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How do I stay centered and productive? The answer might surprise you…

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And please leave a comment for me down below… what's your go-to strategy to stay focused and productive?

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81 Replies to “How To Stay Centered and Productive”

  1. Jeff your strategy actualy super! I have a bit same system, i try to jump from situation for looking and thinking what should I do with all of this stuff. Most time it work with stress deadlock situations on my projects -). But i dont understand how are you meditate, how is it could help?

  2. I’m right there with you. I have to get outside and meditate every day. I like to meditate for one hour. It’s that last 15 minutes where complete peace settles down into me. When I’m more calm and peaceful, I get more done. I used to sit in front of the computer for 8, 10, 12 or more hours per day. Now I can’t. And you know what, money still comes in, same old things happen. It’s a choice. I realized I could respond slower to things and it would be ok. I’m surprised how easy it is to get glued to your computer and never go outside. I live on a beautiful mountain. And if I get obsessed with getting something done and do go out one day, I feel awful. I feel like a prisoner in my business and feel depressed. I had to learn to stop slave-driving myself. Now I go outside with a pad and pen and write ideas, plans, scripts, to do list and do stuff that I would have done inside on the computer. It’s all about choice………I loved your post, makes us realize we are all in the same boat. 🙂

  3. That is right, its good to keep it simple and do not try to push you self too hard. It works for me in the long tern. Thanks for great tips again.

  4. Thanks for this great post Jeff! I’ve just come off a 1.5 week product creation period (long days & erratic sleep patterns) & am heading out the door in an hour for some sunshine and oxygen. Your post was perfect timing and the extra tipping point to get me moving!

    It’s so easy to get caught up in the business 24/7, even though I love & miss the outdoors.

    Meditation helps me stay centered too if I’m indoors for extended periods of time.

    Another thing to pay attention to is proper nutrition. This has been a learning process for me – when I get in the zone I often forget to eat regular meals. This past week, I made a conscious effort to eat nutritious, brain-nourishing food and it made a ton of difference to my centeredness and productivity, ‘cos I wasn’t distracted by my growling tummy 🙂

    • @Maya: I absolutely agree… nutrition and hydration are really important! I only covered a few of my strategies in this video, but those two are right up there near the top of the list.

  5. Awesome and timely.
    I invest 40 minutes in yoga, breathing, and meditation each morning.
    When my day turns to chaos (which inevitably happens)…
    I sit, breathe, and surrender into the moment.

    The strangest things happen, and the universe provides opportunities that I didn’t see before in the chaos.

    I also find swimming really helps. There is something magical about putting my head under water for a while that really helps to clear out the cobwebs and allow me to reconnect with the mysteries of the life.

  6. I’ve found that it’s vital to ‘live on the page’ (er, Evernote now).

    I wallowed for years trying to juggle tasks in my head with the occasional purge onto a to do list, and found it ultimately just too stressful. As soon as I began putting everything onto systematic lists and a schedule it was smooth sailing.

    No more hand wringing over what to next, no more amorphous stress blob of undefined goals and tasks, and surprisingly, more free time!

    And sleep. Gotta get good sleep in a good environment…

  7. Arturo Monge


    Hi, Jeff,

    I’ve been working like crazy for quite a while now, juggling two businesses I’m working on, while learning more and more on how to become a better marketer in my business. About a year and a half ago, I had to work between 12 to 20 hours per day, 7 days a week, for almost 6 months. Craziest time of my life… So I can relate to being totally off my game after working too hard for too long.

    I appreciate you telling us in the video that we should forgive ourselves, as I think this is a big part of being able to get back on track again. The first thing I do when I recognize that I’m not being as productive as I could be, is telling myself that even though I need to finish a million things before the day is over, the best thing I can do for me and my business is to just stop working for a while. I used to feel guilty about this, but I don’t anymore, as I have been able to recognize how that time actually helps me get way better results down the road.

