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Here's one of the most common marketing mistakes that we all make – and guess what… it just took one short conversation to realize I was making it.

So the question is, are you making this same mistake in your marketing?

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think…

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63 Replies to “A Common Marketing Mistake (That I Was Making)”

  1. Great video and it’s true that as entrepreneurs we can get caught in the bubble of our community, overlooking that there are new people at the door every day wanting to come in.

    Case studies are a great way to show the value of your product or service, and a big trust builder.

    Keep up the great work Jeff!

  2. John Cantwell


    Hey Jeff, nice to hear that you make mistakes too. As a newbie to this game, I greatly value case studies. I’m a new PLF owner and love your examples, but I’d also love you to find other examples other than Susan Garnett (dog training) and the “food stamps” guy. I greatly admire what they have achieved (unlike me, yet to launch anything, but working on it) but it would be terrific to hear of the many other others who have benefited from your wisdom. Bring on those case studies! John from Australia.

  3. There is something that you remind me thanks to this video…

    Every single day there are new people who didn’t ever have chance to know me and for this reason I just have to do what I do every single day because like Bruce Barton said…

    “When you slept new army of people was born that didn’t know about your existing.”

  4. I believe you have been very clear in telling us that Launching Works in All Markets. I feel you are very hard on yourself. On your book I found that the language was very “technical” at first. Only after taking several internet market courses I understood what you meant. But now it is very clear. You have inspired me and some members of my family. Thank you, Froila Brewer

  5. Great video and great assessment of an oversight. My site is new and not completed. I want to do affiliate marketing to get a list which I have none. I also do video marketing and reputation marketing (which my site is going to be for) and trying to do reviews marketing.

    My problem is getting a list. Many products and much confusion and overwhelming feelings.

    Perhaps you can have List Building 101 on your future agenda.

    Great stuff and have been following you for a long while.

    Regards, Rick

  6. Marketing fatigue is such a commonplace and I have often forgotten that myself. Thank you for the timely reminder Jeff. Invaluable advice from you as always, my friend.

  7. Jeff,I would like some case study with farmers(small family farmers-not conglomerates) selling their product(s). How to manage time,leverage cash flow and labor hours to get in time to write books,develop online products,make videos. We have what people need, but getting the actual hours in a day to develop it…
    It is just the two of us. Our mission:”raising food fit to eat” flows with our passion for “teaching others to do the same”.
    I teach cooking classes, we give consultations but I know there is a bigger market, how do I get to it?

  8. Hi Jeff,
    I have your book and I appreciate this video, it really is helping me stay focused. I am working hard to make improvements. I have started my list and I have a monthly newsletter. I want to do more but I need to make more time for it. I also am creating more products. Thanks for the updates and for helping to keep me focused on what I should be doing. I get sidetracked all the time.

  9. Jeff, thanks for the reminder not to get sick of my marketing and go off on a tangent. Bob

  10. I completely agree Jeff!! This has given me some great stuff to brainstorm on this week. I’m new in the industry, so this is fantastic advice to take going forward! PS – Chalene sent me!

  11. You are always the best. This video is really interesting. I need to do for me, the same questions. Thanks Jeff.

  12. 🙂 It will work in my chosen niche! I KNOW it will! 🙂 I can’t wait…. and as far as other videos go…if you do any private consulting, maybe you could do some videos on YOUR approach to getting consulting clients…

  13. I would love to read as many case studies as I can. Where can I find the ones you already published?

  14. There is a similar problem in delivering comtent. Often times we forget how many people don’t know the most basic things in our niches. Two mistakes can easily happen. 1. We undervalue what we have to share. We don’t think we are an authprity we forget how knowledgable we are in comparison to newbies. 2) we fail to start teaching from what to us is riducul o us obvious But utterly new to others. Thanks for the post Jeff.

  15. Jeff, thanks for the reminder. It is easy to slide into the negative thinking. Glad to have you as a mentor.

  16. Thank you for this video. I always appreciate your frankness and clearness with which you communicate with people.
    Personally, I prefer to speak of “experience” instead of “mistake”, because I believe that in the meaning of “experience” there is no value judgment.

  17. I am in the start! Have not experienced this. But see what you say. I love the fact that you say you have made mistakes. WE ALL DO! :-)And I believe I have made lots of mistakes, but know I learn from that. I see your point to be aware of the needs for both new clients and the ones that has followed for awhile. Good to be reminded about that. Be blessed!

