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It’s the first week of August, which means it’s officially Launch Season for me and my team… we’re gearing up to teach our big annual Launch Masterclass. Last year’s Masterclass was groundbreaking – I did 14 hours of live training + downloads and other goodies… and it was 100% free. And this year’s version is going to be even better!

In any case, here’s what’s on my mind as we dig into the nitty-gritty planning process (and I think it’ll help you with your next launch, too).

Video Transcript and Relevant Links

Okay. The calendar has flipped over to August, which means it is officially “launch season.” 

I've got my Launch Masterclass coming up next month in September, so it means I'm in full-on preparation mode for this. I do this every year about this time.  

So coming up, we're about six weeks out now, we'll do the Launch Masterclass and I'll do it as four – I'm considering maybe even five – live training sessions over 10 days or something like that. 

I'm going to walk you through how to do a launch – of course using my Product Launch Formula®. And full transparency here, this Launch Masterclass is actually my launch for Product Launch Formula because at the end of the free Launch Masterclass, I'll open up my yearly class for Product Launch Formula. 

So it's all very, very exciting. I'm getting deep into the planning now and I'm basically walking through my own process. You can say, I eat my own cooking – I eat my own food… Or sometimes people say, “You eat your own dog food.” So that means I'm looking at the process in Product Launch Formula that we take people through. 

So we look at, first of all, “What do you want from your launch? What outcome? What's your goal?” That might sound a little like, “Well why do you bother with that? I just want to make a bunch of money.” But there's lots of different reasons to do a launch and that will impact your strategy. For instance, some people might be more interested in the list build.  Some people might be more interested in having the greatest impact – reaching the largest number of people. Some people will want to make more sales at a lower price. Some people want to maximize dollars, which might mean selling at a higher price. So there are a lot of different possible goals or outcomes that you want for your launch. So that's one thing that you start off with.

And then we move into assets. We always think, “What are your assets? What do you have? What in terms of list, in terms of following, in terms of partners, in terms of contacts, in terms of media, in terms of product, in terms of bonuses? And that's just sort of scratching the surface. There are lots of different assets you can bring to the table and you want to look at that complete list of assets because the launch is all about focusing the maximum impact on that moment in time. I mean, that's why I love launches because it's just such a special time. The beginning of anything is super exciting to begin with. When a baby is born, a wedding, a graduation, the start of something… there's this inherent excitement in the start and you want to capture it, so you want to focus everything. So you want to look at what are your assets.

Then one of the biggest things, of course, is to take a look at your avatar, “Who are you trying to reach?” You don't want to reach … You can't reach everyone. For me, I just want to reach people who are either online entrepreneurs, they already have an online business or they want to have an online business, and there are many different subcategories. They might be practitioners or coaches or counselors or artists or information product course creators – all different sub-niches, sub-avatars. But at the bottom, or I guess the base level, it's either people that have an online business who want to grow that online business (because you always need to be launching, even if you already have an established business, you're always going to be launching), or people who want to have a business that haven't launched yet. So that's sort of my avatar. 

And then I drop down into, “Okay, what's the value I want to create in the prelaunch – in the free material?” Not thinking about the offer yet, but, “What's that value I want to create?” Another way I like to think about it is, “What is the story arc I like to use?” I like my launch to tell a story – to create a story. For me, it's the story of my client's future success. Really, that's the story arc that I'm going to be going after. So that’s another thing.

And then, of course, “What's your offer going to be?” A lot of times people get super obsessed with absolutely nailing down their offer 100%. But usually, that offer will evolve as you get into your launch because the cornerstone of a launch is having a lot of interaction with the people that you're launching to. And in that interaction, you'll often get a lot of extra intelligence, a lot of extra information, a lot of extra wisdom and insight into what people really want. Then, you can tweak your offer and build that into your offer. 

So that's what I'm doing right now. Those are some of the big areas. And so like I said, we're about six weeks out from this launch. It's going to be exciting. 

Last year was just monumental. Last year was the first time we did everything live and it's just more exciting when it's live. Frankly, I think I do okay on video but I'm better live. 

I think the value I created … I taught for something like, I think it was 13 or 14 hours of free content in the prelaunch phase before I actually opened up my offer for Product Launch Formula. So the value I created was just off the charts. Maybe that might sound like I'm patting myself on the back. But from the comments we got, which were thousands and thousands and thousands of comments. We had people viewing from all over the world, it was just amazing. 

So this year we're going to do something similar. It's going to be completely live all the way through.  It’s the Launch Masterclass, it’s coming up. I'll have a link for you to sign up in the next week or two. We'll have that out for you, but it's coming in September and I'm excited. 

