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Deadlines are an amazing tool – here's how to use them to get stuff done (and to get more sales).

And don't miss the little deadline that I've built into the video.

Please leave a comment and tell me what you think.


Deadlines are the ultimate motivational tool – here's how to use them. (Click to tweet.)

There is nothing like a deadline to inspire action. (Click to tweet.)

How deadlines will multiply your results 4x… (Click to tweet.)

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8 Replies to “Using Deadlines to Get Stuff Done (and Inspire Action)”

  1. The power of a deadline is like the power of nature.
    My dear Jeff, listen to you is always a pleasure even when you are talking about ‘deadlines’ and a storm was coming as powerful as your subject.

  2. Totally agree re deadlines and scarcity. Also my wife and I are all booked to attend LaunchCon and will be flying over from the UK especially. Looking forward to it.

  3. Great post Jeff! Totally agree regarding deadlines. We’ve been seeing well over 50% of our sales on the last day of promotions as of late so they seem to be more and more powerful.

  4. I used to call that Jail Time. I imagined that if I ever wanted to write a book, I would do something to put myself in jail for a year and I wouldn’t have a choice. Not much else to do but lift weights and write. I thankfully figured out that deadlines were better than jail time. 🙂

  5. Great stuff, also love the” storm on the way” and deadline 🙂
    I will also be attending Launchcom in LA flying form the Netherlands with Marloes Collins.
    We are looking forward to meet you and many others.
    CU next week!

  6. Giving a deadline to tasks to filter out the ones not to focus on and also breaking down a week more, feels productive. For marketing launches though I do find the extra reason to click by deadline coming helps focus the customer mind, I’d totally agree.

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