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If you’ve been in my world a while, you know what’s about to happen. If you haven’t… get ready for something amazing.

It’s almost time for the Launch Masterclass™ – my best free training that’s all about getting you launched in a big way.

Over a MILLION people have gone through this training since 2005. This year, we have a brand new plan, including something leading up to the Masterclass that’s sure to get you excited to launch.

Find out what it is – and how you can help make it even more awesome – in the video.

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59 Replies to “The Launch Masterclass is Coming Soon…”

  1. Craig Shoemaker


    Love to see studies on launching online courses for first time authors.

  2. I am interested in people that are just starting from scratch a coacing program

  3. I’m looking to create an online course teaching businesses how to locate and form a collaborative joint venture in order to grow much faster through partnering with a complimentary business.

  4. Frank Stuart


    Very interesting stuff no doubt. Trying to decide whether to persue another dive into a biz project at 74yo.

    • Hello Frank, especially at 74! I’m diving in at 73. Let’s have some fun and be successful!

    • I had to join in this with my claim – starting my new business at 79 years old! And after a bankruptcy from a failed business when I was 70! But then, really, age is only a number!

    • Michael Howell


      Age should not be a deciding factor. Besides we ALL have 2 ages anyway…Chronological and Biological. Your Bio clock can run way longer than your Chrono clock anyway. I myself have a 30 year spread (Bio to Chrono) and at 75 am launching a $1B world-wide business. Wisdom will always trump the energetic youthful inexperience. So bank on what life has deposited in your Wisdom bank and clean yourself up to take on the 74-30 (or younger) crowd. Most of them have no clue anyway.

  5. I would love to see case studies of people who create online courses. Specifically, I would like to know how they use their online courses to serve customers in conjunction with their weekly email newsletters and YouTube/Rumble videos.

    • Linda Patterson


      Thanks Lori for your questions, I too would like to know more on this subject.

      • I’ve attended several of your events and have loved all of them!
        I would love to hear a story about someone over 65 who wanted to launch some online coaching or training and had no experience online with social media (like facebook, etc), no list, no experience creating videos for training or events, no marketing experience. No tech savvy experience – (like “what do you mean just create your thumbnail on CANVA????) I think you get the picture. A story of someone in that situation who built a successful online business in the last few years. I’ve already seen the story about surface pattern design, I’m looking for something about a person who had even less experience to get a business up than she did.

  6. Hi, I’d be really interested in hearing about psychotherapists, counsellors and mental health workers who have moved their work online, or have created groups or subscription based communities in order to serve their clients and to broaden the reach of their work. Thanks for the amazing work you do and the content you put out 🙂

  7. Aloha Jeff,
    I’ve missed so many of your ZOOM meetings because I have to work my business and our time zones aren’t a match. I’m discouraged – but not giving up!
    I believe in your course and you, Jeff Walker, and your great coaches and staff!
    I’m looking forward to another round of inspiration, teachings, and energy from all your successful
    “Launchers” LOL
    Mahalo nui loa, Tracey in Honolulu

  8. Linda Patterson


    Jeff, thank you so much for this upcoming Masterclass. I agree with Lori, on learning about people launching their on-line course. I’m also hungry for information on Launch Pre-Sales, as I near the half way mark of writing content for my own on-line course. Money is tight, and while I’m super motivated, and have no problem creating really good content, I’ve followed you for years now, have the book Launch, saw you in person at Brendon Burchard, but now I need to really focus on setting a date for launching. In short, I’m interested in AI, Marketing, Pre-Sale a Launch (how to do and how to follow up) and of course, creating video’s regarding the lauch of my book and on-line course, that tie in together

    Thanking you in advance
    Linda Patterson
    Los Angeles, CA

  9. Thanks for taking my input. The theme I would like to see is how busy health care practitioners, such as medical doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists etc. have been able implement PLF.

  10. Jeff!!
    I love your stuff. I have one problem, however…..I am working full-time and need a minimum of 45 days notice to be able to take time off to participate in your events. Unfortunately, I feel like these events are “sprung” on me with only a couple of weeks of notice. Am I missing something? Could I have found this, and prepared for it, on some schedule somewhere? I am a PLF owner and member of the Launch Club,

  11. I attended many times your classes. It’s very nice and simple method. I “Excited”.Thanks a lot.

  12. Really looking forward to it Jeff. I have been a sales trainer for over 25 years now and I’m about to launch sales training online that also has 121 coaching and ‘Live’ Q&A sessions. Do you have a case study that would help me with the adapting from face to face service to online hybrid service. And best way to build something like this.

