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Think of your dream goal for your yearly income… make it a really big goal. Now what would have to happen in your life to be able to GIVE that amount of money to your favorite charity or non-profit organization?

When I started out I just wanted to put food on the table, but over time I’ve created a far bigger vision of my success. Here’s what I mean…

Let me know what you think and leave me a comment below!

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69 Replies to “How to think bigger (the $100k story)”

  1. Awesome stuff mate. You’re an inspiration to me and someone I truly look up to. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you for helping me to see the bigger picture Jeff. Your story of building a school to educate 400 kids is inspiring and has broadened my horizons on what is possible with the power of a community with a passion to contribute to others!!

  3. Great video again as always ‘old Jeff’ 😉

    Inspirational just looking at where your at today from the days of ‘wanting to put food on the table’ – i need this also…

    Id also be looking into a 3rd world community and building schools/medical centres.

    All the best


  4. Thank you for your words Jeff. I was thrilled that you read and responded in a video to one of my comments a while back, thank you.
    I relate to much of what you say except for one thing. You and others encourage us marketers to think ahead, 10, 20 years or so but that would put me at 78 years of age. I do have goals and $100K per year is my goal, small change in internet marketing speak! I also have charities I dearly want to help out.
    However, the clock is ticking. I mention this because younger people such as yourself and much younger people cannot relate to my thinking about age and I know my thinking is not unique either. I do take a lot of action on a daily basis but I guess I just need to vent my thoughts. Thank you for your videos Jeff and there is no need to reply to my ramblings.
    All the best to you and your family.
    Steve Turton

    • Steve, I don’t think there’s a problem with venting. Your tone comes across as a bit impatient, but I may be perceiving you incorrectly.

      We’ve all got our struggles, but like Susan showed in a previous video, a lot can change in a single year – let alone ten. Some of my struggles have been the mirror image of your own stated issues – time. I’ve found it hard to be taken seriously at times by older people because I’m so much younger. But as you know, people can walk through life with blinders on and never gain the majority of the wisdom on offer.
      Conversely, we can be aware on our journey and glean much more than what initially meets the eye.

      As for the results you’re looking for, I would use your experience to your advantage. I don’t know anything about you, but that’s what I would hope to see. You clearly have experience and plenty of content to pull from for your story. Maybe instead of thinking of it as a disadvantage because time is running out, you can use it to position yourself in a way that someone like myself never could – or at least not for a long time.

      You may be an amazing internet marketer, but you also may just be getting started. I don’t think it matters much. Whatever you know, focus on that, then partner with someone else who can fill in the gaps. Use your team, and with your knowledge, experience, and expertise, I’m sure you can get to where you want to be with time to spare.

      The trouble is that the goal is always shifting. So I think the only way to do this in a healthy manner is to focus on the process. The process will make us or break us.

      Thanks for you input. It’s great to hear all sorts of perspectives.
      As for my words, you can take them or leave them, but they’re well-meaning regardless.

    • Maureen Wise


      Thank you once again Jeff; your casual, laid back style and your stories which come straight from the heart and from your own personal experiences, keep it real. Love your messages of growth and thinking big.
      Steve, as a person who will be 80 in 20 years, I can appreciate where you are coming from. I have started my new life’s journey from school teacher to coaching stressed out teachers 2 years ago and am loving the difference this is making in others’ lives and the ripple effect it produces. As far as age goes, it is merely a number… my mum is my inspiration as she still plays golf, drives her car and has a better social life than me and she is 92!
      As long as we are making a difference on this beautiful planet and leaving a legacy while getting out of our own way, we are successful. The destiny is not as important as the lessons we learn while on the journey. Living by Tony Robbins’ , Constant And Never-ending Improvement (CANI), we grow and live lives of fulfillment, joy and happiness. Here’s to your journey 🙂
      Brisbane, Australia

    • Steve,

      My father is 70 and we’re building his legacy with PLF style launches. Absolutely finding that next person to help you will be the key! Someone who absolutely loves the business and marketing side so you are free to fully drive your vision and reap the rewards. He wins because I’m his daughter so the trust is high but I’m sure you can find someone who would be thrilled to make your dreams come true.

      Best 🙂


  5. Ka-BAM! Right on! … I loved your yardstick ‘ladder’, starting with making more money and ending with making more impact… excellent! Thank you, Jeff!

