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This one's about those critical transitions in your life, your business, and your marketing. You've got to get these right if you're going to have any real level of success and mastery in your life and business…

What are the transitions in your life that you want to improve? Please leave a comment below and tell me…

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36 Replies to “Master Your Transitions to Master Everything Else”

  1. Jeff,

    Thanks for the advice on the transition and integration days, makes total sense and will start apply that more as I move forward

  2. Good thoughts on transition…..thoughts I haven’t considered. Thank you for that video. I will be sharing some of those with people I work with, and look forward to seeing you in Denver.

  3. Great video, Jeff! Thanks a lot! I’m going to the intense learning experience this weekend, so I will do a transition day for myself! also need a transition from work to bed time. As I stay working late, I can’t fall asleep for a long time!

  4. Jeff,
    Great Message about transitions – which I relate to establishing a focused Mindset. The Strategic Coach has been a positive influence on you too. Free Days without any connection to the working world are very valuable.
    Thanks for being an open source of wisdom, sharing ideas and being an authentic human being. You are the MAN!
    Have a Great Week.

  5. Hey Jeff,
    I am the process of moving from one industry to another. This transition is hard on all of us. Allowing people to see you as a new person takes time. I sure appreciate your timely words as I think and rethink this process I am in. Good words.. No GREAT words!

  6. Thanks for the reminder, delivered with grace! Transitions to improve are many, here are the top three I will work on this month. First, when someone first opts in (any method, blog, social media, live events) I’ll create a transition sequence and load it into Infusionsoft so they don’t get anything else but that. Second, with my new daily commitment of four hours ON my business each morning, I’ll set up a transition from Noon to 12:30 to reengage with my team. And third, when someone joins one of our Back Nine Board of Advisors Chapters, I’ll create a welcome transition process that combines messaging from us and our Chapter Host with grace and focus. Once again, great focused video, thanks Jeff.
    – Tom in Vancouver

  7. Everytime I come to your blog, I learn something new and valuable Thanks Jeff you just changes my perspectives of marketing.

  8. thank you Jeff to share a moment of your life with us. I do thank you to invite us to focus on transition in our life. My life was very rich in transition these past years : living in NY from France, understanding the American way of life, transition from being a MD to Marketing,
    doing my two first blog about and my theme and communicating what i am learning to French people.
    To day, coming back to France for three weeks:I discover from the american point of view the French life style. Preparing a new blog where i will do my first launch on April, beginning with a webinar to be sure what the market wants and listening to the words.
    And yesterday going to a French meeting of bloggers with success and listening to them……Perhaps you don’t know them? There name are: cyrille Kriegei, Laurent Chenot,Olivier Seban,florent fouques, All of them where my mentor at the very beginning of my transition from MD to Marketing ,
    So many transition!! Meeting You,learning PLF3 and PLF4 with you. Meeting other American personalities were also Great transition!
    Yesterday,I met a French person living in my building in Paris , this person i know for many many years told..after a moment of conversation: ‘i have difficulties to recognize you”
    And in a moment i was conscious of the results of all these transitions….
    a result of all these transition i integrated.
    Then i remember who i was before living Paris, eight years ago to NY : more shy, less open, less entouthiastic, more frighten easily……Now i feel secure, all these transitions are in my body, my mind.I AM A NEW ONE!
    I am so grateful to all these events , all the people i met who help me to do great transitions. I feel really blessed do get all theses opportunities for great transitions! thank you to you Jeff Walker! thank you to invite me in your family life too, sharing with me, with us, your thoughts and feeling., and your own transitions! God bless you to be so generous!

  9. Maralene Strom


    Jeff, I must admit I’m much “older” than you but over the past 2 years I obtained a “life coach”… You see, I grew up in my Dad’s business, and my siblings and I learned that we were to always do our best and get things done…and quite frankly led to the workaholic syndrome… my wise life coach saw this very quickly and wisely got me to make sure I took a Sabbath Day (whatever works as a day of rest during a week)… and also to make time for a personal retreats (guided or not: I do both)… and like you said the “transition” back often I bring with me a sense of setting goals personal goals that can only enhance what my consulting business is working in… so I whole heartedly endorse your message today… Blessings on the good work you do…

  10. Funny… Was at the TED Conference in Vancouver all last week. Flew home Friday night and have had this weekend to transition. Was just saying to my wife how happy I was that I had these two days, then I found this video from you.

    I’m going to look at how my prospects are transitioned into my world – make sure it’s graceful.

    And each morning… yeah, stopping the morning email-check-on-the-smart-phone was the best decision I ever made. It’s like quitting crack at first – stand in the fire and get through it – well worth it. Way more graceful transition to the day.

    Thanks, Jeff.


  11. Very timely video for me. Currently trying to transition to providing a new service and moving to wordpress and upgrading my newsletter. So many changes and a learning curve involved – freaking me out a little. So I am trying to do what you mention and create a better customer service but the technical learning is weighing me down a bit. it all feels a bit awkward at present. I want a graceful transition.

