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This is the story of my “accidental” vlog… and why it's been such a huge win for my business (and the biggest “lessons learned” after three years and more than a million views).

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22 Replies to “Day 26: My “Accidental” Vlog (Huge Win)”

  1. Jeff, I’ve been enjoying and learning from your weekly videos for the last year or so, but this “sprint” has really, really been GREAT… I feel like I’m running along side of you. You’re generosity and willingness to help others is extremely admirable. Thanks so much for the motivation and inspiration.


  2. Heard about the ‘vlog’ concept yesterday in a meeting: I’ll soon be speaking at a LeaderGathering and I was asked yesterday to make a vlog in the coming weeks. Today you explain it And …. make it sound easy! 🙂 Will walk with this idea for a few days to check if this could be something I want to get myself into! Tx a million! Anne

  3. Thanks for celebrating with us and giving a glimpse of the past 20 years. It’s beyond inspirational as I’m now encouraged to add consistent vlogs and publishing for the sake of providing more value to my audience. Congrats and continued success on your journey!…pep

  4. So true, at first the idea may seem intimidating to post regularly. I create silly comics on Instagram. I wondered when I started posting them if I would be able to keep up the momentum and think of new ideas. Like a snowball, once you get started, the ideas flow. I now keep a list on my iPod for comic ideas, because I can’t keep up with them (and don’t want to inundate my Instagram feed).
    GREAT video Jeff…the first I’ve watched of yours. Many thanks. Heather

  5. I have been looking forward to your videos every day to motivate me and get me going as I sip my coffee.

  6. I love how your accidental inspiration came about… from a place of “Gratitude, Grace & Thankfulness” and I have to say everything I have experienced about you demonstrates integrety, respect, gratitude … along with solid advice and knowledge. In your 20 years in 30 days I have looked forward to hearing what you have to say and am implementing some of your ideas. I love this weekly vlog idea!

  7. What do you think of charging a small monthly fee for Jeff’s Daily Dose of Entrepreneur mind set adjustments? Thanks so much for all you do!

  8. Helena Kurcab


    Hi Jeff,

    Really relate to this from the point of view of consistency and how that just makes things easier. I have been sending out an audio every day for over 2 years and now it is just a part of what I do regardless of where I am. Need to progress to video, eek!

  9. I’ve been thinking about writing to my list. When I was near the end of this I stopped, and went and shot a short video to them MY FIRST! I love these, and will miss them at the end of the 30 days.

  10. Thanks for this one Jeff! I have been wanting to do videos for the longest time and it keeps getting pushed to the back burner all the time. I too have a concern about being able to create consistent content and be consistent in the delivery of it so this was a great reminder of how important a role it can play in the success of my new business. Would love to hear more about your “workflow” for doing this!

  11. Hi Jeff, always enjoy your very relaxed and real, personal video style. I don’t think it’s by accident people love watching your videos…….you are a natural! And the HD vision and consistent quality sound always support your great standards. Yet I have also noticed that on some occasions you use a wired mike and others I don’t see a mike anywhere….yet the sound always sounds just right! Would you be prepared to tell us how you do this please and what standard equipment you typically use?
    Best to you always.

  12. This is inspriring thanks Jeff. I would like to know, if you needed to present very controversial, sensitive and wildly thought provoking material would you choose this media?

  13. Thanks for the reminder about the critical importance of publishing on a regular basis, Jeff. It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear this morning as it’s something I had forgotten recently

    Dave Politis

  14. Hi Jeff. Thank you fir that perspective. This talky helps.

    Fear of starting and being known is what I deal with. But there is awesome value in just sharing the journey with people. I can do it.

    Thank you.


  15. Jeff – You’ve repeated often that not everyone should be on video – that it’s not for everyone. And you’ve also said that it’s easier for most of us to just talk about what we want to say rather than write it.

    So how do we figure out if we’re right for video or not? Is it about looks, or ease in front of a camera, or something else?

  16. I have been publishing a blog post about every ten days. I hear you, that I could step it up….. still getting comfortable with shooting selfies….. I guess after shooting a video every day, shooting once a week is going to be a breeze for you…..

  17. I love the Polianna part! Because every business have to combine free constant and paid content. and there is no shame in selling something! I have to remind myself of that! So thank you!

  18. David Barnett


    I think s book about “balance” and figuring out how to build an incredibly successful business while maintaining a “free” lifestyle would be s huge hit!
    Put me down for a copy!!!
    Thanks for all you do!

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