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Creating a “New Normal” for yourself…

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63 Replies to “Your “New Normal””

  1. Siadhe-Angel


    Good morning Jeff… Happy Easter Sunday. Your topic seems quire befitting.
    I need to ask this because it’s a big block… how do people break into a new normal when they are consumed in an 80 hour work week job? Please don’t say “quit” I’d lose my home.

    • Steve Johnson


      Obviously, without a financial cushion, you cannot stop doing what you’re doing to start something new. What you can do is allocate an hour to defining your new normal. If you have a product idea, spend time on it and, as your interest grows, you’ll find you make time to spend on it. One friend decided she wanted to starting making money writing books. Once she’d put her kids were asleep, she spent an hour or two writing before she went to bed herself.

      Running your own business isn’t for everyone. We all have commitments after all. But if you look at where you are and feel that it’s not where you want to be, identify what you can do to change your current path. Don’t plan to devote 80 hours to it; just allocate an hour here and there.

    • Greg Greenwood


      Hi Siadhe-Angel,
      Sometimes the block occurs when you only focus on the result and the gap from where you are and where you want to be is huge and overwhelming. Instead, pick one small thing you can do today to move you toward your goal and do it. Tomorrow do the same. These small steps will be mini victories that will move you ever so closer to your dreams. The process will build momentum and confidence that you are doing something and you will quite often become completely unstuck! Enjoy the baby steps and have a blessed Easter!!

    • Is your house payment more than 25% of your NOT overtime take home pay?

      • Siadhe-Angel


        Hello Valerie …
        Yes it’s almost 46 percent…
        The broker based it on my 4 year track record for gross annual earnings. Hence my pessing need to get off of the hamster wheel.

    • Begin by supporting, advising, creating, or financially, others that align w your values, mission, and why.

    • Jeff thank you for the inspiration. You have refueled my energy. I am also an introvert. I prefer to work alone in my business but it gets too lonely at times. I will have to get out and launch myself. I really need a new normal for my business to grow.
      Thank you once more..

  2. Thanks for the inspiring message about masterminding with a group of ‘new normal’ friends who push you to your greatest level. It’s really incredible to see a self-confessed introvert doing such an extroverted business – running seminars – holding week-long back to back programs – liaising with customers all over the world – and being so much ‘you’ in your videos. I take my hat off to you, Jeff!

  3. izzet karaagacli


    Hello Jeff,

    A small change everyday towards positive, can change our lives.

    You are doing a great job.



  4. Hi Jeff I want to thankyou for great advice and find value in your wisdom I thankyou Jeff

  5. Good morning Jeff and everyone – Happy Easter!
    Thank you for a call for a new normal in ourselves. It is such an inspiring idea, and I very much appreciate your describing the new normal as a place inside of ourselves, rather than a striving for more unnecessary stuff to fill our material lives with.

  6. John B Rogers


    Thank you for this Jeff. This was very timely in my thinking and helping me recognize what I need to do.

  7. I ❤️ what you say and love ❤️ your life style.
    I am doing the same but at a much lower level.
    Your videos are weekly comfortable lifts to the next level.
    Thanks Jeff very grateful for your help and being in your world.
    Happy Easter 🐇 and enjoy your stay at this marvelous place..

  8. Thanks Jeff for a great message on Easter morning. I love how you deliver inspiring and direct messages but also are always in this state of gratitude which in itself is an amazing reminder to take away from listening to you. Thanks again!

  9. Thank you for your openness in sharing, especially that you are an introvert and how that is not a block to being successful.

    • I caught Jeff’s comment too about being an introvert. That in and of itself was encouraging to me. He is so enjoyable to listen to. Maybe I don’t have to be clever, wild and exciting to create how-to videos.

