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It’s easy to look at other successful businesses… and draw the wrong conclusions and comparisons to your business. Here’s a better way to look at it…

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19 Replies to ““But my business is different…””

  1. Great video, Jeff. Yes, think constantly out of the box to create more and more value .

  2. Toni cooper


    I understand the funny piano vs guitar thing b/c it’s easy to get into a mental bubble when building a business because 1) seems like everything has already been done so it’s hard to think lateral which is outside the business & 2) so much focus on niche creates a streamlined thought process which is great for initial development but not for marketing however it’s hard to break the niche thinking mindset to create a varied & broad market.
    Thanks for reminder that it’s ok to gather little pieces from everywhere & glean from strategies of unrelated successful businesses.

  3. Drawing in information from a wider field of knowledge is the key to increasing our knowledge . Life is a continued learning process from birth until death. Never stop growing in mental maturity —- Dennis Krumnow
    Wonmurk Self Expressions

  4. Excellent points Jeff. One of the biggest problems I’ve seen marketers make is they tend to focus on what marketers in their own niche are doing to market their products or services — its almost incestous. Rarely do you get breakthroughs doing that because they’re typically following and imitating others who generally aren’t good marketers themselves..

    That’s one of the things Jay Abraham and others — who have deep experience and knowledge in numerous markets — bring to the table; they can “think out of the box,” gleaning strategies and tactics that have worked successfully in other markets and adapt them to new markets to differentiate themselves from most other marketers in their niche.

  5. Jeff, great stuff. I look forward to every Sunday morning to get your video content. You’ve been a great help to us in providing leadership content for pastors and church leaders. People are people and PLF works.

  6. I always feel it won’t work for my business because I rent graphing calculators to college students. Repeat business is next to none, it’s seasonal only at the beginning of semesters, and most don’t even think to look about renting a calculator. Growth has stagnated even though it’s enough to cover monthly bills. Help!

    • Find a back end product or service that students need. You’re covering your monthly bills while building a list. That’s great! If they’re freshmen, you can sell to them for four years. If not, find a new front end product that you can sell to freshmen. Then find a way to sell them anything and everything a college student could need for the next four years.

  7. Jeff,

    Great video. I like the way you explain complicated issues so simply. I also like your camera style. I am always afraid to break eye contact and look always as long as you do. It works well.

    I think you captured two very important aspects of genius. I would venture to say all geniuses are autodidact and polymaths. As you would say, constantly learning and looking laterally.

    Everybody has at least one genius idea in their life. Some more. A genius is simply someone who has great ideas at a regular frequency. So like you say, with constant self learning, looking laterally, you will see more intersecting ideas and thus increase the probability more of them will be great

  8. Thanks for the simple reassurance that PLF works for all different types of markets and businesses. It’s like receiving permission to trust where life has brought me and work with what’s in front of me, rather than trying to become someone else or shoe-horn my business ideas into a place they wouldn’t comfortably fit. In other words, thanks for the freedom!

  9. Such a great point Jeff. I’m wondering if you’ve had any clients jump into a market they are still learning about and be a success? I have an idea of a product I would love to launch based on my own experiences but I’ve only been applying it in my life for about a year. I don’t have any credentials or a ton of knowledge but I want to help others. The idea is based around getting the life you want by creating a life plan based on how you want to feel vs what you want to get. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you.

  10. Sunny Patel


    hello Jeff,
    Great Videos, excellent information ! I am a software programmer and as an employee of a large digital media company i help our clients with
    1)On boarding and implementation of our proprietary Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugin, and 2)Develop and implement Lead generation campaigns utilizing both organic and ppc strategies.
    I am planning to launch my own online SEO/Lead Generation company, how can PLF be an integral fit in this endeavour?

    Thank you.
    Kind Regards, Sunny

    P.S. Presently, I do not have an existing database, and a website for the new launch. Thank you.

  11. jeff a Big thank you for your mentoring. I just crossed over the $20,000 in my second launch when my first went flat, but I re watched the PLF modules and reworked a lemon into lemonade. After over a year of expenses, time spent and efforts to make it happen, I went back heard you say “Baby Steps … Incremental progress for exponential gain” that gave me the inspiration to take another step towards my goals and lauanched and one by one the returns came in. My buy in ticket was $2497.00 per sale then I parleied that into a ongoing $125/mth marketing program for 12 months within the original offer and again and at this point over 50% purchased. thank you for your mentoring and your words of encouragement and wisdom from real life experiences. Jeffrey Paul

  12. Jeff,
    Thank you for your words of inspiration. I am new in the world of entrepreneurship, so I really appreciate the mentoring you offer through your videos. I had that same question about it being easier to market products that teach people how to build a lucrative business, but I see that you are right in pointing out that every market is different. My market is the “spiritual but not religious.” Everyone keeps telling me that this is a huge market with a great need, but I’m still trying to find my way. I am following your product launch formula.
    My first course will launch within the next few days. Excited to see the results!

  13. Hello Jeff

    I’m interested in teaching Spirituality. Like practicing presence and there is a huge marketing of books in fact one of my great mentors is Spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle who’s book The Power of Now sold 35 million copies.

    However, I haven’t seen any courses directly related to what I want to teach. I would like to know if you feel like I can still make this work even though there aren’t anyone who teaches this through online courses.



  14. I have to disagree with Diana D. Individuals in non-business markets aren’t less motivated, you just don’t yet know what their motivation is. After 20+ years, I’m trying to resume flight lessons. I’m very motivated, but you didn’t know that until now.

    Also, let’s not forget that people often rationalize before buying. It’s easy to rationalize to a business if you’re product or service will make them more than it will cost them. That’s probably not the case in most B2C markets, so you have to find another way to rationalize the sale. The basic psychology of marketing applies in either case.

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