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Just how “pro” does your video need to be? Is it better to just get your video out there? How much does the technical quality of your video matter?

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think…

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105 Replies to “How “Pro” Does Your Video Need To Be?”

  1. Hey Jeff! Love this. What are you using to hold the camera? It moves with your body, and surely your arm isn’t that steady?

    • Hey Cynthia, I’m thinking that Jeff is using a Selfie Stick, I haven’t used one myself but I’ve seen them on Amazon, they’re pretty low cost. Jeff is it a selfie stick?

        • Jeff you are really awesome guy and your videos are true inspiration for me.

          From my standpoint, it does not matter what is the quality of your video, because your positive energy and warm heart go thru the camera, and that is all it matters.

          Thank you again, and I can’t wait to watch your next video.

          Best regards,


    • Bronwyn White


      I would love to know too. Jeff, as a result of you, I now do a video every week. They are sooooo rusty, but they are getting better. I just invested in a small external microphone for my PC and about to do my PLF videos after spending lots of time on the script. But my take out from you is to get started, I know they will all be rusty and embarrassing to begin with, but i KNOW I am getting better and learn each time. I cant afford professional production, but hopefully one day I will, but Im not letting it stop me as you so point out here! Thanks again

      And yes, is it a selfie stick? Do you carry it around? I want to know too!

    • Jeff,

      What you share in this video is exactly why I am doing my new video blog

      I am a video/audio professional with a degree in communication studies so I can get really particular about getting my lighting, audio, set, etc. just perfect. Unfortunately, I also never ended up publishing anything because it was never perfect. But, now that I have a message to share I decided the message was more important. I want to add some more pro gear to my set up but for now I just set up my camera (i.e. iPad) and start shooting when inspiration hits. I almost never watch through the video I take till after it is posted because I know that if I do that I will be tempted to try and “fix” the stuff that doesn’t really matter – the video quality. You can have a great message and mediocre video/audio and people will listen but if your message is mediocre it does not really matter how great of a “shot” you get. 🙂

  2. Great message, Jeff, thank you so much. I always get so much from your videos. I love the message about not being perfect and getting your material out there. Thank you. I have invested a lot of money in my Alice TV You Tube series and while it’s been great to launch quality videos you’ve inspired me to go for some more home made approach video blogs as well. I will run with that. Many thanks and be well. Alice Crawley.

  3. Jeff unfortunately that person doesn’t understand is that if you look at every youtube major media mogul they started with next to nothing and simple videos. Look at Marie Forleo, Frank Kern and others who have done both videos like your s and the studio videos.
    I have a saying – Do NOW Evolve Later

    Progress over perfection – people want real people over real perfect ones

    • True but look at Forleos videos now. Top notch high quality content. Here’s the thing. Yes your message is important. Yes getting content out is the utmost. But after a certain point when one starts to get going one needs to differentiate themselves with high production quality from the masses on YouTube that have an iPhone. There is a reason Porsche brand is meticulously created to stand out over Honda.

      • I think you miss the point in todays marketing world. In addition to great videos for commercials or sales pages you need to be personal, authentic and real. By shooting on the spot this is one way to create that. You can build trust by showing who you really are and not hiding behind fancy camera work and editing. Also, there are plenty of professionally shot videos out there that do nothing for their brand. One more thing, the better the video the mote time it takes, and the more time it takes you are not producing content for your viewers. The more content you produce the better chance you have of resonating with your audience. Wait one more thing, I believe you have to mirror your audience in a lot of your marketing. what do many many people do daily nowadays…grab their phones, shoot a quick video or a picture and post for friends and family to see. Nothing fancy. Just sharing

      • @Chris: Marie’s videos are great… and they’ve done great things for her business. And I agree that it’s imperative to differentiate. However, I disagree that production quality is the only way to differentiate. And I would argue that production quality to is a very weak way to differentiate yourself. Anyone that can afford a $2,500 DSLR and $1,000 in lights can have as good a quality as Marie does.

        What differentiates Marie is her fantastic talent in front of the camera. She’s GREAT on camera, she’s got great content, she knows her avatar incredibly well and stays perfectly on message for them… and she looks amazing.

