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So as you might have seen, I recently wrapped up my big annual launch for Product Launch Formula. It was absolutely epic in every sense — we had almost a hundred thousand people sign up to see our videos, we grew our PLF community by thousands, and we created enormous positive impact on tens of thousands of people’s lives with our free training. It was absolutely incredible.
But as all this was going on, as we were selling almost five thousand dollars of Product Launch Formula per minute – this one thought kept lingering in my mind.
And it's about why marketing matters…

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think…

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89 Replies to “Does Marketing Matter?”

    • Hi Jeff
      Really enjoy your videos my company is very successful and always wanting to progress to the next level, and the information you are supplying is excellent for established companies like mine and also for guys just starting in the wonderful world of business, good luck and keep influencing people like me, all the very best
      Lawrence Gregory
      Managing Director
      Saturn Security Installations Ltd

  1. I enjoy watching your videos. Learning a lot about marketing and find it easy with the right way of getting your product or service out there. I know if I let it fear can hold you back if you let it

  2. I have been unable to find a product similar to what I am creating. I hope that doesn’t mean I’m heading down the wrong path. Great videos! !

  3. i love your videos & know that your plf class is for me. the ONLY reason i did not sign up for this offering is timing. i am one of your older admirers (in my 60’s). and recent life challenges have me temporarily exhausted. if i could have started this class at a different time (like the first of the year), i would incredibly excited. i will just have to wait until next year.

      • Jeff, appreciate your answer to @Mary Jo. I’m in a similar situation. Just started classes at the non-prophet preschool where I’m the director, administrator and teacher. Also hooked up with Michael Hyatt for his monthly program – there is so much I need to do to just get the foundation of my message figured out, while teaching, lesson planning, etc. that I know right now I would not get the benefit from going further. Unfortunately with everything else I only had time to watch your first video. I loved it and it had a lot of great ideas (took notes too) Hope you will be opening up them again soon. Thanks!

  4. Jim DeArmond


    Jeff, as always an excellent message. It’s great to hear from a person that has a truly genuine interest in all of us and what matters. Thank you for all you do and keep it up.

  5. Inspring video Jeff. I love the uplifting way you say marketing is an ongoing journey. For this reason I am glad I have the gift of getting your weekly videos to my inbox. I use stories to take people to a new place and I value the many insights in your work. I have your book – for me it is the next boat to destination PLF and I am thrilled for those who are onboard.

  6. Amazing!!!
    Each time I’m asking for answers and encouragement , there you are with you amazing persona and advice from the heart!

    Thank you that is what I needed to hear today. Hopefully to be at you program next time.
    Have an proactive fun journey.

  7. I was one of those hovering, Jeff. Thank you for providing such good value in the run up. I’ve signed up, but feel I already have the beginnings of a framework to work with. Thanks!

  8. Great video.
    Signed up for PLF on Friday. Very excited about it.
    Love your authentic style!!
    Best wishes from London,

  9. Thanks again for the great videos Jeff. Watching them is like recharging my battery.

  10. Jeff: I always can’t wait to watch your Sunday morning video. It’s become addictive. You always give us the weekly marketing dose we need to start the week.
    Jeff: You can still help folks who procrastinated or were on the fence by giving them a last chance. Ha ha ha .

  11. What a great message to wake up to – you are so genuine and wise. I was one of those people hovering on your sales page and I’m so excited to start your program this week! Let’s do this! 🙂

  12. Being on of those who sat on the purchase page contemplating the investment – do I. Don’t I? I’m glad I did. My company is out to change the remodeling experience – for homeowners & remodelers. Looking forward to finding out how.


  13. Jeff, you sir are the epitome of passion and greatness.

    Unfortunately due to family and health reasons I was unable to join this intake but in a years time, when you will have heard of me I will become a student of yours and I cannot wait to become a future case study.

    You truly inspire me, please keep up your incredible life mission.