So that's all I've got for you. 

Wherever you're watching, scroll down and leave a comment for me. Tell me if you've been through one of my Launch Masterclasses in the past – and if you got any value from it, love to hear that. Otherwise, let's go get ‘em this week.

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28 Replies to “Back to the drawing board…”

  1. As a wise man once said, the best launch training is PLF and the second best is the free PLF masterclass. Looking forward to it as always…Mark your calendars!

  2. Grace Carter


    I loved the launch masterclass last year. It was awesome, and set a new standard for others to emulate. Looking forward to the 2019 version.

  3. I have been waiting for Launch Masterclass this year since it will be my first. I’m in Webinar Funnel Formuala and think Launch Masterclass is the perfect accompaniment. I’m traveling most of September but am determined to make the live classes. Thanks, Jeff!

  4. Masterclass last year was awesome! I hope to use this one to fill in some gaps of my own launch. Jeff, thanks so much for all that you do.

  5. Thanks for the heads up Jeff. Should be interesting, and very informative, watching you launch PLF again with all the year’s experiences and feedback you have.

  6. Looking forward to following along and absorbing all kinds of great information. Jeff is simply the best! Better get a new PLF notebook.


  7. Joey Osborne


    Thanks Jeff. Has anyone ever launched a new political campaign or political party using PLF? Which PLF “launch” type would you recommend if someone were to do it? Asking for a friend. 🙂

  8. I’m planning my book launch for the end of August, so I’m hoping that this material in September will just make it an extended launch. My book is the beginning of a series of puzzle and game books based on the music of a specific decade, starting with the 1970s. It contains 100 puzzles and games. I don’t have any other business to promote — this isn’t tied to coaching or other services, information or other products, or online businesses, so I’m not sure how this will relate to me. The only business is publishing; there are no back end offers or courses to connect with it. I’m looking forward, though, to what will be presented and how I can apply the techniques.

    • Like you, Gia, I have a couple of books to promote. I have been following some of Jeff’s free info videos and have bought and studied his book ‘Launch’. Still not sure how to build the following needed for a successful launch, and don’t really think that a series of free info videos are necessarily the best way to lead customers to a $35 purchase. Perhaps Jeff can help us out as an example of how his formula works for low-cost physical products?

  9. Thanks Jeff, I got a lot out of last years launch campaign… but I wasn’t ready to take action… but this year, I am more prepared to launch our ‘Relationships Made Easy’ 8 Week Mastery Program. Yay.. looking forward to it. Foxxy

  10. Hi, so far I’ve done some online courses on how to launch but they’ve got nothing to do with this, I’m glad I finally found what I was looking for. it’s my first plf masterclass and I’m looking forward to it.

  11. Long time fan, been to PLF a couple of times. Have yet to use the PLF formula all the way through. Life, Fun and Family have all been distractions in a good way. Jeff, you have changed my thinking about how I do business, treat myself and people around me. Watching other business owners just flounder because they are so focused on the money, instead of the customer is painful. Mostly because I was once that guy and I know I can’t help them until they ask.

    Looking forward to the live course, and maybe another PLF live training.

  12. Jeff, I watched, re-watched, and re-re-watched your live Launch Masterclass last year and I loved it. Before that series, I had reached a point of having created all of my slides, but found myself hitting a wall when it was time to finish my last four or five screencasts. Well, I watched your masterclass and got new energy. I took notes and I decided that I had been self-sabotaging out of the fear that no one would like my products. I have now completed those last several screencasts, my masterclass series that I am currently sharing this week as a part of my engagement and education phases. I also since done my promo and welcome and introductory videos. I have been very pleased with the open rates. I will launch next week and I have accepted that I can’t get better if I don’t just push through. One thing I know is that I am giving value to my tribe and know that, although not perfect, my products, will positively impact them because I created and used the system myself, so I am a living witness that it works. I will let you know how my launch turns out. Thank you so much for being real and for the great information that you impart to those of us who trust your advice and admire your delivery.

  13. I have a mentor and very good friend who went to your event in March and I have read Launch and am very excited for these classes. We are working toward a launch ourselves.
    Thank you so much for all the nuggets. Also do I need to do anything else to sign up for the Master Class. Also how do I send this info and registration to my partner in another state?

  14. Packed infö here once again. Looking forward to the live launch. This one video is worth watching several times.

    I have been through a few of your launches, have been to several PLF conferences, two Launch Con conferences, and have been in your Launch Club. Every single thing I’ve done through you has been the foundation of my success.

    No matter what or how many times I participate with your work… I learn new things.

    Thank you. Thank you immensely.

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