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When folks start building an online business, they often think the most difficult thing will be convincing people to buy.

But making sales isn’t the hardest part… what’s tougher is getting RESULTS for your clients.

Slick and sleazy “snake oil” salesmen might make sales as they rush between towns. But they don’t deliver results – and that’s why they’ll never build a real business.

When you’re able to deliver results for your clients, that’s when you have a sustainable business. And it’s also how you start a movement, create a mission, and change lives.

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17 Replies to “Tougher Than Making the Sale”

  1. Yeah, getting genuine results for people, not just putting together some credible sounding elements that gratify your ego, your vanity, actually help people to gain their objectives, their dreams – very well said Jeff, do we actually care about others or are those anonymous numbers just a means to our end?
    Love this message, and this is something I am working hard to build, I help aspiring Journalists, and writers to build their identity, to link their work with their name on the web!
    All the best folks, keep at it, and you will get there.

  2. Yes! I couldn’t agree with your more, Jeff. Our #1 Core Value as a company is “Customer Success” – as in every decision we make as a business is made around helping our customers, clients, and students become successful – which exactly how you operate as well. Great message and well-timed.

  3. Great info Jeff. I have been teaching people of all ages how to play the guitar for over 40 years. I love seeing someone who knows nothing about guitar actually succeed playing guitar and songs in no time at all. I am enjoying teaching today more than anytime in my 40 years ot teaching.

  4. So true Jeff,
    I help people get out of back pain and gain control of their body through Chi gung practice. Getting testimonials from people who ended years of back pain, definitely helps in future conversion, but also gives me so much satisfaction.
    Freeing people from pain, allows them to pursue their true goals. Pain is debilitating.

  5. To accomplish the extraordinary, we must assist others to achieve their dreams.
    Through this we accomplish ours…

    Results are the fuel that sustains momentum… 🙂

    Peace / vOz 🙂

  6. Mercedes Pelaez


    Jeff – I think sales are the hardest part- One of our most common challenges, is a lack of sales expertise, Selling is the hard part, especially selling to people from different cultures and languages, which is vital in today’s world. Many Thanks Jeff and all my best!

  7. Sarie Al-Ani


    YES, this is the theme I am most concerned about! Thanks for mentioning, Jeff!! The past weeks after the very good PLF Live Event, this is the topic I am on. I want to get the best results for the students.. & I am thinking, feeling and planing how I can do so! First for the people, so my business makes any sense & of course so that I can succeed, too!
    And I think, if the course I have is really good, the selling is easy/easier. Maybe you can do some video about the best way to let the students achieve success.

  8. Sarie Al-Ani


    .. oh, yeah – the ‘live character’ of a course is very important! I needed to hear this again, thanks!

  9. Hi Jeff! So good to see you again! Thanks for the message. I have a very small music studio that is partly online. I have had lots of advice to sell more packages and get more students. I have been concerned about providing value to the students I currently have. I needed the encouragement today to go ahead and focus on my program and my current students! Also, thanks for the encouragement for the seed launch. This is what I am doing.

  10. Jeff in hearing you today I remembered how afraid I was that I could not get results for my people…for me that was paralizing and kept me from launching. This is a totally new experience in every way, as you might know. Give me cooking anyday and I can do it…but this was super scary. NOw that I am on the other end of that fear it is amazing to see what is unfolding with my families (they are my families now…) :>) and how they are inspiring me. The richness that is coming into my life goes beyond any financial gains. I am not sure where I am going with this, I am just grateful to be on this ride. Thank you Jeff Walker for showing me the way …

  11. Hi Jeff, i just started with your course. Started Well nut gave up a little bit. But I am back full speed and thank you for telling me this, because I was Busy only concentrading on sales instead off getting my business of thé ground and make it a business that stands for what I believe in. So thank you and see or talk to you soon.
    Respect and regards.

    Peter Cusseneers
    Passion Balance Joy

  12. Absolutely! That’s where confidence, integrity and success come from. Not possible to build a business without creating results. It is not a flash-in-the-pan kind of thing, It’s a commitment.

  13. WOW… That is very profound, Jeff; you landed the plane professionally!
    That is what has been holding back from launching my program on Stock Trading. I have become very successful doing it after many years of learning the skills and mastering my emotions, but will my students be able to do it like I am doing it and therefore achieve similar level of success?
    This has been an ethical burden on my shoulder… and its very heavy to bear.

  14. David Crabill


    I love this concept, though I don’t think it applies to all businesses. I help people start food businesses from home, and it’s actually relatively easy for them to get their customers results (make a food product that customers are satisfied with). For them, the hard part is definitely marketing and making the sale.

    Certainly this concept is true for your business and probably most knowledge-based businesses. Also I think the bigger the promise — the greater the promised results and therefore the higher the value of the sale — the more likely this is to be true. Finally, I think the fewer the number of people in the world that can deliver similar results, the more likely this is to be true.

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