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I'm an introvert, and I just spent three days on stage in front of 1,000 people… here's how I survived:

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45 Replies to “An Introvert On Stage (In Front of 1,000 People)”

  1. PLF Live was amazing! And I was amazed by your energy, life, genuineness, particularly knowing the need to recharge. I wasn’t able to take time to recharge myself, and am preparing to head to a big fiber show/market in just a few days, which will draw on my last bit of reserves. I appreciate your insights and advice here – very timely – which I will use this week and on my return (before heading out to my biggest and most exhausting event of the year!). Thank you Jeff, for all that you do, and the lives that you’ve changed (including mine). 🙂

    • What an amazing event Jeff! This was my first PLF live, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I just knew I had to come in as a sponge to absorb everything I could, and I knew I had to be open to meeting some amazing people. I accomplished both things! I completely understand that you needed to take time away to relax. It even took me a few days to feel like my normal self again! It is extremely difficult when you are introverted. But it was worth it 100 times over! I am communicating with some of those amazing people already, and we are setting up meeting times to help each other get moving. I created a vision board with notes of all of the great ideas I took home with me. I plan to use that to start putting them in my calendar. I am so excited to get ready for my first seed launch. Thank you so very much for everything you do for our fantastic community!

  2. I like you Jeff! You are an introvert on stage that are loved from the crowd with a touch of humbleness and great empathy.
    You have a specific accent that sometimes got me thinking “Oh, I just not got that word he say’s! In fact, I understood the essence of you and a part of your work. And you said it well, we always have a beginning! We make our confort zone by being ourselves. Mistakes appears but they are natural and they will be corrected in time.
    At this moment, I don’t need to correct my mistaken words in this text, only because words flow like your speech.
    Colorado seems beautiful with so much snow around. In my city, I saw it once in my life time when i was a teen. My Sky Fryday is making great walks around beaches on Saturday’s, that were spread around my country, when the sun is smiling brightly.

    Receive from me a friendly congratulations:)

  3. YES. Just watched the video twice as it resonated with me so much. Thank you so much for the reminder that taking INTENTIONAL rest is not a waste of time, instead it is essential for us introverts in order to recharge physically & perhaps even more mentally to be able to keep going after these kind of events. Would love more videos on this topic Jeff!! Keep up the good work. All the best from London.

  4. Love this, Jeff! I have my first 2-day event coming up in 2 weeks, and I was getting a little nervous about how to make everyone happy/meet expectations while honoring my need to recharge. You’ve inspired me to do what I know it’s best for me so I can deliver maximum value to the attendees!

  5. As you rightly say Jeff, as long as you are among friends or your ‘tribe’ you can be energized by lots of socially being ‘out there’-it is just that you need to be able to break off occasionally and re-charge. I always think we are a lot more complex as individuals than psychologists allow for with their categories! Well done by the way. I know as a musician and an introvert I can perform in public and get excited by it, but i really do need that re-charge time alone!

  6. I was at PLF live. It was a great event and the key takeaway was the fact that the formula is proven. After having spent 26 months creating a software, the stress level around “will this sell?” has been reduced dramatically. Now if it does not sell, I know I just need to go back and check the formula. Thanks Jeff!

  7. My two favorite people on internet video “on the planet” are you and Greg C!! Yes, you are both super genuine am not a PLF person!! I still watch you for my daily dose of common sense encouragement. Who knows, maybe if I keep watching I will add internet marketing to my stream of life activities!!

  8. Jeff you renew me with every video. As an introvert who is always putting it out there, this landed for me!! I just had my phone off and took 9 hours of bed rest after putting in a big event and too many meetings this week. It’s the first time I’ve gone for true renewal time so of course your video shows up now to support this!!
    As always, many thanks!!

