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A lot of people worry about how much content to give away. In fact, that’s probably one of the most-asked questions I get… and it makes sense, because they’re afraid if they give too much away, people won’t buy. But here’s why that’s the wrong question to ask (and what to do instead)…

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So I get lots of questions about free content… how much free content to give away.

And behind that question, it seems like people are worried that if they give away too much free content, that no one’s going buy from you. So if that’s your worry, if you’re worried that you’re giving away…  “If I give ’em a 14-page ebook or a pdf as a lead magnet, that’s my whole product!” Well, if you fall in that category, then you just haven’t gone deep enough. I mean the crazy thing is that almost everything, once you start to dig into it, you can go deeper and deeper and deeper. If you’re asking “How much value do I give away?” or “How do I avoid giving away the farm?”— you’re probably asking the wrong question. You just need to think about how to go deeper to create your product.

Now you don’t want to overwhelm people with so much free stuff that they’ll never even get through the free stuff and they’ll never be able to buy from you. But in general, I see people making the mistake of not giving enough value.

So let me give you an example. I just did my launch, for Product Launch Formula®, I do this once a year. So I just rolled that out and I actually gave away 14 hours of free content. This is the most by far. In fact, I took that idea of “give away your free stuff and it’ll grow your business” —  I just took that to the next level because in my past launches, I would give two hours, maybe three hours of free content. Here, 14 hours of free content! And you know what? I had one of my best launches ever. One of my best launches ever — 14 hours of free content. Pretty amazing.

So why do people buy? Why did thousands of people buy from me when they got 14 hours of free material? Because you can always go deeper. You can always go deeper. I gave them a super detailed, big picture, overview. But within that, you can go deeper. You can go step by step by step. Here’s the actions plan, here’s how every single piece fits together, and that’s what’s in my program. I just teach everything in my program. So, 14 hours of free content to a $2,000.00 sale.

Now the crazy thing is, you can always go deeper, right? So even my $2,000.00 product, where I give away everything, you can always go deeper. So I’ve got a live event coming up and in that live event (and it’s going to be a very expensive, very high-end, live event because you can always go deeper), there’s coaching, there’s implementation, there’s the live environment, there’s access, there’s the debrief of my latest findings. So even… I went from 14 hours of free, to a $2,000.00 product, to a much higher, small, intimate event. You can always go deeper.

So, here’s a hint, if you’re having a hard time figuring out how to go deeper in your material, then you need to get face to face and you need to start teaching it. Because once you start working with people and teaching it face to face, whether it’s in-person face to face or its on a live telecast or a webinar, or even a teleseminar, once you start answering questions, people will pull it out of you. They will pull the material out of you. They will help you go deeper.

Just remember, no matter what, most people make the mistake of not giving away enough value. That’s the number one thing to remember and the other thing is, you can always go deeper in your work.

So I’m Jeff Walker. Wherever you’re watching this, scroll down, leave a comment for me and let’s go get ’em this week.

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24 Replies to “Giving Away the Farm”

  1. Donna Robinson


    I am convinced the reason you are successful is that you never quit.I can always count on an e-mail from you. DonnaMae Robinson.

  2. Thanks Jeff. I’ve appreciatereading your work and listening to your messages. It is inspiring me to keep pushing my message of helping others to “Rise Above Your Best”. Best wishes. Pat V.

  3. advait Dikshit


    Thanks Jeff! Thanks for your message.: Give free and go deeper.. Also that the more I work face to face the more my audience will help me go deeper.. Pull out of me as you said. Be blessed

  4. I signed up yesterday for the Launch Imtensive in a couple of weeks and am SUPER excited about it! I’ll be in the middle of my launch but it was too good an opportunity to go deeper and learn more to help me in it or in future launches! Thanks Jeff!

