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I usually reserve these launch debriefs for my high-end masterminds, but I have a little chip on my shoulder…

Some people have been saying launches are dead.

Well, my team and I just wrapped up one of our best launches in a long time.

In this video I’m going to break down what we did to crush this launch – and why we did it.

And if you’re interested in joining me and my team in one of my high-end masterminds, I have a special invitation for you right here.

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4 Replies to “Launch Masterclass 2023 Debrief (How We Crushed It)”

  1. Steven Talewa


    Thanks so much for sharing this very important launch of AI and I Steven Talewa of Tari Hela province of Papua New Guinea is very happy to be part of your great team

  2. WOW PLF Family…..
    I’m very excited and a little nervous at the same time….I retired about 10 years ago…. purchased my first PLF program a few years ago…. but it stayed on my computer…. now I’m back with the hope to create some financial freedom for both family, friends, and colleges….at 70 l pray 🙏 l haven’t but off more than l can chew….. I’ll need some help….so please be looking out for my calls… and of course if there’s anything I can do to help anyone…. please feel free to reach out and touch…..

  3. Steven Talewa


    Thanks so much for sharing this very important messages and I Steven Talewa of Tari Hela Province of Papua New Guinea want to say sorry for myself for not following your instructions and advise and so please help me protected and not miss out on my blessings and ownership given from my powerful brothers and sisters and family friends there

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