  9. PLF Life was incredible! Readers not there have no idea how humble you are in your description of it!

  10. Hi Jeff! Loved the event, and this video amplifies the value you provided. I’ve been lucky enough to be on stage a bunch, and so I really appreciate your formula for maintaining balance and inner peace amidst the high energy events deliver. And honestly, these are techniques we should use in our everyday lives too! So with that said, it’s time for my daily meditation :). Joe Hudicka

  11. @jeff_walker: This was a great video! The part in the video I loved the most was when you talked about the need for “recharging” as an intention for your introvertedness after being onstage speking to others. Here’s a question though – how do you prepare to speak in front of others when your audience is not in your “tribe”? How do you menatlly prepare for such a situation? The reason I ask is because I am working to become a stand up comedian and I, too, am very introverted. What motivates me however is that I love to laugh and tell jokes or stories that make other people laugh. This is what I would do if I weren’t afraid of getting up there at an open mic and just doing it. Looking forward to your next video, and always enjoy watching the content you share every week.

  12. You are redefining an introvert! Introvert’s don’t normally feel comfortable doing what you do. However, you are proving that they can “get out there” with their message in spite of this and that a “tribe” helps build a support system to get there. So that’s my take. Very empowering but I am an extrovert. And getting out there and getting the confidence to LAUNCH is still difficult!

  13. Hey Jeff! Loved PLF live!!! Seriously motivated me and gave me the confidence to move forward. I appreciate your introvert side, being an introvert myself, and your authenticity. I also agree with being with your tribe. I met the nicest and most generous kind people and that made the event feel even more special. Rock On!

  14. Jeff, thank you. For everything.

    I was so pumped to join LaunchClub, connect with PLFFriends, and eventually sit on your front row and dance with you and your awesome tribe at the end. I was like OMG Jeff is asking us to come up and dance. So I had Dave go first and I followed him.

    But, then I almost couldn’t handle the transition home. If I just implement, then the transition after LaunchCon should be better.

    Thanks for everything.


  15. Awesome video, Jeff! This was my first PLF LIVE, and I’ll be back every year I can make it!

    Thanks for sharing your energy on stage, and for sharing your behind the scenes with us in this video. This past week I’ve been recovering from the physical travel (I drove from Denver to Phoenix) and the mental overload of all the amazing ideas I harvested from the event! It’s taking everything I have to allow myself to rest this weekend, “guilt-free” (I’m feeling like I should be working on big projects that have deadlines this week). So the reminder to take a “time out” is always a good one. Thanks for all you do, Jeff!

  16. I love how I always feel like you are talking just to me! ?
    Lots of super advice here fir us extroverts too!
    Thanks again, Jeff, fir everything!

    Nancy Christenson

  17. I laughed. I cried. It became a part of me. Gratitude, Namaste. I have much work to do bringing my gifts to the world. Thank you for lighting my fire and showing me how!

  18. Jeff thank you so much for clearing the way, Im also an introverted, Im growing fast as a speaker for women entrepreneur’s empowerment in Brazil, and I usually discharg a lot if energy while public speaking…my body suffers, so now Im more aware of what it takes to be fully present and well.

  19. I am an MBTI Master Practioner. I write and teach about Introversion and Extraversion. I LOVE this blog!! Can’t wait to tweet it out to my clients and tribe. THANK YOU for this message which can help so many Introverts. Blessings to you, with sincere thanks, Carol Linden, Flaming Extravert 😉

  20. PLF Live was so good. Lots of take aways in the presentations, but the main thing was meeting everyone else in the bars and restaurants. The “Tribe” is certainly the way, just seeing everyone who thinks the same and are doing such amazing things. And the whole buzz lasted a week afterwards! Jeff certainly did a fantastic job of making it so anyone could chat to anyone else and everyone was so friendly.

  21. What gave you energy was “restorative niches”. I got that term from Susan Cain’s book Quiet. I work with clients to schedule into their day activities that give them energy. For me, it is walking outside. I sometimes take client calls in the hollow outside my condo. I have a client who schedules drawing time into her day. When speaking a lot, like you described scheduling either down time (nap) or something that gives you energy like listening to music, reading a book,…..

    Restorative Niches!

  22. Thanks Jeff for being an example of what’s possible. Not only do you provide great value sharing your knowledge and experience, but you make me want to BE better. PLF Live was awesome!

