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What one critical decision made all the difference for me? I've had an amazing journey since I started my business… and it began with some crazy humble beginnings. This video is about the one decision that started it all…

This question came in on my Facebook page… go over there and like that page, it's one of the best ways to interact with me.

And please leave a comment down below. I want to hear about the big pivot points in your life – what they were and what they're going to be…

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134 Replies to “The One Critical Decision…”

  1. The one thing that changed it all. Was my first trip Costa Rica. It created the space for me to ReThink ReBoot Recharge. We have done 7 trips since then to recreate the experience.

  2. Thanks for sharing about your beginning Jeff!

    It was personal growth that started it for me too, and I think it’s really true that there are a lot of options out there for what it is or who it is – there are basic success principles that are the foundation. I’m grateful everyday for the decision that I made, and it’s clear you are too.

    XOXO Dori

  3. My big moment was becoming friends with Frank and being uber lucky to be able to have a front row seat to a lot of the happenings in IM over the years. But bigger than the internet stuff was just the friendship and personal perks that came along with being buds with such a bad ass.

  4. Hi Jeff, I’m just a guy that has created a product that I believe to be a first of its kind with an astronomical market. I cant believe someone else hasn’t put it out yet but perhaps it’s an idea who’s time has come. I believe in this product but am looking inside myself for belief that success isn’t something that just happens to other people. I have a list of books that I plan to begin reading (Think and grow rich I now have) and its the personal development and believe that success can be for me too that needs to happen. As much as I look forward to getting my hands on your product launch material I really have been inspired by your writings and videos and they have helped me begin to see success as a possibility even for little old me! Thank you for all you do and I wish you good health and continued success!

  5. That was EXACTLY the same turning point for me. I had had an idea in my head for a book — for a system in my niche –and for a couple of years it was just in my head. It was buying that program from Tony Robbins (same one, in CD too) that finally got me to actually write the book, launch the website, and move forward.

  6. Thanks for interrupting your beach walk, Jeff! I appreciate your time and message. It’s been only 5 months for me since the Epiphany of my purpose hit me hard. I help men (and apparently women lately) become clear, confident, and passionate about who they are and their power to transform their own life and THEN the lives of those around them. I’ve become as fascinated with mastering the marketing and monetizing strategies as I am with serving my clients. My revenue is still at $0 and I’m not freaking out. I see an end in mind for me and have become more comfortable with *knowing* that small, consistent, purposeful steps will get me where I’m going. Hiring a coach for myself for both personal dev. and business was an incredibly hard decision – but is proving to be the right call!
    I’m looking forward to making a smartphone video someday from the bow of a boat giving the same encouragement you are. Thanks again…I’ll be reading your stuff and paying attention.

  7. Great comment Jeff. I started personal development two years ago. Joined Jack Canfield’s inner circle, studied Robin Sharma and Tony Robbins. Now instead of a sales job, I have a career as a sales manager and have had the confidence to go return to my scriptwriting. I find it hard encouraging others to get involved with personal development. Those are the same people who complain of failure. The people who have read the Compound Effect and Lead Without A Title and books that make a difference, have seen their careers grow.

  8. Great video Jeff! It is tough to nail down a single big pivot but for me it was when I truly began to be selective about who I surrounded myself with. When I looked around and saw that I was not being supported by my peers I made the choice to move across the country to Colorado and start a new beginning. And that made all the difference.

    And now thanks to that and thanks to knowledge I have received from folks like yourself my wife and I were able to realize a dream of traveling the world for at least a year. The adventure has just begun but it is already amazing and I know it would not be possible without making the hard choices and constantly working to improve myself.

    Thanks Jeff for being a part of that process!

  9. Heart warming video. I realized my path is completely different. Never had a big turn around. My life has been slow development, going from one skill to the next to the next. I don’t have a dramatic personal story to tell, but I did buy the PLF and went through much of it. I’d have to exaggerate shamelessly to create a “then / now / how” story from my experience. So these dramatic stories of “I was unemployed for seven years” leave me amazed.

    The value of this is to remind me to go through PLF material again (like swimming out of an avalanche!) and see what I am missing.

    My hope is to continue to make slow progress. I’d like to make a little more money with my continuing education offering for shrinks, and if it works, produce one every two months for the foreseeable future.

  10. Totally agree Jeff, you have to get the mindset right, because unless you have this as your foundation you won’t be able to sustain any long lasting level of success. I’ve listened to and read Tony Robbins PP2, Tony Robbins Unlimited Power, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Steven K Scott, Jack Canfield, Robert Kyosaki, Seth Godin, T Harv Eker, Napoleon Hill, Maxwell Maltz, Robert Greene, Les Brown, and from the 1800’s Samuel Smiles, Orison Swett Marden, James Allen, Emile Coue and there are many more – the list is endless, my bookshelves are groaning under the weight of wealth on them. You can never underestimate the amount of wisdom that’s out there in the personal development arena, and it’s such an exciting place to be.

    The book that switched me on was Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy, that was my first aha moment but there have been many more over the last 10 years too…

    Thanks Jeff for contributing your wisdom too to this big melting pot of success, more power to you and keep up the good work!

  11. Hi Jeff.
    Although it sounds like I’m being creepy, the turning point for me actually was when I bought your Product Launch Formula program!
    Although I had already spent a lot of time and money learning about internet marketing, it was only when I went through the PLF that the importance of gradually building up rapport & engagement with my potential customers hit me.

    Also, it was really motivating to know that it was possible to achieve great things when you started with nothing.

    I am building the concepts of PLF into the products I am currently about to finish and launch so thanks for the insights you gave me.

  12. You were my turnaround point, Jeff. And it’s funny, but you were the person who gave me permission to be okay with making money. I was raised believing that money, or even the love of money, was the root of all evil.

    By that definition, my family and I were living a very good life, because my publisher hadn’t paid me in months, my husband was working insane hours just to keep a roof over our heads, I’d had to bail on two of my three credit cards because I was a day late with one payment, so two of them raised my previously excellent rates to a point where I couldn’t meet the base payments, and things were falling down around us that we couldn’t afford to have fixed.

    In an act of sheer desperation, I bought your (boxed-version) PLF course, put it on my one remaining card in three payments, swallow hard, and started into it the day I got it. I went through the whole thing in a matter of two weeks, doing it as my full-time job, and at the end of that time, step-by-step, I built an emergency launch to raise cash fast, just so we could take care of urgent repairs and get some solid ground under our feet.

    I’d written a number of short writing courses at that point, showing people step-by-step how to create different parts of fiction—characters, plots, languages, cultures, etc.—and I bundled every single thing I’d created, plus signed copies of some of my novels for the folks who jumped first, into one huge package, explained my situation to the folks on my mailing list, and offered them an awesome deal for helping me out during my hideous February. It came out to just under a hundred bucks for everything.

    They came through. $10,000 (a bit more, actually) in three days. That sale put solid ground under my feet, showed me that I was no longer at the mercy of publishers and their “you’re check is working its way through accounting” excuses, and allowed me to change my life, and take care of my family.

    I used your course last month to help me set up the launch for a course I was bringing back. You introduced me to John Carlton’s work, and he’s been the other absolutely essential peg in making my business run.

    So thank you. Publicly, and with my real name attached. It’s about time.


    • Holly,

      You’re welcome.

      As you know, you’ve shared parts of your journey with me over the years… but I don’t think you ever shared the beginning of your journey. I will admit that one of the big reasons I’m in this business is because of people like you – the people who I hear back from, the people who take my work and do something great.

      And I get an extra bonus from people like you, who are making a big impact on the people you help. That takes my contribution and makes it exponential. Incredible!

      And, btw, I had to do a LOT of mental re-programming about money. It took me a lot of work to understand that there’s nothing wrong with having money. I’m glad you were able to benefit from some of that work.