    And what do I do? I play the piano (I’m not that much of a player, but just sitting there for a while practicing makes me forget about everything else, it’s like travelling to a different dimension), or I take sometime to read a book, learn something new, or sometimes I just tell my wife we should go out for a while, and we go have an unplanned date, :). I also try to exercise consistently, as it goes a long way in helping me keep the stress levels down.

    Thanks for the video!

    Best regards,

    • @Arturo: it sounds like your piano playing is about on par with my guitar playing 🙂 .

      And I agree… playing music can quickly carry me away to another place, and when I come back I’m almost always incredibly recharged.

  8. Thanks, Jeff! Your authenticity is refreshing! I totally agree that when you’re in a funk it’s hard to remember how to get back on track.

    My strategies are similar to yours: getting out in nature, exercise, healthy food, taking time to relax, positive thinking, reconnecting to my spirituality, listening to uplifting music, laughing regularly, talking to a good friend, crying when I need to cry, spending time with children, and etc. It does help to have a list that you can refer to when you’re down!

    Thanks for all that you do! Keep doing what you do so beautifully!

  9. Crazy how much we have in common Jeff.

    I’m in the middle of a multi-six figure launch of a new program, working crazy hours, but guess what I do every day:

    1- get out in nature (we live in the woods here in Oregon)
    2- get some exercise (I hike rather than run)
    3- meditate for 10 minutes

    And, not on your list…

    4- do a little yoga every morning

    Here’s to staying centered in the middle of all the craziness.


    • @Ryan: actually… a short daily yoga practice is part of my morning ritual. I just didn’t want to throw too many things into the video.

  10. I love this video, it resonates very much with who I am and who I want to become. Thank you for making it! By the way, excellent lighting and location! Looks awesome!

  11. Hi Jeff,
    loved your video, and sharing your story. I found I had to retire from teaching after
    33 years, because the stress was unbearable, and it was the best decision I have ever made. I decided to start my own business after being an artist all my life, and am
    looking forward to introducing my business at the Licensing 2013 Expo in Las Vegas
    later this month. I never hesitated on creating Blindspot Fine Arts, and my attitude
    was just do it! Take a risk, I will always be an artist.
    if you have time, check out my video on YouTube: search for Blindspot Fine Arts
    style trend guide.
    Music is always a stressbuster, walking my dog, swimming, and creating new art are all part of the package that keep me going.

  12. Jeff,
    Thanks for sharing that!!!
    Seems like everybody and their mom who is productive meditates. 🙂
    Oh, Would you mind sharing one your list with us?

    Ryan Moore

  13. Thank you for a great message – this is what I teach too.
    The human body is made for movement and the brain works better if we move when we think. It helps to stay focused and get great ides as you describe.

    I use Walk&Talk as a great tool when I want a good conversation. Gives three good things – good ideas, physical activity and fresh air all in one activity.

    Thank you / Annika

  14. Thanks for sharing Jeff, I just joined your community and like most people here…..we all seem to have very similar world class routines. I just want to say thank you for being my kind of leader 🙂



  15. So cool to see you’re a fellow meditating Coloradan, Jeff! I had just posted this info on a new study on my site before I got your email! This new study out of UC Santa Barbara should have us all meditating to help our businesses :).

    Thanks for all you share with us,


  16. I recognized that every state of nervosity, stress,
    anxiety, being out of focus etc. corresponds to an
    unsyncronized state of the brain hemispheres.
    Today this is often caused only by magnetic fields
    from microwaves ( cell phones, wifi), too much
    toxic materials and too less Vitamins, amino acids and Minerals.
    So i take a good portion of vitamins in the morning
    and listen to brain synrconizing music every time i feel i get out
    of the zone.
    thanks a lot for the video

  17. I try to do some of all of the above. Sometimes my intentions are better than my actions. The hardest part is always the cognitive stuff–the self-talk, the be-perfect driver. Sometimes just getting away from it through exercise , meditation or self-hypnosis works. Sometimes I’ve got to actually challenge the way I’m thinking about the situation. Usually something on the order of “what’s the worst that could happen if…” The other biggee for me is the “oh, what the hell, just do something” approach, which one of my clients labelled the “give a crap ( I cleaned that up 🙂 approach.

