially the one in the email and video.
    I’ve been following you for sometime now and always open your emails or read ’em all over weekend if I’m really busy during week.
    I love the fact of being in control of your business with an email list. 🙂
    Keep up the great work.

  8. Thanks for the same info you’ve given plenty of times and I’ve not done anything with. Time gets ticking so it’s time to implement! You are one of the trusted voices on this topic.

  9. My book has arrived, Excited to dive in and get started! Great advice on making your websites focus on building your list, It’s so essential. I’m enhancing my website now, onward and upward!

  10. Thank you for the reminder of all this! Love the background room and the audio quality here too…

  11. Hey Jeff.

    Completely get what you’re saying and always look forward to your Sunday messages….

    Thank you for doing what you do.

    Asking your help on a good problem I have…

    Bricks and mortar Physical Therapy business is doing better than ever…
    I do commercial real estate too and have done really well there…
    Started an info marketing business and have had 3 successful launches in 2015 (2 over $100k).

    Recommendations on what to do with the money?

    (I did the 529 thing for my 5 kids…and was proud to max it out)…now second guessing. Or curious as to what I could do better.

    Thank you for giving me good problems!


  12. Congratulations on your daughter’s graduation!! Such a gratifying feeling as parents to launch our babies!

    As always.. LOVE your content. You are inspiring so many people around the world to speak, create, share their passion and their heart through their work. The strong truth in all these messages is helping not only change individual lives, but change the way “marketing” is done. Reaching out to our customers/clients from a place of honesty and integrity. Awesome work Jeff!! Thank you again and again for what you do!

  13. Jeff,
    Your videos are the best in the business.
    Personal. Genuine. Conversational.
    I learn every time I watch.
    Thank you my friend.

  14. As usual, another great video from you Jeff. I’ve been building my list for a while now but I remember when I was hesitant myself. Thanks for the motivation here, Jeff!

  15. super tips, Jeff – I’m hooked on your blog, it’s always useful and even for us 20-yr online veterans I always pick up new insights…good point about purpose of site to mainly drive optins, sometimes its easy to lose focus on that.

  16. Thanks Jeff.
    I got my very first Subscriber the other day and I have to say it felt like a real milestone. I now I have to build that relationship and really look after her.

  17. Thanks Jeff! It is a good reminder encouraging us to be true to ourselves and others as well!
    The corporate wold is too automated and controlled. To be FREE and to be TRUE is the key to success in this new era.

  18. John Cantwell


    Congrats to your daughter Jeff! We just welcomed another granddaughter into the world—I’m hoping to set her up for the future through my efforts using the PLF. Excellent camera/lighting set-up by the way—kudos to your son! John from Australia

  19. Jeff,
    Thanks for your great upbeat message! I always enjoy your videos whether short or long.
    Happy Memorial Day & Congrats on your daughters graduation.

  20. Thank you for the reminder of all this! And congratulations to your daughter!
    Thanks for the motivation Jeff!

  21. Great stuff, Jeff. I have my first information session set up for next week, 5 people on my list for that. I’m really excited.

  22. Great Stuff Jeff! I don’t have to think about it anymore and will just produce the content!

  23. Les Wiggill


    Hey Jeff, another fantastic video, thanks. I am setting up my ‘Launch’ business at last … so much to learn still, but I have already learned so much from your ‘Launch’ book and from these videos. You are an inspiration!

  24. I find myself watching your videos all the way through for one very compelling reason, Jeff: You always look like you’re having a great time making them! You remind me of Red Skelton the comedian, who always seemed to be having so much fun doing his skits (even breaking up at some of his own jokes). And your advice is always spot-on. The success experts all tell us to hang out wth successful people, role models for whom we want to become… and I feel it a privilege to be able to “hang out” with you.

  25. Hey Jeff,

    I’m 28 years old and have been blogging for 11 years. I’ve never built an email list. In fact, I’ve got a new side hustle that I’m working on and haven’t even published yet but have almost 6 months of content ready to go on launch. I know that it really is all just noise without a list of raving fans.

    What are 3 things that I should invest time and money into in order to learn how to build my list? I’m a rook when it comes to email marketing.

    Thanks for your knowledge and insight.

    Also, love your emails.

  26. Here’s an update. I taught a free class through Meetup and got 5 emails from well qualified people, one asked me to teach a different class and she would be my first student, good news. Then, I realized the people who joined but didn’t attend get emails through that website about all of my classes…that list is now 41. So, when I do a mass email about my next class for “money” through their service 41 people will get my launch info. It’s nice to have a list, even if it isn’t entirely mine. I think this place is an institutionalized JV partner.

  27. Jeff! I think you are the most nice and genuine persons I’ve seen and this “marketing-world”. Thanks!

  28. Thank you Jeff.

    Through you and PLF I basically was reminded to actually warm up my relationship with my 4000+ subscriber list that had grown extremely cold. The main reason: I didn’t want to spend the monthly fee (currently about 40 $ for this amount of subscribers)! It has to be seen as an investment, and there should be a plan, or at least a desire, to create a product (like a (e)book, a video course,…) to use that trust that you have rightfully earned after some time and monetize the list. Thanks to PLF and the Seed Launch Deep Dive we have all info at hand which we need… no excuses anymore 😉

    Regards from Greece

    • PS: Belated congratulations for your daughter’s graduation from college 🙂

  29. Jeff, this video just describes me! I decided to quit college to pursue internet marketing and that’s the best decision I made so far hah! Right now I’m following your foot steps by building and growing my email list and happy to say I’m a 6 figure marketer which I know will be very hard to get there if I decided to continue my college education.

  30. Hey Jeff,
    Interesting ideas, brill advice. It’s cool to mix business with real life stories.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  31. Great advice! What features does a website need to be ‘tuned to build my list’? I have pop-up opt-in forms. I clearly need a stronger opt-in invitation and opt-in gift. My list is not growing daily in spite of having SEO optimized my site. I’m open to ideas and suggestions, please.

  32. Hi Jeff,
    сongratulations to your daughter’s graduation, and thank you, a huge charge of motivation and good mood from your advice. I am pleased with people like you, who apply a creative approach to life, to business.
    Thank you for your knowledge and experience, it was priceless. If there are other similar ideas, write, this mega is interesting, and you can count on the feedback and approval of your subscribers.

    • My daughter just graduated from college … so I was thinking about this crazy plan I had 19 years ago to pay for her college education.

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