      – Jeff

  13. So funny that you mention being embarrassed, or scared to order that program. Brought back memories to when I was sitting in front of my computer, mouse in hand, cursor hovering over the BUY button on PLF! Full circle, Jeff.

    I think that embarrassment and fear is ancient. For thousands of years mankind has feared and resisted change. Dozens of convincing arguments against change are playing in a person’s mind when they are faced with a fork in the road.

    It was my gut intelligence that got me to embrace the most game changing decisions of my life. Marriage, career, education, parenthood.

    That silly little verbal brain of ours plays a good game, however, in the timeline of history, it’s still a baby.

  14. Thanks, Jeff.

    I just love your relaxed authentic attitude – like always 🙂

    BTW: I also went through Tony’s PP tapes at the time, actually joined him for his entire Mastery University program in 2000, and later on tapped into other people’s wisdom .. like yours (PLF). 😉

    Love & Light


  15. Jeff, I really appreciate your honesty about journey and struggle. Several years ago I was fortunate to be introduced to a process called Holistic management from Allan Savory. Although this is known for its application to sustainable agriculture, its foundation is a decision making process to make decisions that are socially, economically, and environmentally sound and balanced. The big “aha!” for me was that everyone – even me – deserves an excellent quality of life. From that moment I moved from feeling somewhat hopeless to striving for a better life. It took a long time to get over the old baggage and certainly there are still struggles (and old debt to get rid of) , but in the last few years major changes have taken place. It’s exciting and I look forward this year and the years to come.
    Thanks for sharing this!

  16. taken the decision few years back…..the change is coming, but not at the speed I want it to be…but am pretty sure the things will start happening very soon..

  17. Jeff,

    I love the quote by Isaac Newton “If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”

    It’s by leveraging knowledge and wisdom of people like you, Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, John Maxwell and many others that we can achieve more. Thanks for all your wisdom.

  18. Hey Jeff,

    Thanks for sharing, I always enjoy your little thought-provoking videos 🙂

    I think I’ve had a number of pivot points in my life, but the one that sticks out for me was at my grandmother’s funeral. Like many people from that era, my grandmother had quite a tough life, living through WW2, then fleeing east Germany after WW2 (much of her family died in the war), coming to Australia with three kids (one severely ill) and staying in an immigration camp for a number years. Neither of my grandparents spoke a word of English, and had quite a few challenges throughout their life to say the least. I’m not too sure what it was specifically, but i think hearing her life story at her funeral really made me think about my life and what I was creating for myself.

    It stuck with me for about a month and every day I thought about the direction of my life. It made me realise that i was making a lot of excuses for myself and I really had nothing to lose. I decided to quit my job to start a business. Admittedly, there were a few challenging times along the way, but I can now proudly say I run a successful business, doing something I’m passionate about and making a real difference.

    Your videos have been a fantastic and (probably unbeknown to you) have really made an impact on my life, so thank you – and please keep them up!

  19. Hi Jeff,

    It wasn’t until I started attending live events that my success followed. There is something magical about being around other “like minded” people to realize that most of the time we are told it can’t work or _____(fill in the blank).


  20. Thanks for this post Jeff! The one critical decision that I made was to take the route to becoming a Product Launch Manager + Webinar JV Broker.. I have learnt a lot from experts like yourself and many of my now good friends Brad Spencer, Kieran Mcdonogh who are mostly students of your PLF too.

    It’s has since been a great journey of creating value for others while still continuing to build up my knowledge and connections at the same time.

    I am grateful for the decision that I made that time, for it wouldn’t be possible for me to know so many wonderful people around me and to help so many people in the process if I haven’t taken the 1st step that time.


  21. Jeff I love your story! My humble beginning was studying the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra. After I read this book I then chose to learn how to meditate. I was able to bring a mindful consciousness into my business. I started with no money, no education, very little support and a toddler in tow. I believed that anything I could envision was possible from reading Deepak’s books. I wrote out in great detail how my business would look one year, 5 years and 10 years down the road. I lived into my dream of becoming a millionaire. Like you I have success that I could only have “dreamed” of – which I did! I know have written a book and creating programs to teach others how to build wealth consciously by investing in real estate. Jeff I bought your PLF along with Brendon Bruchard and Frank Kerns program to learn from the best on this leg of my journey. Many thanks, Deb

  22. Great question and video Jeff. My moment came back in 1999-2000 after making two companies a TON of money (as an employee) and then having them both screw up their companies — that’s when I decided enough is enough…I’m taking matters into my own hands. That sent me looking, I then found people like Corey Rudl, Yanik, and Tony Blake (I know…the way back machine 🙂 who opened my eyes to both packaging information and marketing…next to finding the love of my life and having kids, this was the most influential time in my life. I keep that moment in the front of my head each day – it motivates me to keep setting new goals and focusing on my long-term objectives even as we achieve interim objectives. I think everyone needs this big AH-HA moment to break them free of their current status quo and then continually motivate them as they go through continual growth.

  23. i may say i hac two pivot point in my life
    first was the my husband’s meeting
    second was a desire which began when i was a child and iam realizing it now, here, being in new york.
    i probably had a life with two chapters.
    But the desire to write and to dream was the strenght existing in both chapters
    i am living in the faith that what i do, or will do, is God’s will. I am very attentive to the signs and event He gives me. These events te the pivot point

  24. Thanks for sharing this, Jeff. I agree that there are many pivotal points along the path to ‘success’, and all of them involve ‘personal growth’, in that you must change yourself to change what your experience of reality is. For me, the past pivotal points all revolved around accepting that I had the power to change my life experience; accepting that there was help that I could count on; and learning to trust that I would be supported. My latest turning point is about accepting that life can be a fun, safe, balanced and abundant experience of joy–funny how un-common that perception is. At each of those points, I found myself uncomfortable and had to just push through, but like you, I saw big change as a result. Thanks for helping people see that it is about the inner work, the ability to change your outlook, that really makes the difference, no matter what method you pick to do that.

  25. Daphne D. Williams


    Love your blog, and videos. Looking to purchase your gift to the world of Internet Marketing-Product Launch- soon.

    What did it for me was changing how I saw myself as a creative being that was designed to be and do greater works than those around, thus realizing why I’m often ignored by family and so called friends is to leverage me, my life and my gifts, hence I’ve finally learned my OWN value and worth.

    Now I know I can do this (live the Writers Lifestyle … The way I’ve dreamed for many years) with a renewed mind, faith in self (carrying my 1 mustard sees everyday), and belief in who I am, what I offer and with the right amount of discipline, knowledge, Ivan empower myself to prosper since ALL I have are my gifts, talents, passions to leverage my life and leave a profound legacy as an Author, Publisher, InfoPreneur, and future Wealthy Writer who humbly teaches others to live the life they want.

    Happy I discovered your blog last year and all your tips, resources and nuggets of wisdom. Thanks for being so kind to share value with us Bloggers, Future Product Developers, Entrepreneurs and life long learners who are mastering how to take massive yet strategic action. I’m happy to be alive in this time, space and during the Internet Marketing explosion because truly, I know all my dreams are steps away as long as I continue to take them, give back while create info-products that help others to answer challenges they’re facing, hence solve their money worries, business problems or personal development dilemmas.

    Short answer consistently renewing my mind in The Holy Bible, keeping my faith despite the hurdles live present in my path, hence I’m soaring above around or through them all,
    and making the main thing the main thing, which for me is my Writing Well on my Blog inwhich I’m revamping with a solid focus and mission to become an Authority site that pumps out high quality information that sells, teaches, reaches, and literally makes my Dot Com Lifestyle my reality within the next six (6) months with diligence, committment, believe in self and in my abilities and capabilities to finally do what I love Coach others how to not Write for pennies or Free … By respecting our gifts of offering the world words.

    Thank you for inspiring us all who finally see our mountains in plain view because the valleys are soon behind us, so I’m grateful to all those who ignored my messages, calls, texts because it taught me to remain focus and sustain my clarity & focus on the main thing (Daphne & her Writing Dreams as I head towards the Dot Com Writers Lifestyle), which is my Writing Business.

