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I’ve been blessed to have amazing partners in my business and my life – people who have helped grow my business 100x bigger than I thought possible. Here’s how it happened, and how you can attract incredible partners that can help grow your business.

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39 Replies to “Finding Amazing Partners For Your Business”

    • Wow! Amazing jeff,
      YOU are such blessings and I’m grateful for it ! Sincerely, each time i listen to your real deep. words, combined with some sort of wonderful sport, your gentel word of wisdoms,and course of actions , i get so motivated … you are such source of inspiration! I can’t wait to see you in person in one of these live events this year!
      Lots of Blessings to you,your family, and friends… Best,
      ~Michelle *

  1. good morning Jeff what an amazing video to start my morning with thank you so much for that. I really appreciate your down to earth earnest conversations with your followers. And you’re right I’m a definite hard introvert (actually an INFJ) the rarest personality. I try but prefer bein reclusive. I have a job I’m polite smile engage but for now other reason than to have a good work environment. LOL .. I’ve referred myself as a unicorn too but because I’m rarely seen.
    I really cannot learn in the high Energy, shouting frenzy, big lights, boisterous seminars.
    I attended a woman’s entrepreneurs seminar and it was WAY out of my comfort zone maybe it was too much too soon. I believe there’s that fine line between steppng out of your comfort zone and drowning in the deep end. Thank you for the reminder and for the encouragement.
    Have a beautiful Sunday 🙂

  2. I find this is the biggest challenge and I know that solving this one issue would be a valuable breakthrough for my business – because for too many years I have been trying to do everything myself (actually myself AND my life partner – but still in relative isolation). Sometimes doing it alone is a necessary result of our limited resources, sometimes it’s just a bad habit. For example, a few months back, keen to create a supportive mastermind group – we emailed thirty people who we knew ran their own businesses and who we knew shared a similar desire to do something positive to improve well-being. About 15 responded, 8 committed to a first meeting. Six turned up and worked together to develop a practical framework. Of these, four turned up to the next couple of meetings – but their agendas and preferred styles of working proved to be so divergent that we dissolved the group after just three meetings. (As a relatively trivial, but typical example: some preferred meeting around a table so that we could make notes, place drinks etc. – others wanted an inclusive circle of chairs with no barriers between us.) As someone recently said at a workshop: “I’m really good at coming up with new ideas, I’m not so good at trying them seven times if they don’t work the first time!” Sometimes we have to just keep trying – sometimes we need to push against a different door. I guess the hard part is to know when to give up and go try something else.

    So the value in this video for me is the suggestion that just making one contact who you would want to meet again can be enough. Thanks.

  3. Thanks, Jeff, for your message this morning on relationships. I particularly appreciate your sincerity and generosity. Bob

  4. Sometimes you run across a video or an article online that just hits the nail on the head. Your video did that for me this morning. It was just the advice I needed to hear at this stage in my startup. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, it’s given me something to think about as I continue my search for the right business partners.

  5. Jeff,
    Thank you for your sharing! Having true friendship is such a nice blessing in my life. I treasure it so much. Thank you for your reminder!

  6. Thomas W. Yale


    I apologize for the length of this comment. This is a problem that has plagued me for a decade. I am an independent marketing affiliate for Renatus, a company which offers real estate investment education, which contrary to the fly-by-night gurus who sell information nobody can use, is taught by actual real estate practitioners. It has a community of thousands across the country who hold regular events like webinars, study groups, intensives, walk-throughs. What I could tell you about it is beyond the scope of one comment. Suffice to say that it’s the most remarkable financial opportunity I’ve ever known.

    A friend advised me to read your thoroughly engaging book, Launch, and suggested that I use the PL formula in conjunction with sales that I’ve written according to Ray Edwards’ invaluable guidelines. This is the crux of my problem. I live 180 miles away from the Chicago community in a city which, after 10 years of searching, practically has no community of RE investors, just renters and contractors who fix up houses themselves and sell them for profit. I live in poverty, have been unemployed for a year, have no expendable income to extend my social contacts, have exhausted my warm market, made cold calls to more than 300 local real estate professionals including realtors, lawyers, escrow and title companies, repost Craigslist ads on a weekly basis, and passed out more than a thousand flyers promoting the education in a taxi during the course of two years. After a decade, I have had no more than six responses. Yet so many others across the country succeed in recruiting members who later establish successful, reputable RE investment careers.

    I can’t help but be fascinated by the success you and so many others have gained with PLF. I’d like to implement it using the sales letters I’ve written. This solution, however, presents another problem.

