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This one is about getting traffic to your site, and the most important formula you need to know about that traffic…

Next up… Day 18: What I Learned After 10,000 Emails

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13 Replies to “Day 17: The Cost of Traffic to Your Site”

  1. Another great lesson Jeff. Making sure not to be dependent on a single source of income or a single source of leads is actually very ecological. In nature, the healthiest ecosystems are the ones with the greatest variety of species. It’s called biodiversity. And what you propose is to cultivate a healthy business ecosystem with the greatest diversity of products and revenue streams. Thank you.

  2. It’s funny how learning is not so much about absorbing information but connecting the dots. Arbitrage! I knew this concept from PLF but thanks for tightening it up into one word. The idea of it suddenly coalesced into an insight. When we connect the dots from things we already have in our head it really feels like a Eureka moment. Could be just me with a slow brain too. 🙂

    BTW just a quick video tip – when you are shooting a video the way you did this one, try locking your exposure (and focus). In the film world they expose for the scene and let the light fluctuations happen. Modern digital video recorders are adept at automatically adjusting in real time, but that adjustment doesn’t look natural when the light changes temporarily. If you are going for that effect, just forget what I just said. Thanks again for the nuggets of wisdom.

  3. Another good one, Jeff! In our market (homeschool curriculum publishing), we reach different segments of the market through different advertising methods. We can’t depend exclusively on one method, and we have to keep exploring new options. When we find something that works, we can do more of it; but we can’t depend on it to perform the same forever.

  4. what type equipment do you use to shoot these videos when you are out in woods or just in your kitchen?

    • my exact question as well – very tight head-shot. Kinda doubt you’d use a selfie-stick for something like this, but it’s possible, I suppose.

  5. As a person who is learning about business and marketing for the first time, these concepts are usually hard for me to understand. But this concept of arbitrage and the need to TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY came through clearly. Thanks for laying it out in simple terms, Jeff.

  6. Thanks for that reminder Jeff.
    In this ‘cloud’ age, we leave many things to big companies. Time we should all reflect and take control ( or at least take frequent backup) of anything important for us.

  7. E. Van Lowe


    Hey Jeff, what Great timing you have. Yesterday Facebook shut me down for violating their guidelines on an ad that had been running for over a year. My most successful ad. I’ve known for some time I needed to open up other funnel options–But Facebook was so good.
    I didn’t despair. They lit a fire under me, and you have thrown gasoline on the flame. I am loving these daily videos. Thank you.

  8. Interesting. I had this happen with a consumer site and felt stranded.
    I’m learning to move on and grow.
    Thanks for the encouragement!

  9. Jeff, this is exactly the same thing as I say to all the people around. You can build a brand on Facebook, but you have to run your business on your own platform, according to your own rules.
    I wonder why people don’t listen to me. They tell me I don’t have to build my own website to build a business.
    I will follow your advice because I have found you to be a professional.
    Thanks a lot!

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