        (P.S. Marie is a PLF Owner from way back)

  4. Hi Jeff
    You are so right! My first videos (years ago) were not perfect but I gave my best. I always try to improve the technic and my equipment. But the message it the most important thing of any activity. I am a perfectionist but I have to tame that monster;-)

    Greeting from Europe

  5. Thanks Jeff. Great timing with this video for me, I suffer from a bit of ‘perfection-itis’ and stress out over small stuff, often stopping me from doing what I know would benefit others. I have dedicated this month to just getting out there and your video is great timing to re-inspire me to get out of my own way and just DO. Greatly appreciated.

  6. Loved this video Jeff! You always look professional in all your videos. Saw the one you’re talking about, it was a great message and inspired me to go and do more videos and not be worried about being perfect!

  7. Great points Jeff. As a recovering perfectionist I can tell you that interferes with taking action. Getting your message out there is crucial. People out there need to hear from you and waiting till all the planets are aligned will definitely keep you from putting it out there.

  8. Great video Jeff, couldn’t agree more!

    I coach all my clients to keep it simple with 80/20 video production and editing: in the majority of situations, do the 20% of things that yield 80% of the results.

    For your sales videos, go professional, for immediate content/updates/thoughts video’s like yours are the way to go. It also tends to show more personality, and even lets you establish a raw connection with your audience with a ‘behind the scenes’ look at what you’re up to.

    Your videos wouldn’t have the same impact or message if they were all professionally shot and edited.


  9. Thanks for sharing this. I´ve been planning to start with my video blog since few years and always postponed it due to various reasons. I thought I first have to have a perfect camera, ideally even a full set of technical equipment plus lots of knowhow on editing etc. I´m determined to tackle this problem now – whether my videos are going to be perfect or not! Thanks for this motivation boost! 🙂

  10. He did more than miss the point – your authenticity completely trumps any technical challenges you might have. I hope he learns the lesson you did – you don’t have to be perfect in your lighting and sound, you don’t have to be polished, you don’t have to be technically perfect in your presentation – you have to be real and authentic. That’s all that matters. You took some great advice from me a long time ago on your performance, and I’m in LOVE with how you do this stuff each week. You just keep doing what you’re doing, and let’s hope that he can manage to influence as many or more people than you do with your spur of the moment, when-inspiration-strikes videos.

  11. We all have similar problems with perfection and being perfect.

    And yes, I’m talking about myself because I also had problem with creating video because:

    – I don’t look good
    – I don’t have pro camera
    – I’m afraid that someone may not agree with me
    – etc.

    Today I know that it’s not about being perfect. It’s not about being better than someone else.

    It’s about becoming better version of myself. That’s it and for this reason I decided that I will create videos in two languages: Polish and English. I know that they aren’t great but the only way to become great at anything is by doing it 🙂

    Thank you for this video Jeff 🙂

  12. Thanks Jeff, I’m building my photography business and practicing my video skills to promote this as a service.
    You’re certainly an inspiration and encouraging me to just do it to get that activity going.
    Cheers Robert

  13. Thanks Jeff. I agree 100% with your message, and shoot MOST of my video from my iPhone too. They shoot in high definition, and the most important things is to get your message out there… and to communicate effectively!

    Thanks for being such a great teacher and role model!


  14. Hey Jeff, and Hey Folks ,

    So this is my First comment ever online in any page (except Facebook 😉
    And sorry for The typing mistakes, i am writing right from my balcony in Berlin, Germany. With german autocorrect on.

    So you see: You did an awesome job with your video… Go out and start, get better.

    I just wanna thank you Jeff. Im following you and your work since a year but didn’t have the money to purchase PLF (I’m a University Student besides my beginning Self-employedness)

    But i did inhaled your book!! That was a masterpiece. Thanks for that too.

    And with all that free stuff you shared I’m doing a Launch Right Now.

    And afterwards i Hope i can afford your class to get better 🙂

    Thanks a lot!

  15. Hi Jeff,

    perfect timing…thank you for reinforcing that using video does not have to be perfect…..this is what has been holding me back from getting started….the message about ‘starting small’ is great….although I have been a public speaker for years, taking my business message to a new level via video has brought up my resistance….not any more! Thanks .

  16. Jeff, your videos are one of the very few that get my attention each week. The message comes through loud and clear. It reinforces one of my own beliefs that ‘perfection is not connection’. I’m learning so much from you Jeff. So thank you for the regular inspiration and education.