    Renatus marketing affiliates do not earn a commission from enrolling other people, but they do if someone they introduce to decides to purchase the education. In contrast to a JV partnership, this commission is paid directly to the affiliate who introduced the purchaser to Renatus, and can’t be split among them, even if the JV partner is a registered affiliate himself.

    Here is my question: is there a legal, equitable arrangement by which such an affiliate could disperse a part of a commission he receives to the JV partners who provide contact lists?

    • Hello Thomas,

      I don’t know you, but in my opinion you should work on your authority (more authority, more sell) and also try to become an affiliate of more programs and see how it goes. As I understood Renatus is not giving Affiliates the right attention. Also, I would create a blog of real estate investment to bring new people on your email list. All this strategies would not have much cost ($9 month on Activecampaign or whatever and some bucks for some good blog).

      Don’t give up my friend. I’ve been in a bad situation and know how it is.

      • Thomas W. Yale


        Thank you, Filipe. I won’t give up. In fact, I have a blog devoted to copywriting in which Renatus and real estate investing figures prominently, including sales letters I’m writing for my mentor.. Could you tell me how Renatus neglects their affiliates?

    • Thomas W. Yale: I feel for your situation. Some of the things I would do are:

      A) Find a local Meetup group in a city near you of real estate investors. Most Meetups are free to attend/join. Introduce yourself and explain your situation just as you’ve done here. I think you’ll find many successful, actual real estate investors would be more than happy to help someone like yourself.

      B) Ask real estate investors what their pain points are in their business? I’d also ask yourself how you can add value to other real estate investors? Pitch that notion when talking with other real estate investors you want to help by relieving their pain.

      Don’t quit on yourself, and keep taking action. You’re closer to success than you think…

      • Thomas W. Yale


        Thank you, Aaron. Unfortunately (and please don’t think I’m giving up, I’m figuring out how to overcome obstacles), lack of a car prevents me from traveling out of town for Meetups.

        Also, the few real estate investors I’ve met in Springfield in the last 10 years are, strangely enough, disinclined to change the way they work. Despite complaining about how many of their tenants don’t respect and take care of their properties, my suggestions about first thoroughly screening their tenants and exploring strategies other than renting out properties have fallen on deaf ears.

        I definitely know there are investors elsewhere who are not like that, and rest assured that I’ll continue to pursue many avenues including blogging, writings sales letters for my Renatus mentor, training, as well as (and I know this is the least favorable alternative) looking for a regular W-2 job. Again, thank you for your suggestions.

  7. Thanks Jeff, I really enjoyed your talk today. You reminded me just how much I enjoy going to live events. My last one was in Calgary last summer and the teaching and connections were invaluable. Time to start looking for an event to attend soon.


  8. Looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the family next month Jeff. Looking forward to reconnecting with folks and meeting new friends. Keep up the good work everyone.

  9. i am a major introvert. (except YEARS ago I was not, its just because I am coming out of HELL. Hell=lyme disease, hard core migraines (those migraines are mostly cured)…. So coming OUT of that, (living in isolation for over 10 years) literally, is like starting ALL over in life. My neighbors for years were ants, a bullsnake, a lizard, birds, hummingbirds, etc…EVERYTHING is new to me. Re-learning how to communicate is one of my hardest challenges EVER. It feels like an alien coming down to earth, trying to communicate with humans, when I talk to people. (that could be my 7 life path .That is so hard for me. Its like re-learning how to do life, literally. Very hard to explain. But also its a good place to be because in many ways, I am like a new person starting over in life. Except sometimes I am really clear when talking to people, it depends on the day. You know what it feels like? It feels like a person from a different country who doesn’t speak English very well, that is how I feel a lot of times with people. Then I get FRUSTRATED easily, but it will get easier.

  10. In the PLF community most of us are in the people transformation business in some form or another. The best part, by seeking to give and add value to others, we’re transformed in the process. I met so many awesome people at LaunchCon last year. The elationships that began there have continued to grow online and in some cases offline as we’ve intentionally gotten together in person for meetups, brainstorming, masterminding, fun and encouragement. I can’t wait for PLF Live to deepen those relationships and add even more. Jeff, thanks for making that possible.

  11. Thanks Jeff, I believe in the power of relationships and I’m trying to establish a network of people to change the face of global healthcare.

  12. Hi Jeff, thanks for the inspiring video. I am also an introvert and I really want to step out of my comfort zone to build relationships with new people.

    I think I’m slowly getting. Have been trying to arrange conference calls with my subscribers and build relationships with them. It turns out that I really love it. Talking and ‘meeting’ people who I resonates with over Skype is a wonderful thing.