  14. Congratulations on your successful launch! I can tell you I was one of those people that was hovering for a few days. It wasn’t a matter of your convincing, because I truly believe in the message you are sending. I believe it is the confidence that we all have in ourselves that asks, “Can I do this?” When you are sitting with a very small amount of money in the bank and placing decisions on if you can afford a place to live in 6 months versus being willing to take this one last chance at doing something amazing; it takes everything you got to press the button. I believe success is possible and I believe with your help, this will work! Thank you for putting your message out to the world and I can’t wait to put the process into motion! Jill

    • @Jill: you made the right choice – if you’re worried about rent, then you definitely don’t want to be getting my course. Use all my free training and resources instead.

  15. Thanks for you positive. It is very supportive. When I learned to help people, open that without marketing it is impossible. Tu ideas are very right.

  16. Kasandra Chilton


    Jeff Its the humble little boy inside in awe of your contribution, how can I make it better that makes me open your e-mail every week.
    Thanks for being open and vulnerable.

  17. I know that your product changes lives, as does mine.

    And it is so rewarding and satisfying. It’s what drives me.

    But the truth is that too many people will buy your product, and mine, and do no little to nothing.

    Their lives will not be changed. They’ll just be out $2000.

    I’ve done everything I know of, and I continue to, encourage engagement.

    But how, Jeff, please tell me, do you reconcile that most people will not do gain the benefits that we promote because they will not do the work or maybe they’re not capable?

    This is a big giant elephant in the living room.

    I would really appreciate it, if a leader like you, would address this openly and honestly.

    • @Ann: I should shoot a video on this topic. My quick take is this: every year there are millions of guitars sold that never get played. Millions of pieces of exercise equipment that get sold that are never used. Millions of gym memberships that are never used. Etc.. Humans tend to have greater intentions and aspirations than they do follow through. That’s the way we’re wired. That’s reality. Does that mean guitars are wrong or bad or wasteful or evil? Only if they’re really bad guitars that are unplayable.

      As a product creator, your obligation is to create a great product that gets results for the people that put it to use.

      I take it a step further and do LOTS of things to encourage greater consumption and greater results – things that go way beyond the expected “curriculum” of a marketing course. Does that mean that I’m successful in getting 100% of my students to go through the course and take action? No, it doesn’t. No one has that level of participation.

      But I know I’ve helped a LOT of people completely change their lives, and I know I’ve worked really hard to make sure the maximum number of people have that success… and I feel AWESOME about it.

      • Jeff great video! Thank you for everything you are sharing! For me it came at the right time, in the right place. I am just at the beginning of creating my own business and I love to learn from your experience.

        Regarding your answer, I say that this is where each and every one of us can bring value. I see it as a business opportunity. It’s not the guitar, it’s the mindset of the buyer and the issues the buyer still has. Address those issues and I believe the number of people using the guitars is going to grow. I mean, this is what you are doing, right, Jeff? More and more people are using your PLF because it works and it is life changing! (You convinced me and my friends too but we’re not ready for that this year, for a number of reasons.)

      • @Ann,

        I can’t imagine spending more than a few seconds of energy worrying about the people who buy my product and don’t use it. That is a HUGE disservice to the people who are buying it, using it, and need the attention of me and my team.

        There’s a saying that goes, “How you do anything, is how you do everything.” I’m guessing those people who buy my product and don’t use it are doing that in other places in their life. I let them do the reconciliation. I have a community to serve.

      • That’s a great subject. And just because most people will never follow through doesn’t mean that the product should not be provided. It’s really our responsibility what we make of this product. The 30 days money back guarantee actually should suffice to see how one is capable of following through.

  18. You ask what more you could have done….maybe look at your data to see how many purchases came through PayPal. On your opening day of this offer for PLF I tried twice to purchase through PayPal. It didn’t work either time for me. I was trying to do the monthly payment enrollment. So I missed this launch and will continue watching your videos while waiting for the next launch.

    • @Pat: I’m sorry you had troubles… we had a lot of orders come through PayPal, so I’m not sure what went wrong with your attempted order. I’m sorry about that.

  19. I have loved the videos and the case studies-I have watched the Loops one so many times! I made many trips and hovered-mainly because I live in South Africa and our exchange rate is having a torrid time and I am not sure how the rate will increase over the coming months. I have signed up for different programs but your 3 videos have been the most I have enjoyed to date.Huge, huge thanks.