  13. Themes I’m interested in: How to grow a list when my current list (social media following) has nothing to do with an online course I put together and dealing with the numerous other courses online like the one I created when I teach the same thing.

  14. Karen Monteith


    I’d like to see how it will work to launch a needlework/quilting course membership or site!

    • Tamara Carlier


      Me too! I’m in the needlework market too – another vote for this theme from me 🙋🏻‍♀️

  15. Hi Jeff!

    Case study for therapist s who currently only work with 1:1 clients.

    Thank you so much! JK

  16. Thanks Jeff. I’d be interested in the field of parenting / home education, courses or membership sites built from parents or former teachers. I have a couple of niches I could go in. After researching for a few weeks, I started to feel that parenting / home education field is too crowded and it’s just very hard to stand out.

    • Dawn, don’t you think that market is going to expand? Schools are failing, homeschooling is becoming the #1 choice when possible.
      Also how many in this niche market are creating Jeff Walker launches??😉 All the best.

  17. Deborah Moran


    I would like to hear from a life coach who has successfully launched a career.

  18. I’m interested in hearing case studies on the best way to launch a leadership coaching business after a lifetime of leading in corporate/education.

    Thanks Jeff.

  19. Hi,
    I have a challenge for you… I’m an autistic personne, a fully functional one (as I’m also a High Potential), I do well gaining my life through a solitary (I do not work with people in any way, I do not have any clients nor any employers) activity. I’m not on social media (hate it), I do not have any mailing list. I do love humanity, I’m just not a social person.
    I have a few humanitarian projects which will remain just that – a project – unless I find investors for them, which I have no idea how to do, because I’m an autistic personne. You see the pickle…
    I don’t know if you’ve ever touched that ground, maybe it is too much even for you, but if you’d like to except the challenge and show me, as well as many others alike I’m sure, the way, – I’m all ears.
    Thank you.

  20. I would like to watch a testimonial of someone who did not have the tech skills to set up and start the LAUNCH.
    Thank you so much!

  21. Robin Kinley


    I am definitely interested in a membership for quilters, specifically how to go about launching a Block of the Month with tutorials.

    I recently read your book and I “know” Anne LaFollette through her course, so I’m super excited to learn more.

  22. Has it really been a year?? What is happening to time?🤔 I love your Masterclass Jeff! A huge demonstration of giving🙏💖 I’d be interested in seed launch examples – and also examples of how ppl sell intangibles (like self-love, for ex), when they don’t have an obvious physical product.

  23. The theme most relevant to me is people just starting out, who had a hard time committing to the idea of starting a business, wasn’t sure it would be the right route for them or something they could do. If you have anyone whose business model had them collaborating with clients to tailor-design a personalized event or experience for the client, that would be especially interesting to me.

    I have in mind to offer services as a personalized ritual designer of sacred celebrations to honor the important people and events in the clients lives, and despite numerous entrepreneur educatoin and coaching programs and it feels daunting to commit to getting started in earnest.

  24. I share same concerns as Anna.
    I’m highly credentialed and experienced with the knowledge and ability to expose the truth (prove) regarding electric utilities (monopolies) and energy. The truth is not found in the media, universities, governmental commissions & bureaucracies, alternative energy companies or known by legislators, environmentalists, utility employees or ratepayers.
    I’ve been forced at age 83 to start a new career (time & money my nemesis). Recipient of Lions Clubs International Foundation’s Melvin Jones Fellow Award for Dedicated Humanitarian Services, I plan on empowering seniors, low-income and middle class citizens (having difficulty making ends meet) with the truth & to take action. I have no network, not on social media and would like to know how to collect e-mails (file info) and find time to respond to large collection. Thank you

  25. Hi Jeff,

    I’m interested to know what the best approach is for an online launch – is 3 days of webinars too much as a pre-launch? Why or why not? Would 2 days be better (start the sales piece earlier in the process). I don’t know if this is a theme so much as it is a question! Thanks,

  26. Thanks for the opportunity to make a suggestion, Jeff (and thanks for all you’ve done since 2005)!
    I’m interested in hearing case studies of people starting from scratch as new entrepreneurs with no lists.
    This may not be the time to do it, but have you considered doing some case studies on people who have failed. We all learn so much more from failures. Maybe you can choose those who went on to try again successfully.

