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Launching in a qualification-based market without any formal credentials sounds like a recipe for disaster. But for Dayna Abraham, it turned out to be a winning move.

I can relate… 

Despite having no fancy titles or letters after our names… we both built successful businesses in super-competitive markets.

For me, it’s helping entrepreneurs change the world. For Dayna, it’s helping parents create deeply connected families.

But how does that happen? How can you turn your lack of credentials from a weakness that fuels your imposter syndrome… into an edge that forges deeper connections with your customers?

Recently, I got a chance to talk with Dayna about her journey and her new parenting book, Calm the Chaos. I think you’ll find our conversation inspiring, especially if you’ve ever found yourself experiencing self-doubt, or struggling to balance work and family life.

I’ve known Dayna for a few years now, so we go deep in this conversation, including:

– The benefits of playing to your strengths (you’ll learn how Dayna became famous in my masterminds for her “doodles”… and how she incorporates them into her book)

– Why Dayna thinks entrepreneurial balance is a myth (and what you should focus on instead)

– The three-word marketing strategy that can turn a book into a long-term bestseller

– Why – despite helping half a million parents in her launches – Dayna decided to write a book

– How credentials and qualifications can be a barrier to connecting with ideal customers 

… and much more.

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