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This week, I’m returning to the scene of one of my greatest “crimes”…

The beach where I shot my first ever blog video 9 years ago. 

It was a spur of the moment decision to pull out my camera. I didn’t really have any intentions behind it. I wasn’t planning to record something every week.

That was April 14, 2013… and I’ve shot hundreds of videos since.

While I was thinking about that at the beach, I also thought of one of my students. 

She’s made more than $25 million in her business. And it all stemmed from her very first launch… which resulted in a single sale.

How did she get from there to where she is now? The same way I got to almost 500 blog videos.

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3 Replies to “Back at the Scene of My “Crime””

  1. Great video, Jeff…

    Done is better than perfect… (somebody told me that a long time ago.)

    My partner and I just reached 8k subscribers to our channel. It all started with that very first video!


  2. Adrian Brown


    I love this video Jeff. In the world of hype and bluster that surround the personal development world, you are the real deal, you make it real and you never stop talking about taking the next step.

    Getting there!

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