  18. @ Jeff: It doesn’t surprise me that yoga is also a part of your routine. Someday we need to connect about doing something together. My people would love your stuff, and vice versa. I’ve had couple nice chats with Jon but nothing tangible has come of it yet.

  19. Hey Jeff there’s a neumonic that Chopra introduced to me a long time ago that I use in my meditation classes CALM C= creativity A = attention span L = learning abilty M = memory retrieval all of these qualities are increased by daily meditation A could also stand for Affability which you exude and L could also stand for Lighten Up Best DB

  20. Thanks for sharing, Jeff. I enjoy your videos. Meditation also centers me….I also use EFT/tapping. Nature is a biggie for me, too. I just haven’t been doing much of it lately! I will recommit myself to doing practices that affirm my life.

  21. I so enjoy your videos Jeff….always timely and full of great information…both the video and the comments.

    I see the definitive “daily best practises” list so far as:

    1. getting outside
    2. exercise
    3. yoga
    4. meditation
    5. eating healthy, nutritious food
    6. proper hydration
    7. getting good sleep
    8. forgiveness
    9. being kind to myself
    10. playing music (or creating art)
    11. EFT/Tapping
    12. keeping lists on Evernote!

    Did I miss anything?

  22. Scott Pooch


    Nothing like a trail run to bring things back to center.
    One thing I “preach” is finding ways to build margin into your life – physically, emotionally, financially, etc. That way you have the resources available to overcome unexpected obstacles and to take advantage of unanticipated opportunities. The whole purpose is to build up capacity, use it as needed, and then rebuild again to a higher level. It’s the physiological principle of overcompensation applied across all areas of your life.
    That’s my philosophy.
    Thanks for the great post. Appreciate your contribution and authenticity.

  23. Jeff:

    As a recent convert to the Produce Launch Formula and a guy who is in process of developing my first product launch, I am inspired by your comments.

    Recently, a friend and colleague (a psychiatrist at Yale University) gave a TED talk about the impact of mindfulness (a type of meditation) … his work supports meditation helps to quiet a part of the brain called the Default Mode Network. This network begins to energize when we are involved in thinking about our thinking … when we are stewing over a problem or stuck in our thoughts about what we need (or should be doing) … when we quiet this part of the brain, we in a way become more able to be present in the moment.

    Really cool stuff and indicates that there is biology to the whole meditation (mindfulness) thing.



  24. I need to nurture myself on a dailybasis, in order to be my best self for others.
    Very powerful video with lots of truths.

  25. Diego Martinez


    I always go for a hike so I can relax and be in contact with Nature!

    Being grateful for all I am and have is a great strategy!

    Nice scenary! Where do you live? Why did you choose this place as the best place to live?

    Wonderful video Jeff! Thanks for sharing.

  26. G’day Jeff,

    I was poking around on Andy Jenkins blog yesterday and he talks about Evernote being the corner stone of his personal organisation as well. I’ve played with it a bit but don’t seem to share the same enthusiasm. I feel I’m missing something.

    Any chance you could do a short video showing us how you use Evernote for your day to day stuff?

    Thanks heaps, love the video’s. These candid ones out around your home are great.

  27. Hey Jeff
    Watching your video was a great start to the day. Fortunately I live a short 2 km run to the beach. I find that sitting on the shore line looking out to sea clears the mind. Maybe it’s the sound of the crashing waves, works similar to standing under the shower. For some reason that is when all the brilliant ideas come flooding in. Still waiting on a brilliant idea to improve my time management. Hmmm maybe that’s the problem, I’m waiting.

  28. I eat healthy homecooked meals. Especially I avoid foods such as sugar, dairy and white flour that can take me away from FEELING myself. I do Tai Chi Gong. I meditate. I garden. I try to be true to myself. I find that if I happen to say yes, where I should have said no, my focus immediately disperses and goes to what ever.