  20. Hey Jeff!

    I just found out about you through Michael Hyatt. Your PLF work is incredible. I may have been one of those people who was so close to buying but didn’t.

    Here’s why I didn’t buy but why I’ll be buying next year. I’m a learning addict. I invested in Marie Forleo’s B-school earlier this year. Even though I love her product, I admittedly haven’t finished the course.

    I felt that I needed to use what I invested in and finish what I started before I could graduate to PLF.

    Trust me. I wanted to sign up so badly!! But my husband would kind of have a hernia if he knew I had invested in PLF without finishing B-school.

    So in the end it’s not you its me! Glad to know you exist and the PLF is the most legit program out there. I took a copious amount of notes so I’ll be trying to implement what you taught us in the videos. Thanks a ton! Love your story and your heart.

    See you next year,

    • @Bri: that’s why I mentioned that I know PLF clearly wasn’t the right decision for everyone that was sitting on that order page. It’s often a timing question… and the timing isn’t right. That’s the case with you… and I totally respect you completing Marie’s course first!

      • Sometimes burning the bridge behind you or burning the ships you came with is the best thing to do. But that in my opinion is only for a certain, and very small subset of people. They are usually what we call the “achievers”, or the “go getters”. If you’re one of them you are playing in the league of Elon Musk and his kind. But beware: they don’t risk everything just for the fun of it. That would be gambling. No, these people have a huge vision, and they are willing to bet their last shirt, because they know that, eventually, they will get there. Got all the others it’s always better to wait for that “right moment”.

  21. Hi Jeff, In answer to your question. In my option you definitely did everything you could and more. In my case I really wanted to go for it but really did not have the cash up front right now. I do have a product that has helped lots of people and I want to be able to reach out further. So I got your audio book and following everything you have in it. I plan on attending this course next year… Thank You so much!

  22. It took me 2 days to press the buy button and I am so glad I did. All weekend I am binging on the already available stuff and wrote this on a notepad: I will be great (!) marketer!

    I know already that this course will change my path and set me up to financial freedom because my message finally found the right vehicle. So excited, thanks Jeff

  23. You come across with genuine sincerity so I trust you.. I need someone like you to tell the world we are starting a fight to get rid of Cancer. No “cures”are offered. We are preventing Cancer using the miraculous results of the Human Genome..
    We don’t want any cheesy marketing. We want honest people with integrity to get the message out to hospitals, the entire medical community and every one suffering the devastating effects of Cancer.
    I am looking forward to using your talent to get completey rid of this disease within the next 15 to 20 years.

    This is the most noble work anyone can do by reaching ourselves, our loved ones and all of humanity. Have someone send an email . I will .be available to provide all necessary medical issues.

    Looking forward to our Victory and put an end to Cancer. Thank You

  24. I have such a great feeling about this course. I am working on finishing your book “launch” this weekend so that I can be best prepared to grasp the course material as quickly as possible. I am excited to try this process and see what happens! What is there to lose? If I don’t do anything, there is a guarantee of ZERO results !

  25. YES YES Yes please – as many case studies as you can put up. It is sooooo interesting, but also translates your teaching into reality. Helps us see, it CAN apply to what we want to do. Thanks for asking

  26. Thank you Jeff, thank you for this inspiration
    I am in the middle of a launch right this minute, sleep doesn’t come easy right now!
    Thank you for this tool. Initiating myself into this first launch has been a transformational process for me and i haven’t even started my online course yet!
    I am glad to have found you, my life jumped track and here i go!

  27. Enjoy your sharing and your heart – you care about helping others have a better life. Since my husband and I have a busy life, its great to watch a short video message from you each week. Thank you!

  28. Think your very much for this video Jeff. It show that great results come when we really know that whatever we do or have an help others.

    You are great example of real leader & expert in this industry.

  29. Love it Jeff! That’s what we are here for, to help others and change lives for the better. Signed up for PLF Friday. So excited to share my message and inspire others! Thank you!