    Happy Launching, 😉
    Daphne “DwriteWELL’ Williams

  26. Epiphany Moment: after carrying around pain and anger for 10 years, I realized that I couldn’t change the past but I could change my future. what happens to us does not have to dictate who we become. We choose that either consciously or otherwise… Huge liberation for me….

  27. My big moment came and went as quickly as it arrived (Watched The Secret way back when it came out. 6 months later had 1.4 Million dollars cash in the bank. Then lost it all 6 months later plus went 350K in debt. Then 8 friends and family members died in a 3 year span.). This life has been like a nightmare that I cannot wake up from but it didn’t break me. It is the great people like you Jeff and especially Jason Moffatt (What’s up J-Mo?) that have inspired me to move forward despite the last 5 years of hell that I have lived.

    I’m still down now but I am leaving this comment because I want people to know that you can come back from anything. I’m now an author of short stories on Kindle and after years of struggle, I am finally beginning to see a little bit of success despite most of my friends and family trying to get me to quit and be a lemming like the other 98 percent of the people in the world. I’m sorry, I just can’t do that.

    Stay strong everyone and let nothing stop you!

  28. Like you, Jeff, I’ve had a number of critical turning points, but one of the big ones was making the decision to stop allowing my day job to take over my life and make learning Resonance Repatterning my primary goal. This was back in May of 2000. Within 4 months of setting that goal I got laid off and I knew it was the greatest blessing. I decided to use the time I had collecting unemployment to get certified in Resonance Repatterning and start building my practice. Now for the past 12 years I’ve been earning my livelihood helping others make life-changing shifts with the Repatterning practice.

  29. Thank you for this video Jeff Walker. I totally agree with you. This is not about just a career. This is about your journey and your life path. And even though there are thousands of people teaching the same there will be one in personal development that will be your guide to open the door of your understanding, your possibilities your opportunities. This is about understanding the power we all have and stepping into our own power. This is true! The other thing that I also agree with you people have to understand is that this is not done overnight. This may take a long time. To awake and open the doors to bring the inner wisdom we all have out: from the inside out. Many may think these are “clichés” but they are not. It absolutely takes courage, commitment, engagement and hard work to achieve it. And it is possible. We have to remember that difficult is not the same as impossible! Thank you for all the information you send. Much success with the work you are doing.

  30. And I forgot to mention, Jeff. My second best moment was discovering your Product Launch Formula, which has been one of the single best products I’ve ever used. Thank you for that (and for this video!).

  31. Thanks for sharing Jeff! What beautiful beach are you on? My pivotal moment came when I discovered the world of Coaching after being an entrepreneur for 10 plus years at the time, 12 years ago. The words from Thomas Leonard’s book The Portable Coach helped me to realize as entrepreneurs we do ourselves such a disservice by trying to be “soloprenuers.” We should never try to do it alone!

    Not only did I start working with a Business Coach but I became one as well and have never looked back. I am grateful to you and so many other mentors along the way who assist me in getting stronger, smarter and on the path to live a full and rich life – something I do in turn with my clients. Happy beach walking where ever you are! 😉

  32. Mauricio Martinez


    Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

    I was shocked at how little I knew about money. Oh, as an Accountant I was very good at counting it 🙂 but making it? Not much.

    Thanks for the video Jeff.

    God bless,


  33. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for sharing that. I, myself am still working on making that shift (last 2 years in IM). However, it was personal power II that got me into personal development. Though it didn’t change my life, it planted many seeds in my head.


  34. Hi Jeff, great video! Thanks for sharing! I guess that my pivot moment was when my son was born. I hated my job and I spent too much time travelling. I decided that I was wasting my life spending most of my time doing things I hated, so I decided to be another example for my son. I decided to build a life of freedom, the one I would like my son to live. Personal developpment was key in this path. I read many books, as Tony Robbins’. I have not proved anything yet, but I have faith that I am in the good path. Thanks for the inspiration!

  35. Dick Timpone


    back in 1967 I began working for a company in the ad sales business which I knew nothing about it but I had two terrific mentors who lead the way for me but the changed happen in early 1974 when I realized I could go out on my own Have nev look back since and still looking for the big one had a bunch of little successes but at 73 I believe it’s till to come, regards and thanks for your message

  36. I totally agree with you that we don’t learn in schools what we need for living life. It is so true that personal growth, in the way of searching for experts who have the knowledge you need, is where it is at.

    A personal tragedy put me in a space where I felt completely disempowered and desperate for help I felt was not available (pre-internet).

    I saw a newspaper ad for an open house on “Balanced, Successful Living”. I attended, spoke with the man who taught this course, bought a couple of books he recommended, attended his live introduction and did his 10 week course.

    He became my first true mentor and I attended his ‘Balanced, Successful Selling’ course plus everything else he taught for several years. He opened the door for me and I continue to this day to be hungry for the knowledge and wisdom of the experts. Even built my own business as an expert so I could help others with my knowledge and wisdom and there is no life like it!

  37. Funny thing, Jeff. I have a money allergy as the result of a non-conformist upbringing. Been an underachiever all my life until 18 years ago when I met a woman in a wheelchair. I became a caregiver that day, and married her five years later. (People in wheelchairs don’t rush into things they can’t rush out of) Helping Lisa get what she wanted out of life did a better job of helping me get what I wanted than trying to get what I wanted ever did. We hosted her mother (also in a wheelchair) for the last ten years of her life, ending with an attended legal suicide in our family room. I’ve put a series of e-books about these experiences on Amazon dotcom, and we’re hoping we find a way to get them to help us financially. I’m still underfunded, but I’ve got the two best kids in the history of mankind (what are the odds that they’d both be mine?), and five grandchildren who all think we’re swell. I’ve got everything I ever wanted except financial success. Everything I’ve ever tried to build closeness with my family has worked; everything I ever tried to create financial security has blown up in my face. What’s a guy gonna do? I’ve gotten everything I ever REALLY wanted, but can’t seem to want money bad enough to risk losing the rest to neglect while I surrender to greed. This attitude drives my wife crazy. And yet, I’m the best thing that ever happened to her, and she appreciates that, too. In my situation, what would you do?

  38. The most critical decision I ever made was the decision to follow my Divine Purpose. I made the decision to follow my heart and pursue my dreams and passions instead of the path I was taught to follow by parents, teachers and society.
    I decided to cast away the myths about success that so many people believe and utilize the God-given talents and gifts I was born with.
    This has made all the difference!
    Randy Brown

  39. Vincent Musschoot


    Thank you for sharing Jeff.
    I appreciate this message of hope!
    Kind regards.

  40. Terry Butler


    I have not had my moment. I an struggling, i have read many many books just cant seem to push through the day to day grind.

    Thanks for the story!

  41. Just watched your video on the beach, love your enthusiasm, you seem like
    a person who has a lot going for him. I do know we all have talents, abilities,
    life experience and skills that we can share with others. Just don’t know how
    to make this work.
    I have a website but don’t know how to put it together, so it has sit idle for
    about a month now. Know experience brings understanding and wisdom. So
    hope to start the web experience one day. Right now lymphoma cancer has
    got me side tracked.

  42. Hi Jeff
    Great video buddy. I guess I was first introduced to Personal Development when I was about 23 years old (I am 50 now), and at the time I just thought stuff happened to me and I had no control. Like you I had great marriage and still have after 34 years and 3 kids ( also 5 grandkids now), but just couldn’t get ahead. Sometimes things seemed to be moving in the right direction and then just went wrong and at the time I just couldn’t understand why life kept kicking me in the teeth (LOL). I didn’t realise at the time that I was creating my experience. Anyhow, my Dad gave me a set of tapes by a guy called Jim Rohn and that literally changed my life, not overnight but as a result of falling in love with the material and the concepts he shared I began the process of change that was necessary for me to enjoy a better quality of life. The real eye opener for me at the time was learning that I am literally the master of my own destiny (we all are) and that everything I experience is an effect with just one common cause. . .Me! Knowing that one thing, gave me back my personal power and helped me to not only enjoy a better life myself but also help others to do the same. I am a PLF owner myself Jeff and love the work that you do. . .Keep up the good work my friend 🙂
    Warm Regards

  43. Hey Jeff,

    I’m often reminded of the moment by my trainer…

    He says, “the moment you arrived home from Product Launch Manager training in L.A, I knew you were different…and the change I’ve seen since that time has been amazing…!”

