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Here’s another guest appearance by Dean Jackson, sharing how you can get your projects done more quickly and with a LOT less effort…

The big takeaways:

  • The first question you should ask yourself when you hear a new idea for your business.
  • A time-wasting trap most entrepreneurs fall into… and how to avoid it.
  • How to get more stuff done in less time.

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47 Replies to “Going From Idea… To Done”

  1. Anthony Fernandez


    Thank you for sharing the power of mentorship and leveraging as a multiplier in an entrepreneurs life. More power and God bless!

  2. Connect with your why, how and what. collaborate; the who to leverage your idea and exposure… Then capitalize; mentally, emotionally and financially.

    Great insight… My brain was just levareged to the hilt with the “who.” Thanks Jeff!

  3. Amazing!! You guys blew me off countless hours of blank mindedness just trying to figure out how to to plan my idea. Thanks so much! Looking forward to the series

  4. This message from Dean totally resonates with me, right where I’m at today. Thank you!
    Opportunities are here and I’m overwhelmed at the moment because I always work ton the “how” all by myself. I have been contemplating the “who” and seeking creative/collaborative and affordable ways to make that happen.

  5. As a head hunter for 15 years, I agree entirely. You can teach some of the skills but you can’t teach the attitude that fits the culture . You need to hire people who share your values and vision.

  6. Love it! Delicious! “The right WHO will bring the HOW with them“! I’d recently decided to outsource after having done it ALL myself for 19 years, and it was initially a hard concept to contemplate, but not anymore! This video acted as the cement of my new foundational paradigm! Brilliantly clear! Thanks, Jeff and Dean!

  7. Powerful stuff. Also gives us a chance to focus on our strengths. Just because I’m able (proficient) at doing something doesn’t mean that I should be the one who does it. This was a tough lesson for me to learn.

  8. I think there is a catch here in outsourcing.
    You have to know what you want and I think jumping into The Who immediately without making your own thoughts can be leading to a who doing good things that you really don‘t need.
    Outsourcing is not just finding The Who but more. It is an art in itself.

  9. Fantastic! I’ve been looking for leverage without knowing what it truly was, in the big picture. Thank-you 🙂

  10. “Who” vs “How”. Great! Sounds like the “owl” vs my childhood “Indian”

  11. Perfect timing after checking out someone who can do what I need, much quicker and better than I can because it’s what they do all day!

  12. Erica,
    It‘s the right thing to do but remain in control.
    It is like hiring a good driver to take you as quick and as safe as possible from A to B.
    It is wise to have a controlling eye on the road map that you set and can read.

  13. Perfect timing for me on this. I’m developing some “quick courses” on niche copywriting topics for speakers/coaches and I fell right into the “how” do I set it up? trap. Now I know I need to “who” can set it up for me so I can focus on what I do best. Thanks!

  14. Hi!…
    Always on board for moving forward. My interest in you and yours is I am an idea’s person, very resourceful. Can’t spell so well sometimes but i am a think outside the box kid-of gal. I don’t want to go too much into detail however I soon to be we yet it’s up to me to complete am going to Build. Retreat for Single Parents In Recovery. Breaking Cycles of Abuse – physical, mental, drugs or Alcohol. 1 year program for Male or
    Female with their Children. This is my year 2018

  15. This so much resonates with me and where I am. All the greats started with a who. Even Jeff started with that partner….collaboration. i actually asked him once where he thought he’d be if it weren’t for that initial partner, but I didn’t hear back. This is not what I see as outsourcing, as in hiring helpers . Rather this is giving up some control, credit, money in order to get your idea moving bigger, faster, better. I see lots of people stuck because they don’t want to give up control, credit, money….when all the greats have done the opposite. Seems like we get so attached to our idea that we don’t want to share the glory…..or something like that. I’m tired of dreaming and learning and taking my small action steps that bring just small results. I need a business partner to match my energy and that is tired of the same. I need a WHO! Love this message that speaks to the power of collaboration.

    • Yes, I saw Russell Brusson say he originally wasn’t going to give up anything for click funnels, but after his company down sized from 100 to 20 for the 2cd time and his funnel guy said, either ,I get a partnership or i do my own thing. Russell caved and said yes. I saw another video ,where this partner sent over what he had done and it was so much better than what Russell and his other guy did. I think that’s why he gave in.Long story short, now Russell has a company moving towards the 100 million in sales mark. He has 5 partners and 100 employees . think a million per yr per employee. So i’m copying Russell’s idea in my next venture. ///i don’t need to invent the wheel, just make mine different.

  16. Thanks for this message! I’ve found my way to the “Who” question recently because I’ve been in this trap too many times and projects fizzle out because the HOW takes too long alone. 10 months ago I made my first hire and have been amazed at how freeing AND profitable it has been, now I am in the thick of a new “WHAT” and started down the “HOW” road but this week I had this same epiphany…WHO can do this for me? The results happen faster when you get it done sooner!

  17. Brilliant! The word delegation comes to mind. You don’t have to “do” when you know someone “who” can do the job you’re probably not supposed to do, especially if it’s not your specialty. This way you can focus on what you “do” best. Love it!

  18. Awesome, love the happy guy and the happy cow,
    Who is not asking how, but who. it’snot easy to find that who person though. But they say life is not meant to be easy,right?