  30. As always, I love your energy and information.

    Unfortunately tho, I guess I’m on all of your affiliates lists too and each day I was bombarded with messages to buy PLF from all of them. It was just too too much. Thank heavens your cart is closed now.

    Thanks again for all that you do.

  31. Thanks Jeff. I really look forward to opening my email every Sunday for your videos. I did sign up for PLF this time. It was a no brainer for me as I see it as my last best hope. More to follow.

  32. I have spent so much time, money and energy on other “gurus” and their bs programs, it’s ridiculous. I wish I came across a program like this one a long time ago. The irony is that I can’t afford it right now so I have to make the best out of the alternative content Mr. Walker posts. Like many others I have the typical worries of rent and other bills per month that keeps us not wanting to check the mail. Check to check, surviving, really sucks. I’m one of those wantrepreneurs with no product and no list, looking to see what to build, since I do not want to be in a position of hope marketing building something based on a wild guess or thought.

  33. Thanks for the inspiring message, Jeff. As Darren Scot Monroe said, you are a good man! I did try signing up 2 times, but it didn’t go through, and when I sent an email to your support team they said there was no record of my registering. Finally, I got on to Michael Hyatt’s Live Twitter Q&A session and signed up through him. I guess I was meant to receive his bonuses as well 🙂 I am so excited I signed up for your PLF course. I’ve already listened to your intro videos. Looking forward to the rest. This is going to be very meaningful for me to help get my message out into the world. Blessings of peace on this beautiful Sunday morning.

  34. Great videos, thanks Jeff. I just joined the PLF community a few days ago and I’m super-excited to get started on the training so I can prepare my first launch. Thanks for the heartfelt advice about believing in what is possible with an awesome product and great marketing! You rock!

  35. John Dryden Nanna


    Thank you Jeff for everything you and your team have done to deliver this message and PLF!

  36. You mentioned in one of your videos introducing PLF to the world that a service industry would probably not benefit from your product. I nonetheless took the plunge and signed up because there are 2 other businesses I hope to launch, regardless. My challenge is how can I apply this amazing PLFormula to my service business? It is our top priority among the three and would roll out in Canada and the USA – a major paradigm shift would result – like Uber, Air B&B, Expedia – however what we offer is not something you need every day, every week, not even every year – BUT it is needed over 3 million times a year!
    I sent the actual question to your team and I ask that you please not mention ‘what industry’ it is if you ever decide to address this on one of your live calls. I’ll be sure to let you know what we come up with, if anything.
    Thank you for what you do! You engaged me less than 2 weeks ago with your free videos, your Launch book that I bought – and now I’m signed up! Woot woot!!

  37. As a new member, before your course I am so eager to get going, I was excited about my new and last career as a Realtor; however, prospecting was a questions mark. Now I am ecstatic and marketing and leads are without a doubt. You are super terrific and professional trainer, my angel. Thank you so very much. I look forward to being your student and then eager to MAKE IT KNOWN.

  38. maria fanelli


    Always feel inspired and PUMPED UP when I listen to you!! Thanks for the video!

  39. That example about being healthy and transferring that understanding to others hits home. How do you get people to understand the crucial importance of eating real food, for example, when they may habitually subsist on sugar-laden manufactured products and think THAT’S food? Marketing at a high level, for those who are ready to hear it, is the answer, I hear you saying. And you really want to help those who come aboard. The same thing for any niche whatsoever. It’s not your fault that some people fall away. If you were discouraged by a less than perfect record and quit, just think of all the willing and able folks who would be deprived of your service!

  40. I love this video. Especially the reminder that marketing is a process. I gotta keep reminding myself of that, that it’s like art or yoga or climbing. A practice that has heart and passion, not something we completely “win” at and then quit.



    Thanks Jeff, I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you, to take my message to the world.

  42. Roland Santus


    Great video Jeff
    I joined PLF a few days ago and so far am motivated to get going. Great video looking forward to changing my life for the better

  43. Wow Jeff – 100K sign ups!!! That give me an idea of what I”m involved with now….but unfortunately it’s a bit intimidating…..can my little ides that I’m still struggling with to ‘package’ into a COMPELLING off really fly that big? I dunno. Hope your program can help. Cant wait to get started. Thanks for all your video’s a support!