  18. Hey Jeff you are a damn wizard!!
    Thanks for this insight, if you know me already I’ve been commenting and following your stuff for a while now and I’m in the middle of my own product launch, actually woke up 20 mins ago to the sales rolling in early wooooo!
    But here’s the thing…
    I’m launching online tutorials in a rough unexplored market of big bad tattoo artists… Who believe you have to earn your right to tattoo by cleaning tattoo shops for years before someone teaches you… I just launched a portrait course and so it truly does work in other niches and I’m sure it doesn’t have to be an online product either I plan on using your system for a book and any physical product as well. A launch is just a business salesman of wizardry on autopilot !

  19. Great as always! I’m creating case studies about sustainable landscaping on video. I now it works for all businesses as I apply
    what you teach in my face-to-face sales activities. I’m also using the Signature Talk as well. What is also forgotten is that we fail in realizing that we are using principle of communication. And we can miss the understanding of the higher values being applied–Principles of Marketing.
    And these work in all markets in all situations. I’ve created design principles and I use them in landscape design, and custom home solar design. That is the value of knowing principles as they work in all situations. Its not the fault of the principle it’s the poor application of them that is the challenge. It’s both and art and a science. And if you are a linear thinker you can run into more challenges.

    I’m off to designing more


  20. I would love, love, love case studies on selling luxury physical products without discounting strategies.

  21. Jeff, here’s what I’m thinking…. In my niche the main objections are “it’s too hard”, “I don’t have enough time”, “it doesn’t actually matter that much”. I’ve been trying to address those objections in my autoresponder series and then in every launch that I do. What you’ve reminded me of, though, is the power of case studies and repetition. I think you’re right that people need to hear the same old thing many many times until they realize what you’re saying. So I think maybe the way for me to move ahead with this is to introduce the objections (which they might not even be aware of yet) in the autoresponders and then keep hammering away at them in my blog posts and launches. I’m also in the midst of redesigning my website so you’ve given me something to think about. thanks!

  22. Hey Jeff, Loved the video. I’ve got a questions though. You’re always asking for a thumbs up or down… I don’t eve see one on this page so I’m unable to give you a thumbs up even though I would love to. Also, leaving a comment isn’t intuitive since I have to scroll all the way to the bottom of past comments to get to the comment box. Why isn’t the comment box at the top? That aside… love all your videos. Currently taking your Seed Launch Deep Dive and loving that too…
    Dan Rioux :o)

  23. Jeff –

    I see that you’re mic’d and there was a cut in the video to a close-up. I’m curious. What did you use to film this video? What about the ones from the beach or tennis court?


  24. Thank you, Jeff!!!! Hitting that nail squarely on the head! I’ve been watching your videos, bought and read your book and still don’t have a clear concept of how to BEGIN. I have the concept, I know where I want to take it, have what I want to write about, have products and services (locally) , started the website, (just started it), collected lots of things to write about, and now….. Am stuck. I’ll continue my website development, look for products, list on shopify, and next try videos for the website. The list is a huuuuge issue. Nuts and bolt of that would be most helpful. Anyone, ideas for that? Thanks if you can help…. Peggy.

  25. That is very true. I’ve joined you a couple of weeks ago and I do have the objections you talked about and I will be very hapyy to hear your case studies even though you showed them many years ago. I wasn’t here that time 🙂 I’m interested in publishing a book and venture coaching

  26. With my 9th launch beginning Tuesday, this message couldn’t have been any more timely. And this is from the guy who sells a $2,000 program to jugglers, magicians, ventriloquists, and clowns! If it works in my market, nobody has any reason to believe it can’t work in their market.
    If you can show someone how to get better results and move them toward what they want, help them see a possibility that they might even know exists, the niche doesn’t matter. If you think you can’t do it for your market, you’re hunting for a reason to play small. Quit it. Follow PLF and see.

  27. I just wanted to add about how much I appreciate and enjoy your insights, honesty and integrity. You are my mentor, although you probably don’t know that. Lol. Thank you for all you do!