    Cheers Jeff… 😉

    • @James: that’s so cool… the funny thing is that I’ve only known the “new and improved” version of you. 🙂

      It’s been really great to watch your growth… I’ve really loved it!

  44. Jeff:
    I am interested in your comment –” I had to do a LOT of mental re-programming about money.”

    Would you be willing to share more?

  45. Hey Jeff!
    While Looking at your video, statements from others were passing in my mind along with your humble moment. ” Bad things happen to good people”
    ” You have to be ready in order to receive”
    For example: As an adult, My life have been a struggle, and also waiting for a brake. or an opportunity. It must be a great feeling to meet that changing moment.
    As you said: Your inspiration came from Tony Robbins.
    However, I think you were ready, and you tool it to the stars!!!!!!!!
    What I tried to say is that you took adversity into success . Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    however you were rady

  46. Hi Jeff,
    Just started following you last month. For me, the turning point in my life was attending a Zig Ziglar seminar in 1989. I was turned on to positive thinking, and it started an amazing journey.
    I enjoyed your video, and obviously it got a lot of people thinking.

  47. I think for me the pivot will be finding my people, or finding out how to find my people.

    But I guess I can’t be sure.

  48. I just did your course licensee in Brazil. Erico Rocha brought it to Brazil. It was amazing!! Thanks for sharing such powerful information.

  49. Hannah Rose


    Hi Jeff! Thanks for bringing up the subject of what it takes to change one’s life. It’s a pretty scary topic when one i in a tough ongoing situation. I think there are a lot of folks now who need hope today, RIGHT NOW–that they can actually bring change in their circumstances Most of us are average folks, who were brought up in the job-minded post-war world, and do our best by our familiaes, neighbourhoods, schools, and churches–BUT! We get in ruts, trying to be good people, when we really need some enlightenment, new ways of thinking, new ideas for stretching out of our circumstances. I have been digesting UNLIMITE POWER (I think a better title might have been How To Get What You Want or Need) and happy to see possibiolities where I only saw dead ends. Families whose breadwinners have been down-sized out of a job really need a fast turnaround in fortunes.

  50. Hi Jeff,

    I think I just had the moment with you on the beach. Thanks. I’m going to revamp my website and put my message out there to the world. Thanks!

  51. Discovering Tony Robbins was definitely the start of everything for me. I think I can attribute all of my success (a very comfortable work-from-home / work-from-anywhere 6-figure income) to picking up Tony’s “Personal Power” set at that critical moment when I was waking up to wanting to create a superior life. Later on, I think finding Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, and John Carlton — those were all highly pivotal for me, each driving me to a whole new level and opening up a world of new possibilities. For me, it’s really about discovering profound knowledge (and these guys all have it) and getting inspired to make something big happen … setting a new standard and redefining my business and my lifestyle.

  52. Anthony Redoblado


    Hi there,

    10 years ago, I decided to purchase all of Tony Robbins cd’s from Personal Power I, Personal Power II, Time of your Life. I had a rough 7 years from trying to start a company but regardless the experience was worth it. Now I am trying to build a game company developing games for mobile devices and I think I am ready to build what I set out to build. Personal development is key because it’s all about getting very specific knowledge and really learning all the success clues that were left behind to help others. I am confident I can build my own company and make it successful.

    Lets see.

    Anthony Redoblado

  53. I am on the cusp of my happening!! I thank you for sharing your vulnerability, and admire that about you. Look forward to doing business with you soon!

  54. Jeff, PLF was my turning point and then the next was hiring a coach to work with me one on one.

    I remember the fear before ordering PLF… It took me a few days to commit and I also didn’t tell my wife. I went through the course and again fear crept in, I procrastinated and implemented nothing… It was sickening because I had all the tools and the knowledge.

    I then spent $5,000 for 6 months access to a coach who held me accountable and got me through the fear. In the next 12 months I made over $80,000, which made the investment so worthwhile.

    Now, because I have experienced and overcome the fear, I can help others, which is just amazing.

    Ian McConnell
    Western Australia

  55. I knew I was a writer when my Auntie Grace told me that she had saved all my letters and that if I did not put them in a book, she would. A college professor marked all over an essay and I believed him that I was not a “writer” I thought because he had a lot of letters after his name he had the right to tell me whether I was good enough to publish.

    Now with over 20 books and hundreds of articles under my belt, I am indeed a writer and best-selling author.

    Judy Helm Wright

  56. Almost two decades back, while I was stuck in depression, my Naval officer gave me “Your Erroneous Zones” by Wayne Dyer, that literally changed my life. First it shook me out of depression quickly and then put me on an i empowering path of leaning to master my mind. However, the BIG shift in life came during “Unleash the power within” weekend seminar by Tony Robbins. That day I labelled and branded myself as “Indian Tony Robbins” and the pursuit of excellence continues towards that end. My upcoming book “The First Creation – An Unspoken Strategy Of Goal Achievers” only trains my readers to master their conscious and subconscious minds for cultivating the first creations but also provides them with all the cutting edge tactical and actionable strategies to manifest the tangible results, the so called second creations.

  57. Wow, this video and all the comments are so great, and I can relate to so many of them. I feel I have had several “breakthrough” moments, the first was going to Costa Rica all alone at the age of 19 to explore, and that was my first deep understanding of true freedom. Since then I always knew I wanted to work for myself and maintain that freedom, but being successful as it, has been a big curve of learning. I have always been interested in personal development—I have studied psychology, and am a big fan of Wayne Dyer & Tony Robbins. In the last year, I started to study a lot about marketing and that was how I found you Jeff! Your Product Launch Vids are great, and I am currently taking another leap to really focus on my own business which is coaching others to live healthier happier more empowered lives. Thanks for the great video.

  58. My big turning point occur when I attended a talk by Ewen Chia on Internet Business Marketing. It was the first time I met him in person and we had great chat on what it takes to become a successful onlinepreneur. One thing that really get me going was the fact that he told me all things aside, the number one reason why most people failed in the online business world is because of wrong mindset.
    Ever since then , I am a great fan of personal development and I make it point to read and do as much as as I lean on how to have the right mind set.

  59. This is the entrance to the gold mine, Jeff. Very eloquently stated.

    When I began my career, I read a self-help book between every biz book (and I was chewing my way through the Torrance Municipal Library at the time, speed-reading my ass off). This was before Tony even had a product (though I did score his first cassette tape series when it came out later) (LOL, cassette tapes!)… before there were any marketing seminars (Halbert and I had to re-invent the freakin’ model in the late 80s, when Kennedy was our keynote closer)… before the Interwebs… even before direct response advertising had crawled out of the back alleys of the marketing world (Claude Hopkins and Robt Collier were out of print) to become the dominant force it is today.

    Keys to the kingdom, that self-help crap. I read Og Mandino, piles of goofy “I’m Okay, You’re From Compton” pop psych stuff, Nap Hill, Max Schmaltz, all of it. I couldn’t even let my close friends know I was devouring this stuff — it was considered uncool and evidence of a weak mind. Ha!

    My own greatest thrill is now hearing from entrepreneurs I’ve helped overcome the “dark periods” of getting started, getting over those first humps, getting through that big first step to a new life. I became a “teacher” precisely to pay back the universe that had rescued me from the clutches of a slackerdom lifestyle… my new goal is to drag (kicking and screaming if need be) a new generation of lost souls into the exciting world of entrepreneurial adventures, armed to win and never letting bullshit get in their way.

