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When I first started out, I heard the term “mastermind”… and it seemed really mysterious. Then I got in my first mastermind and I realized how powerful it was… and my business took off. Since then, I've been in a bunch of mastermind groups, and I've started and run them, as well. Here's everything you need to know about masterminds…

Next up… Day 16: Finally Onboard the Freedom Train

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11 Replies to “Day 15: Masterminds and Growing 1000x”

  1. Hey Jeff, I can really identify with your video here. First, I have read “Think & Grow Rich” inside out, such an amazing book and I know that chapter well, the power of the mastermind. Last year I joined a MM for the first time and I outgrew it in 3 months. Then I joined another one in the USA, and then I just joined another one. It has changed my life for sure. The last MM I walked into one of the girls was doing $200K online. I was actually crying the corner of the room as I felt like such a little small fish in the room. But I know this is a good thing. I will rise up with the power of the group supporting me and pulling me along. And I will do the same for them and anyone in the group that I can. Agree wholeheartedly with your post. Thank-you so much, Sharnee

    • Sharnee,

      Your attitude toward the whole mastermind process will bring you great success much sooner than you know!


    • Hey Sharnee, im only 18 and Ive actually read Think and Grow Rich and also the launch, both amazing book. I come from a small town where finding someone like minded is like finding a diamond (no joke). Could you please help me out and tell me how you got abouts finding your group and forming them?

      Thanks man.

  2. Hey Jeff,

    Loving this series! Great work!

    Did this email go out? I only noticed it when I followed the link for day 16. I like to keep these things from you.


    • I won’t always mail every video. All you need to is check any of these links:

  3. Ndifreke Atauyo


    Great ideas from the videos and I appreciate your kind nature.

  4. Thank you Jeff. Great video. Read ‘Think & Grow Rich’ many times… time to get ‘Grow Rich with Peace of Mind’. Belonging to your ‘Launch Club’ is also an amazing sort of large ‘Mastermind’ group with all the sharing that happens 24/7, within a private safe space with people from many different perspectives and at various stages of their own unique product launches… Thank you very much for creating that community ‘mastermind group’ for all of us as well.

    Congratulations again on 20 amazing years! Cheers to your next 20! 🙂
    Lorrie & James

  5. I’ve been on the hunt for a mastermind for 6 months now. I think i’ve not connected with one = as i’m still in the “not sure what I want to do phase.” I’m confident once i take the leap – the right mastermind will present itself.

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