  28. And thank you for remembering to feed the babies. (Me). I appreciate it!

  29. We have taken your process to market to consumers to purchase life insurance products. I think we are game changers in that industry. But I am glad to have heard in your video we can adapt PLF to that. Thank you. Janet

  30. Marilyn Moss


    Hi Jeff!

    As always, great content! We’re about to start up our new website and continue building our list.
    Your book is my bible! It’s excellent. We truly appreciate your style and approach with all your
    material. So down to earth and user friendly. Your low key but real approach makes the work
    all that much more fun and builds anticipation. You break it down to do-able. It’s always
    confidence building to hear what you have to say.

    I would never make it in a straight sales world. It’s too manipulative. You’ve given us all an
    honest, conscientious, community-building alternative that will change many lives. Thank you
    for your great work in this world!

    I’m also curious what you used to film this latest video. Love your filming on the ‘fly’ at conferences, etc. Keep it real!

  31. Your case studies are what inspired me to get your book, and I love the case studies in Launch. I am about to put it to the test in my new artist mentoring program (I’m tired of being a starving artist and art teacher) – I mean THIS MONTH; and I am so grateful to you for all the great how-to info that helps me to feel that my idea is even possible. I also am inspired by the simplicity of your blog videos, I realize I DON’T have to make a big, slick production of things to be engaging and desirable. Thanks a LOT! Bless you! Wish me luck!

  32. Hi Jeff

    Great simple video as ever. I am guilty as charged. I have PLF and I still think ‘oh this might not work in my niche.’ It’s as much fear and limiting beliefs and using the smokescreen of this won’t work in my niche so I won’t even bother trying. But action cures fear. Inaction breeds it!

    Can I ask you what camera and lighting set up do you use? Would you shoot a video about you shooting a video? I think that’s a concern we on your community have starting out – Jeff always look at ease, speaks naturally, has great lighting and camera set up etc. Do you shoot them on your own?

    Regards and keep up the phenomenal giving,

  33. Great content overall – something I hadn’t thought of one way or another…but I can see myself getting sick of my own marketing for sure! I’ve barely started and can get sick of looking at certain pieces so long.

    It’s super helpful to know those 3 overall objections. I think I heard you talk about people wondering if it’ll work for them, but not all 3 mentioned in a list like that. …trust me…trust I’m a good teacher…

    Also a great reminder that I can post case studies to my list.

  34. Jeff, would you address the process, the specifics of a book give away (pay shipping only)?

    I’ve noticed you, Tony Robbins and Jeff Goins doing them in this last year. How is that done exactly?

    Enjoy your work. Good reminders.

  35. I like being reminded that PLF works in all markets, both online and off, because my tech partner has said more than once “Those methods work for the big guys, but probably not for us”. I don’t know enough to argue with that statement, so your case studies are indeed welcome by someone like me who is starting from zero in this business working with someone a lot more experienced.
    This video comes at an opportune time because we’re just starting our marketing campaign and we want it to hit the mark.

    Thanks, Jeff.

  36. Love it Jeff and a fantastic reminder to never ever give up on your dreams, your hope or what’s working in your marketing. And you convinced me… no more procrastinating, it’s time to launch my special gifts in my special niche! Cheers from New Zealand 🙂

  37. Great reminder Jeff. And the best part is that more and more people are taking full responsibility for the way they manifest their lives and the joy they create for themselves by getting away from the fixed idea of a steady job with some employer. Instead, they start exploring the internet possibilities, the marketing of their own products ,services or ideas. There is a great future ahead for all of us and your videos and programs are helping millions to live their dreams. Thanks a bunch from Italy. Adriano

  38. Being new to your PLF, my question has been/is: is this only for sort of how-to training based businesses? I am an illustrator who started selling products on Etsy (stationery, wall art, etc.) and would love to apply the PLF to my market to grow my business even more….most of your examples seem to be about service-based businesses, which I can see works amazingly well. I’d love to know if it’s possible to apply it to my physical-product-based business!

  39. Hi Jeff,
    You are the king of making it look easy. I’m taking your advice–launch, launch, launch–and I’m doing a seed launch using free websites, social media, and emails of friends and family. I was planning on doing something a lot more professional but you’re right, launching is the most important part. Here’s an example, somebody, a stranger, already favorite-ed one of my posts on twitter. That’s amazing. I just posted half a dozen videos on another site and they have a box where you say something about your video and I didn’t know I was actually sending out a tweet. It just goes to show you don’t know what you have until you share it.