  23. Had a blast at PLF Live and came out fired up and ready to do great things! Thanks for sharing so much Jeff!

  24. PLF Live was FANTASTIC! This was my first time and it was absolutely energizing and life changing. I learned much and feel like I can go through the PLF program and come out with a product. Also, I feel more confident that it will sell. My cousin and I came there on the last money we had and I am glad we did. Coming to an event like that boost your confidence and reassures that you are on the right track when you begin to doubt yourself. I still don’t feel like I have unraveled the total experience. Thanks for sharing your gift Jeff and for your humility. I can’t wait till the next PLF Live.

  25. Jeff, Loved being a part of LC and PLFLive! It’s great to be a part of your Tribe! Thanks for all you did and do to support us ongoing!

  26. PLF Live was epic and as an introvert I really admired how you got through it. Taking this all to heart. Thank you!

  27. Mark Lawton


    It was the first time for me at PLF Live 2016. I knew from the buzz that it was going to be good, but I had no idea just how good. It was a truly remarkable event delivered seamlessly by an outstanding team and led by Jeff. Jeff is a reassuringly genuine, honest and not “in your face” kind of guy who has mastered how to launch products and deserves his success.

  28. Hi Jeff, Thanks for another authentic, natural, advice-packed video!
    I was at PLF LIVE last week AND became a member of Launch Club! I’ve been working on my product for 18n months and now feel confident I have the support to take it to the next level and create the business and lifestyle i’ve been searching for!
    See you on the call tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Jeannie Long


    Super cool personal share and insights, thanks. Love the fact that people at the event “already know you” through your online videos, and the reminder that the audience is “like-minded” with you. Great tips for overcoming stage fright.

  30. I always self-identified as an introvert… But I had big dreams. Well before discovering my Spirit of St. Louis treasure chest. Then my unique story found me, and I had to decide to step up and out of my introvert self…and learn the tools of the extrovert. It took time. And it was anxiety causing. Seven years in toastmasters… And many years beyond that too. Most have no idea I’m an introvert now, and it was anything but easy.

    I was thus impressed with your effort and choreography at PLFlive Jeff. Great job, and great post. I just sent this to a introvert friend of mine.

  31. Hi Jeff. I was at PLF Live in Phoenix last October. I would have loved to come to the 2016 even but I was in the middle of my first launch (seed launch) and delivering my ecourse!! I’d love to come to the next PLF Live event – hopefully I’ll have a fabulously amazing case story to tell! I walked in to PLF Live an employee and walked out an entrepreneur. I’ve since left my day job and am pursuing my dreams. I never would have been brave enough to do ANY of it without PLF live. To say that event changed my life is an understatement. See you at PLF Live 2017!! Christine O’Leary, Australia

  32. It was great to see everyone at PLF Live again this year. Jeff, you and your team did a GREAT job making sure your tribe was well taken care of this year’s event.

    PLF Live 2016 had special significance for me. The intentionality of everyone there really made a deep impression. As others have mentioned, I too experienced tears of joy and connection not just once but multiple times with others in the PLF community.

    My top recommendation to anyone wondering whether they should come out next year: GO VIP!

    Loved the personal video this week. Keep ’em coming, Jeff. We’ll keep watching. ;^)


  33. Nice video jeff, but the things is how do I reach the people who resonate with me, how do I find them?

  34. Jeff, I think sharing this about yourself and also specifically about the time you take to recharge between sessions at PLF Live and other events. It also let’s people that attend your events understand more about how you function and why you aren’t out mingling between sessions, because everyone is always excited to catch you and meet you in the flesh. I think attendees can respect that you are focused on providing the best event for everyone and without your chance to recharge at those times, that might be a real challenge. As a fellow introvert, this was very valuable.

  35. Jeff,

    There’s so much gold in this video. As a reformed introvert I actually love being on stage now and host several events over the course of the year. One of my issues has been pacing myself before, during and after the event. After my multi-day events I often feel exhausted and need several down days afterward to recuperate. The only problem is that I’ve usually forgotten to block that out.

    So as I prepare my next 3 day event this year I’m sitting here thinking I’m going to have my massage therapist be on site and after the event i’m going to block out a full three days to recuperate.

    Thank you for this – I really appreciate it.

  36. Gregory Jay


    You’re able to recharge during and after the event, which was marvelous. You’ve got me wondering how you were charging up or recharging beforehand.

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