  29. Nice vidéo! This is true for a normal job too. Its always possible to find time for exercice or meditation. Exercice is essential but meditation can be really effective to keep focus and re center yourself on important things, and you don’t have to be an expert, just relax, seat and breathe. ..

  30. Charles Water


    hey Jeff as busy as you are I am flattered that you took the time to answer my question. Furthermore it is more important for all those who follow your plf system to understand that basics and thinking out of the box brings us closer to success. My question to you was actually based on a launch concept that I created that is coming to fruition in July. I could not have done this without your systems leadership as well as the leadership and support of two people that I have connected with because of you…Marc Evans and Larry Marc. Thanks

  31. Thanks, Jeff, for sharing your approach to personal effectiveness. I totally agree that you must live a balanced life to be effective. I also like being outdoors, taking a break from the action, even taking a power nap mid-afternoon. I also find that journaling helps me to stay focused as I reflect on what is going on andd what I want to accomplish going forward.
    Bob Moore, CMC The Effectiveness Guy.

  32. Hey Jeff,
    Great video about staying balanced. And, I love the background – in fact I’m really jealous but only because I love Colorado and keep living in Memphis. To show how great minds often connect – I had recently written a blog post on reducing stress levels in your life for business leaders and we match up pretty well.
    Here is the link to the post (I promise it is a real blog and no funny stuff)
    Take care and have a Great Week.

  33. Jeff, it is so hard to find real human beings these days and you , my friend, are one. I really enjoy everything you share with us. Thank you for your time and insights!

  34. Hey Jeff I was going to try and throw a blog post at you but I know you’re much to sharp for that, or are you?:) Love exercise and thank you for video.
    P.S. More shots around your pad, the greenery is truly amazing!

  35. Hi Jeff. Thanks for this bit. I too hit the exercise button, but that’s only when things get really bad, then I do an indoor workout. I’m always amazed at how great that feels and always wonder why I take soooo long to get there. Unfortunately I am a workaholic. Since I’ve become a shifter however, there is a consciousness that’s bringing the changes slowly and my family is starting to notice. So that’s good. I only got on board 6 weeks ago and my life has not been the same since.

  36. Thank you for this video, Jeff. A few months ago, I gave myself “permission” to do some of things that you talk about your video. I personally use going for a walk, a hike, a bike ride, or doing some sewing or artwork as my means of de-stressing during the workday. I also am someone who has to spend as much time as possible outside and have set up a workstation on my back deck (although here in North Carolina, sitting out on the back deck in July and August isn’t much fun.) I have found that this “de-stressing” time is vital to my health and productivity.

  37. I stop reflect and learn to release that which I am attached to that doesn’t serve me. I get distracted because I am hooked on something that I can’t stop repeating so I stop and reflect on how this thought, idea, or action is serving me. If it is not serving me, I learn to let go and come back to my innerself to bring inner peace. When I am in peace, I am centered. Angelica

  38. Jeff,
    While in the middle of watching your video, it occurred to me how timely it is, in several ways. As you note, most anyone who is visiting your blog, and watching your videos, is likely to be the kind of person who can use the reminders provided in the video. It certainly applies to me as I have a strong inclination to be hard on myself if I’m not ‘at it’ almost ALL the time! Thanks for being such a genuine person and humble advisor. I admire how you do things Jeff. Thanks.

  39. Hi Jeff – love this vlog – I just went through this scenario a few weeks ago – I was burned out from work (still work full-time, growing my business part-time) and also burned out from spending all my spare time working on my business, plus I was staying up late, not eating properly, not getting exercise. I took a week off from both – whew – and coming back to work this week have put together what I call my vibrant energy plan – things that I am going to do on a daily/weekly basis to stay vibrant, energetic to accomplish all my goals. Items on my list are – vitamins, water, meditation, exercise, relaxation, me time, things that bring me joy AND a list of things that can get me back to center.

  40. Hi Jeff,

    Those 3, exercise,meditation and getting outside my main coping strategies. I like the Evernote idea.

    What do you do when you have something come up in life that hi-jacks your focus and as a result, it gets tough to focus on the tasks that you want to get done in your business? This is something I’m struggling with at the moment.

