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When the opportunity to turn her “weird” passion into a business came along, Shelley couldn’t stop thinking about it. Even though she and her husband owned a successful branding agency, she decided to take the leap… and ended up starting a global movement. Find out how she did it — and why right now is the ideal time to start doing what you love.

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14 Replies to “Turning Passion Into Purpose”

  1. Jeff I hope you have started knitting ? I have thanks to you and Amy Small and her awesome course . I can’t wait to read Shelley’s book once I have managed to get through all your course work!
    Stay well and thank you for your inspiring videos.

  2. The edamame story had me hooked. Me too! Thanks Jeff, for bringing this interview to life in a longer form. I will be buying Shelley’s book, Move the Needle, today. Hope you feel good for giving her the PLF tools to share her motivation and insights with the world. I have often wondered what the world would be like if everyone worked their passion and not just a job. This nails it.

  3. I just bought the audiobook version now! I’m so excited to start it. My wife is an artist so I want to understand more of an artist perspective and also to learn about business in the process! Thank you Jeff and Shelley

  4. Adrienne Babbitt


    Love this!! I have loved her case study in the past so I can’t wait to read the book. Thanks for inspiring us all this Sunday morning!

  5. Thank you both! Love hearing these kinds of stories. Just ordered the book.

  6. shawnelle cherry


    Oh my gosh, just ordered the book, get it tomorrow. Can’t wait to read it!!!
    Shelley is such an inspiration, she is the reason I found PLF! I am amazed at all she does!

    Shawnelle Cherry 🍒

  7. Wow, what a great interview! Thank you so much for sharing. I’ve ordered the book and really looking forward to it. Thank you both for this Sunday inspiration. Creativity is living #artheals

  8. I bought “audible version of move the needle” half way through the interview, probably the first purchase of it on audible. Im enjoying the way she narrates her events.
    Dr.Mary Barbera has been a huge inspiration, im filled with huge respect for her, the world needs more people and more missions like her

  9. New Resolution for 2021: Make my hobby into a BIG DEAL! I’ll continue writing my novels, and they will be a big deal, too, but I’m thinking I’ll make a calendar and note when to practice and improve, and see how things are different [by] next year.

  10. Thank you Jeff for changing the course of my life six years ago and for helping me make a real difference in the world. Nothing could ever mean more.

  11. Inspiring! Just what I needed as I contemplate the next steps now tha I’ve had my first Launch. Will check out Shelly’s book.

  12. I’ve read the book now… Its soo inspiring… I highly recommend it… Thank you Jeff and Shelley

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