    • Hey Jeff,
      I viewed all 14 videos latest videos….real nuts n bolts…I love it! I have read a few internet marketing books (well, a couple of them are actually audio books) and they all leave me with “where do I begin??” Now I have a clear vision~!

      Thanks for the REAL stuff!!


  44. Yes, it is all about timing and sometimes there is nothing you could do to push people over the edge and push that button. I hovered for days, but ultimately my empty bank account made the decision for me : (
    I am going to use as much of your free stuff as possible and hopefully next year I will be able to commit. Thanks for all the inspiration. I love it.

  45. Heidi Sternberg


    Hi Jeff, I came across your PLF through one of your students just a week ago. Your programme immediately struck a cord with me and with what I have heard and seen so far it looks perfect to grow my business, which is urgently needed. I was so close signing up and it really pains me that I am not able to commit at this point in time. The next three months are extremely busy for me and being a single mum of two little ones and the sole breadwinner, I just cannot fit this in as well and give it the necessary attention it requires. However, now that you are on my radar and hoping you will open PLF again next year I can plan ahead and make this work if and when it comes along again. Just listening to your videos resulted in a flood of ideas of how I can take my business forward, so thank you for that!

  46. Yes, Jeff, thank you for thinking big and encouraging us to do the same so that we can serve in a MUCH bigger way! I can’t wait to dive into the meat of the training.

  47. George Dennis


    Is marketing important? Look at it this way…..without marketing even the most fantastic product or service will sit forever in obscurity.

  48. I am something less than a wannapreneur. I’ve never really thought about being an entrepreneur. I greatly enjoyed your videos and you have given me something to think about and to consider. I didn’t realize that while I was watching your videos, my husband was across the room listening in! So, I think we will be having some interesting conversations in the near future.
    Maybe next time you open up the PLF registration, I’ll be at least thinking about hitting the send button.

  49. hi Jeff,

    All i can say is wow wow wow…Congratulations and I am so happy to have joined PLF. A big shout out to Michael Hyatt for his webinar.
    After that webinar it did not take me 2 hours to have my ‘seed launch’!
    Can’t wait to start….

    Talk soon

  50. I saw your first video and never got any of the others in my inbox, unfortunately. I am bummed I never had a chance to evaluate everything. I loved the first video though! Looking forward to another chance in the future.

  51. Jeff:
    Fear kept me from joining this launch. I was more concerned with dealing with the urgent (bills) than the important – taking care of my family’s financial future with the PLF.

    Between your offer and the synthesis with Brendon Burchard I look forward to overcoming the FEAR to work on my future.

  52. Jeff,
    I’ve enjoyed your videos and materials, especially the 16 Rules of Internet Success, over the past few days. I just started thinking about building a business starting with a newsletter and suddenly your name showed up. I appreciate your clear, caring style. You have a great presence in video and come across as a sincere marketer and educator. I have ordered your book and look forward to learning more from you as I grow my business.
    Thanks for all you are doing!

  53. Dear Jeff,
    Thank you for your sincerity and enthusiasm! I will be buying PLF next year. I am already committed to a second master’s program online for the next two years, but think that I can get on top of it in time for next year’s Launch. I am disabled, so I must go at my pace, but the good news is that I have been studying launching my product through my first master’s in English and Creative Writing. I have discovered that I have the tenacity and perspective to reach these long-term goals. There is a reason, I know for me to have come across your information at this particular point in my life. You will become my partner early in my preparation of my product. I will just hang around until I can make this investment in myself tangible. You are a part of my five year plan. My product will be writing Young Adult books so I know that it is not too early to work toward my product launch now, while waiting to begin your program. I know there is a reason as to not being free to buy the PLF right now. In the meantime, I will be reading your book and getting through all the preliminary mindset goals. My mind is preparing for a radical life change through PLF. I recognise that my whole life has been a preparation for PLF. Isn’t that neat? Thank you again! You have been the means to my discovering my next steps. Baby steps. It’s not how long the stride is that makes the journey, it is in planting each step firmly and consistently.

