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I’ve been working hard on launching my podcast, and it hasn’t been easy. In fact, for awhile there it really seemed like the world was conspiring to stop me from finishing it. This week’s video is all about facing that last 5-10% (and why it’s really the hardest part of the whole process).

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41 Replies to “Finally Crossing The Finish Line (Launching My Podcast)”

  1. Hey Jeff,
    As someone who is doggedly determined not to quit, but has been trying to finish my first (non consulting based) info product for 3 years now, I completely feel you on this one. This video really felt as though you were speaking to me personally while I struggled for another evening to push through and get that last 1% done. Thanks so much and all the best with your podcast. I’m looking forward to subscribing!

  2. Definitely in this spot in the final two days of a launch using Launch Club. It’s made a huge difference to have the map you provided…. and I also feel the multitude of feelings that go with the last few days. Watching your video, feeling grateful for your consistent pointing out the way for us.

  3. Thanks for sharing Jeff, and for being real. Makes me feel better about where I’m at after releasing my first online product and now facing the “how do I tweak it so it starts selling”. Just have to keep moving forward and let it evolve! All the best for your podcast.

  4. Hi Jeff, I quite recently experienced the same feeling, the same way of struggling. I was just finishing development of my brand new product – mobile application as well as a website that goes along to with the app. It was a nightmare to fine tune all the error, bugs and mistakes.
    But it’s done and I was happy. But it was just a single milestone. The point I’ve achieved and I’m facing another one. There is way a lot thing to improve. In addition to that, there is a huge task – To make it really working, getting traction and customers.
    I love all your emails I’m receiving from you, watching almost all your videos, read your PLF book. I love all of them. Great job.
    And I have to admit one thing. Based on one of your emails I enroll myself in Ryan Levesque ASK MasterClass. Great stuff. I hope you will have some participation as well.
    Looking forward to any new email from you.

  5. Jeff, this is so timely as I have been working on a poster to advertise a product at my work. It has been sitting there on my computer waiting to get the last part of it done. I am going to go do it now. Thanks!

    • Hi Jeff, just wanted to report in and say that I finished the final touches on the poster. Maybe just hearing your message is what I needed to get this done. I thank you for that! It didn’t take much to get it done, just 2 hours of uninterrupted work! I am expecting this poster should help me to generate an extra $300 per day at my business. Not bad for the amount of time I put into it. Have a great day and looking forward to your podcast.

      PS: Later today I will finish the next unfinished project.

  6. Hey Jeff, It’s Monte from Pagosa Springs. Thanks for this. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who goes through this, especially the getting pumped at the beginning and then sustaining the momentum through to the end.

  7. Oh how I relate to this!! I published my book but have yet to organize speaking events to create a buzz around it and me. I am procrastinating and I think it is plain resistance to crossing that finish line. Thanks!
    P.s. Where can I learn about podcasts (what is its purpose, how to set it up, where do we host this, etc?)

  8. Hey, Jeff–Thank you so much for your comments about resistance and overcoming it–and for your recommendation of “The War of Art”. As a businessman and author, I know all about the resistance that comes, the flurry of enthusiasm at the first, the point where the first round of resistance comes, the overcoming of round one–and then the sprint to the finish line–and the point where things become impossibly difficult at the end.

    And this isn’t anything personal–it seems to be a universal law, no matter what the undertaking–whether it is weight loss or product creation. I know for me it always seems to fall into the realm of the personal–even though I know intellectually this is the way the world works, and there is no way I can escape it. But I (and we) CAN plow through it!

    Thanks again for the wise words, and I really wish you well on your podcast(s)!
    Al Davis

    (and thanks for the book recommendations–I’ve read most of what you’ve recommended)

  9. Hi Jeff, i wish you luck with the podcast. I am curious about this as you said, it is new and something fresh. Exiting!

  10. Can’t wait for your podcast this Thursday! It’s going to be awesome to be able to hear your words of wisdom when I’m walking or in the car. Thanks for always pushing through and leading the way!