    Always great to hear from ya, pal. The simple realizations are always the most profound…


    • @John: It really is amazing – how uncool it all was… and yet so damn effective. The amazing thing for me, is that when I did finally come out and show my wife… she was 100% supportive. It was great to have her in my corner right from the start.

      And yeah, seeing the lights turn on for someone and watching them transform their life… I figure if I do that for one person, then my work here is done. And, of course, we’ve both been able to do it a lot more than once. Now an even greater gift is watching the people that I’ve touched go out and transform others lives… a truly compounding effect.

      Dude, you are one of three on my short list of people I need to catch up with… it’s been too long. Sorry to have missed you in Nashville.

  60. I’d like to have a nice story to share like so many of you here, but I don’t.

    Everything changed when I was 18 and finished reading “Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”. What?!
    Whatever… :o))

    Btw, PLF Live 2012 was soooooo amazing that I’m coming again to PLF Live 2013 as soon as it comes out! :o) Seeing so many people being so positive and vibrant about their businesses and sharing ideas was really fantastic experience.


  61. Nidalp ZAAMA is one of my best books ever. I reread it and it was even better than I remembered. It is just fantastically good (and I am very hard to please).

  62. Rimantas Petrauskas


    Hi Jeff,
    Great video. I like the fact that it is shot near the sea, those waves truly hypnotizes in a good manner.

    The turning point for me to engage into self learning madly was the book from Robin Sharma “The monk who sold his Ferrari”. Since then I have read many books from Robin and now Tony Robbins is on my list when I will finish learning Total Product Blue Print from Brandon Burchard. By the way, thank you for introducing Brandons video to me in your newsletters. This is definitely mh send huge impact on self development.

    You have done really well with your life and business. Keep it going.

    Rimantas Petrauskas

  63. Mine was when i discovered about internet marketing with 2 of the bests here in France Olivier Roland and Aurelien Amacker, they really motivate me to change, i was about to pick a new job and after reading about their experience i abandonned the idea of this job and wanted to start my own business on the internet. Thanks a lot Jeff for this short message you give us, it really motivates. See Ya , Vince.

  64. I’ll have to read “Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” soon… just read the summary and sounds quite interesting. Just got a motorcycle, so timing is kind of fitting! (even though the book is not really about motorcycles)

    Lots of pivot points in my life regarding personal development, the first of which was learning how to suspend disbelief (before I knew it was a concept). I grew up in Alaska and was homeschooled, my only friends were my immediate family and my social skills for one reason or another were non-existent. As I grew into my pre-teen years I began to realize there was a whole world outside of my own but naturally was terrified yet intrigued by it. Along came something miraculous called an “Internet Connection” (Prodigy, CompuServe and then AOL back then) and life as I knew it transformed… suddenly was creating relationships with cool people all over the world and massive possibilities opened up. I started to develop self confidence and since art was my passion, started sharing graphic design work and got into web development. Sharing this stuff and connecting with people opened more doors (at first, virtual — distant psychological ideas but nothing more, then later “real”). One pivotal point was after I built a website for my Mom (a vocalist) I started promoting her to producers and connected with one who lived in California. Within a month or two, he flew up to Alaska, produced and recorded a new CD with her, and a few months after that we moved to Cali where life really got interesting for me. That producer then introduced me to one of the greatest mentors in my life, the one who taught me so much about living, business, and also is the first to introduce me to Tony Robbins’ work. So many great things have happened since then but that was “my beginning”.

    The underlying theme is that I grew and then created possibilities by gaining access to new information/concepts, engaged in conversation with people outside my immediate circle, and took action on ideas by suspending my disbelief that any of it was ridiculous or impossible. When I look back on the following years of my life, any point of growth stemmed from this same theme. It’s actually really interesting to think about. Thank you, Jeff!

  65. I’m in the middle of my ah-ha moment now. The old quote knowledge is power has really sunk in for me so I’m charging full throttle after my dreams. Thanks for the video. Great morning mindfood!

  66. Hi Jeff,

    It is amazing how many people have been impacted by Tony’s words. I know that Brendon Burchard says the same thing about Tony being the catalyst to make a change in his life.

    One of Tony’s systems also was a big mover for me. It is funny because I still have it all these years later. On cassette. Personal Power. Listened to it so many times that I even had to take a couple of the cassettes apart to repair them. That program and Brian Tracy’s “The Luck Factor” were favorites for many hours spent in the car commuting and traveling.

    Programs like those help to open your mind to what is possible. “Suspend your disbelief.” Now 25 years later, having built several multi-million dollar businesses online and offline, and most importantly having LIVED my life with my wife and kids, I look back in amazement that it all started so simply. However, there is “no rest for the wicked” and hopefully plenty of life left to enjoy, so back into the fray I go!

    Thanks for all that you do. Your ideas have helped to transform my business over the last few years. Enjoy the beach!


  67. Rick Strongfeather


    Thanks Jeff I to started very similar with Tony Robbins and truly helped me to start believing in myself. Then he shared a interview with himself and Deepak Chopra and that was the spiriitual spark that I needed at the time.

  68. Thanks Jeff for sharing your story and to Eric for asking the insightful question. You serve as a role model for so many about serving others as part of the business, to find ways to help the people around you. Oh yeah, how could I forget about Abundance Juice! The list goes on…

  69. Manuel Fraustro


    Hi Jeff! This video was very amazing to me because it turns out I’m on Day 6 of Tony Robbin’s Personal Power I. The story of how I got this program it’s interesting. One day I went to donate my mountain bike to Goodwill Store, and I went inside the store to see if I could find something interesting. I arrived into the Audio & Video area and there it was…on top of the shelf, the whole set of Personal Power I. There was a lot of people near and I was afraid that somebody else would take it before me. The interesting part was that all the people there took Kill Bill 1& 2 and Bad Boys 2 DVD, and nobody seemed to pay attention to Tony Robbins’ set. As Jim Rohn used to say: “These events it’s what we call mysteries of the mind”. Even though it’s a cassette set from 1993, I’m so excited about all the things I’ve learned so far and your video inspired me to keep on going. Thanks for posting this!

  70. Hi Jeff,
    I too have studied the likes of Tony Robbins, first reading 2 of his books, and then also using his cd training series. I am also a huge fan of Paul Cohelo, and I think it was truly marvelous that you actually got to meet and even go out for dinner with him. Anyone looking to change or improve their life should never feel shy, about bettering themselves. The other writers who I have learned most from are Og Mandino and Dr Steven Covey. All awesome inspirational individuals.

  71. Jeff,

    Great video. I love hearing how people I admire had their aha moment or began the journey that led to their initial success. I believe my moment was when I discovered Elevation Income and met Mike Dillard and Robert Hersh. We’ll see. In fact, I found my way to you when they mentioned your name in a video session. I have them to thank for that.

    Thanks for sharing. – Matt

  72. I like that – whatever you want to learn is available! I got started because the stuff I wanted to learn wasn’t available. So I had to build it! That was so much fun I sort of got hooked on teaching.

  73. Derek Kenner


    Jeff, I am in complete agreement with you that personal development is important for changes in our lives. Tony Robbins’ CDs changed my life and were some of the original catalysts for my changes that have helped me along the way and have led me to some of your work and trainings. I also believe that for many, spiritual development is an essential and strong complement and starter for changing our lives.

    I look forward to pursuing this belief as I grow my IM business. I also look forward to working with and learning from you.


