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Can you really teach something like horse training online? Business has skyrocketed for Callie since she started launching her horse training and riding courses with Product Launch Formula… to the point that she just opened a new, state-of-the-art stable! Check out the tips that have made her successful in this super-competitive (and traditionally offline) field.

Launch Quickstart

Launch Quickstart: A FREE four-part training

If you want to start or grow an online business, you need to Launch. Learn how to turn your marketing into a buzz-generating event, attracting people who can’t wait to buy from you – and KEEP buying from you.

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10 Replies to “Yes, You Can Sell that Online…”

  1. Hi Callie,
    I am extremely impressed with your progress. Your story makes me want to learn to ride just to help you!
    I am wondering from about the time you bought PLF in 2013:
    What was the time period you took to go from 100 email names to 150 names?
    And then what was the time frame to go from 150 names to 23,000 names?
    I am watching this video in September, 2018, about 5 years after your PLF purchase.

  2. I am pumped! Been doin all of this for past several months
    I’m so glad for the encouragement and to know I’m on track ! I just said last week I have 10 hats 2 arms and one voice. Plan is to launch by October 1st.

  3. Hi Callie, Loved your story. I’m just getting ready to put my stretching website out in the world and begin building a community. I’m wondering how you went about building a team. Finding the right people has to be challenging. And how do you pick up the pieces when someone you’ve added to the team leaves?

  4. peter mutaftschiev


    Impressive story! Callie looks and sounds so focused and calm. Thanks Jeff!

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