  40. You are SPOT ON !! I listened to this as just the right time !! I have been working with some powerful but simple and highly effective cleanses for the last 10 years – mainly face to face with people. So successfully that I was motivated to take my work on line as I was so over booked. So here I am 3 years in learning the ‘online’ thing – LOVING the online thing 😀 But I was wondering should I share these cleanses online…I know they work I know they support people really connect to themselves and their body and take charge of there energy levels….so THATS IT !! I am gonna do it !!! The next few weeks I will get the wheels turning and get them out !!
    So THANK YOU for this…its a powerful and profound reminder….that people are not mind readers !! 🙂
    Thank you for all you are 🙂

  41. Andria Davisson


    So appreciate your honesty and process. What a great reminder this morning. As a passionate visionary who believes in great things, it is so often easy to move on to something new and exciting, forgetting the bread and butter of our foundational methods/principles. Thank you for adding value to my work and therefore to the organization I represent.

  42. Jeff, appreciate this video. You’ve done a great job in your book LAUNCH about making sure I (any reader) will see the benefit of doing launches in markets other than “making money online” and “Internet marketing.” The case study links in the book and free training website are invaluable and a fantastic idea to include as part of book. I am on Chapter 8 today and will finish your book this week. BTW – Your Necker Island video was cool. Keep up the genuine, value driven videos on this blog. I watch them all and am learning a ton from you. I purchased and attended PLF in 2012.

  43. I liked your dual-purpose video to a) remind us to stay with proven marketing even if it sounds old to us and b) you did a nice job of embedding that PLF objection turnaround re applicable to all markets, which also helps w/upcoming plf relaunch, w/example to illustrate

    Speaking of the Clash, potential customers are always wondering “should I stay or should I go?” lol (i play that on my Ibanez elec. guitar too)…so handling top 3 objections helps them want to stay.

    also thanks Jeff for being a great video-blog role model, your example here finally got me motivated enough to officially launch my trading vlog, after years of procrastinating. great way to dialogue w/folks and build trust, add genuine value. 🙂

  44. Please let me know if you cover the trades. I’m currently involved in marketing a tile setter with 30+ years experience and would appreciate any insights . From my own observation of at least a dozen tradesman in this field not a one does any marketing other than the worn out “word of mouth” technique which has none at all. Okay, most have business cards. And yes I am one who thinks internet marketing advice helps only internet companies. My nieces and nephews flourish in this field but not geezers on their kneezers. Thanks for your efforts.

  45. Hi Jeff, thank you for this video. I know this effect: when I do something after a while I think all people must know that. But this is wrong as it is only in my head and I am self-centered. So, thank you for remaining me.

  46. Excellent point Jeff. I had this discussion with a client for whom I was doing web services. Wanted a “redesign” or “reboot” of the site design. I reminded him that there are two things that drive traffic to a web site. For established relationships, new content is king. Fancy new design is just rearranging the furniture; it doesn’t actually impress anybody. For new people, they don’t know what you’ve been doing, so changing it has no effect on them. Again, content is king.

    We get accustomed to our own ideas and want to try something new, forgetting that our visitors, our clients, do not have that same experience. Thanks for the excellent reminder.

  47. One can never have enough success stories, that’s my strong belief.
    I am wondering though why you don’t have a ‘success stories’ section on your website, Jeff. It would make total sense.

    Regards from Greece

  48. Jeff you are a great man at what you do! I am an admirer and I agree with almost everything you say? I am at the point where I think I have learned some things but to put them to action I am at a loss of how I can get this aspect of pre launch to work for me? I am studied you over and over and over again and I feel like I must be as thick as two planks of wood, not just one but two, I have been going around and around for many years since 1998 I retired through injuries. That caused me to stay at home and become a study person and writer of my Autobiography as a Missionary Evangelist for the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now I am going to say some thing that will make you gulp hard your tongue. I still dont know after all these years what my nitche is going to be when I finally get started a doing some thing. I have written approx 20 books now on my experiences of preaching & teaching the Word of God I put the on a website. The books are digital and hard copy books are available,but i sold nothing yet, and its because why??? I dont know why? and so I made videos that talk about the books about 10 of them on you-tube, but still never sold anything i dont know why.

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