  17. Awesome video and great way to take negative feedback and teach us all a key learning experience from it. Love the realness combining your professionalism yet human side relating to all of us at various levels. Thanks for the work you do.

  18. Jeff thanks for being yourself that is what it is all about! You have inspired me to just go for it ! It builds confidence! I recently heard the same thing when I was videoing plants and the wind came up! I live in one of the windest areas In France there is no way I can wait for the calmest day of the year because the flower would of came and gone!

  19. I couldn’t agree with you more, Jeff. I love your videos for the exact reason you mention: they aren’t perfect and they inspire me to just publish. Plus, they come across is so intimate and so authentic. Keep doing what you are doing exactly the way you are doing it!

  20. I agree. The message is more important than the aesthetics. Video is becoming so huge, especially with the younger generation. People should just put their anxieties and judgements aside and put their message out into the universe as soon as it hits them. If a person waits for the perfect opportunity to get their message out, they’ve probably already missed many people who needed to hear it. And that would be a travesty.

  21. Rosemarie Lester


    Kismet, Jeff!
    I shot my first video a couple of weeks ago and have been sitting on it because it is not perfect. Just yesterday I got up enough “courage” to send it to my daughter to review. Everything you said, about the most important thing is getting your message out there, being seen, driving up the number of YouTube views, not having to be perfect, having a small viewing audience at first and getting better as you go on–I know all this….I’ve told myself this. Jeff, it was SOOoooooo very good to hear YOU say it!!! I appreciate your candor and your courage to be you and let your message and information and personality build your tribe. Thank you!

  22. Thanks for the inspiration, Jeff! The quest for perfection has tripped me up way too many times! Thanks for the wise advice and oh… I gotta go shoot a video now. 😉

  23. Jeff..I love your spontaneous video’s. You make it real. You inspire a gal like me who just started a business see the possibilities of shooting video’s without a production company and expensive equipment! Besides, it’s about helping people not shooting a Hollywood Blockbuster.

  24. Jeff,
    I too see where your “critic” is coming from but having spent my career in broadcast journalism and communications, you are right on. People resonate with “realness” and authenticity. THAT is what is going to set you apart and connect you with your audience.

    Also, one of the best pieces of advice I ever received came from the Sales Legend Brian Tracy. I was doing an interview with him on my radio talk show once and asked him off air what advice he would give me because I had some “entrepreneurial” ideas I wanted to pursue and I wanted to write a book. He said without hesitating “write the book”. He said, ” I write multiple books every year, if you wait for it to be perfect. . . for the time to be “right”, you’ll NEVER do it.” So, you aren’t the only one dispensing this wisdom. Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration to so many of us.

  25. I loved the message in this video, Jeff. Worrying about being perfect can stop your life in it’s tracks. I’ve been thinking about adding video to some of my blogs, and you may just have inspired me to get going with this.

  26. Thanks or the mentoring ….Perfect is the enemy of done.
    Using all you have taught me to do my first Machine style funnel launch next week for Zealous Horse owners and for selling my California horse ranch.
    A huge Thank You

  27. Hi Jeff

    I check out your videos every week and this one is absolutely perfect timing for me. I’ve just completed a 30 minute video and was thinking about re-doing it for the fourth time… and then I realised that I don’t need to. Much better to get it out there!

    Thanks Jeff – inspirational


  28. Great video, thanks for sharing.
    I’m struggling with this myself at the moment. I start off with with good intentions that a “rough and ready” video will be okay (compared with no video at all), but end up over-thinking it all and trying to be perfect. End result – no video gets made. My current obsession is the “S” sound, and how this is so prominent in my voice recordings. So just when I’m trying to be happy with the way things look, I’m getting all worked up about the way things sound.

  29. The message is the important thing, Self-focus and the worry that only the perfect, polished you will be accepted is not communication; it’s narcissism. The messenger will embody the message whether he wants to or not, and if he’s fretting about perfection, that will become the message. You embody your message with the courage to be real, to be helpful to others, human, transparent, relaxed–and therefore what you say is congruent and well integrated with your methods. I also think it’s a good idea to mix profession quality shots with cinema verite’ shots. Your students will do well to use the approach you’re modeling.