  11. Kristi Hyllekve


    I, too, thank you for your bang-on-the-mark comments, Jeff.
    I bought your PLF because I was standing on the precipice of success: book final, website up, cart in place, sales letter done. Just needed to write the email series and click that “Launch” button.
    Had even read Pressfield’s book [and Sun Tsu’s book].
    Yet I don’t — still standing on the precipice of success.

    Good luck with your podcast! I know it will be a great success!

  12. This video is just an answer from the universe. I have written I beautiful short book (Say I Can – Be a Deliberate Co-creator of Your Own Life) but this week I have been feeling afraid to get it launched. Thank you, Jeff, because this message just resonates with me!

  13. Hi Jeff ,you are simply an incredible guy and probably the most inspirational online figure,yes i am at that
    place ,you know ,that last 5%-10%, guess what as always you come and deliver that key motivational video.
    I hope one day to be in that audience when you deliver that key speech.

  14. Uki Asemota


    Hey Jeff, thanks a million for your candid take on your struggle to complete your Podcast. It surely does resonates with me. I will keep in mind your words. Thanks again and looking forward to your Podcast

  15. Pressfield says that “resistance” can be like a compass pointing at your true north. The more resistance, the more you are on track. I’ve had my fair share of resistance over the last year, but I’m going to launch August 1. Steve Jobs said: “Real developers ship.” Time to ship.
    Also love Pressfield’s book, Nobody wants to read your sh*t! (why that is and what to do about it).

  16. Jeff,

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I’m in the last 5-10% for my first book launch and have encountered incredible resistance. Glad to know I’m not alone and that just continuing forward anyway is the best plan. I’m looking forward to your new podcast!


  17. Thanks so much for this video… it couldn’t have come at a better time for me! I’ve been working on a book and website for months and I’m getting close to launch so much in a short period of time. I know I will get there, but this last bit is hard. Your encouragement is super helpful!

  18. Sally Rainbow-Ockwell


    Hi Jeff – I’ve loved the videos every week, and I look forward to them – thank you so much. How cool it will be to be able to even have the ‘Jeff Walker University’ in my car too! So, think about how many more people you can help – and how we all need more of you….and hopefully that gets you over the last 5%

  19. Thanks for this Jeff. I’m feeling this right now! Perfect timing…I know I’m so close…just gotta finish

  20. Thank you as always, Jeff! I can’t help thinking about a sales page and how its different from a PLC video. It seems like when you’re getting down to the wire, it can often be a really good idea to cut to the chase!!

  21. Jeff,

    You hit the nail on the head; that this happens to us all. It makes sense that we have a resistance within us, and I would like to add that there may be a more pragmatic factor at work. I think that humans have a propensity to underestimate the effort of learning or doing something new. Almost without fail, we will assume we can climb a mountain in less time than it actually takes if we’ve never done it before.

    I like to assume that even humankind’s ugliest traits are there for some reason. Though optimism is one of our most coveted, it can lead to disastrous consequences under a lot of circumstances. “Hey there’s a lot meat on those Mastodons, let’s try our wood spears on one them instead.” Whenever we take on something new it turns out the way it will, but we always seem to be amazed at how hard it actually was. Perhaps this realization comes mostly at the end of the task just when the last of our optimism has finally been humbled by the reality of it. It feels like there’s some force blocking us at the finish line, but you know it’s probably easy to see it that way when we are feeling a little sorry for ourselves. Thankfully we are good at forgetting, and down the road it doesn’t seem all that bad when it becomes second nature to us.

    The silver lining of optimism is no matter how misguided, we would never try anything remotely challenging without it.

  22. Darlene Atkinson


    Jeff, that why I personally seem to never finish my projects, it does not matter the project it seems those last steps or things that need to be done, it just end up setting in my bedroom unfinished.
    I totally get this.