  10. Jeff, hello! Thanks for this simple and inspiring idea. I feel it’s life-changing. I am gonna brainstorm all the criteria of my new level of life, and my new normal. I’d be happy to learn more about interacting with the new high-level people in your next videos. What kind of common things all successful game-changers have? What kind of value can I provide them with to start conversation? Thanks in advance. Dasha (Kazakhstan)

  11. Jeff, your video is well timed. I had a documentary project budgeted and outlined out, and have been running a story about when would be the right time to do it. Combination of life issues, I found out I would need to be between homes again – deja vu of last year (!) – and I was having a moment of perplexing wondering “Am I just addicted to my own brain’s dopamine? Am I just being stubborn and too overly focused to bring this Program in to “reality”? Committed to making a big difference? I felt a bit like Pooh Bear needing to find a “thinking tree” to have myself a “big think.” How much of this is dream and illusion or a mock up – vs – “I can really do this and this is the ultimate test?” I decided okay – what a great time to go do the documentary while finishing edits on the books. Within an hour I found two new colleagues previously unknown to me, one north and one south in California in order to move this forward. I am dealing with a few start up glitches, my pet had to go to pet sitting for a day or two, but I am still just feeling tested and excited about launching.

    But I do ask you – – “Is anyone in our industry of content creators, speakers, trainers tracking on people who are just delusional about what they are trying to create – – think like “American Idol” or “Voice” or even “Shark Tank” where they have to tell the contestant – I’m sorry, you just will never be a singer, dancer, have a successful product with this…”

    What role does our own “brain dopamine addiction” play in all this “mock up passion” we have for going for our dream?

    Do the top leaders in our field still go through a lot of self-doubt and needing to constantly reinvent themselves?

  12. Thanks Jeff. I’m ready for a new normal and playing full out. I was at PLF Live at it was fantastic for raising our awareness of “a new normal.”

  13. Thank you Jeff for your inspiration and generosity
    I’m just about reaching a New Normal level, but until now I did not know there was a name for this state 🙂
    Always a great way to start Sunday mornings

  14. Thank you Jeff for letting me hang out with you on Your videos and training! Even though I have not met you in person yet, I appreciate you and your Positive, Powerful and Persistent messages. To make a difference in other people’s life provides more wealth in my life while at the same time enjoying my New Normal that continues to step up each time I choose to continue to learn and grow.

    Thank you for being Totally Awesome! I know that you just can’t help it, because that is the way GOD Created you, in HIS image: Perfectly!


  15. Great stuff, Jeff. I had the privilege of attending PLF Live, and you guys did an outstanding job. To live a new normal, one must DECIDE to abandon the old normal. This is the difficult part, because we required to evaluate the value of every relationship in our lives. I have recently gone through this process, and I can tell you it is worth it. I am creating a new normal, with new people, and one of them is YOU!

  16. marie heiland


    Love it Jeff!!
    I will definitely stay committed to my “new normal”

  17. I had the privilege of attending Launch Club Live and PLF Live last week and both were amazing experiences! Since first seeing you present live at LaunchCon last fall and joining Launch Club, I definitely have a “new normal” and am inspired every day to reach new heights in my business and personal life. Thanks for leading the way and changing the lives of millions of people around the world!

  18. Hi Jeff! Happy Easter! Thank you for putting yourself on camera each week and holding a higher vision to lift each of us into it. I attended your PFL Live and joined the Launch Club because of the creative commitment and supportive community you have created. I’m with you!!

  19. Thanks to you, Jeff, from a fellow introvert. I’m just back from your PLF Live. It was awesome, and I have much to still process from the experience.

  20. Awesome Jeff. I fully agree with your premise of surrounding yourself with those that take you higher. After my daughter got diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago, my family and I have been on a mission to constantly surround ourselves with people that support us and make us higher. To go to those places in your mind and around the world that push you out of your normal zone and allow you to go higher and to be with movers and shakers and artists and big thinkers that give you permission and that are also taking themselves higher is an impetus for growth and breaking through. You have it well said and the tropical paradise is another launching point to do the same.

  21. Virginia Reeves


    Jeff – it’s so nice to watch a low-key, from the heart message. Your humbleness and everyday guy messages suit me well. I like the first segment of this message: continually evolve my normal and raise me game. The second segment about attending live events to meet people and add value works for some folks. I think the part about creating a friendship and relationship can still be done over the phone and through messages. Sure, it’s not as deep as one-on-one, but it’s a good start.