  74. Arturo Monge


    Hi, Jeff,

    My turning point was also buying a course from someone that had a lot to teach, in this case, Eben Pagan. I was really struggling with my business and had no idea what to do, when Eben launched his Self-Made Wealth and his Action Coaching Club programs. I thought, “I really need to make a change in my direction, as what I’ve done so far has not given me the results I want, and this might help me find the new direction I must follow”. By going through his program, I have learned so many things that have made a strong, positive impact in my life ever since. And since then, I’ve also been introduced to many other great mentors like yourself, who are helping me take my life and my business in the direction I want. I’m just starting to learn and implement PLF, and what I’ve learned so far, is opening a world of possibilities for achieving progress towards my goals.

    I learned the importance of continuous personal development, but only when combined with the necessary efforts to put the new knowledge into practice, which is the hard part and that which requires a lot of perseverance and patience. And the importance of progress vs perfection… baby steps as you say.


  75. Hi Jeff;

    My world changed October past when I had a heart attack. All the things I had planned on doing went on hold as I work through recovery. I was planning retirement at the end of ’13, now I’m retired.

    I bought Tony’s program (in Cassette form, which I’ve transferred to CD) from a TV infomercial in the ’80s, life changing stuff. I used Tony’s program to spur me on to completing my education (B.Sc, and MBA degrees), as well as a bunch of other allied stuff in Aviation. The love of my life! (My wife and two girls still come first).

    Now that’s gone. So what’s next? Business, specifically Internet business. So I’m retreading myself one more time. I may have to turn in my licence, but I don’t have to turn in my mind.

    So, over the past few weeks, I’ve created my first online site around what I consider the key to any success – using your time to create your life. I may not be able to fly in the air, but we’ll see what I can do online. B-T-B, I have PLF and am working my way through it now. Cheers, keep on keeping on!!

  76. Hey Jeff!

    Yasmina is here sharing her thoughts. I guess is that what you are talking in this video “The One Critical .Decision” plays daily on my mind. Who am I ? Why am not getting what I want? as why am I struggling? Then I check at myself ( character. actions, intentions, and others) If I had to value my whole self from 1 – 10, I will value me with a 10.
    However. If I want to value my outside world which I rarely do, it is negative 10.. It is totally dislocated from my inner and outer world.
    Moreover I know why, when, and what started it all. Regardless what others might think. I think that money is my solution. Ha! Ha! Ha! LOL!!!
    Thank you for reading.

  77. I too am a believer in the personal development path as a way to get where you want to go. Tony Robbins is good , without a doubt. You and I have some similaritiies Jeff which makes you more real and human to me, such as being Mr. Mom for my two kids. I too, was bounced from the corporate world and I learned that was not where I belonged. After years of study and reading , six months on an Ashram, a new marriage, moving to another country, I have ventured out to take my kindness and wisdom to others in the areas of relationships, communications and mindfullness. My turning point has been not to give up on my self even though I am over retirement age. Thank you for sharing, I hope to meet you and work with you some day

  78. Thanks so much for sharing Jeff, personal development is a big part of my life too. I have been following Tony Robbins for many years now, going to as many of his events as I can every year and using his teachings to influence those I love the most. I still remember the first time I ordered my first program from a late infomercial too. lol I was in a very rough point of my life and it was such a huge blessing. I turned my life around and I haven’t looked back ever since, you mention about suspending disbelief and I’m glad I have been able to do that the times I needed to. Great story.

  79. Thanks Jeff for being an inspiration and so transparent with your thoughts (A+Juice). You are a true mentor in my journey to success.

  80. Hi Jeff! I’m from Brazil and just come home from an amazing event by Erico Rocha in São Paulo. He mentions you a lot and how you have impacted his life too. Now he is paying forward…

    I aggree when you say in your video : “Everyone can learn from other people and tap into all their wisdom. In fact, anyone who is alive has something unique and very special they’ve learned to share in order to possibly change the whole course of somebodyelse’s life. I’m pretty sure I’m right now at one of these pivot points.

    I believe everyone is a “pearl” in process of being finished. And the beauty of this resides when you decide to share your unique pearl, your best gift, your wisdom, built throughout years of suffering and joy, to the whole world. That’s the real purpose of a pearl: to be a gift. Thanks for sharing yours…

  81. Gerson Ribeiro


    Hey Master Walker!
    I feel connected to your story as well!!!
    I wanted to do something in my life but I didn’t know why or how.
    But then it got to me that if I wanted something different I should start learning from the successful people.
    So I started reading books like Kiyosaki, Harv Eker, and so many more.
    Then I started studying about the behavior of the successful people and forced myself in doing those. It seams like when you truly believe that you want to do something, the universe (or god or something) feels it, and good opportunities seams to fall from the skys for you. And one thing that happened since December is that I met Erico Rocha, I believe he is one of your students. And I’ve been learning so much from him about marketing and so many other stuff.
    I just got back from his Product Launch Course and I truly believe that this event will change the course of mu life!
    And, as you said, it all started with the mindset that I started to have a couple of years ago: To start to make the difference you must want to learn and become what you really want.
    We don’t know each other, Jeff, but I truly want to thank you for everything you tough to so many people like me. Thanks for teaching Erico, he is a mentor to me.
    I wish you all the best and hopefully maybe someday I will have the honor of meeting you personally.
    Best regards,

  82. Yo Jeff,

    What beach are you walking on?
    They ain’t got no beaches that I know of in Durango.

    Always love hearing your stories.



    • @Tsufit: I was in south Florida visiting my parents. We had a big rainstorm, so everyone cleared out from the beach… left it completely empty except for me and those kids that ran into the ocean near the end of the video.

  83. Jeff, I really appreciate your thoughts & comments. Rather like you I have been a stay at home dad. My wife worked in the corporate world & has now set up a successful consultancy practise. I intend to share my love public speaking & communications with the world (starting with the accountancy industry). You are probably one of the most inspirational guys out there. What’s more I love your relaxed style. Have learnt loads from you & looking forward to learning even more. Hope to get over to Arizona later in the year; just trying to work out a cheap flight from the UK. Best wishes.

  84. Like many of you my “One Critical Decision” also involved some information but in my case it was a book “How to Master the Art of Successful Selling” by Tom Hopkins.

    Being a studious type who had just finished a university degree which included a hefty portion of psychology it seemed hard to believe but I got more out of that book than I did in 4 years of study. Ever since that book and possibly because of it I have changed my direction in life from an Exercise Physiologist to a Sales and Marketing professional.

    Ever since that book I have worked by the mantra that “product minus sales equals junk” and this has led me down a lucrative pathway including subscribing to Jeffs “Product Launch Formula”.

    It’s been a while since I have picked Tom’s book up, but after this trip down memory lane I might just dust off my copy.

  85. Michael Maidens


    Hey Jeff,
    Awesome video, I love the message and especially love the back drop!
    Congratulations and thank you for your amazing journey which has impacted us all! Thanks for suspending your disbelief.
    It’s also awesome that your turning points were the consumption of information products. Your ripple is making the world a better place!
    My journey has been unfolding for many years and each turning point is becoming larger and larger.. Becoming a member of the Product Launch Formula family was one turning point.. An even bigger turning point was becoming a Plat and getting to know you and all the amazing plats so well!
    What an exciting journey we are all on!

  86. Thanks for sharing this information.
    I think I had many big pivot points of my life. Every time I read a book, listen to a CD, watch a video such as this one, comes new insights.
    But I have learnt 2 key concepts I use every day of my life :
    1) When you talk about listening to people, I totally agree but listen to people who have what you want. Otherwise, it is a waste of time. For Marketing for instance, I am listening to Sebastien Night (The French Marketer) because I know he was trained by you and has a real knowledge, I can see it.
    2) Learning is important. But to learn something, you need to :
    a. have a high willingness to learn
    b. have a high willingness to accept change
    Some people really want to learn but don’t want to change. In this case, it is impossible to learn.

    I want to learn more so I guess I will have more big pivot points!



