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So I started this thing awhile back, purely to help me come up with new ideas and strategies. I never imagined it would work this well…

To get some of those multi-million ideas and strategies for yourself, click here:

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10 Replies to “My “Idea Engine””

  1. At PLF Live a couple years back you mentioned you wanted to go bigger. I am in the audience with 1200 people and thought: “bigger???” Then “Teen Takeoff” hit me as an idea.

    Well, I finally got the first ever Teen Takeoff launched locally here in Windsor Colorado this summer. I totally get it that the idea generation is more valuable than the financial chunk. I set up the before: “what do you want me to include?” I also set up the post session: “what did I miss and what did you want me to go deeper on?”

    This sets up Teen Takeoff 2019 to be better!

  2. Debra Schmidt


    Jeff, I recognize three of the people in your Plat Mastermind from when I went to PLF in Phoenix in 2010. Fantastic to see how well they are doing and inspiring as well. Thanks for sharing!

  3. LaunchCon really IS an event like no other. For me it is a no-brainer to fly in from Norway to catch it every time. I am SO looking forward to it! 🤗

  4. LaunchCon changed my business and my life! I attended LaunchCon 2016 and 2017 and, since then my email list quadrupled and online revenue tripled. I’ll be front and center at LaunchCon 2018! See you all in Orlando in November!

  5. Pete Leckemby


    It is so powerful when you get diverse thinking together. Just watching this video gave me a great idea I am going to go execute on. No idea how yet, but that’s part of the fun! Thanks Jeff!!

  6. Very good video. It’s important to hear what has gone on over the years and what is still following on. I get bogged down with the minuscules and big things of the daily grind, working on my own in my room with the LT as the only companion and my thoughts about “How is all this going to work?”, “Do I really have the staying power?” and other such non-productive thoughts. These thoughts get exacerbated when tragedy occurs as has just happened in my life. These optimistic, real-world/other-world videos are good. We can have all the self-help skills in the world and years of success with them but, when anguish strikes, they seem infantile. Time is the only remedy.

    Many thanks. I also love the environment, the beauty of nature.

  7. I grew my business by 400% from a SINGLE idea I got when I attended Launch Con. The creative ideas and business genius in that room is like drinking from the fountain of business wisdom. My life literally changed from what I learned there. This year I earned 400% of what I used to earn by March so I don’t need to work the rest of the year if I don’t want to. Thanks Jeff and Plat Plus for sharing your genius.

  8. Jeff, I can’t thank you enough for creating the space where you and your PlatPlus mm share the magic you’ve all created for years now. This coming Launch Con my business will be almost 4 years old. We’ve been able to grow past the 7-figure mark and impact millions of families, thanks to the strategies we’ve learned by participating in your community.
    We (my team of 22 and I) are a hungry bunch. Hungry for learning and applying. For creating, overcoming, succeeding… hungry for impacting lives. That is why we’ve been on so many of the top events in the industry.
    Launch Con is without a doubt the best conference of its kind out there.
    Again, I can’t thank you enough. See you soon!!

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