  23. HI Jeff!
    Thanks for this video. Perfect timing! The past few years, I have been working on moving my popular courses from in-person to online. It is going really well, and now I am moving to downloadable versions of my courses to be offered through a membership club. And I took you up on your offer to purchase Ryan L’s ASK method, which is very inspiring. All in all, as I film the products this Oct/Nov in Los Angeles, you have helped me so much, so that as I create this next group of products, I can focus on meeting the needs of my tribe, rather than perfectionism. And knowing that I will have to push past the drag that comes on during that last 5%.
    Lori Williams

  24. Feeling this right now also Jeff as I get ready to launch my new podcast, StepDad Success next week.

    Swinging singles everyday…small tasks pushing me forward… 🙂

    Hope you’re well… James

  25. Thank you so much for your honesty. For me the resistance is the fear of not being good enough. Pushing through that last 15% is the hardest thing we do. Thanks for your support. Please keep pushing yourself over the last 10%; and talking about it; you give us the wherewithal to do it ourselves!

  26. This message really resonates today, as I’m desperately trying to wrap up my freelance work so I can get on with my real work – creating my blog! It seems like there’s a lot of that resistance right now – I want to allocate all of my extra time to working on MY project, and I can’t seem to move work off my plate fast enough – clients dragging their feet, changing their minds, asking for new work…. as soon as I decided to stop messing around with other people’s ideas and really make the project I’ve been wanting to make my only priority, all this stuff pops out of the woodwork! Thanks for the encouragement, it goes a long way.

  27. This resonates so well with me.. On October 26, 2015 i watched your Product Launch Formula. Within a week, I had done my research and was on my way to my first launch. It started off gung ho, and then my husband was diagnosed with a rare disease and things stalled. It’s been an up and down ride getting to the finish line. I had the class videos done. I had the documents done. I had the teaser videos done, but they required a small tweak at the end. The computer program crashed. I borrowed my daughters mac and finished them up. After almost 2 years, I have finally uploaded the teasers to youtube and am putting the final touches on the launch. I started the process with your encouragement and today’s video is going to get me over the Finish Line!

  28. Again Jeff, thank you for being so human and letting us know your doubts, etc on this new endeavor. Gives me the motivation to push forward.

  29. War of Art is brilliant – YES – it really captured it for me – the way fear shows up as resistance, and in so many creative, elusive ways. And it’s as if people and things show up to conspire in the Resistance, too! Incredible.

    I have something to launch soon, too, and I see how everything happens to redirect or derail the process… AMAZING. Painfully amazing:)

    When I was writing my first book, and working so hard to get it DONE, a friend and I used to walk every week and she’d say, Push! Push!! Push!!! Like a good midwife, she reminded me of the need to just get it OUT.

    Thanks for this – glad to know you’re not immune to this:)

  30. Jeff, thanks for being vulnerable about the struggle in the final 10 percent of the race. I’m encouraged, because I have my first book coming out next Thursday and I feel overwhelmed and paralyzed at times. So glad this is natural, even with a launch expert like you. By the way, I’m using elements of your launch strategy in this book launch.

  31. Jeff, I’m currently enjoying ‘Launch’ and looking forward to joining you at LaunchCon this fall. I’m starting to understand how much you love getting feedback, so this is my first comment. Your video reminded me of another great little book, by Seth Godin “The Dip”. Thanks for your constant encouragement.

  32. I find doing the last little bit in my own work to get it done is not an easy task. However, after I have taken a break and back into it, the fear disappears and the confidence takes over the fear. Now, I am gung ho again and will totally finish what I have set out to do!
    Good Luck on your Podcast!
    Susan Olmstead

  33. Pierre Vandenberghe


    I so totally feel you on this one. Thank you for sharing. I will be following you on your podcast adventure 🙂

  34. Congratulations on launching your new podcast show!! Timing is everything. Sometimes it is a test of fortitude and I have to really look within to see what’s up, which can help me mature in ways I need, but maybe resistant to. I feel that the universe is always conspiring on my behalf, helping me prepare for the next “thing” and crossing the finish line at exactly the right moment. Glad you made it!!

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