  22. Greg Bishop


    Thanks Jeff for taking the time to share this – particularly the focus on the new normal being NOT about consumption but in service and the way we live. I echo that constantly seeking a new normal is the most fulfilling part of my life (and most fulfilling in how to genuinely help others). I’m inspired from your business but more so from how you’ve made your business the part of a great life.

  23. Thank you. I was just reflecting on how I don’t seem to vibrate with the people that I used to hang out with anymore. And of course it makes sense. But instead of thinking of creating in my life a new normal and new friendships, i imagined just being able to hold onto the few friends that are resonating with me. Of course! I just can manifest new ones ! Thank you for reminding me.

  24. Amazing few days. Thank you. And thank you for reminder that new normal is the future, its about evolving and changing.

  25. Thank you for your series of videos Jeff. I find you an incredible resource and inspiration.

  26. Thanks Jeff from Kim and Gillean Joblin. We were inspired at PLF Live and joined launch club. Your message today about New Normal. Yes please. Thanks Again. New normal here I Am.

  27. Thoroughly enjoyed the video and PLF Live. I really got a deeper understanding of “new normal” last weekend. Thanks for all you do!

  28. Hi Jeff,
    Thank you so much for your videos – they are always inspiring, from the heart, and so down to earth. I think it’s great that you are an introvert, and that you tell us you are! I’m a part-time extrovert/part-time introvert – love my alone time and also need to stay in touch with people so that I get out of myself. And of course my work as a life purpose coach involves me with people all the time – evenly divided between introvert and extrovert clients at the moment! Thanks for how you share your vulnerabilities as well as your successes. all the best, Iris

  29. It is great, what you say comes to me right on the perfect time! I am one of your students PLF from Spain

  30. Thanks Jeff! It’s always a good reminder to be evaluating the people you hang out with the the relationships you have. I’ve certainly seen the benefits of the people who I hang out with in raising my game.

  31. Great advice and SOOO true! You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Choose wisely!! Leave toxic relationships behind. Establish healthy boundaries. And surround yourself with others who are rockin’ it and want to live life in AWE!

  32. Always find your videos filled with encouragement and inspiration. I confess that I struggle to find those influencers/masterminds in my world. Far too many that are not supportive. But that will never deter me. We just finished our books on 2016 and realized we doubled our business gross income from 2015. That inspired me to want to find supportive people all the more. Keep your information coming.

  33. Hi Jeff:
    Thanks for the inspiration! I just launched my online group and learning the concepts, I appreciate your honesty and the idea of being a social creature and not getting stuck on the computer.

  34. Thanks Jeff! I’m loving the “new normal” since meeting so many inspiring people at PLF! Exciting times!

  35. Your new normal, that´s a very interesting approach to explaing that we become who we hang out with. Thanks for the video

  36. It’s so true! I’ve been having this convo quite a bit lately about where my ‘normal’ is and that I’m ready for a change. Thanks for sharing!

  37. Hi Jeff,
    Your “new normal” video and the next video on “introverts need to get out to meet people at LIVE events” really resonated with me, as I describe the work that I do as “creating a new normal.” The human brain tends to baulk at creating “change” because change can mean “pain” or “fear of MORE pain.” I teach classes and work with clients via skype on Integrating Childhood Reflexes that may be active when they shouldn’t be 😉 And, as you integrate these aberrant reflexes, you discover new plateaus of “inner calm” and finding a “new normal.” People who are VERY “introverted” may have an active “fear/paralysis” reflex and, when that reflex becomes integrated (by doing tiny, tiny reflex integrating movements for 5-15 minutes a day) the “new normal” creates an “ease” in doing new things. The “fear/paralysis” reflex is one of a category of reflexes called “withdrawal” reflexes. So, “fear/paralysis” + “withdrawal” can mean being super shy, super sensitive, with no movement forward because of a desire to “withdraw” even though you’d LOVE to participate with others. These tiny movements literally help change all that – with just a few minutes a day – in small increments that just seem to grow on you. As you were saying, Jeff, you put yourself into a live event every couple of months in order to create a growth situation. You’re very wise! And I’m most grateful that you share your wisdom with the world. Yours in Gratitude, WendyHT

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