  54. Jeff, Signing up for PLF 2016 has been very liberating. A new mindset has been put in motion and I am excited to be part of the journey. Watching your success with the PLF launch and the spotlights on other launches I am encouraged and inspired to become one of your success stories. Thank you for what you do to help so many!

  55. Inspirational sincerity Jeff. Great to watch how you did this and the humanity to brought to this launch. Hopefully I can do the same.
    Thanks again!

  56. Purchased.
    PLF Core – done.
    Bonus 1, 2 & 3 – done.
    Coaching C all 1 – registered.
    Module 1 – raring to go! 🙂
    Loving all the practical and up-to-date info you are providing.
    But, I have a bone to pick with you Jeff…
    I can’t sleep at night because my mind is full of new ideas, new products, product launches, marketing ideas, JV opportunities. When I do eventually go to sleep, I’m tossing and turning all night still thinking about those ideas! 🙂
    I’m excited, overwhelmed, motivated, unsure of my abilities or ideas but so pumped to be doing this course.
    For me, it was like, ‘what am I waiting for?’. There’s no time like the present.
    I’m here. Let’s do this. 🙂

  57. Jeff, we just rolled out our first PLF launch of a product we’ve been selling for over 2 years (a business course for WordPress freelancers) and enrolled 202 students in 7 days. Followed PLF to the letter. First launch, six figures and huge impact on lots of happy, happy students.

    Thankyou for all you do.

  58. I have followed you for a couple of years, making time (sometimes hard pressed) to see all your videos. I’m currently reading your book, and I have just had a bit of an epiphany.. 🙂
    I had an idea last year but realized it would be too expensive for people to buy it off me. So now I’m going to teach them to do it themselves! It will be a seed launch for a small vdeo teaching series, and I’m just going to throw myself out there. Alle the outlines are in place, and i have butterflies of anticitipation for this new venture. I know I’m going to learn so much from this firnt little seed launch. Thank you so much for being so genuine. You’re a good man.

  59. Jeff, thank you for being you! I am getting my ducks in a row to launch. You are such a great role model. You have helped me so much! I will always be thankful for you in my life!

  60. hi Jeff, great vid, goes back to mastering the basics which i think many people lose sight of. i just have a question for you although it may be a need new video.

    What are the top 5 qualities/skills i need to work on if i want to the an AWESOME online marketer? i googled it and there is lots of different answers as you can imagine and i was interested in your opinion on this. Thanks

  61. I’m so honored and thrilled that I could get PLF a second time. Last year I couldn’t launch for a variety of reasons, but now, guided by your brilliant marketing, authentic voice, and clever innovations, I’m ready to rock! It’s time for me to learn how to help millions — my goal — to Crush their Crazy Cravings (my phrase)….. I’m so excited. And soon, I get to soak up wisdom from you in person in Durango, too. Woo Hoo!

  62. Super job on your launch. I really liked your main final video; you put a lot of work into it. Your enthusiasm and enjoyment of seeing your PLF students’ success is genuine, and you’ve created a well-crafted set of business processes that really work. Thanks for being one of the competent, professional top-notch “good guys” in the IM space — well done. I like your personable, friendly approach in your videos, you’re a good role model for connecting with your community in an authentic, helpful way. 🙂


  63. Jeff, this is great info and in a years time I will be purchasing PLF. i already have a time management consulting business and it would be perfect for this. I generally shoot my videos in one take from one camera and am getting ready to purchase a new camera… Can I ask what camera you used for this video?

  64. This is by far the best internet marketing info I’ve seen anywhere. What sets it apart for me, in addition to the quality of the information I’ve seen so far, is the incredible purpose you have to empower others to do great things. The story about the weight loss lady was particularly inspiring.

    I have a plaque on my desk that says “What would you do if you could not fail?” Having gone through a very painful injury several years ago, my answer to this question is “I’d help eradicate pain on this planet.” I have an idea for helping people recover from debilitating injuries like the one I experienced, but I don’t see a way to order the Product Launch Formula program. Where can I do so?

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