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Happy holidays!

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the winter solstice was a few days ago – also known as “the return of the light”.

The return of the light seems like a good metaphor to reflect on the challenges of the past year and look ahead with hope. 

As entrepreneurs, we get to make an impact on the world through our ideas and businesses. We get to bring the light to our communities.

So if you own a business, now is the time to double down on your awesomeness… by using your skills and resources to spread your message, serve others, and create positive change. 

And – while it might seem a little unconventional – this includes doubling down on your marketing too…

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9 Replies to “My Holiday Wish for You”

  1. Maggie Pearson


    Great message, Jeff, thank you!

    I’m writing my Lead Magnet in my head whilst I cook Christmas dinner.. notepad on the worktop for phrases I don’t want to lose!

    I find ideas often pop in randomly when I’ve switched off, so I try just to catch them before they fly away again, and then I can switch off again.

    Happy holidays one and all.. I hope they are peaceful and joyous. If there’s a tinge [or more] of sadness, I hope happy memories will carry you through. You are not alone.

    Maggie x

  2. Tal Mandelbaum


    Thank you, Jeff, for the wonderful holiday wish!
    The darkness is really just a sign that MORE light wants to enter our lives. Like the darkness before the dawn.
    It’s just asking us to evolve so we can receive it!
    We evolve precisely by becoming more connected and more caring for the good of others. Just like Nature’s interconnected, integral systems, our higher truth is that we also are one, and our journey is to discover that!

    Thank you Jeff for helping us to spread the light,
    Wishing everyone much heartfelt joy and togetherness this holiday season and always!

  3. Ron Skillens


    Great message Jeff. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from my family to yours. I appreciate everything you’ve done for my business and am looking forward to doubling done on sharing my Light to my community in 2023 💡🎉

  4. Ailia Mira


    Such a beautiful message, thank you, Jeff. I especially appreciate the sensitivity with which you talk about entrepreneurial success, and not wanting to make anyone feel bad because of what we’ve been able to accomplish, but rather to show them what’s possible and invite them into it. ✨

  5. Madeleine Innocent


    I always believed that when a business has more than 10 full time employees, it starts to lose its soul. The originators no longer connect with their customers or their suppliers in a healthy way. They are serving themselves more than the customers. Small is beautiful and I do my bit to support small businesses more than corporations wherever possible

  6. Thank you Jeff for your heartfelt thoughts -return of the Light, serve others, create positive change, impact our community-a beautiful Christmas message! Merry Christmas to you and your family! May the days ahead be cheery and bright! And may all of our businesses be amazing, helpful and profitable.

  7. Elizabeth McKay


    Thank you Jeff, Once more I face much of my Being not functioning well, but it is you and other entrepreneurs sharing messages like this, that pick me up and get me going again. Yes, doubling down is the answer, whatever the problem.

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