  5. This is a valid subject and thanks for discussing it. I am wondering how much time you spent on putting together the 14 hours of free material and the product itself. I imagine that you didn’t do it all by yourself. I think the next question would be, how do you tell what content it is worth putting someone’s time into… Because that’s an important dilemma when someone doesn’t have a lot of time…

    • What Peter says here is true. I started doing content videos, one a week, about 18 months ago, slacked off a bit when I got busy, then in the quieter winter months did Facebook live broadcasts. The questions that come back gave me more food for thought and more content. Now I have hours and hours of content that can be made into a podcast series for example, but the most important thing is that I know my subject through and through and crucially I know that I can drag up 14 hours of content without that much hassle. That’ll be an hour a day for a fortnight, or half an hour for a month. Or half an hour every Saturday and Sunday at 5.30 a.m. when all your other distractions are asleep. Start, stick at it and it just builds itself – if you give a tiny bit of direction to it you’ll have a super free course.

  6. What I get outa this email is that I can never give out enough free content and that I must always go deeper by hosting a one-to-one teaching with my readers and meet with them face-to-face like in a telecast, teleseminar or webinar class to answer their questions

  7. Giving away your best stuff is how a friend puts it. I call it ‘paying it forward’. An old-school direct marketing expert (title deserved) talks about risk reversal.

    No matter how it is said, moving the free line is powerful. I love the explanation and the graphic. It is why I signed up for PLF. I watched, I read the book, I learned from the free stuff and then bought the program. And it is working for me. Go Jeff.

  8. Getting face-to-face is great advice. Makes the content relevant to specific people and reshapes my avatar.

  9. Hey jeff!
    Hope you are awesome!

    Im Steph. I currently live in Venezuela.

    And i want to share a little story of struggle behind your book (no worries, it was pretty good)..

    Here it goes:
    Two years ago i was in toronto, canada.
    As im the black sheep of the family mine treats me like a kiddo which im not..

    Its just one of those families that dont trust you enough just because you are an entrepreneur at the core.

    Everyone works 9 to 5 and im working online 24/7.

    You know what this is.

    Anyways, i was in Eaton centre (a huge mall downtown Toronto) and they (mom, dad and sister), decided to go to City Hall where theres Toronto in 3D in front of a small lake, and you can ice skate.

    I really wanted to go but wind and cold was horrible, (i was feeling very sick and i stayed at the mall) i enjoy pretty much sightseeing stores and exploring ( if this was a profession, id be a millionaire by now, i just enjoy it so much) and i found a library…

    Heres the best part:
    So i landed on a HUGE LIBRARY called Indigo by Chapters and recently i bought another book called Your One Word by Evan Carmichael so i searched it on these booths to see if they had that one…

    YOUR BOOK LAUNCH..that was such a surprise cause i FOLLOW YOU since 2013!!

    Omg! I was going to ask for it and suddenly, my people came to pick me up cuz we were going to eat.

    So i was really mad cause i had to go with them…but i thought we were going home but we were going to eat out of the mall.

    So as i was furious cuz they didnt let me get the book so i said i want to go to the bathroom and “went to the bathroom” to get your book.

    There was a HUGE LINE and i didnt care cause i been looking for that book before and i thought it only sells in USA( i was HONESTLY REALLY SURPRISED and i took it as a sign to “go get it that book😉” so as i was surprised, i was pissed cuz they could ve wait for me but they didnt want it.

    I ran and i had the chance to GET THE BOOK (Only 2 left), and i was happy, relieved and accomplished even though these ” haters” couldnt wait 20 minutes

    As i was deciding whether to obey or go to the mall i was telling myself:
    You go back to Venezuela in 4 days.
    This places pretty far out where i was staying.
    Ive gotta do SOMETHING

    So i ran,bought, went on accomplish mode and then as i was reflecting on what i did i said to myself:

    To this day i still have the ticket.
    18.95$ plus tax= 19.90

    ¡¡And i just had left 20 bucks!!!

    So i thought to myself:
    These 20$ book can make a difference in your craft, so im happy you didnt pay attention to these fellas.

    I love my family, but i just cant stay too much around them cause theyre so different from me and they do things like that to me sometimes.