  19. Ok ,I’m sitting here tired and clicked onto this to see if there is ant inspiration. Mind blown, he just said so much in this short clip. This literally is life changing stuff. Think Steve Jobs without wasiach ,no apple I guarantee. I just got 80% through learning a super deep dive into ranking the 3 pack will lead me to organically ranking my main site and at least 20-30 3 pack. I felt this was important as I’m branching off from my roofing business to start a media business ranking other roofing companies and managing their ppc. I found two other companies to manage the ppc, but i tried out 8. So I know what needs to be done and how, but I didn’t put the time to learn and split test. But I reached out to two guys who did. Know ,I had already found some guys who can rank people in the 3 pack and affordably. But i found another guy who can dominate , but pricey. My training showed me how to dominate and do it cheaper by hiring and training my own guy. In fact, I’m paying him right now to go through the course and next week together. We are doing the work to explode my site. So ,in this case I’m doing part of the work, but it’s mostly writing Articles and directing him and identifying keywords. Once done ,this should give me a steady flow of almost FREE leads organically. Now in case, I will say, It is good to have a skill set so you can be valuable to the process. Now when I launch my webinar, I can talk with authority not only about the roofing business, but about ranking in the 3 pack and managing their ppc. In fact, I can use this concept to tell them, they have enough on their plate making sure they sell the jobs, manage the builds, manage the crews, insurance, collections. How they need someone who can handle this for them. My motto for 2018 is to delegate as much as possible so I have my brain time left to figure out the most profitable things. It’s easy to get sweeped up into all the new things. But ,you can’t do all the new things because of friction. It’s too hard and saps your energy. Look affiliate marketing, shopify, amazon, bitcoin, altcoin, webinars. I’ve got to maintain a certain amount of sales in my roofing to grow my cashflow in a positive way, but at the same time, i’m sacrificing some of my sales to focus on my media business. They say ,you have to be all in, that’s true, but if your not single and shaking up with your parents or friends. That’s bullshit. You have the 4 laws, safety, shelter, food and provision and companionship. Once those are meet, you can pursue your higher calling . I break down my progress by agreeing to spend a certain amount of time accomplishing the task at hand till it’s complete. It make ideally take a week, but most likely life gets in the way and it takes 3 weeks.
    I learned by being realistic with yourself .You give your self wins for progressing. Even today, is my re charge day, that’s why I can sit here writing this post. It’s practice for my own copy, my own you tube video’s. Try it, you want to do something, start practicing. I go around talking my pitch and even filming myself before i post it. Why, for practice. What have you ever done without practice, walking talking, eating, reading, etc. This message is genius, you be the hub and connect the spokes, tell them your vision for youe idea. Every vision needs a spokes person. I’ve decided to be the spokes person. The spokes person has the most fun, get’s the most credit and makes the most money. And he away, has the easiest job. You have to be willing to be on stage, get up and work, but it’s worth it. Thanks, Jeff, I needed this.

  20. Ok..great….looks like most of the comments are wonderful people confirming in their own words which was just taught.

    So…I’m going to assume (ya, I Know) that the next training is kinda back to the “How”…”How To Find And Hire Your First ‘Who” With No Money.”

  21. Good stuff. I love the idea of finding “who’s” to help you grow your business.

    I have successfully done this with my previous local business but have found it quite difficult to do with an online company.

    I have come across many “who’s” and have tried to tempt them to collaborate with me but have found that the “who’s” with the knowledge to help are too busy working towards building their own dream. I’m essence I’d have to hire them.

    I’m going to look at my WHY and see if I can portray this better to them so it becomes “our dream” instead of just “my dream.

    But you are right about this…. learning and doing it all on your own is a HUGE time suck.

    I’d LOVE to build a team and cover ground much faster, I have almost given up on this route but because of this video I may go back to it.

  22. So simple. I made a nice flow chart of notes from this video. Thank you, Jeff and Dean. Of course, you have to have confidence that the value will be greater than the financial outlay to get the “who” involved.

  23. Thanks Dean and Jeff. I totally hear yah, but just wondering how you play the game of finding/sharing with your most aligned ‘who’ and not lose your concept to them, where they may already be in the position to run with it without you? I have an innovative retail garment that is perfect for active women that in its final development stages and would’ve or still would love a good-fit ‘who’ to be involved, but in retail its so easy to take an idea and copy so fast, that I could be left behind as not necessary and no legal protection on just an idea, really? I figured until I have a final prototype it probably isn’t worth sharing all about it yet.
    Would you agree?
    I’m planning this year to start with a PLF event then follow it with a Crowdfunding event. I have done all the work and mistakes in the last few years to get to this point, just like you said. A helping hand would’ve made things so much smoother, and still would be, but honestly it’s hard to know where to look, and who would be more aligned to my business culture and impact.
    Thanks guys!

  24. The best video ever! this is mind changing peace of advice! thanks a lot!

  25. Great video! Yes, most people look for how, that’s why online courses are doing so well. People undervalue the cost of doing it themselves, over connecting with people ‘who’ can implement and move the new idea forward quickly to ‘done’ for them. You really need to do your research and make sure you connect with the right ‘who’ to do the job for you though. Thanks!!

  26. Thank you Jeff , thank you dean, I really needed this guide cause I’m full of ideas. Now I can save a lot of time and money. I wish I knew this years ago.

  27. Good morning Jeff, good morning Donna
    thank you – this is such a “hug” for me. I always had great ideas and saw, when something needed to be done. I was named lazy and crazy because I immediately looked for support and collaboration for help and faster growth. Our new venture is starting with a “silent” partner and it is great. My partner was working in the field and ready to jump when my idea revealed. For the “who” I bought PLF and I learned so much and it gave me the courage to do which is difficult and new for me. We invested for getting a more professional set up: a media company – which is so good because I am not interested in studying the how to… and just yesterday I could find the bridge and my positioning. It is not about only online training, and making live training as a competitor-it is about integrating and blending different ways of learning. This was liberating that I don’t have to get in competition with the live trainings but in cooperation:-) I have to give up my worries to get copied and start making contact and collaborate with the best live trainings to get big faster. Thank you

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