  87. I pivoted on my heel when I heard a mellifluous and godlike voice in the dark, deserted barracks. It was 1971 and I found another young Marine laying with a cassette player on his chest, the tiny speaker proudly filling the stillness of the night with the rich, gravelly, fatherly, wise-sounding voice of Earl Nightingale: the father of modern personal development. I stood in silence, in awe, mesmerized, listening and entranced as he shared the Acres of Diamonds story. It spoke to me with the power of story and metaphor and I was moved in my heart to want to know more from teachers like this.

    I cleared my throat. The young Marine opened his eyes, looked at me questioningly. I asked about the tape. He called it personal development and said there was a group meeting two times a week with about eight people. I checked it out and joined Earl Nightingale’s original Lead the Field training program, my first totally conscious step on the path to creating my own reality and turning away from what I was conditioned to create.

    Today, I am pioneering a new economy of charity through Charity Rewards Networks entrepreneurship initiatives for Transitioning Veterans (VetPower.US) and ‘Setting the World FREE! of PTSD’ ( I hope you’ll be part of our vision for creating a better world.

  88. A big pivot point in my life was sitting in a bar in Washington D.C. and having a beer with you before you launched your original Product Launch Formula. I remember that I had no website, had no product, but only studied internet marketing after watching the original Traffic Secrets with John Reese. Through some networking, I found myself with you, Jeff Johnson, Jeff Mulligan, Yanik Silver and others having a beer and a burger at Yanik’s Underground Marketing Seminar.

    It’s great to see your success, Jeff. You’re the real deal my friend. Thanks for the inspiration.


  89. Thanks for sharing this Jeff. I’m immersed every day in personal development. As a coach, I get to share what I’ve learned from books, audio programs and seminars every day with my clients.

    I’m a self-described “Conant-Head,” have listened to hundreds of hours of Nightingale-Conant audio programs, including Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, et al. My turning point: Reading Think and Grow Rich for the first time back in the early 1980’s, although hearing the Nightingale-Conant audio version was a treat because they included actual recordings of Napoleon Hill live.

  90. Great video Jeff !
    What changes my lifestyle was reading “The Compound Effect” from Darren HARDY 🙂


  91. Jeff,

    Great video, loved the ocean in the background. Over 20 years ago I read 7 Habits for Highly Effective People. Absolutely life changing. I was a very successful Athletic Director and Basketball coach for 20 years. Took a job as a pre K-12 school principal and two years in, was fired. One year later, I am very thankful they let me go. I am now an ICF life Coach working with young adults and doing public speaking on character development, building relationships and how to deal with sexuality before you are married. It has been slow, but the sky is the limit! Thanks for your inspiration.

  92. My big first step was when I realized that building an audience was the key to marketing and sales success. Online this means building a list of readers or followers. Offline? It’s pretty much the same thing and the lines between online and offline are getting blurred. Once I had that part down – it was all up to me if it was to be. Oh – and I have been using your PLF techniques since the very first release of PLF. Thanks to you – I have had many many successful launches.

  93. Great blog post Jeff! I will never forget the night when I was sitting in bed, reading business books, worried that I would never be able to make the transition out of the corporate world and into having my own business. I finally said to myself, “I have no idea how I’m going to do this, but I am going to FIGURE IT OUT.” Somehow, I’m going to figure this out. And that was a huge turning point.

    The first major investment I made was Product Launch Formula, several years ago and I hear what you are saying about being embarrassed about buying Tony’s course, because it was months before I told anyone that I actually PAID for training, and still only told a few people it was 2k! One friend told me over dinner how I had been duped and scammed. I just smiled…

    The rest is history.

  94. Ruth Chapman


    Jeff, I’d like to hear more about your path from no business to the outstanding successful business you enjoy today. You gave credit to the Tony Robbins CDs for triggering a change in your mindset, but you also said it still took some years after that before you started your business, and that there were other significant events as well. Will you expand on that some day? Maybe you could write your biography. A lot of people would probably like to read it! Thanks.

  95. yasmina cera


    Hey Jeff!

    It seems like you are enjoying all the comments. & you are making us to think about success. What caught my attention this time within your story, was your analysis regarding others opinions about you buying a self help program. Why? well, I do not care what others might think of me. Their thoughts are not my problem, but lack of money will be the only obvious reason why I wont.
    Falling sleep, Talk later!

  96. Olivier PICARD


    Jeff. One of my best moment was discovering video from Tony Robbins like you. I read a bunch of stuff about personal growth like NLP, law of attraction… When i saw the first video from Tony Robbins i understood that all this stuff are connected and really work. I started my first business 13 years ago but I want to start a new one and grow it more quickly. So I watched your first video about Sideways Sales Letter. Now i’m waiting the next one and i stamping my feet. Thank’s for your job.

    PS: sorry if i made some mistakes, i’m french and my english suck.

  97. Excellent video! Thank you for sharing our thoughts. The turning point for my life was reading Brian Tracy’s Goals book. It was the first book that gave me hope in turning my passion into a business. Since then I’ve read dozens of books, attended seminars, and educated myself on personal development, business development, and marketing. The continuous pursuit of knowledge and then taking action on that knowledge has made all the difference.

  98. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    That’s why I started my website in personal leadership because I believe in helping people achieve their goals and living life of their dreams and your story is the proof of the power of personal development. Thanks for inspiring me.

  99. Thanks again Jeff. Nice beach too! You are right that the wisdom of others is all there for us in our friends and family and of course on the internet. I discovered you after attending the Tony Robbins ‘Unleash the Power’ in LA in Nov 2011. I saw Tony interview you on the Internet Masters DVD series. Since then I have tried to implement many of the ‘baby steps’ you talk about. It’s been a great journey so far and I am loving every minute of it. Its tough learning new stuff but it makes you feel alive! I tell people about your as you always seem so friendly and not too ‘corporate’. Business is fun! Best Paul Stallard from the UK

  100. Hello Jeff!
    My pivotal moment came when I got quite sick a few years ago, which was very much connected to being in a stressful job. I finally made the decision to leave this “good” job last summer, honestly one of the very best decisions of my life! I started a business as a health coach so that I can help others not make the same mistakes as I did! It’s crazy, and also hopeful, that some of the worst situations can actually turn into some of the best!

  101. Jeff – This video really hit home for me. I think I ordered the Tony Robbins materials around the same time you did except I’m sad to say I did not take the advice. I had a succesful corporate career at the time that lasted several years. My current situation motivated me to revist Tony online. Through his video’s I’ve been on a path of disovery that has led to your website. I’m only in the initial stages and really appreciate the “how I did it” information. Thanks for the inspiration.

  102. Bradley L. Cox


    What a great story. Thanks for taking time to share it with us. I am always amazed when people don’t like Tony. He has made an impact over and over again in my life. I have even used some of his ideas, training and wake ups with my Coaching and Hypnosis clients over the years… still do in fact.

  103. Hey Jeff, thanks so much for sharing this. I can relate to what you said about initially starting to invest money into personal development.

  104. Anil Agrawal


    Jeff, thanks for sharing your story..

    Can you please share what was the name of that Tony Robbins program you had bought? Just curious.. I have been listening to quite a few of Tony Robbins audio on YouTube lately..


  105. Jeff – I am at a turning point right now. As we speak, I have an existing business as a licensed private investigator in Southern California, and am putting the finishing touches on my new audiobook called BK2OK. It’s my story of going through bankruptcy, and thriving on the other end. As a result, I have become an expert in personal credit and business credit, and am taking your ideas from PLF and turning a big negative into a massive positive.
    Thanks for the motivation you provide in your videos.


