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This is cool – right now Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins are in prelaunch for their training, KBB. 

Last year they did this launch and had over 240,000 register for the launch… and it looks like they’re going to exceed that number this year. 

So I was recently at Dean’s house… and we sat down and shot a little behind-the-scenes of what they’re doing in this launch. 

Also, if you want to watch the launch in action, go here:

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6 Replies to “Behind the Scenes of a Big Launch….”

  1. I love it! It sounds wonderful and so inspiring! However, having Tonny Robbins in your team makes for a sure success. How can i even start with only 2,000 on my email list and without that level of networking?

    • 10 years ago I watched Jeff’s launch videos for PLF and, like you, was inspired. I had a list of 700 people at the time, and thought I’d go for it. 10 years have passed and I have list of 70,000, a $1m business, 23 staff plus 20 freelancers working for me. It’s been challenging, but huge fun too. I love what I do. And it’s not always easy. We did a new product launch to our 70,000 list last year that bombed, so it doesn’t always work, but you only find these things out if you go for it, and if it doesn’t work you’ll have learnt a lot for next time around.

  2. Jeff, I have no idea what this whole KBB is about…but I’m all signed up. Why? 2 words: YOU (I’m a PLFer) and TONY (he’s incredible). I don’t know Dean, but watching this video – I really like him! Can’t wait for tonight – we’ll see how late I can stay up for it… 😉

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