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As an entrepreneur, there's a moment when you realize that you're truly in control of your future… and that's true freedom. This video is all about that moment…

Next up… Day 17: The Cost of Traffic to Your Site

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15 Replies to “Day 16: Finally Onboard the Freedom Train”

  1. Sheila Foster


    Thanks for this. I heard you mention building schools in Africa. Is that because a nonprofit used your launch formula, or because a business person used their profits to help build schools? I tried to take your course in order to apply the technique to nonprofits and was never able to figure out quite how. Your team kindly gave me a refund after the first few weeks of me trying and not seeing a way to make it work, but I was curious, did you have another nonprofit that did make it work?
    Lomakatsi Restoration Project

    • @Sheila: we’ve had MANY non-profits use Product Launch Formula to support their fundraising.

      However, in the video I was specifically referring to the fundraising I’ve done through my company and within the PLF community. We’ve supported several different non-profits, but in the last 18 months we’ve raised enough money for World Teacher Aid to build four schools in Kenya. You can see more at this link:

  2. I am loving this series! I am in my first and half year after my first launch, and I am begining feeling everything you said here. And you have an important hole in my freedom! THANK YOU!

  3. Gene Beckwith


    This is helpful. I’ve been jumping from training to training, learning but having a hard time executing. I really believe I need to find a coach, mentor, and/or mastermind group. You mentioned events. Any suggestions on which are most worthwhile in your opinion? Thanks, Jeff.

  4. Hey Jeff, great video. My biggest worry in life is getting laid off and that is why I’m marching down the entrepreneur path. While I have thought this way for a very long time, it really hit me about 3 years ago when I worked for a venture backed company that was purchased by a top 5 bank. On the Monday before Thanksgiving, the head of the call center’s boss showed up. The head of the call center was asked to come down to HR and she was told that the call center was being shut down and all of her staff was being let go. She had no clue and neither did the internal business partners. Someone 2-3 levels up decided the best way to meet their goals that year was to cut the call center. That memory is burned into me.

    Keep up the great work and content.


  5. Ndifreke Atauyo


    I appreciate this video series as an entrepreneur who has dominated the web design nigeria market with launches that add more web design customers nationwide weekly. I felt this same freedom way back in 2001 and it continues even tomorrow and years to come. Thanks Jeff

  6. Yes, being able to have a successful business from home gives you the power to live where you please. I think that’s one of the things that makes it such an attractive option for so many people.

  7. Hi Jeff.
    Another great video. I also looked at your “you are awesome” video regarding your school building in Africa. Wow. What a great feeling that must be. It was really inspirational and very emotional to watch.
    Just wondering when you are opening up the PLF program again. I missed it last time due to temporary financial constraints but I am really looking forward to getting on board this time. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again for all of this.
    Sincerely Pat

    • @Pat: Yes… that was amazing being in Kenya for the opening of that school. And that was just the first… we’ve now funded four schools. 🙂

      Our next class for PLF will be in November…

  8. Great video, Jeff! Interesting thoughts on having freedom and feeling secure in doing what you love AND are good at. Powerful lesson shared, thank you!

  9. Beloved Jeff 🙂

    I don’t often share my thoughts/feelings on these – my bad – too often running too fast (for my own good – or anyone else’s). 🙂

    But I simply owe it to you (and to my Beloved Avatars) to give special thanks for this one.

    I’m in a domain that’s held incredible potential to solve local to global problems for over 6 decades now – with little to no progress – no clear purpose, no clear alignment – and, most of all, no effective action – something my launch (my deep thanks to you) is designed to change – radically – and (again, thanks to you) at scale.

    With this little clip of yours, you’ve helped me to realize that, f I’m to be true to my word – to my purpose – in this, I simply have to organize a MasterMind Group around this – one that includes, not only my buddies in this field, but (almost especially, actually) smart, successful colleagues with whom (to some degree) I disagree – those whose “contrarian” voices can add much to the mix – and to the movement.

    So, my friend, deep gratitude to you for all you bring to the world in so many ways,

  10. I’m curious Jeff. What was the product offer you made to your email list subscribers that made you $104k in seven days? What was the product and what was the price that made your audience readily willing to pay money for the promise of the product?

  11. Hey Jeff, I’m going to miss these daily emails. Thanks for doing this! Great stories, advice and motivation.

  12. I love how you say that you still work really hard in your business, but you work hard on what you love. I am looking forward to that. I love creating for my tribe, but right now am working really hard on all the tech and back end of things……Thanks for the pathway!

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