  30. Hey Jeff
    Thank you. I enjoy your material and your approach. I am especially grateful for the encouragement to do it, without expecting perfection.
    Roger Knowles
    Durban, South Africa

  31. I completely agree with you. Better to get your message out there in some form than fight to make things perfect and never get anything out.

  32. Folks so easily get caught up in the equipment they use, on-camera best practices, and more, to the detriment of the MESSAGE. Unless your a professional videographer teaching folks how to be one, they forget, that most people don’t give a rats ass if your video is prim and proper. In fact, the low-key style like you have engenders trust and builds rapport [from what I’ve seen].

    I use a webcam for 80% of the videos I produce. It takes me minutes, not hours or days. I rarely even edit the footage, I just upload it straight to my host and publish. I can publish 5 videos to the perfectionist’s 1. I’m not burdened with managing complex equipment or post-production, which free’s up my brain to focus on communicating a valuable message to my audience.

  33. Great message Jeff. This one probably strikes a chord with most people – procrastination and fear are probably the biggest stoppers. Obsessing over perfection is most likely just an excuse to not take enough action due to fear. What was your turning point for success Jeff?


  34. I was that searching to have everything technically perfect guy. And fortunately I could let it go. My videos aren’t technically perfect either. But being out there is more important than the search for technical perfection. Thanks for reminding. I’ll do a iphone video next time, just to practice and to get it out.
    Cheers, Bastiaan

  35. What about your launch videos? We ended up launching with videos that had audio that was not perfect. We had a choice to launch or redo and delay the launch for 60 days.

  36. This is so true! I found so many entrepreneurs in general hold onto their ideas, the products and services and their dreams too long because they want to just perfect before they ever get it out there. Funny thing is you’re looking for perfection in their own eyes but what we ought to be looking at what is effective In our market’s eyes. When we focus on this elusive perfection we are focused internally on ourselves and not coming from a place of serving our audience. I mix my videos just like you and I found that many of my raw videos get a higher response rate than the studio videos. Keep rocking my friend and keep making a difference. Cheers Mel

  37. Steve Newton


    I suppose the real litmus test for how perfect video quality needs to be is to look at the bank account balances for both Jeff and Glen. I’ve followed Jeff’s vids for a couple of years now. I know what he’s about. I know what he has to offer. I’ve learned some good stuff from him. And perhaps more importantly, I know where his services fit in to my grand scheme of things. I haven’t bought from him yet (sorry ’bout that Jeff) but I will be in the not-too-distant future. You can take that comment to the bank Mr. Walker. Thanks for keeping me grounded as I move forward…

    • Steve Newton


      I stand corrected. After going back and reading some of the other comments, I just bought your book. Might as well get the creative juices flowing sooner rather than later. It would appear I’m now in the PLF family.

    • @Steve: I’m not sure I agree… I would say bank account balances are ONE measure. Another one that I focus on an awful lot is “impact” (although I will admit that impact is a lot harder to measure than money). Another would be lifestyle. And those are just a few – there are plenty of others.

  38. This is why you rock! I love that your videos are very personal and authentic. I genuinely feel like you want me (and everyone else) to succeed and it’s encouraging to think that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be moving. That made me just press the go button on my book I have been trying to make “perfect”. Thank you so much!

  39. This is why you rock! I feel you genuinely want people to succeed, and your videos truly encourage people to just get out there and do it. This made me hit the go button on a book I have been trying to make “perfect” for weeks! Thanks so much.

    PS- Love the locations. Makes me want to be you. Ha!

  40. What jumps out at me aside from your point about getting the message out, which I completely agree with and I need that encouragement. Like so many I tend to lean toward perfect, which is not realistic. But what jumps out at me is how you took this perceived negative comment and turned it into a positive piece of content, well done. Keep up the good work enjoyed your message!!!

  41. Hi Jeff,
    Do you look at your video before you publish it? I think for many including myself, the wheels fall of the bus when we look at our own video. You’re right! Never perfect – never will be. The message is clear, practice doesn’t make perfect – practice makes consistent. I’m so inspired by you and what you share.


    • @Kelly: I always look at my “selfie” videos before I publish them – generally because I’m doing them while I’m traveling and I pull them into iMovie to do some minimal editing (which is basically adding the transition at the beginning and end).