  6. Jeff,

    I’ve followed you for a long time. I remember when you put the side ways sales letter on flip charts. I’ve always admired your character and your integrity of your advice. You deserve all that you’ve achieved. This video is one of the best I’ve seen from you. It really covers a lot of territory. Thanks and keep it coming.

  7. Thank you for another inspiring video, Jeff! It’s natural to aim higher as we achieve more, but many times we think it’s “wrong.” Not wrong at all! Aiming high is the way to make a true difference in the world!

  8. Fernando Colosimo


    Great idea jeff! Think big and make impact in the world. Thanks!,,

  9. Very inspirational. I’m very interested in charitable giving as well. I sponsor a child in Rwanda through Compassion Canada. And, I’m also at the place in my business where $100k a year looks like a huge goal.

    My business hasn’t been around for a year yet, and to date I’ve probably made about $600 or so. That’s gross, not profit, so really I’m still in the red.

    But I definitely have big dreams and goals, and I’m working hard to achieve them. Thanks Jeff, for the inspirational videos 🙂


  10. Greg Hammond


    Thanks for the reminder and great perspective in setting income goals for the future. I was thrilled to be part of your fundraising efforts at PLF Live 2014. I look forward to seeing some pictures of the school from your trip. Safe travels!

  11. I almost feel sheepish leaving comments that are so, “Wow! Amazing video!”

    The trouble is that’s how I feel about every video.

    I’m not kidding, Jeff, you resonate with me like nobody else. It’s also great to see that you’re telling people to think big while showing them what is possible. It shows people that this can be done, and that you’re someone who can help guide the way.
    Well, consider me in line and a loyal follower. I know you have plenty of “true fans” to maintain yourself indefinitely at this point, but perhaps I can be one to help you grow and expand your influence 🙂

  12. Another great video, Jeff!

    I really had never thought before of turning my income goal into a giving goal. What an incredible re-framing and focus shift.

    Thanks for all you do!


  13. Hey, Jeff–as always, a welcome note of inspiration, for me and others. Keep up the good work!

  14. Hi Jeff!

    Awesome video this week around.

    Thinking about money is important, our emotional relationship with it and how we go about permeating that relationship in other areas of our lives is a matter of high importance.

    A lot of people complain about being broke all the time, but there aren’t that many who do anything about it!!!

    If I was to sum your videos and all your effort in one word, it would be that it’s a “blessing” to those who don’t know where to look for answers or where to have a platform to get their voice heard.

    That’s very generous of you, and I hope that you’d keep making such wonderful videos in the years to come.

  15. Just love this one! I have been a therapist for 40 yrs. Now i’m moving my advice to the internet:) It’s always so good to hear it takes time! And being a therapist, it’s been really hard to get out of the mindset of people can’t afford a lot…Still working on my pricing! Thanks Jeff.

  16. Kelly Monroe


    Congrats, Jeff! What a true gift for young people for generations to come AND a wonderful accomplishment for your family. Teaching is a universal gift to all–students and teachers alike.

    I’ll be at my first PLF LIVE in October! I can’t to see what you’ve got planned for us to give and receive. Think big….and go bigger!!

    Safe travels for you and your wife,


  17. ive been on your list for a few years Jeff. Beautiful message. When you goals become bigger then yourself or even your family, that’s when it kicks in. I called that “it”, the servant leader. Blessings my friend and stay humble stay grounded.

    God Bless,


  18. Love this Jeff – and it was fun to be at PLF and see it happen. You did the fundraising in an upbeat way. It was even educational (about world need) and motivating.

    But you also demonstrated another business principle which we can all follow. You invited your best customers to take that journey with you by giving them an opportunity to give in the context of your work with them. In essence, you made World Teacher Aid a cross sell. If every company did that – the world would be a better place. I think your followers respected you (more and differently) because of the emphasis you placed on giving back at the event.

    Grateful for your wisdom,

    Jason Miles
    CEO of Liberty Jane Clothing & Sew Powerful
    (PLF Class of 2011)

  19. I loved the idea of a dual purpose to earning income to support oneself but a larger goal of helping humanity. I decided to target a local charity helping disadvantaged teens and help contribute both w/lecture/workshop and then to take a portion of my income to help as well. Inspiring!

  20. Hi Jeff, when you asked to image my highest income, I did that. But then to image I would spend that – whow, what a challenge! Ok, I will do my best – so I will see in 5 years.
    I am looking forward to be part of PLF live this year!

