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Years ago, you could build a successful business by showing up online and being good at what you do. But today, when the competition is heating up and customers are more skeptical than ever, that’s not enough…

You need good marketing, too.

Marketing is your key to standing out from the crowd. And the more competition you face, the more important your marketing becomes – and the better it needs to be.

If you want to build a business that serves your audience and creates massive impact, there’s no avoiding it…

You have to get good at marketing.

Let's discuss the one element that is absolutely necessary for surviving in today's business climate, especially in the realm of online business. It's clear that there's been a surge in online competition recently. I've found online businesses to be truly amazing; they have enriched my life, allowing me to assist numerous individuals. In my opinion, they are the ultimate businesses one can envision. However, over the last few years, the level of competition has amplified significantly. More people are initiating, establishing, and developing online businesses – many of which are impressive. Therefore, if you're starting out, you absolutely need excellent marketing to cut through the noise.

Now, it may seem self-serving since I teach marketing, but it's the bare truth. Reflecting on my own journey when I was first getting started, there were two things I was intensely passionate about. I was obsessed with building an online business because I needed the income to sustain my family, and I believed that online businesses might offer the solution. This was back in the 90s. I was also deeply interested in the stock market, which, having studied extensively, I decided to use as my area of focus for online publishing.

It was clear to me early on that to be successful, I had to build an audience and figure out how to monetize my knowledge and to sell my products or services effectively. The clear answer was marketing. I started studying marketing obsessively, and as I delved deeper, I saw an improvement in my results – the more adept I became at marketing, the more my business flourished. It felt like wielding some magical power. I had been running my business for about eight years before I started teaching others how to market.

The path I took made it glaringly obvious to me that marketing was a crucial skill everyone needed to have. Even if you didn't aspire to be a world-class marketer, you should at least be able to identify good marketing so you could hire the right people to do it for you.

I've drawn a substantial audience, and many of them simply have something they want to share with the world. They either have a skill or knowledge they want to disseminate, or they simply want to start an online business to generate some income, support their family, and enjoy a good lifestyle. However, many are reluctant or even creeped out by the idea of marketing. Yet, the reality is, to be successful in this era, you must be good at marketing. You need to study it, understand it, and make it a core competency.

I understand that my statement might scare some people away. Still, it's the honest truth – marketing needs to be a central skill if you're to have a successful online business. The days when you could just put up a form on your website, create a newsletter, attract followers, and then have them fall in love with you and give you money are gone. There's heightened competition online, people have become more skeptical, and money has become tighter. It has become more challenging to make sales across niches, markets, and countries.

That said, an online business is still a fantastic venture. It allows you to start with minimal investment and build a significant business, growing it as big as you're willing to. However, you must possess that core competency in marketing.

For those who are not fans of marketing, who don't understand it or find it off-putting, you need to understand that it's the only path forward. Whether your goal is merely to make a living or to support your family, or perhaps you have something you wish to share with the world, you desire to serve and improve people's lives, you can't achieve any of this unless you have clients. And you're not going to get clients unless you can market effectively.

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6 Replies to “To Survive In Business, You Need to Master This”

  1. Ayn chatoo


    In my practice at chatoo and Co Ltd
    In kensington High St.
    We got so many patients returning to us as I use to go to all the shops and leave my flyers in their shop where by they use to get 20% discount on suns and spectacles and there contact lenses check were free and we use to go to all big company’s like Virgini records and waltz Disney.

  2. Ayn chatoo


    I have been in my optical industry for 50 years and I know how advertising work and I would love to do an indepth scenario on advertising

  3. Thanks for the warning. Completely agree. That’s why I’m here, learning from the best.



    Hi Jeff. Your videos are guiding me a lot. I do not understand marketing. I’m scared of marketing cause I do not know. I am transitioning from registered nurse, became disabled after working two decades. I aim to be very good in email marketing, a will standout content writer and content creator. My niche is Pet Groomers Salon helping them increase conversion of leads and maintain their increased revenue through email marketing.

  5. I feel like you were speaking to me, Jeff. I have years of experience as a 1:1 clinician and have tons of valuable content to share with my niche- marketing is a whole new world. Thanks for being my mentor in this area!

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