  106. It was definitely self-development stuff for me. Looking back I realise how far I have come. Mostly I look forward though because I still have a long way I want to go. 🙂

  107. Hey Jeff,
    here is Fabio. Im from Rome Italy!
    Thank you very much for sharing…sharing everything you share!
    I’m 39 years old and I’m just at the beginning of my new life!
    8 years ago I moved to Marche, a very nice county on the Adriatic cost of Italy. I love this place and I hope that you’ll come visit in your future. 8 years ago I moved there to start a new life. I was 30 and surely too young to understand which is the right way to get success. During this 8 years I start building my internet skills and actually on the Internet I met Tony, I met you and your plf. it was very difficult from here to achieve your channel. It was difficult to understand through the fog which was the good path to follow!
    During the same years, my friend Andrea and me, we founded
    I’m a musician and opera singer too. Andrea is a great piano accompanist for opera singer. So 4 years ago we started this adventure.
    2 month ago I moved back to Rome. I left my old work. I left my Marches friend. I left everything to build a new following the path that you learned me through your Launch book.
    Now for me is the beginning of a real adventure but now I know which is the right way to walk!
    Thank you Jeff. I hope to become one of your next case study!
    Spero di poterti conoscere un giorno, negli usa o perché no qui in Italia.
    Ciao sei un grande!! Un abbraccio!
    Fabio Sanges

  108. I’m really thankful for technology. Why? Because it provides anyone the opportunity to share their content much faster these days. My turning point is still in progress, let’s make that clear… but I’d like to give credit to reading the CORRECT business books and taking the time to understanding the meaning & power of social communication.
    I’m avid believer in personal development. I kind of look at self-development as “hey I’m not waiting for anyone to teach me, instead I’ll teach myself.” That kind of attitude has help me tremendously.
    Thank you Jeff for your post and comments. I love the idea of us all supporting each other and wanting each other to succeed.
    Comment by Rick E.

  109. Hey Jeff! I have been systematically working through your book ‘Launch’. In a few weeks, I plan to do my first public launch of my book and audiobook. To be honest with you, it’s a scary prospect. I have just posted my intent on social media and now can’t turn the wheel back. If you were to give me 3 top-line pieces of advise, what would those be? Thanks for all the hard work and motivation you continue to so graciously give us.

    • @Kimunya: My top piece of advice would be to not second-guess the system… it works. Next would be to take care of yourself during the process – eat right, get enough sleep, exercise. If you meditate, then keep your practice up.

      • Thanks Jeff! Second-guessing my ability has been my weak point. Today and tomorrow, I will write the copy for my 10-day Pre-launch Sequence. Onwards!

  110. Thank you for this great video! And what an amazing number of comments! It is really inspiring!
    I had a similar experience with buying a personal development program (Praxis). I could not tell my husband for months… Finally I confessed and he gave me a very hard time about it. It is something we do not discuss anymore. I had to basically hide to listen to the program. It was a few years ago. I learned a lot and have a new attitude. I have my own business now and will have a launch in a couple of months! Wish me luck!

  111. Thank you Jeff! This past summer I was at an all time low, the lowest I had ever been. I did not want to wake up the next day kind of thoughts. Awful awful time for me. But it was a turning point in my life. I needed to experience that ultimate low where nothing was going right. I am so thankful for my life for giving me this opportunity to turn my life around. And I want to thank you for your PLF program. I purchased it (I wanted it but was also fearful of what others might think – I wasn’t sure if I was cheating). But it ignited in me a flame that is burning bright! It reminded me of where I have come from and where I am going. Your program kick started me back on my road to freedom. Thank you for your devotion and your passion that you teach. You are an inspiration in my life

  112. Holy crap, brother from another mother!

    I was sitting home in the late 90’s layed off and mister mom for my two baby boys and watched the personal power infomercials over and over. I had failed at 2 businesses and felt like I had used my chances up and was a total failure. My wife was totally pissed at me for spending the money but I felt pretty desperate and pulled the trigger anyway. Now truth be told, that marriage crashed and burned and I was flat broke but I re listened to those CDs with my girlfriend and launched our biz. Some years later I came across your Product Launch Formula and things really got moving. We’ve done well over 30 launches and we’re not looking back. Thanks for sharing your story (made me have a flash back to the tough times) So happy for your success!

  113. Hey Jeff.

    Love your stuff man.

    I think the turning point for me came after I bought a course…similar to what you mentioned.

    Did the training…went through the motions…and I guess my thinking was that success would happen to me…like a lotto ticket.

    One day I caught myself playing “victim”…and was fed up.

    My thinking changed from “is success going to happen to me” to “what do I need to do to make success happen”.

    It’s been a rocket ride since.

    Hope this helps someone make the pivot.


  114. Jeff- great flash back— maybe this will bring back memories, I too took a chance and bought Tony Robbins CD’s, but years earlier I bought Personal Power cassettes! Whoa- Having gone to his programs this past year, I am still a HUGE fan!
    I tried to attach the photo. Here…
    Have fun!

  115. Turning points are built on personal rock bottom, when your mind is pried open to new possibilities. These turnings are denied to those who are comfortable, who have it easy. We seem to grow through conflict and trouble, in my case usually brought on by a magical woman or a magical book. Sometimes the turning point is a smooth and easy course correction, but often it’s a crisis–a catastrophe I resist until just before everything collapses into a smoldering heap of ashes. A hell of a way to live a life, but it suits me down to the ground. I like building–living comfortably in what I’ve built not so much.

  116. Love your philosophical approach, Jeff.
    Years ago, when I was down and out over money and love, i was moping at my dad’s house, and Dad said, “The bottom is a great place to be.” “Can I quote you, Dad?” I scoffed. He said, “You certainly can.”
    And I certainly have. Because it’s true… There’s only one direction to go from the bottom.
    There was another low point I recall intimately. I can still feel the carpet against my skin, and see the afternoon light hitting my papers as I spent a whole afternoon on the floor of my apartment creating a ‘spread-sheet’ as to how on earth I’d ever pay back the $4000 I owed. The starving artist thing had backfired again. But in those few hours of painfully scratching out a written plan, I COMMITTED to paying back the loans no matter what, even at $25 a month in some cases. I’d work as hard as I possibly could, doing whatever jobs I could get, and I’d pay back that money on a set schedule.
    There are moments like that when you come up against yourself like hitting a mirror at fifty miles per hour. Then you just lie there in the broken glass till you find it in yourself to lick your wounds and sweep up the shards. It’s when you stop moping and start sweeping (or making a spread-sheet)—grasping that you created the mess yourself, BUT that you also can create something better—that the shift happens. And the life force is sitting there right next to you, waiting. One year after making that spread-sheet, all my debt was gone and I had $10,000 saved. Eight years later, I owned 2 houses in Hawaii (with no help from others).
    I couldn’t agree more that studying what others have learned is essential, for instruction and inspiration. My Tony Robbins story is just like yours, and I’m forever a student of how to live better. Many blessings to all in your community.

  117. John Paul Zahody


    Jeff, thanks so much for sharing this part of your story. It feels great to me to hear your story of how Personal Power II influenced your life. I was the producer (as well as the editor) of that program and helped Tony with the original design (Personal Power) back in 1989–as well as PP II in 1995, I believe. You’ll find my name on the back of the CD cases in very small print! I’ve been an independent audio producer for many years, now returning to being a teacher and writer, with a couple of your programs and your book to help me get my stuff out to the world.

    Thanks again for all you do, and the very classy way you do it. As I see it, of all the IM legends out there, you are at the very top when it comes to likeability–which Roger Ailes calls “The Magic Bullet” in Chapter 7 of his “bible” for speaker/presenters, You Are the Message. BTW, this book came into my life when Tony R. selected for our monthly PowerTalk series (which I also produced and edited . . . each issue contained a book summary–I wrote those, too). I kinda suspect this great classic may already be in your library.

    John Paul Zahody

    • @John: what a cool piece of history! Thanks for sharing it! 🙂

      I haven’t read “The Magic Bullet”, but it sounds like an interesting book…

      • John Paul Zahody


        Thanks, Jeff. Actually, the title of Roger Ailes’ book is You Are the Message (available on Amazon Kindle). Chapter 7 is “The Magic Bullet.” Of course, authenticity has a lot to do with likeability, and authenticity inspires trust–hence this great and very loyal family you’ve built over the years, or so it seems to me. . . .

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