      For our “pro” videos (like this one) – they’re shot by my videographer (who is my son Daniel)… and I usually do NOT watch them. If Daniel thinks I got the message right when we shoot, then I’m done… I trust his judgement, and he takes care of the rest.

  42. What I love about you Jeff is that you showing us how it is possible to do a video without being perfect and succeed! And how you inspire so many by just being yourself! I have been struggling with this for a long time. I have stories to share and I have wanted to do a video, but always keep putting it off till later. Afraid what people will say, afraid I might not sound good enough, not looking good enough , not be clear enough. Your easy video shooting is inspiring me to go for it! I see I need to just do it! I also love the way you shared that critic story, and without being negative you just gave a very good answer back on this matter in a kind and straight forward way! Thanks Jeff! You are a truly inspiration to many!

  43. Good pep talk Jeff!
    (psst: I’ve shared some of my semi-amateur/pro vids – they are awesome self-care vids too! all on the inner game/inner work – so you might find real value out of them…)

    I’ve been doing more film/video lately, and I have access to pro equipment and folks, but I find that when I shoot with my iphone, when the inspiration arises it is way more authentic and real. I do however get my editing lady to add in an intro and outro and it makes it awesome quality in my opinion. I’d love to share a few of them with you.

    Irene xo.

  44. Great reminders to get me moving, Jeff! Thank you. I like to say “Perfection is a direction, not a destination.” Thanks for motivating me today.

  45. Dave Kennedy


    Leaders and innovators always have their critics. These videos are helpful and inspirational and only take a few minutes of my valuable time to watch. More importantly, to your point, they only take a few minutes of your valuable time to produce. This is brilliant and innovative. You are leading the way with this and it will take awhile for everyone else to catch up. Thank you so much for this amazing tool that I will be using it with my business.

  46. Hi Jeff,
    I run a TV production company so video quality is important BUT I think it’s important to strike the balance between getting video to look and sound right. Your studio video presentations are great, and so are your ‘ on the fly’ videos shot at various locations. Like you I think it’s far better to get the message out than obsess about the quality of what you have shot. Anyway great work Jeff !

  47. Lynn Pearce


    I know I am echoing everyone above – just wanted to say that for me it’s all contextual. Sometimes a pro approach is what’s needed and other times informality rules. Plus mistakes are what make us human – my understanding is that also increases conversions 🙂

    Jeff – a direct question – I would love to add that location to my bucket list – could you share where you filmed this weeks video? Many thanks for all that you do and share!

      • Lynn Pearce


        Oh boy – that is definitely a bucket list item as opposed to a regular vacation! Thanks for letting us know Jeff. A location to aspire to 🙂

  48. Jon Lokhorst


    Jeff, you nailed it. The unpolished, unprofessional videos create a greater intimacy, makes you feel like you’re talking with a friend. Save the polished, professional videos for teaching and technical stuff. I’ve unsubscribed from most other online marketing and business experts because they’re too slick and sales-ish. Plus they email almost every day, sometimes every day. But your more authentic approach has retained my interest–and influenced me to buy the launch book.

  49. You can’t please all of the people all of the time, that’s for sure. The guy calling you a rank amateur has to learn some people skills before worrying about making videos. I remember the video in question and recall you saying that you were shooting on you phone and the point was to get stuff out there “publish or die”. I also thought it was very down to earth that an internet marketing god with a gazillion dollars was doing something that I could also do. Good lesson.

  50. agree!
    content and delivering regularily is more important than tech quality. and never ignore inspiration, because it doesn’t wait. so if you are having a moment shoot with your phone and get the video out. it needs courage and self confidence to do that, but it’s absolutely the right thing 🙂

  51. Great video Jeff!

    The message is what matters! If people were worried about it being perfect they would never even start! What do they say?: “Perfection is the killer of good” or something like that?! People should be focusing on the MESSAGE NOT the way it’s delivered! I guess if that is their biggest concern they are really missing the point.

    I personally like videos that are a little less produced…it shows that the people are “real” and that what is being said is not scripted and coming straight from the heart! Same goes for videos that you can tell have no edits…”one take” videos are the REAL DEAL! Thanks again for TEACHING FOR FREE!

