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When I rolled out the very first version of my Product Launch Formula course… I really needed a great launch. If there was ever going to be a time where the proof was in the pudding – this was it. If I claimed to be an expert in product launches, I better know how to do a launch. This is what happened…

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11 Replies to “Day 21: Launching My New Business ($600k in One Week!)”

  1. Beautiful as usual Jeff I always catch up on your content thank you so much. You truly inspire me,

  2. Hey Jeff,

    I am the first one to comment !

    Most people are not getting the initial results to stay in the IM game , me too.

    I think it is really important to get the initial results fast , so that we believe IM works ,
    which push us forward to take even more action.

    It is important to focus one product or course , until results shows , instead of moving
    from one product to another and getting no where.

    Enjoying your videos and looking forward to it , every single day.

    Thank you Jeff 🙂

  3. Nice Jeff, working on my second big webinar going off this week. The first one we had 123 registered and 81 show up. so we improving and doing a good. Not bad for a start?

  4. Jeff:
    I’m sure it’s been enlightening, looking back on your successes and hiccups in the business. This is a great avenue for exploring your past and helping others along the way. Thanks and CONGRATS!!
    Sorted Affairs

  5. Great video, Jeff! I appreciate your sharing a key lesson about mindset and how your thoughts can lead you to greater success, even in the face of adversity like losing your business and a partner. Thanks for sharing this – greatly appreciated!

  6. Thanks for this inspiring message. What I am surprised and amazed by, being new to the online world is the support and promotion that can happen with people in your same niche. It is such a refreshing way to think about business instead of the old competition mindset. That must have been such an amazing experience to have a big launch with your new business!

  7. Jeff – for some reason I have not been getting the notifications from YouTube so I almost lost track of the 20 years in 30 days videos. So I decided to go to the blog and listened to them all (some a second time) in one sitting. Recommend anyone following your blog, YouTube channel or FaceBook page do the same. The videos are awesome as a real person is doing real business on the internet. I really enjoy your style because it’s as if you are speaking to me directly (across the continental divide.) Thanks for all you do for the community and all you do for your students. I am getting ready to restart PLF from the beginning as I started and dropped the ball a few months ago. Thanks again Jeff to you and your crew.

  8. Very inspiring Jeff, this whole series. I’m prepping to do some videos, and you make it look so easy. I’m sure it’s not…but you give me something to shoot for. Thanks!

  9. HI Jeff,
    thanks for your message.
    I worked really hard on the “launch” that I just did,
    but no body bought.
    Honestly, I am still really bummed out about it.
    I know I can learn from it.
    I guess I’m not as in touch with my avatar as I thought i was.
    Honestly I thought that my launch manager and I were doing all the right things so I am kind of in shock about the results.
    I’m not giving up yet.
    Thx, Elaine

  10. Since your video about the $350 Bike Pedals on July 16th I have been talking more notes and writing down more ideas. That video hit home with me in so many ways. I come from the bike industry back when bikes used toe clips and toe straps to lock our feet onto the pedals. It was great once the new pedal systems came out. When those toe clips were gone, hence the “clipless,” description, we did not have to reach down to tighten and undo them every time we took off or stopped, and when we crashed and we were no longer strapped to the bike!

    After I raced in Belgium and then later I got to travel all over the world being a massage therapist, or soigneur as it is called, for pro mountain bike racers. I almost moved to Colorado, I fell in love with the state traveling all around there for different mountain bike races. I wanted to open a bike shop there or a sports massage business to quit traveling once my kids were born. I ended up getting a bike shop in a nearby state, but just right before the housing crisis started. So I ended up losing my shop, the house and wife. At least she left me the kids when she moved out of the country.

    After four years and thanks to your help and the book Launch, I am gearing up to re-launch another venture. I cannot wait to be able to afford a new bike again. Thank you for the inspiration and helping me build up some lost confidence to keep going and try again!

    By the way, I sold a lot of Frogs. Those pedals are petty awesome! Some people did not like the color of them as well, but once I showed them the cool anodizing process to get titanium to turn colors and maybe how Speedplay got them that way, they were sold.

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