    I am also pumped to continue with what I’m doing and that is to produce great tennis videos to help people in their tennis game.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Keep on with what you are doing. Cheers.

  13. Great video Jeff! Quick question: How does someone without contacts or money get important people to see that you can build value for their business without being spammy or a scuzz ball? Would love to hear your thoughts on this, and I’m planning on attending your next live event so I can tell you in person how awesome you are! Rock on, Jeff!

  14. Hey Jeff, thanks for your AWESOME encouraging reflections after a great mastermind day!!

    Loved many things you shared, points you made.

    Among them:
    -focus on creating, adding value, massive life-changing, life enhancing value in others’ lives
    -connecting with people who resonate with you, those you’d enjoy dinner with a second time
    -business is just like life, a statement with infinite implications and possibilities
    -meeting those folks at live events, most certainly our experience at Launch last year!!

    A GREAT share, all round. Thanks very much!!!

  15. I just love your down to earth authenticity Jeff! Thank you for sharing your inspiring practical wisdom!! Milena 👃

  16. Jennifer Ritchie Payette


    Inspiring and uplifting! Seek out high integrity partners who will help elevate you and your business. Thanks Jeff. Jenny Payette

  17. Thanks, Jeff. I appreciate your thoughts. 2017 is a year of recovering social connecting & I am looking forward to it. I have one this month & PLF LIVE in April. I worst about it but I know the value and refuse to park myself on the sidelines. Time is not infinite…!

  18. Thanks for another video with so much value Jeff. You consistently give such useful and practical advice; I’m always inspired to be better in business, and life, after watching your videos. You’re an amazing person!

  19. Thanks Jeff – so true that business partnerships are NO different to personal relationships. You would not marry someone on the first date – if you do, then expect the consequences. A great video reminder for my Sunday. Nick

  20. Great message and so true. A couple of my closest buddies were met at Experts Academy 2013. In fact one of them will be at PLF Live and we are so excited to see each other again!

  21. Sorry Jeff, there are people who do assume (not necessarily ask) that you will be married. Needless to say I ran !

  22. When I put together my first list (back before a lot of the spam laws were in place), I went thru the 8K contacts on my blackberry – most of whom were somehow involved with water, most of whom were people I had known professionally for years or even decades – and I picked out 1000 people to email on my birthday to announce my intention to launch WaterCitizen. To select these 1000 people, I used what I called my “Hug Test” – if I saw this person at a water conference, would they give me a hug? If they passed the Hug Test, I figured they wouldn’t mark my down as Spam! LOL!

  23. Jeff-
    It has been many years since I sat next to Dean Graziosi and met Rich Shefren at a PLF event. I met many more people, like some cool guy in flippers with pink toenails, who for the life of me I can’t remember his name because I was so overwhelmed realizing there was a whole new tangent to my business I had never explored. I attended the first PLF event on my own and met several people. No one I partnered with, but many with great ideas. The second event, I brought my brother who is very introverted, and that event changed his perspective as well.

    While I have surrounded my self with a team outside of PLF, the things that we are accomplishing are a testament to the validity of what I learned at PLF.

    Thank you for continuing to share and put yourself out there.

  24. Timely video thanks Jeff! Great content as always and loved the reflection being shared with us. I’m so grateful I took my little family to PLF Live last year from Oz while pregnant. It wasn’t about meeting 100s of people, I was thrilled with meeting a couple of beautiful souls who I continue to connect with. We share much more than just our business lives.
    Great reminder though to get to something local here in Melbourne Australia.
    You do attract the most giving introverts I’ve ever met!

  25. Having partners can be a tremendous help. I have four degrees. The one that was the most fun was the one where I had two partners. And we stayed friends for years.

  26. Dear Jeff,
    I bought your book, Launch a few years ago and am still referencing it, but I love to hear your genuine, humble videos. You are a blessed person and are touching the hearts (spiritually) as well as practically for many people. Running a business takes much prayer, determination, perseverance and long-suffering ( when problems and difficult times seem endless). I am thankful for your sharing about relationships which are significant to a life of success.
    Saralee Schultz

  27. Hey, Jeff!

    I’m so looking forward to meeting you at PLF Live 2017!
    Thank you so much for all you do and share. It’s helpful!

    Cheers ~ Anaiis

  28. I just love your authenticity. You are a gift to the world Jeff.


  29. Thanks for showing us how you built it — and what is there at higher levels.

    Every time I up-level my business I find new, great, people at every level.

    And you are right — its all about the ones you reasonate with. Thanks for the inspiration to keep growing it!

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