  12. You know, Jeff, that’s a subject that follows me most of the time, but actually I didn’t think that way! I’m in a constantly transition, as a matter of fact, I may live everyday a transition, because as a businessman you have to be absolutely ready for a change, which means that you have to be ready for transitions!

    Thank you for this video and it made me think about a very important matter and hope that my week becomes a gracefull transition to a nice place, that’s the podium four me! Thanks God for that!

    Best to all

  13. Thanks, Jeff. These are really useful thoughts to apply in all areas of life.

    I like the idea of having an ‘integration day’ after a major event or learning experience. A complete day may be too much to go for but at least some quiet time spent acknowledging that something significant happened and letting its importance sink in.

    Also, I think the idea of engaging with regular transitions with a ritual is very valuable because it focuses our attention on what can be just habitual behaviour and enables us, as you say, to make the transition more graceful.

  14. Hello Jeff,

    How are you doing? I hope you are well.

    Productivity is an important part of marketing yet it is sometimes under looked by many marketers.

    Transitions are also just as important, you need to have a smooth ‘stress free’ transition period for your friends. This has an effect on productivity aswell.

    Transitions from waking up, to doing tasks, to creating some elements towards your marketing etc, should all be effective and you should learn how to make them more effective if you feel they are not.

    For example Jeff the transition I had to write this comment was very smooth.

    Otherwise I hope you are fine.

    Jeff, how is your family doing?

    Matt Morgan

  15. Transition, that is what I’m going through at present. At the tender age of 60 I’m going into internet marketing. It is quite a steep learning curve but I am determined to succeed.
    Interesting video by the way, it really made me think, there are a lot of challenges in life, that what’s makes life interesting. I’m determined to make this work.

  16. Jose Carlos de Paula M Costa


    Dear Jeff Walker:

    I know you becouse your great friend Erico Rocha. I’m from Brasil, too. But I’m just beginnig to learn about Marketing Digital.
    I became a fan of you, then !
    I buy a Course of a friend Maicon Rissi, A course designed to Afiliates Proograms.
    I’m just a beginner in this new area.
    You asked an very important question: “What are the transitions in your life that you want to improve?”
    I can easily say you that are:

    1) To maintain the focus in the study of the course; it appears simple, but it’s not. You are always beening interrupted during your study; ou other people interrupted you or you mind thinks in another things distracting you;
    2) Do you have some strategy to deal with this kind of problem?
    3) Wich is the best way to maintain the focus in what you need to do?
    In think that this problem is a general problem that affects a lot of people, specialy, the beginners, I thing, because they don’t know yet the importance of “keep the focus” in what is important for their courses or for their business.
    3a) Don’t let your mind disperse you. It’s a great enemy that a lot of people have.

    What to do to avoid this? Please help a lot of people that have this problem. I know that you have the answer!

    Thank you very much !

    About your video:

    – It’s a great video! A very motivational video! You’re are a fantastic man!

    I need to make this transition in my life! I’m having a lot of problems whith this behavior.

    Thank you very much!

    Jose Carlos de Paula M Costa
    Rio de Janeiro-RJ

    PS.: I don’t have a website yet. But I want to have one as soon as possible.

  17. Good use of the phrase “integration day” Jeff. Transition and ultimately transformation are key to giving us feedback that we are providing impact and value in our relationships. Thanks for your perspectives about “transitions”.

  18. Great video! I think that I need to improve my night time transition and also create one for when I’m going to do something difficult or important for me – give me some time and ritual to make it the best way possible!
    Loved it!

  19. I love the idea of actually planning for the transition, to integrate the experience into who we are and what we do. When I used to travel all the time the flight home was a great time to integrate ideas and recognize new awareness (something special about seeing the world from 30,000 feet) but all to often the action stopped there. By the time my feet were on solid ground I’d moved on with little change. Sometimes it feels like such a luxury when in fact it is to essential to our growth and development. The mental, physical and emotional shifts take time, I intend to give myself of more of it. Thanks for a great post.

  20. Hi Jeff,

    Great post I agree, morning rituals and focusing on smooth transitions are so important! I love my morning ritual and I like the way you outline not only a transition from holiday to going back to work, but small every day transitions.

    A good insight for everyone.


  21. Jeff,
    that is a great reminder. As my business is going through a transition period, with new products to launch, new technologies to apply and new marketing strategies to follow, I am actually going through a pretty decent personal transition as well. I found it helpful that you reminded me to graceful to myself in that transition period – it was almost as an allowance that business life does not need to be pushy and demanding on an entrepreneur all the time 😉

  22. Hi Jeff

    Good points about transition!

    I havent read all the comments, but one thing that helps transition for me is to have something that that follows me everywhere.

    For me that is my meditation – there are a ton of benefits I believe regarding meditation, but to have a daily ritual that includes meditation will help your transition challenges in many ways.