  41. Doug Greene


    Yep … E X E R C I S E !!! When I lived rural communities I’d head for the hills and go trail running, cross country skiing or mountain biking. Now that I’m in a city I head for the gym or the pool. But the gym isn’t nearly the same as being in nature, and that’s something both my partner and I realized we need.

    So we’re leaving the city next month and moving to the California foothills. We’ll have some great hiking right out our backdoor (much like you apparently do), and lake kayaking is just 12 minutes away.

  42. Denise Antoon


    Thank you for the reminder about exercise and being outdoors. I always let that go when I am working with 2-3 hours a sleep a night. It is a hard habit that I need to break. Raising two toddlers alone, building a business and still working my previous job at times takes a toll on the sleep aspect. It is so important though and keeps coming up over and over for me that I will be more focused if I sleep better. Thanks again!

  43. Thanks Jeff. I did Ashtanga Yoga for the last couple of years but it was flaring my RSI (repetitive strain injury) and hip problem so I’ve taken up swimming which I highly recommend. A great workout and 100% offline. I kept it up during Experts Academy, swimming each lunchtime at the hotel pool. Glad to see the PLF Live venue has two swimming pools! My two other strategies are nutrition – all organic whole food (often pack my own food for conferences), and Feldenkrais, a system of small body movements that make my body feel good and help me sleep.

  44. yep as usual I agree with you Jeff and I head out to the beach with my two dogs.I live right beside the Atlantic Ocean so the positive ions bouncing off the sea usually blow away the cobwebs and clear my head and detox the lungs!Fresh Air is the best medicine and FREE which is a definite bonus,Thanks for all lovely to hear you and looking forward to AZ in October 13

  45. As always you laid down some great information there. I plan on learning meditation once I get to Chaing Mai in Thailand in the next couple of weeks. Shall let you know how I get on.

  46. My mom had a stroke over the weekend. She’s doing OK but is now half blind. Just another reminder that life as you know it can change in a split second (it literally did for her). To those reading, stop putting off until tomorrow what you can do today! (And that doesn’t necessarily mean all the little tasks required to run your business, but also drop all that stuff and get outside and give yourself time to recharge, refocus and decide to work on what really matters and set aside what doesn’t).

    Jeff, I use the same strategies as you — nothing re-energizes me and fuels creative spirit, productivity and quality DIRECTION like getting outside for a walk alone or with the dogs, hopping on the bike, or sitting to meditate in silence for a period of time. I really enjoy doing this outside in nature (at a lake, in the forest, at a park, on the beach) but in the city it can have a different type of effect too – just requires a little more strength to shut out the external environment that has a tendency to monopolize the direction of one’s thoughts.

    As time goes on, I find myself doing less and less “busy work” and taking more and more time for “Me”. It was an interesting transition. Since doing this I am earning more and “working” less. In my mind, I’m “working” all the time, always thinking about creative ideas and creative solutions to issues, as well as how to best communicate with members of my teams. When I’m out and about I allow my mind to silence, think about other things (the simple things in life, “Stop and smell the roses” as they say) and then also let a portion be dedicated towards thinking outside the box about whatever might be happening at the moment. Like you said, if you need the answer to something, it usually comes during this time.

    While out and about it’s always nice to have an audiobook playing in my ears for a portion of the time. Absorbing advice and life strategies from a “Virtual Mentor”.

    Life’s expiration date is unpredictable and I think this is an important strategy to put to use every day. It fuels one’s physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and also allows one’s purpose to be more actively fulfilled.

  47. Phil Taylor



    Great and timely video. I’m super busy right now and when I hit a low point I stop, go give my wife and young son a great big hug and tell them I love them. It’s important to be grateful for the people who are in your life and tell them why they matter. This always fuels me up to keep me going.

    Thank you for doing what you do. It is making a huge difference!


