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We’ve all got hidden capabilities that we haven’t discovered yet. But when you’re starting out (or going to the next level), you don’t actually know what those skills are. So how do you uncover your hidden strengths? That’s what this video is all about…

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31 Replies to “Uncovering Hidden Capabilities”

  1. Stephen Kirkbride


    Thank you Jeff name is Stephen Kirkbride lm from and still live in Yorkshire England UK …lm grateful for all your wonderful emails lm very early into my new venture. I’m talking to small audiences at the moment however my future will reveal all …yes lm a doer however in the small hours lm wrapped up in my books ..oh lm a numerologist with a twist …. thank you thank you thank you

  2. Thanks for all you do to inspire us.

    I can’t agree with you more. I just had a conversation last night about how surprised where I am now. Starting as an attorney, and now I spend so much time helping people grab their vision for their future — dreaming of what they can be and taking steps to make that happen.

    I would have never thought I’d be here.

    Thanks for reinforcing the message for me. More importantly, thanks for letting others know it’s possible!

  3. Wouldn’t it be great if those hidden capabilities were to just announce themselves and make my life easy? Lol
    Yes Jeff, baby steps’ more realistic and things will unfold after taking action no matter how little.

  4. Thank you Jeff – it was very inspiring. I am just starting my coaching business and have important things I would like to teach. Will start slowly, build confidence and move forward. I am an introvert and a non-native speaker so I have some insecurities to overcome. I know that the only way to overcome them is by doing. Thanks again.

  5. Excellent Jeff. I think we do lose site of our hidden capabilities. We tend to gain a direction based on factors that have nothing to do with our love, passion, or capabilities. I know that through my life I have been busy chasing money. I’m excited about PLF and PLF live to find the hidden capabilities and to let money follow me.

  6. HI Jeff! I’m so excited to attend PLF live for the first time… my husband and I will both be there and can’t wait! The message in the video is great… to stay totally open to where our paths lead us… take risks… be amazed!

  7. I’m heading into the training room in a few minutes to deliver the 4th and final day of The Event, a breakthrough training I’ve had the privilege of leading for 16 years. You just gave me the pearl with which to begin today’s work… Hidden Capabilities! Have a great live PLF event, Jeff. Thank you. You’re awesome.

  8. Thanks for another great message, Jeff! Focus on the next step. Every single time I feel myself overwhelmed with everything I need to learn and do for my new business, it’s because I’ve forgotten this critical piece of wisdom. I don’t need to do 40 things right now, just the next thing. Thanks again, and have a great time this coming week!

  9. Michelle Martinez


    I really want to write this in all caps to truly convey my emotions but will spare everyone’s eyes of that many glaring letters, but I am SO excited for PLF Live!! I can’t wait to meet you in person and experience the magic that I know will happen at this event! We (my husband and I are coming together) are so ready for the life-changing transformation that we know is possible and we are so blessed to have your help along the way!

  10. Hi Jeff from France. Thanks a lot. I ve found an idea to create value in my little niche. I want to bring and implement Launch Formula in my activity sector. I ve never seen somebody use yet. It’s gonna be challenging but i guess the results could be huge and open up a new way to sell in my industry. I keep watching videos and i definitely want to make PLF training. Best regards, Steve

  11. Awesome stuff and sooooo true you never know where life might leed you if you give it a chance.😉

  12. Great advice, Jeff. Thanks for sharing your insight! And looking forward to PLF Live!! My blog focus for these few weeks is on how to create a powerful, compelling Vision. And yet, a lot of people don’t know exactly what they’d like to create (or envision) AND, the vision we hold in our minds may also be limiting us from even bigger possibility. We don’t always know what the bigger picture will hold. Yours is great advice: Be open, go all in, and just worry about that next step. I may quote you on this in an upcoming piece.

  13. I feel that what we use of our talents is just the tip of the iceberg. You are so inspiring, Jeff! I don’t know what my next steps are. For me, I am fascinated with blogging and want to develop a blog. It kind of scares me though thinking about the negative aspects of blogging, but I would like to move forward and not let those thoughts hold me back. Fear is a great de-motivator for me and I need to reign it in. Thanks for your inspirational talks. You have come a long way!

  14. Thank you Jeff Walker for sharing your wisdoms. I needed to know that juicy info in this little set of your videos. I am gaining in confidence in my launch (baby steps) due to your input. Thanks again Kim Joblin – currently in Phoenix and getting ready for PLF Live- exciting!

  15. I have my first 3 day live event at the end of April. I did 2 days before, first time doing 3 days. Thank you for the inspiration. Have fun and see you next year at the PLF Live!

  16. So very important and inspiring.
    One of the ways I say it is, “Your vision of today can only see so far. It’s stepping into the vision that will reveal where your potential can take you.”

  17. Hi Jeff – wishing you, your team, and those attending PLF Live an awesome time! Have fun, learn some great stuff and turn it out!!!

  18. Thanks Jeff! I really got present in this video to the scope and breadth of your success. Congratulations for that! And thank you for your commitment to changing the world by supporting entrepreneurs in pursuing their dreams and passions. Have a great time at PLF Live! Cheers!

  19. i dreamt this morning my Poppa, ( no longer alive), gave me a small guitar and wanted me to play again. I used to play years ago but quit…interesting. Skills I may have suppressed and hidden? Who knows!

  20. Thanks so much for sharing your insight of moving on from learning to doing. Action is so vital. Taking little steps at a time to move on forward is vital. I’m in that space right now. I really enjoyed listening to you and I am truly inspired to take that next step to start doing stuff. If I make mistakes, I can learn from them.

  21. John B Rogers


    Jeff, I am watching from afar. I have been in the IT industry for over 45 years and am now considering a new line of business. You are challenging me to rise to the challenge and start a new business where I can help others.

  22. Beth Davidenko


    Thanks for the advice! I’ve long thought the very same things: learn by doing. There are so many things I think of doing and talk of doing – and know I’m capable of- but haven’t yet. I guess the sneaker company really coined the phrase! It’s seems to be true! Congratulations on your successes!

  23. “Just be open……But none of it shows without ACTION”


    Thanks Jeff. As usual, beautiful gem from you again!

  24. Bummed my wife and I can’t be with you and the gang. Have to have a hip operation instead. You are so true , I like to say you have gifts from Devine when your born and valuable life lessons which make you gifted. You just need to find out what they are. Funny thing is my June launch is in stock trading trading. Love to know what you did. Have a great get together see you in 2018!!

  25. Tara Schneider


    I am here in Phoenix getting ready for PLF live> very exciting!

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