    Best regards

  23. Hi Jeff

    I love all of your videos as they keep me on track. I’ve got three kids aged four and under and am slowly building up my online business to help busy, stressed out mums move from frazzled to fabulous. I’ve hit many hurdles, but thanks to your support and advice, I am not giving up. One of my key questions is now (not wanting to offend any Christians out there) ‘what would Jeff do?’ !!

  24. Hi Jeff,

    For sure the most important transition I wanna improve is the one from working time to resting time.
    It can be quite difficult to disconnect from work when you have tons of things to do so if you or people in your blog have tips to disconnect from one activity I would be grateful to hear about it !

  25. Great video! I never thought about transitions in this way. I’m a personal trainer and I definitely want my NEW clients to feel awesome as they make the commitment to work with me. I’d love to know more about transitioning them seamlessly.

  26. Thank you Jeff! I love the graceful transitions……..sometimes I am hard on myself when I am having a hard time getting back into action after a period of rest or other activities but this video reminds me that it is ok take a day to get back in the game. AWESOME

  27. thank you Jeff – awesome as always.
    I will implement transition days after I do training.
    I have been telling myself I need to get back to “real” work – but love the way you put it:
    graceful transition.
    Implementing more transition days now!
    thank you. gry

  28. Hey Jeff. I’d like to learn how to gracefully enjoy transition from writing and creating to delivering. I can tend to get stuck in planning and find that I need a gentle jolt to get me moving towards getting it out there! Maybe I can create a transition process that puts me into a different headspace, from creation, to planning, to delivery – thanks, I will do that!

    Just a bit of feedback about your course – PLF. I absolutely LOVED it and I’m still getting my head around it. Just about to deliver my first launch in April. One thing I noticed in PLF; I didn’t really experience a smooth ‘transition’ at the end. I don’t feel like it actually ended. Is that on purpose? thanks again, Sandy

  29. Hello Jeff,

    Those transitional moments are very important in almost all situations. At first you are in the mindset of winning the game and suddenly, an unexpected events happens and you have to adapt your mindset. If some one told me this earlier, or gave me a bucket of ice water. I should have seen the answers right in front of me and I should have easily made better decisions in my actions. That’s all for now

    Thank you


  30. Doris Hamilton


    Jeff, I like your talk on transition. I live in The Bahamas with all the sunshine, sea and sand so I understand your expression about Exuma. I am 59 and preparing for transition from art education to design and light manufacturing. I have so many skills I want to put to use and they keep me up at night. Because of lack of funding and the wait for complete service years for proper retirement compensation, I am full of anxiety when I go to bed. I dream of the day when I can retire with full compensation to do my business full time. I hope you will continue to give free advice so people like me can stay motivated on our way to making it. I know when I become successful, I definitely will be going to these workshops or seminars like yours. Again, Thank You.

  31. Thank you Jeff – Some really nice and useful wisdom you just shared with us. And this is very kind of you.

    Not to sound like a jerk – I really admire your work and you are probably my most favorite guy I like listening to whenever you’ve got something to say. But I am real glad that you shared this video with us, I’ve lately been thinking to myself every time I get an email from you “There’s Jeff trying to sell me something I don’t need to open that email right now..”

    And although I’ll admit that when you endorse a product it is always a good product and one that you very clearly sincerely know that it will be of excellent value, but it’s just great to see you back with sharing your own thoughts and advice with us, you’re loyal and admiring followers..

    Once again thank you brother and God bless you, keep up the great work !!

    Best regards,


  32. Jeff–

    I love the word graceful. It captures so much for me in terms of attitude and quality of living. Your expression in the world embraces that quality. I thank you for that.

    Moving gracefully with your transitions is so important. Sometimes people can forget that the void, the space between things, is a critical piece of the creative process.

    I’m “new” to your world and so glad I stopped by… I look forward to meeting you at the event in Denver.


  33. A simple yet POWERFUL concept, Jeff – transitions. Life is really just a series of transitions and your success in life is really driven by how graceful those transitions are made.

    Personally, I find it flat out impossible to switch from one mode to another (vacation mode to work mode, brainstorming mode to writing mode, family mode to business mode) in my life without utilizing integration days and time periods. Anytime I get cocky and try to skip this “time”…it ends up costing me more time regrouping then I would have spent if I just allowed for the transitional time.

    Thanks for the reminder on how important it is to create this graceful flow of the often hectic and diverse modes us entrepreneurial types face day in and day out.

  34. Hey, Jeff. Good video. Great tip.

    For me personally when it comes to the transition period, I usually like to take a break, before jumping into something else I want or need to do. This transition period can involve anything from simply doing absolutely nothing for 10 to 15 minutes to clear my head, to watching a little TV for a short period of time before getting started on the next item on my agenda. It just depends on what I am getting ready to do, and how much—yes or no—that I am looking forward to it.

    And I will admit—there are some things I just jump right into.

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