  48. Thanks Jeff. I know what you say is true. Taking time for yourself to re-energize is really important. But it is hard for me to stop what I’m doing, get up and get out. I find myself in a “zone” where I just keep on working… I have tried setting alarms to go off every half hour or so… but then I ignore them, hit the snooze and keep on working… always afraid to relax… is this nuts or what!!!!
    In anycase… it’s time I took your advice. Thanks for sharing it.

  49. I run my business based on the book by Rick Warren called Purpose Driven Church. Forbes magazine called it the best business book ever written. Just change the word Church to the business.

    • @Steven: that’s the second time I’ve read a reference to “The Purpose Driven Church” in that context in the last couple of days… I’m going to have to check it out.

  50. Thanks Jeff for these reminders. These three (meditation, outdoors, and exercise) are my main medicine. So often forget and think no time, but these create time, plus gets back to my purpose. The other two I’d mention is good nutrition, especially brain food (fish oil, vitamin B complex and D), and if really overwhelmed, tapping. Cheers.

  51. Many thanks, Jeff.

    It’s great to hear that when you invest in yourself you are able to be more productive. Investing in your physical, mental and spiritual health provides multiple return.


  52. Hey, Jeff! So happy to see you wearing the t-shirt I got you in Lake Louise. It looks great on video (as do you!). I’m really enjoying these videos you’ve been doing lately where you’re out in nature or in the house etc.

    Since you don’t need the famous whiteboard background from PLF training, this allows us to experience and feel connected to your world. And clearly your world includes nature. Nothing refreshes my spirit more than connecting to water, trees and the soil. We’ve even turned our family farm into an Animal and Nature Preserve. The idea is to preserve 160 acres of the planet forever.

  53. Hi Jeff

    Thank you very much. I totally agree with those ways of staying centered. I use them myself for awhile now and get great results.
    I recently started to practice yoga first thing in the morning. I have a DVD by Rodney Yee and I recommend him. It really gives me a boost in the morning, especially if I had a difficult night and didn’t sleep well.
    I also use deep breathing. Just taking 10 deep breathing once in a while during the day is very refreshing and helpful.

  54. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for the video. We’re all stressed these days. Your video is a great reminder to focus on the important things in life. As a mom, productivity coach, author and radio show host, I use all of your great strategies plus a few more as I need them. The additional ways I stay centered and productive are to:
    1. Set an intention each day out loud for what I want to accomplish. (This is my overall plan for the day.)
    2. Have 1-3 goals a day, no more. Once I complete these, if I have time, I can take on another project.
    3. Do the most important work first thing each day so I know I accomplished something if time goes against me. (This means not doing email or social media until later on.)
    4. Keep my mind focused on my goals, which means creating the right environment to work while minimizing distractions and interruptions.
    5. Celebrate successes with gratitude. I focus on what went right, what I can learn from my mistakes and the actions I can take to keep moving forward instead of having regrets, beating myself up and always looking backward. Hope these ideas help someone who’s challenged by not having enough time to get it all done. Thanks for your genuine sincerity.

  55. Hello Jeff,
    Thanks always for your inspiring videos 😀
    Walking into the nature ; I have the chance to leave in a little village in France where Green woods and blue sky join themselves around the snowy mountains
    Meditation is also a great experience each day helping taking decision and more often letting them coming to me in the silence
    My cats are also a great source of inspiration in their slowness and their speed in action… and the tenderness too 😀
    Waiting your next video….

  56. Great video Jeff. I definately make a point to exercise for 30 minutes per day, preferably high intensity. Then I do a lovely 10-15 stretch session.
    It’s a real stress reliever and I can think more clearly!

  57. Hi Jeff,
    What an incredible talk with simple yet very very powerful strategies. I liked the idea of meditation and working out the most. Whenever I do that, I feel great as well and your strategies are one more reinforcement of the fact that these techniques do work wonders!
    Thank you!

