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Elliott Connie was a successful psychotherapist with a thriving in-person practice, but he had a mission to reach (and help) even more people than he could in his office…

That’s when he turned to the Internet and started creating online courses for psychotherapists. He found his way into my world, did some great launches… and his results have been breathtaking. (See the video for the crazy details.)

But Elliott’s not slowing down – he’s on an even bigger mission… one that he was almost afraid to speak out loud.

I got a chance to sit down for an interview with Elliott, and it’s packed with so much experience, wisdom, and inspiration that you’ve got to see it…

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8 Replies to “Leading Your Business with Heart”

  1. Roman BRuni


    usually jeff’s videos make positive enforcement on the possibilities out there, some are logical technical, some are behavioral. it is very difficult to communicate beyond language barriers and pass through emotional cultures, cause it is so easy for the information to be lost in translation or the financial currency conversion. jeff is one of those rare persons to learn from.
    so, this is another extraordinary video that jeff enhances and enrich our sensibility with storytelling
    about the process of living the life.
    thanks to introduce elliott connie real world mindset… which speaks about some commom sense wishes that are not commom practices… and how those may be effective and smart.
    these are the videos that makes connected ideas become connected actions
    and life a bit more worth living !
    cheers from Rio… ps. I’ll be busy checking out provided links 😉

  2. Scott Baldwin


    Here you go … the secret sauce for PLF revealed by the example of Elliott Connie and the transformational impact you can have on people’s lives by being your authentic self while sharing what you know to be true.

  3. Thank you Jeff and thank you Elliott for this video. I needed it big time! I’d started having strong doubts about my path, which I’ve thought to be my calling from God. In my prayers last night I asked “Did I misinterpret? Is this the path you want me on??? I mean c’mon.. I’m a single guy putting out relationship and legacy building advice???” Tqlk about feeling the fraud syndrome!
    Then I see Jeff’s email this morning. I opened it and watched the video and what a blessing. I realized I had gotten off off the focus not the path. I had stopped focusing on the fire of service. Ok I’m single right now and I’ve been learning about relationship stuff from the best in the world and leadership from the best and I love sharing and hearing when it helps someone!
    I am refocused on service now. Thank you!

  4. Money is nice, but what I want, what all of us want, is greater impact.
    Money is one way, and perhaps the only way, to measure ongoing impact.
    My mission is to help achieve what I call “hassle-free healthcare.” How can my software and free training help healthcare workers achieve ZERO HARM and save $500 billion in avoidable healthcare costs by 2025? How can I help make performance improvement easy and effortless?
    How will I know when we get there? Preventable patient harm and deaths will drop to zero.
    Mission then money. Service then sales. I think that’s what Elliot is saying.

  5. Thank you Jeff and Elliott for sharing this impactful. inspiring and real video! This story and message arrived right on time for me. I really needed this. Thank you and continued success to you both.

  6. Money is good, it is a great thing to have for our all needs/impacts, thanks for sharing

  7. Awesome Interview!!! Packed with nuggets and inspiration… I agree with an earlier post, this one one of your best interviews I’ve watched. Thank you and please continue your work and calling!

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