  21. This is inspiring, Jeff!

    We haven’t had the stellar success that I was imagining yet, but I’m still hopeful! it would feel amazing to have a BIG impact with our success. So cool.

  22. YES, I love the reminder to THINK BIG and believe it’s possible. One of the reasons I intend to create great material abundance in my life is so that I can share it in meaningful ways to help make the world a better place. Thanks, Jeff!

  23. I do like the big thinking toward a bigger purpose presented here – great stuff and inspirational.

    There is one omission, though (unless I missed it). Generosity is a lifestyle, regardless of how much one has currently. A very wise man once said, “One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much.” The reality is that most people who can’t find room to donate $100 won’t find it easier to donate $100K. If you are generous with what you have now, it will be second nature to be generous when/if the dream money comes in

    But again, thank you Jeff for lifting my perspective to what’s possible.

    • So true Peter. I beleive we have to be able to give from the little we have in our hands even from the first dollar for to be trusted with larger amounts that we shall give from. If we cannot give 10 % from the first dollar, how will we be able to give when we make 1 mill? I think that it will be difficult if we have not developed an faithfulness on doing this with the small amounts. That is why I think titing is God’s way of helping us gettting out of having a greedy heart, helping us not have love for money. Money is great, but we should not love it.

      But I love what Jeff share. Inspiring more to think bigger. Make more and give more. Great!

      • Reidun, well said, to not have a greedy heart, that is the point. When you have the generosity as a lifestyle, like Peter said, big things are possible.
        I can add, money should should not be your primary goal, and with your will power and the right mind-set, everything is possible.
        There is no real limitation to what you can achieve, if you understand the value of the money but you do not love it.

  24. Hi Jeff-
    I’m always thilled to see a new video from you in my inbox. I enjoy your great backgrounds:-) and to-the-point content. Thank you for often being just the boost I need to keep moving forward and working toward my dreams.

  25. Jeff,
    As always – an excellent video. This is probably one of my best of your videos because of what you shared – essentially think bigger and work towards living beyond yourself. Very Inspiring!
    Thank you!

  26. Jeff: Thanks for reminding us to think big not only for our business but for the world at large. I’m taking on the challenge. Who knows what amazing results this one video will create in the world!

  27. Thanks for sharing this video. 🙂 I like the idea to think big, and I have had big thoughts and set big goals for my business and income, not to earn so much for myself, becasue I do only need so much, but to be able to give away as much as possible to what God has put on my heart to help. And there is a huge need out there. I promised the Lord in 2005 to give a much higher percentage instead of 10 % when He helps me get out of debt. But I have after that seen that I long to help on many more levels around he world, special helping poor widows and enfants and therefore have a DESIRE TO EARN AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE for to be able to help as many as possible around the world. 🙂

  28. Great video, Jeff! I can’t agree more about sharing your success with others. I am just starting out but have already set a goal of a minimum of 10% of my profits to charity. I would love to increase that percentage in the future (a dream goal would be 50%!). Thank you.

  29. Você é” o cara, Jeff”!
    Transpira honestidade e verdade!
    Me traz inspiração e coragem, todos os domingos, quando recebo seus vídeos!
    Já começo a semana olhando para frente!
    Muito Obrigada por tudo !
    Minha eterna gratidão e amizade.

    You are ” the guy , Jeff !”
    Exudes honesty and truth !
    Brings me inspiration and courage, every Sunday , when I receive your videos !
    I am beginning the week looking forward to!
    Thank you for everything!
    My eternal gratitude and friendship!

    Lígia – Brasil

  30. James young


    Your video is very thought provoking and stimulating.
    I have been leading a project for the past five years whereby families and companies donate Aluminum Beverage Cans (UBC’s) and The proceeds are donated to my local Habitat for Humanity chapter. We have collected One Million cans and donated several thousand dollars. If I were to have a significant windfall through sales activity or other means would be my charity of choice.
    There are too many families on welfare and sometimes it is not their fault. One particular family thee mother has two beautiful daughters who are very young and deserve to have a more stable environment.
    I am also I’m the MLM industry and it will also be envolved however it can.
    James ‘The Canman’

