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In 2019 Oonagh Duncan had a bestselling book (#1 bestseller on the Globe & Mail nonfiction list — which is sorta like the Canadian equivalent to a #1 NY Times bestseller)… 

And now she’s completely rebranding the book with a new title and new cover. 

Why would she do that? Why mess with success?

Listen in as I chat with Oonagh about her upcoming book launch. There’s some big takeaways here (and her energy will fire you up)…

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9 Replies to “Judging a Book By Its Cover”

  1. Thank you Jeff it’s really awesome insight for me.
    That’s fives an additional boost from what has been implied in my mind.
    From that I just want to ask …
    Can this strategy be applicable to all existing books?
    Or must with certain criteria?
    Or maybe t also applicable to sales scripts and sales page?
    That so which else and how should be done it?
    Thank you.

  2. Thanks for sharing Jeff, I am about to release my new video masterclass, but everything star with a Manual or guide and I was thinking of redo the book all over again. Thank you.

  3. Love this woman.

    What an inspiration.

    PLF is the biz.

    One day I’ll get there….I just know it.

  4. Amazing interview. Oonagh is such an inspiration shows up and does the work. I’m so happy for her success well deserved. and I love how she used the PLF model to structure the book.

  5. Years ago, I saw Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) at a conference and he said: “The more you give it away, the more they will pay you for it.” That’s what Oonagh is doing.

    Seth Godin gave away millions of digital copies of his book, Ideavirus, which I think is one of the best books on marketing ever written.

    I give away my book, Agile Process Innovation, to help sell my QI Macros software.

    Influenced by all of these book marketing gurus, I often say: “If you want to spread the gospel, you have to give away the bible.”

    I also shared this post with several of my fellow authors in the National Speakers Association.
    I preordered Oonagh’s book to discover her PLF process. I believe we can learn a lot from what other people are doing. Go Oonagh!

  6. Moni Bikfalvi


    I really love Oonagh’s energy 🙂

    But something bothers me.
    I searched for “Ditch the Diet”, and to my surprise, there is a book already with this title on Amazon…

    Ditch The Diet: How to Reclaim Your Health and Enjoy Food
    Paperback – September 5, 2018
    by Julie Sieja Satterfeal

    Isn’t it a problem, two books with the same title? I just wonder…

  7. Sarie Al-Ani


    I love all your success-stories about your students, Jeff! Thank you for all of them, because the most of the people have real good businesses! They are real, down to earth & are fantastic people (off course only what I can see from the screen and miles away ;-)! But in this story some ingredients are not so enjoyable for me! I like her energy & that she has success is awesome! And maybe it is only me, but I don’t like the fact that there is “salty language” in the book and that the original title is not so very nice! And I love the fact, that the Americans don’t buy the title! Maybe the book is good, but I ask myself whether it wouldn’t be even better, if the language of the book was nice!

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