    Thats my #LaunchBook adventure so i hope youve enjoyed it

    I have lots of books and no obstacle has interfered but this was the only and memorable one i will have and remember for the rest of my life.

    As i still cant afford The 2K PLF program, this was like “a step closer” on it to be able to someday, get your program


  10. Hi Jeff,
    thanks for this video, which was exactly what I needed at the point I am with my business right now! Now I feel completely comfortable to give away so much content! Thanks and greetings from Germany.

  11. Jeff, we purchased your very first Product Launch Formula, and we used it to bring in nearly $50,000, from a list of about 2000. Thank you for teaching everyone to share our gifts and make a difference for good in the world. We are truly grateful to you for the training you have done and continue to do. Blessings!

  12. One of the first things I learned from you was the power of giving away awesome free content. So grateful. Now I use Masterclasses, three hours of deep dives, all free. Earns more than anything I’ve done. Keep on rocking the Sunday videos.

    Oh, one other thing. Long time viewer, so impressed that each and every video I’ve watched has added value. I know that’s not by accident, appreciate that effort.

  13. J.J. Peller


    Yes!! Love this!! I’ll give you feedback that maybe you haven’t received yet…
    I watched your launch of PLF this year and I did NOT BUY. I told a friend about this and he said, “well, obviously Jeff’s strategy of giving away that much for free didn’t work.”
    My response:
    “I will buy into PLF the next time he launches because I see how much value he gives away! It didn’t fit into my budget this time. But Jeff now has a VERY WARM prospect who is likely to buy next time!” And THOSE kinds of people are important too!! So giving away the LOADS of free stuff can pack a pipeline of raving fans!!!

  14. Id say that ur highest value is your integrity. U just say it as it is. There is exactly 0% false usage of persuasion techniques. No use of false scarcity or so many things being done out there by people that supposedly care about us (me) and want me to stop suffering by buying their thing.

    I’m not farfetching when i say that – u have one of the most important impacts as a leader for entrepreneurs by putting the simple standard of purity.

    That is worth millions more than the value u give in your paid and free content, which is real insane super value!

    Every launch you do – i actually keep my fingers crossed you’ll break your record 🙂

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
    Ps – I’m not saying you don’t make mistakes 🙂 I’m saying u respect our intellect.

  15. Michael Tucker


    Thanks Jeff So Glad I found you. You have so much to to give and i love your weekly video
    and the value the message gives. i am slow in the process, but keep listening, learning, and taking baby steps. Thanks for all you do and love the email about the $ 200 product that changed your life and many others. God bless you.

  16. Love the concept of finding ways to go deeper, Jeff. Thank you. You can never provide too much value with your content. Thank you for being so generous with yours. Best – Casey Demchak.

  17. I agree…but it depends on your market vertical. My problem is that potential customers can’t afford what they need, and if they can afford it, they don’t need what I have to offer. Once “customers” start using the free stuff I’m giving away, they want more free stuff. When I ask them to pay for something, they seek out other advice from people who will give it to them for free. It’s why I’ve realized “You get what you pay for” is a double-edged sword. A lot of today’s customer’s mentality is, “If I can get it for free, why should I pay for it?” Even if you can rationally justify the pricing, they’ll still dismiss you, and it doesn’t matter how successful your ideas have been! One potential client asked what it would cost for me to work with all their 19 affiliates for a year. I asked them what it woohoo cost for each affiliate to enroll just one customer. 19 affiliates at $4000 each came to $76,000. The response: “Oh, that’s ridiculous! I can’t afford that!” I said, “Correct! You don’t pay for that! You ask each of your affiliates to pay for it!” If they get two more customers, they have a significant return on investment, and a framework to grow!”

    “Nope! Too much money.”

    “Fine. Then die, because if you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

  18. Stephanie Philljps


    Thank you so much for this. I tend towards giving away a lot and this validates my instincts.

  19. Man, I remember worrying about this way back when… let it go, people. It’s not a real fear. I promise you there are a dozen better things to fix in your marketing process.

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