    Take Care,
    Rob Anderson

  52. I read somewhere that “If you’ve got hungry dinner guests, they don’t care what colour plate they eat off”. Content/message outweights presentation.

    I’m sure everyone has seen those Direct Response magazine ads from the 60s/70s. Was there even an inch of whitespace? No. Were they typographically beautiful? No. Did they sell stuff big time? Hell, Yes!

    When I did my videos, I shot on my iPhone but I obsessed over the audio quality for a while because the ciccadas were always on mic. But I got over it and realised it was part of the honesty of my location. And as long as my audience could hear me louder than them it didn’t matter.

    Also behind the scenes nobody could see that I had a regular tripod with a makeshift holder for my Iphone. I made this from a wooden cutlery holder, some random plastic blister pack I found in the garage and a CD as a base, all glue-gunned together. I still use it.

  53. Jeff – great video content as usual. I always find time to watch each week,as your messages area succinct and powerful reminders and you make it look easy.
    Thanks for always turning up.

  54. One of the primary reasons that I always take time to watch any video or update from Jeff is because he is so real, so personable and so unpretentious in every way as well as been extraordinarily generous with his knowledge, teaching and advice. Yes, all of his pro-level training and promo videos are very professionally produced and the information is always excellent, but he is still completely natural, unpretentious and a super nice guy – exactly the kind of person virtually everyone would trust!!

  55. I think your videos are awesome- its like I know you personally unlike the other guys who post the ‘professional’ videos only. Keep it up Jeff, you’re having an awesome impact and you’re an inspiration.
    P.S. And thank you for the meditation video – Relax Melodies is awesome and its been the easiest way to get a good 20 minutes of meditation for me.

  56. Even as a pro, some corporate clients will criticize my work, as if they know more about video production than me. For years, I have been shooting videos for other people as a service. Then I began filming myself teaching my craft. At first I used all my pro equipment to do it. I hated the extremely troublesome set up. Today, I use a simplified system to make my own videos. As simple as a MacBook and an iPhone. Just apply the professional concepts to maintain quality and do whatever to reduce editing time, as long as I get the core message across. I don’t look good and I don’t speak fluent, but viewers loved my videos.

  57. Hi Jeff

    Great message, getting the message out is what matters and better to be real and authentic than to polished all the time.
    cheers Darren

  58. Thank you for your authentic imperfectness (is that a word?).
    I love it – and it makes me at ease when I now want to publish more videos my self. Thank you for the encouragement!

  59. Awesome video Jeff. I’ll share this in a few Facebook groups of online Entrepreneurs.

    Keep up the focus on personal development. Your authenticity and down to earth approach – is needed in a space where major players have left (like Dr. Stephen Covey) and the people there feel salesy.

    *Question for a future video – How much time should you spend scripting your video? My ideal customer is the executive servant leader who is feeling burnout and confusion on why people aren’t ‘getting it’. Because they are execs, I tend to obsess about high value content although wonder if the inspiration and overall message is the most important thing.

    Best to you and your team.


  60. Great stuff Jeff! You’re doing okay. I’m following your lead. My latest video is dark and gloomy–it’s perfect. Creepy for a motivational video. Tell me what you think.

  61. Hi Jeff – thanks so much for this honest, transparent video. For years I’ve been “hung up” and not publishing video, because I don’t have a professional set-up. But, thanks to you, I’m going to start shooting and posting video. Appreciate everything you do for all of us 🙂

  62. Thanks for inspiring, Jeff. Love your videos, because they are so personal. “You don’t have to be perfect” – Now, that’s freeing advice!

  63. You know, I was thinking about this over the weekend. I shot a video for my very new blog, and it took me so long. I couldn’t get the lighting right, I didn’t like the stuff in the background, there was half of a picture being me, always something. And it caused me to take far longer to record it than I wanted. My husband is a photographer and was telling me that I shouldn’t have a distracting background because otherwise people won’t be listening to me. And I actually thought about you because I always notice the beautiful backdrop you have in your videos. But it doesn’t really distract me that much that I miss what you’re saying. What are your thoughts on that? Obviously, you’re ok with it since you do it, but what is the logic behind it, if that makes sense?