  31. Thanks YET AGAIN. Thank you Jeff. Every time I watch one of your videos I am able to personalize the messages. I have just recognised that I have spent years telling students to look to the stars and yet I was muddling along in my life comfortable in my niche. Very happily. Life has kicked me up the butt in the last few years and as a result of reading your book and now in the latest PLF group I have a map and today I will make a specific destination. I have to walk my talk in relation to being clear on goals and then FINISH them. Once again, Thank you Marji.
    P.S. Today I am in the PLF classroom to work. If there was an Olympic competition on procrastination I would be the gold medal winner

  32. So refreshing to see someone take such a tangible step to giving back. Building a school is the most incredible investment you could have made in the lives of those kids in Kenya. I’m from Africa originally and in 2013 I embarked upon a three-month odyssey to raise money for a women’s clinic in Ethiopia. I ended up enjoying the giving part of it waaaaay more than the adventure!
    Thanks for reminding us all how important it is to give. Your excitement about the school is palpable and infectious.

  33. Hi Jeff, Awesome as always. It is interesting but I give so much away I have neglected to get my own storehouse full. I better look at getting a bit more balance in my world.

    Let me know when your free for a cuppa 🙂

    Great job!!

  34. Thanks for the inspiration! I have always set goals and firmly believe in manifesting my destiny. Always great to start the week with a reminder of how important that is.

  35. Jeff, Thank you for another wonderful video full of insight. I’m an American who has lived and had her business in Germany for over 25 years. This week I’m in Macedonia working with young women to prepare themselves for a life of leadership under the auspices of Soroptimist International. I’m in the process of starting an onine business, am currently reading your book Launch and have never been more motivated to move forward to make sure that I can do as much good in the world as I can. Thank you for your contribution and helping keep me and many others on the track. Sincerely, Rhonda

  36. Hello Jeff! I met you briefly when you were at your workshop. I am trying to get a product on the market that’s geared towards children products so I have been using your book as my Bible (along with the 4 C’s). I am having a hard time building up my list. I have been getting on blogs and forums to try to create a list but am having difficulty. Are there any particular videos you think I should watch? Thank you for your advice!

  37. Jeff, I am very pleased that you addressed philanthropy. Too often I see the upper echelon of IM folks talk just about making money, spending money, but almost never giving away money. So congratulations. Well done!

    I give you a B-.

    Jeff you could have done so much more, and I expect more of you in the future. Rather than the homey “what if you gave to charity…” approach, how about being a little bolder. How about, “Look. You really need to support your favorite non-profit. Giving is important, and I don’t want my customers of PLF to think that making money is the end goal. The Goal should be to have an impact. So I want each of you to give some careful consideration to how you can dramatically help the world you live in by giving to charity.”

    Then, I want you in a blog to challenge some of your contemporaries to do the same. I want you to get Ryan to run a fund raiser at T&C next year. I want you to get Eben and Frank to do something dramatic. I want you to challenge each of those guys to think big and stand up strong and give away $1M each!

    I want you to look at and think of ways that you can do something similar in the IM space.

    Jeff, you have an opportunity to do something dramatic. Congratulations on the school in Kenya. But to quote one of my fav Internet Marketers…. you gotta think BIG!

    Warm Regards,
    John Marsland

    P.S. Don’t let us down Jeff. Think Big!

  38. If you’re watching Jeff for the first time, you may think “Is this guy really as honest and giving as he appears?” Well, I’ve spent a lot of time with Jeff over the last 5 years (we belong to the same quarterly program) and i can tell you that he’s even more inspirational in person! See you soon, Jeff and keep doing your thing! Norman Hallett

  39. This is so cool Jeff! And guess what? You are coming home! Home in the sense that Kenya is my home. Karibu nyumbani! (Swahili for “Welcome home!”).

    It would be such a privilege to connect with you when you are here after nearly 2 years of engaging with your blog, videos and inspiration. And “Launch” (your book) got me moving in the right direction. I will soon launch my first online course. Thanks for your prodding, continuous reminders and living the example.

    Great job and can’t wait 🙂

      • Karibu sana Jeff! Reading through the comments, I noticed your mention that the school you are supporting is in Subukia. That is about 30 minutes drives from my parent’s home (where I grew up)! I now reside in Nairobi. Do let me know if we can catch a cup of Kenyan coffee when you are in Nairobi 🙂

  40. I want to make $1 million per year. That’s not a next step for me – but a BIG goal. Because how cool would it be to give away $1.2 million to a worthy cause? 🙂

    I’ve been up and down in my career, and about a month ago I took the plunge into Product Launch Formula. It was a lot of money for me to drop on an online course (I’ve never bought an info product that expensive before EVER!). But it’s changed my life in just a month.