  27. Sergiu Mihalte


    Hi Jeff, exciting initiative!
    I would be interested in launching a board game, maybe some more case studies about bard games. I have no list and I am doing this together with a friend. A longshot, but… the first launch is the hardest they say, the following will be a breeze 🙂
    I would also like to see some case studies about dietary supplements Multi Level Maketing.

  28. You stuff is great! Love it! Two cases studies I would like to see are 1. launching just a book that leads to something bigger and 2. how to come up with ideas for online courses. Thank you for your consideration.

  29. Hi Jeff,

    I plan to make significant changes to my full-service online digital marketing agency. I’m 71 now and have worked in marketing since 1989 (before that, I spent 15 years selling financial products: life insurance, health insurance, real estate limited partnerships, and securities).

    Until now, I’ve worked with anyone in my niches — legal and medical professionals, who wanted to hire me.

    From here on out, I don’t want to put my clients in a position where they will likely have other providers I work with competing against them.

    I will offer my services as a fractional CMO working exclusively with only one firm in geographic areas with a population density of between 50,000 and 100,000 residents. Additionally, I have legal, accounting, and real estate services available to my clients with firms that specialize in working with the niches I work within.

    The ultimate goal is to work with individual practitioners within ten years of retirement. We’ll maximize cash flow and retirement funding, develop tax savings strategies for the eventual sale of the practice, and maximize sales value by having a complete marketing system and method that enable the new owner to recoup their investment in the shortest time possible, which by the way will help maximize the attractiveness of the practice and its sales price.

    I’m developing a screening process I’ll put the prospective client through that will hopefully identify the best candidates based on their willingness to turn over their marketing to trade specialists and cut me in for a share of the profits based on hitting specific benchmarks in the practice’s growth.

    Do you have any case studies similar to what I’m working to accomplish?

    Thanks for your consideration. I look forward to another masterful masterclass.

  30. Juvenal A. Silva Jr.


    Hi! I’d like to see any case study related to people that sells mentoring programs for for tech career growing (more specifically, mentoring to grow software development careers).
    Thanks for open this asking, Jeff!

  31. Rosa Maxwell


    How to keep launching without getting launch fatigue! I’m a Sexual Liberation coach and I have two amazing courses one on Erotic Mindfulness (fully rolling!!) and the other on Sex Magic (launching Jan 2024), I love the PLF formula but find getting all the emails ready, video scripts, tech set up etc takes a lot of time and energy.

    I’d love to hear a case study of how someone keeps launching with ease and flow because I am committed to #launchlife. Any top tips and advice so appreciated!! Thanks, Rosa @rosamaxwell

  32. Michelle Vernon


    I would love to see a case study on building a list when your target audience is business leaders. OR I would love to see a case study on a seed launch 🙂 Thanks so much

  33. I am in the middle of starting a product based business in childrens education, also writing a childrens book. Nowhere near ready to launch yet, all the things are overwhelming but any advice/guidance for which is best way to launch please? Thanks

  34. I would be interested in case studies in the pet industry! Particularly memberships. Thank you!

  35. Jeff I am v. keen to hear about case studies in the healing/wellness world please. Case studies for business that need a real and nurturing connection to their clients and audience. Thank you.

  36. Sharon Edwards


    Seed launch for a membership. And how do we stay current with all the changed to Meta advertising?

  37. Lynn Lonzanida


    I would love to hear how PLF can create fund raising methodologies for a non-profit organization?

  38. I’d like to see case studies of those launching online training without an existing audience.

  39. I’d like to see some case studies around the following 3 topics: How to launch for new online beginners; Local businesses providing a product or a service and finally case study involving someone who had no products or service.

  40. Sean M Kelly


    Hi Jeff, great news that this is coming up and perfect timing for a launch I’m planning for September. Always great stuff! Thanks! Sean

  41. Hi Jeff, A theme I am interested in hearing about would be if someone has been successful in launching their online magazine (in app format) or book. Thank you.

  42. I would like to see case studies of people that used your method as a new business, with a very small email list under 100

  43. I looking for something new and looking to learn about starting from scratch. I’am very unhappy with my career and have too many family responsibilities to just quit as I have 2 daughters and a mortgage. I want to build something part-time that can help me get my life back. Got the “Launch” book and almost done. Looking to learn more and do my first launch.

  44. Jessica Molina


    I’d love to see a case study for artists/designers who sell physical products/merchandise like posters/prints, enamel pins, patches, tote bags, etc.

  45. Case study for marketing expert who sells workshops and does speaking engagements!

  46. Case studies for artist and art teacher’s, teaching and coaching. Also I took the PLF program last year what opportunities are there for me this year?

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