  64. Hahaha! I remember the video and at the time thought to myself “what is Jeff thinking”?!? Thanks for taking the time to explain the why you went with a video that wasn’t to minimal standards (as people in the know would readily agree). Another great life lesson in what you just did was not to take viewer feedback to heart, he (the viewer) had some valid points (but as you say the inspiration and message takes priority..well said and explained). Credit to you Jeff, I had respect for you before that infamous video (Lol), but even more so now (handled like a true master of his destiny). There are 2-3 golden nuggets just in this one video for people (and it’s not just about the video quality) that it’s, what I call…crazy good !

  65. Thanks again for sharing something a lot of people want, specially when they want to start something and they do not have a budget to start off.
    I am almost facing this I recently qualified as Life Coach, so I am not working and I’m not even doing what I need to do to help people. I decided this week to start my FB page then launch a free website because the big cash is not showing on my account yet. Then my next step is not follow the lessons from your book launch”.

  66. Hi Jeff,

    I hope this finds you through all of these comments. You must be doing something right because clearly you are a very popular guy. However, I do have some questions for you and would be incredibly grateful if you could answer even a few because these (probably very simple) questions have been the main roadblock that has been holding me back from producing video content more often. I have no problem with getting in front of the camera and talking. I am just a bit confused as to how the content is picked up and what effect it may have on a site that has been established for a year or more.

    The following questions seem to be holding me back from producing more video content. Please forgive me if a few are on the stupid side, but if I’d rather ask and know than guess and get it wrong:

    1. When you post video content to your blog, does it have the same SEO benefits and can it be optimized for specific keywords the same way a text post can? Is it possible to do any kind of comprehensive on-page SEO for video content?

    2. Do you simply embed your videos into the blog posts and host them on youtube or is there a benefit to hosting them on your own and uploading them privately? *(This pertains to content that is not exclusive to a membership or containing private information that would not be available to the public.

    3. Do you think that readers/viewers of a site that is far less established than your own can still generate a significant amount of views and engagement to the content from organic traffic that is landing on certain pages. For example, would someone looking for information about a specific product be inclined to click my video review response more or less than a competitor that has a detailed text review with multiple links throughout?

    4. Do you find creating and especially optimizing video content into your blog saves you a lot more time, compared to writing out text content? How long would it typically take you to write a 1,000+ word article/post, compared to a 5-6 minute video? The majority of my site will still be text content, but for some of the busier weeks, I find myself unable to find the time necessary to create new content for some of my sites. I put a tremendous amount of work into the content and optimization that I create for each of my sites. I find a lot of that time is spent editing, formatting, and optimizing the text just right. While, the goal doing video would be to deliver the best quality content the same way I do with text-based content, I would like to know if you find yourself able to save a ton of time in producing content and even able to put out a lot more content than you would be able to do writing.

    5. Do you create an outline or script for the video content that you create and if not, when do you think it would be appropriate to do so? Also, kind of relevant to the topic that you discuss in this post…do you feel that if two videos provided the exact same content, but one was on a handheld speaking to the camera and the other was a short, maybe simple animated explainer video or had a little bit better quality that one would generate more traffic or engagement than the other?

    6. Does Google pick up video content as well or better than text content for specific keyword phrases and how do the search engines read a blog post that only has a headline and maybe a few words about the video? In other words, does a 5 minute video get read by the search engines as new content of “x” amount of words or is it reading it as a 50 word blog post that has a video in it?

    I realize that some of these questions probably have a very simple answer and I’m sorry for having so many of them.

    I truly appreciate any words of wisdom from you or from anyone else that may be able to help me out with these answers, as video marketing is definitely something that I would like to implement into my future campaigns and efforts. Thanks!

  67. Howie, I don’t work here but I think I can answer some of your questions. I have written questions many places and never got answers, it’s a little frustrating. Question #2 Youtube is great but when your video ends an ad for someone else or a dozen other videos comes up. I talk ideas, so Elon Musk videos show up after mine, ugh. So, once someone does get to your website, you don’t want other youtube videos to take them away. My website is set up with youtube videos right now because I am using free websites. As soon as they end, youtube might take my visitors away.

    #3 People click on videos for all types of reasons including being bored with the established people. We click on new people, because they are new.

    #4 I write it the same. Shooting a video brings out different emphasis. Some written things sound horrible spoken. Webinars are getting more conversions lately. Webinars are more fun. Just as much work, if not more.