    Jeff – you’ve been someone that I look to who helps me raise my game. Someone else I discovered via PLF was Ryan Lavesque – Mark and Donna suggested I read his book Ask and boy am I glad that I did! I see “survey funnels” becoming a regular part of my launches.

    And let me just finish by saying how fast these tactics can be used. Within my first month of PLF I did what I call a pre-pre-PRE-launch among my social network to get funding for one of my new projects called “Hope Magnet” (12 Step Recovery for All). It started slow, but then I adjusted my tactics PLF style and made $2500+ in 5 days … that P3-Launch paid for my PLF course (and it’s still going)!

    I’m at the point now where I’m building my list for this and a few other products – dabbling in some seed launch ideas – but looking at the people ahead of me and modeling what they do has been an INVALUABLE part of my experience. Thank you and I hope that someday I can give away a million dollars. 🙂

  41. Jeff,

    That was an AWESOME video. Thank you for that inspiration and idea for a goal. And also the insight into the process. I forget sometimes to take the smaller steps and have those seemingly smaller goal of doubling lists etc. But I also love this idea of having so much abundance, creating so much abundance that we can have huge impact as a result of our progress. Thanks.

  42. Hi Jeff
    Thank you so much. I have a private speech and language therapy practice in the UK which has a massive impact on people’s lives and enormous scope for growth but because, as a profession as a whole, we don’t value ourselves enough, money is a big issue. Some of us are trying to turn this around but it’s hard work. This was a refreshing view and much needed

  43. Thank you Jeff !

    I’ve been in Kenya last December and January, and I visited schools, handing books and stationary which I bought using donated money through a crowdfunding campaign.
    I found my passion in there ! The true happiness and gratitude of a child !
    It’s the perfect resemblance of any God within us.

    Since I got home I’ve been planning to build a non-profit organization in countries like Kenya.
    And one of the ingredients is earning as much as I can, so I can be a big help =)

    Your email just reminded me on this, thank you 😉
    And thank you for helping them !

  44. Truly Inspirational ,

    I always love your videos , Bright Smile on your face and the wisdom you share.

    Thanks for being so true and Inspirational.

  45. Awesome Jeff.
    Thanks for your contribution to Kenya and to Education. I am inspired by this.
    Where in Kenya is the school? I ask because am a resident in Kenya and an invite as you tour would be great.
    Karibu Kenya – Welcome to Kenya.

  46. Jeff,

    Keep sharing that life is far more than “show me the money”. $ are just a tool, no different than our smart phone and laptop. It allows us to envision our lives in meaningful and purposeful ways, build meaningful relationships and IMO give, share and serve.

    How each of us accomplishes that is personal but a man or woman who has become a “success” and they will more times than not speak to what they have invested themselves in their greatest success.

    You have and will continue to make a difference in the lives of others.

    Good stuff!

  47. Hi Jeff,
    YOU are the model I needed to hear from today to get inspired. I’ve been hiding in the shadows with my dream to be an authentic teacher, adult educator, holistic life mentor, etc. I keep chasing shiny objects not knowing where to start. And, today, I was watching a video on getting clear on the What and the Why as my drivers to move me forward with a vision. Then, I opened my email and watched your video. How Timely! You see, my big heart-centred, soul-inspired dream (not so private now that I’m posting it here 😉 is to build my own community like you did so I can be the channel to raise enough money to help the grandmothers in Africa who are left to raise the little ones left behind by their adult children who died of Aids or any other plight. As a mom, my heart breaks for the grandmas and the kids. I’d love to use my adult ed training to create life skills programs / raise awareness to help the communities rebuild and raise healthy, educated, and empowered children. Amen to you – You are a wonderful and inspiring example of you can only help others once you help yourself.
    Thanks for sharing your story!

  48. Having gone as a guest of Russell Brunson to Kenya in 2012, I am sure you had one of the most rewarding experiences of your life with World Teacher Aid. My goals and visions are to be able to do that myself in the future and keep giving back to those who need it. Looking forward to your videos and thoughts upon your return.

    Dave Gardner

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