  58. Hello Jeff,

    Nice video. Yes, meditation is definitely the most important point in keeping myself in the middle. It’s what you already said at the beginning of this video, we’re all kind of artists. And as you know artists can be pretty emotional if it comes to having things not in order.
    Usually what I do one I get up, I say to myself: “I’m glad that I’m still alive and that I can enjoy this beautiful new day, therefore I will do my up most best to make this day as successful as possible and be as positive as possible to myself and all other people around me”. This will always help me to ward of negative feelings and thinking.
    Also hope that when my music arranging blog is finally generating some money, I can follow one of your excellent courses.

    With kind regards,

  59. My go-to is meditation. I just wrote a book called Five Minute Meditation to help people meditate every day no matter how busy.

    Meditation + daily walk outside.

    Love your advice for giving permission to not be too hard on yourself. That is key.

    Thank you.

  60. joan haynes


    I totally agree with your methods of getting back on track. I do exercise, I do pray & plug into God & when I do these things everything works out fine. Also, solutions & insights just seem to pop-up out of nowhere.

    We are on the same page 🙂


  61. Hey Jeff, Great content, as usual. I am going to share this on my facebook page because this week my blog talked about goal setting and this fits so perfectly into staying on track with any goal. I know that setting goals can be really daunting to some people so sharing these grounding strategies is a huge asset to taking the scare out of achieving anything we set out to. These are the same tips I use to keep myself from falling into the trap of “having to be productive every minute of the day.” With five children at the center of my motivation for everything, staying connected with Mother Nature, practicing my own style of meditation and reflection, and releasing those natural good feeling endorphines truly make all the difference in my mental, spiritual and emotional health so that I can stay productive for my personal and my professional endeavors.
    Love & Light~

  62. One of my most successful strategies is to go for a long drive in the country. I live in an area were Wine Country, San Francisco, Santa Cruz are all just a short drive away.
    Also listening to music I love all types of music and each fit a different mood and give me endless inspiration, Jazz and Big Band Music are some of my favorites or watching an old black and white movie on Turner Classic Movies, some how it just takes me a way to another time and place and gives me a new perspective on life, also a walk on the beach, a hike and washing my car, these are some of my few successful actions I use to keep me fresh and inspired as a full time professional Artist this is vital!

  63. Gavin Gobby


    Hey Jeff,
    Thx for your video and message – always worth the time. Thx everyone – your great comments make interesting reading. From my experience (and story of struggle), I would add being mindful of addressing/including all parts to mobilize peak energy – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – and best in the form of a ritual.

  64. Hey Jeff,

    Your piece helped me recall this clip from Jeanette Armstrong that helps me stay centered.

    Cheers, Ken

  65. Mary De Alvia


    Hey Jeff, great comments. Like in my business building strategies, I’ve tried everything to get me out of ‘zombie’ mode when it comes to my business. I do meditate (usually ends up turning into a nap), run meridians (and other kinesiology) and as a personal trainer I also work out a lot on my own and with my clients. I eat good food to keep me clear and I don’t drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes.

    I feel ‘hollow’ to my core, I have no drive and I get a lot of head claustrophobia. Is there any other way to beat it?

  66. Jeff, this was really good stuff. It’s really easy to lose focus with so much stuff going around.. sometimes you do have to stop and smell the roses!

  67. I was feeling “off-track” and came back to this list. I used your video, the experiences of those in the comments, and my own experience to create my own master “Depression Reboot” list. Hopefully, some will find this useful.

    1. Get Outside
    2. Plenty of Sleep
    3. Exercise
    4. Prayer to Breakthrough
    5. Super-Hydrating
    6. Immediate Physical Labor
    7. Prayer of Thanksgiving
    8. Self-Love / Forgiveness
    9. Proper Nutrition
    10. Heart-Breathing or Breath-Walking
    11. Uplifting Music
    12. Incantations
    13. Self-Hypnosis Audio

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  69. Hi Jeff. Someone else I believe mentioned this already. I keep a daily journal (have for decades). Writing things out puts them into context. A key part of keeping a journal is looking back. For me, it’s the greatest tool for revitalization. I also nordic walk in the woods (those geeky poles) and do something approximating meditation (self-hypnosis/auto-suggestion). Cheers, Ian.

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