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Most people who have their car stolen go through the usual motions: file a police report and insurance claim… and then hope.

But Katie Hornor went one crazy step further…

She saw an opportunity instead of an obstacle.

Katie realized that she could replace her car with a launch AND serve more more clients… and she saw a way to do it without much extra effort, using assets she already had.

[SPOILER ALERT: she paid for her car in five days.]

That’s an entrepreneur’s mindset for you (and the launch mindset), and it’s kind of like having a superpower when life throws you a curveball.

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18 Replies to “From Stolen Car to Successful Launch in 5 Days”

  1. what a great story of resilience and empowerment! it made me giggle and feel, once again oh so happy to have said YES to another year with LC. Thank you Jeff for creating this awesome inspiring community.

    Hugs and gratitude to you and the family…

  2. Here in Europe, specifically Bologna, Italy from where this is coming there’s a different mindset and attitude to entrepreneurs. Bologna is traditionally a very left-wing city. The Italian communist party always did very well in elections here. It has one of the best healthcare setups (free) in the country and has been handling the pandemic pretty well. The local municipality provides many services. So why am I writing this? Just to emphasize that the common attitude to selling and promoting is different here. People are often suspicious of private enterprise. Crazy but true…

  3. That’s such a lovely story. It’s really picked me up, thank you. I’m going to do something today, while it’s still in my system… Can you share Katie’s details somewhere?

  4. Hi Jeff. Really enjoyed this inspiring story. I’ve been online selling my beginner guitar lessons for about 5 years and don’t seem to be able get over the hump and have that just right launch. I would welcome any adivse you can share.

    • I welcome any ones suggestion on what I should offer. I am currently giving away my 38 step by step beginner guitar lessons, the same lessons I have used for over 40 years to teach thousands of people how to play guitar. I’ve been told that these lessons are the lessons I should launch as a comprehensive course. Look forward to hearing your ideas and feedback.

  5. It’s amazing the fact I got a card from Jeff and team after upgrading PLF
    Amazing guide amazing way to make a fantastic future

    Great story great idea for a new car

    Norman Kennedy

  6. I gotta admit, I’ve been rather discouraged about launching again. I have such a small list and it doesn’t seem to be easy to grow. Katie’s story makes me realize that I need to reframe and work with what I have so it can grow. Thanks for sharing Katie’s story with us! Very inspiring that she turned lemons to lemonade!

  7. I LOVE THIS! Yes, turning lemons into lemonade! I’ve had to do that myself this week myself. Looking forward to attending the Live Virtual PLF conference!!

  8. “Out of clutter find simplicity. In discord find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”
    – Einstein-

    Katie’s story reminded me of this quote from Einstein that found me last year at the beginning of the pandemic. I use it on my website and it has become a “mantra” that I often share with my clients and anyone who is dealing with shocks, blocks and traumas in their life.

  9. So awesome. I’m very low on the action scale, but the reminder that my knowledge/product/ideas are actually providing/sharing a service… and by launching, that service can reach/help more people…. that’s such a great motivator.

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