    #5 You are asking this question because you are uncomfortable with either or. Do what comes natural. You’ll do okay.

    Those are my answers, not Jeff’s. Again, I ask tons of questions in comments. They get lost. Everybody has only 24 hrs in a day. These are good questions maybe someone else can help you out here with the rest.


  68. thx re the selfie stick tip, insta-bought one… I like your point about getting people to get their message out and take action w/o it needing to be perfect… the ‘perfection paralysis’ inhibits action; best to just get valuable content to the world, also comes across more reality-tv relatable down to earth vs commercial production…thx for the tips

  69. Andrea Scalici


    It’s been a tough lesson for me to learn, but “perfection” is NOT reality. You are absolutely right, Jeff. Thanks for the great message.

  70. Great information, as always. And also, “as always” – I love the twinkle in your eye. It’s authentic and seems to command attention because it’s obvious you love what you’re doing, inspiring others. I make videos for others, but rarely am on camera myself. I’m working on changing that, because it doesn’t have to be perfect. Thank you.

  71. The camera is ALWAYS rolling!

    We want to see people in their natural setting when “inspiration strikes” and words flow from your true authentic self. Your videos deliver on so many levels.

    I couldn’t agree with you more that it’s important to publish before being perfect.

    Keep up the great work Jeff.

  72. You are always so kind and helpful. I agree also to just publish! You have encouraged me that it does not have to be perfect. As David stated above, I will echo: Keep up the great work, Jeff!

  73. Thanks once again, Jeff.
    I took the message and made my first sound recordings using my laptop. While tweaking these for YouTube I kept envisaging me having a full crew to do the digital drawings, photoshop work and media work with me facilitating because they’re all so Awesome and such a together team.
    The sound recordings work, and they are (as you said) helping me to grow and learn while I still only have a small audience. It’s cool fun and makes me smile lots.
    Keep being you, we all love what you do and how you facilitate our learning. JOYful hugs from LINDA

  74. Hi Jeff! Great video and encouragement on self publishing. I have a question about creating videos for your company/brand and then creating videos for your own personal brand like what you are doing here. Do you think it’s more suitable to create these more personable videos like this for your own brand on your personal website and then more professional quality vidoes for a company brand website? Seems that is the case. Would love your feedback on that. Thanks for publishing these videos, they’re great!


  75. Hi

    I am also a fan of context quality over video quality. Of course, there is a line at some point, but that varies from viewer to viewer. You can’t please everyone, right? And if you are starting to try to please everyone, you’re in deep trouble, and probably you’ll never get anything really done.
    Anyway, I don’t mind the ‘not perfect videos’ as long as the content is great. The only thing is: with holding a smartphone in one’s hand, either right in your hand or on a selfie stick, the constant light swinging from side to side can get kind of annoying at some point.

    Regards from Greece

  76. Qianjun Befanis


    Thank you, Jeff! You are right. Hoping being perfect did holding me back for years, after I learned your course, I actually took action. I have a few websites and Youtube channels, people sent email to me and join my list. I did more in 6 months than the last 3 years.

  77. Jeff you have been my biggest inspiration in this last year and these video blogs inspired my meditation minutes that I do down by the River or the Lake near my house in Wausau, WI. I also really needed to hear the not being perfect thing. I have learned from a zillion different people in this last year and still trying to get it perfect and consequently are still where you were sitting at my kitchen table. I know someday soon, following your PLF and supportive way I will get there. Loved your PLF book and the Lead Pages Templates and I am going to use them on my upcoming launch as well!. Your video you did a while back on being ok with people not liking you is a good reminder when you get critics. You handled it well! l Thanks again!

  78. Thanks for your time and dedication, your effort have had such amazing effect on people lives to get up and start doing projects they love , most importantly these ideas make a difference in the world . Jeff i must say however no body ever talk about the tools they use to get the great quality video blogs look professional; is there a single platform that include temples, tools etc. you would recommend , Thanks.

  79. just simple video can not boost the marketing or get viewer engagement but a good animated explainer video or marketing video can boost the sales and increase the viewer engagement.

  80. Freddy Moreno


    Don’t worry of about those misleading type of comments Jeff, we know that quantity and getting the message across are more important than quality, and obviously your video was pretty much offhand, not part of a delivering a service. Cheers!

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