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I shot this one on Richard Branson's private island in the Caribbean – and I got to thinking about this dirty little secret that all entrepreneurs have…

We try to make it look we've got it all figured out… but the reality is that we're just making it up as we go along. And sometimes we get stuck along the way… and that's what this video is all about.

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29 Replies to “Climbing Your Entrepreneurial Mountain”

  1. British Virgin Islands, looks like a superb location-I guess it is a question of getting something going, and then that generates a whole raft of new issues you weren’t expecting-just don’t lose your nerve eh Jeff? Thanks for the video I always look out for the Sunday edition, it is useful to get the inside perspective!

  2. Hi Jeff

    Your email came at the right time, and just reminding me to focus on what is the next best step in the context of the big picture got me back on track .

    Thank you !

  3. The “terrain is changing” while you are stationary. is that a 360 video against a green screen? How did you do that?! : )

  4. Hey Jeff,

    This video was quite relevant for me as I spent the last week biking up and down the Santa Cruz Mountains (then back!); that’s the equivalent to climbing 5 Empire State Buildings combined!

    Just like climbing up and riding over the mountains, there are also various mountains to be climbed in our businesses. For example, you’ve taken to climbing the mountain called “leading a team” whereas way back when you were just starting, you climbed the mountain of “publishing on the internet.”

    Thanks for leading the charge. Already looking forward to next Sunday’s video.


  5. Gregory Jay


    It’s great to be able to tie things together when they are changing!!

  6. Baby steps are great – many steps will form a trail. Thanks for this inspiration about course correction!

  7. Great perspective Jeff. Moving ahead with a clear picture of the end in mind will always win over just working hard and waiting for everything to be right… sound like you are comfortable with shoot first and aim later.

  8. Victoria Labalme


    This is a message we can each hear again and again and every time, it’s valuable. Well done. Loved the mountain analogy; each level brings new trees….

  9. Timing for this was perfect. Thanks for sharing Jeff. Reminder to take one step at a time, not all of them at once.

  10. Great talk Jeff. Whats interesting about any journey is how the vantage point changes with progression. What can be seen tomorrow could be radically different than what is seen today. Thanks for the encouragement.

  11. Thanks Jeff for the encouragement! Excellent advice! Thanks for sharing!

  12. As we climb higher, the terrain changes.
    Sometimes we can’t see past the tree line but what we can see if our next step. Have faith and focus on the next the step.

    Noted this in my journal.

    Timely for me for sure! Thanks Jeff!!

  13. Jeff! Outstanding video! And the timing on this couldn’t have been any better for me for an upcoming teaching I’m doing. I’m the teaching pastor for a church of 4,000 in West Michigan and THIS Sunday I’m doing a teaching entitled, “The Next Right Step.” The core idea is that we’re not responsible for figuring out 5,000 steps down the road, but only the next step. As long as we’re focused on taking the next right step, the 5,000 steps will take care of themselves. God rarely gives us a glimpse of what our futures will be, but He gives us the courage to take the next step. In lieu of all of this, I’d love to show part of this video as an illustration during my teaching. MAY I HAVE PERMISSION TO SHOW IT? Thank you for your consideration.

  14. Hey Jeff, The analogies really helped to drive this one home. As long as you are moving in some direction, then you can change course and get close to that optimal path. Thanks for sharing your wisdom week after week.

  15. Jeff,
    due to a few serious accomplishments i am RARELY impressed in my life. i have been following you for years now, and have watched you grow and simply wish to thank you. i am much impressed by your personal growth than anything you have done professionally. although it is hard to separate them. keep up the great work and please know you are changing and touching lives in a truly meaningful manner. peace, fitz

    • @Fitz: Thank you! It’s been quite a journey for me, with lots of challenges and lots of growth in every area of my life – it’s nice when people notice. 🙂

  16. I like to say you need to fall forward. Randy, a friend from my NeXT Computer days, class it error recovery rather than error avoidance. Getting up one more time than you go down.

    Thanks for sharing the videos. A friend recommended the book so I started there. Read it in 24 hours and moving to a seed launch.

  17. Jeff, Thanks for the great video. Always good to have the reminder to just keep looking to the next few steps. It helps to prevent feeling overwhelmed. Thanks!

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